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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  April 26, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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is an unassuming warehouse here behind me the scene of a major drug bust overnight that could put a dent in the local drug trade. in some help in the high- profile case of us here lamar how that case is getting thrust into the national spotlight. caught it skies and showers are on the bay area when might we see sunshine will talk about that coming up in this cell wed in foggy as well coming up in look at your thursday morning commute. it's thursday about 26 and then make frank not good. police are holding more than a dozen people in connection with the big drug bust and the rest
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are imminent. an act that is at the scene to bring is the latest good morning in. unfortunately the information is unconfirmed this huge drug bust went down overnight at this warehouse here behind me this is at 89 dingy here in east oakland. it is a warehouse he conceded its fenced off in police have spent several hours here on this property overnight from the sketchy reports we have gotten it looks like between 11 and 15 people have been arrested so far but the reason police are talking to us right now is that they say there may be more arrests to come and they don't compromise the ongoing investigation. witnesses also tell us though the dea was here and appeared to be major drug read this distribution center specifically for marijuana and a cut of that enough to put a real dent in the supply of marijuana here in the east bay and again please and releasing a lot of information at this point this morning by
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this will let you know when we have information. several people were taken to hospital after a car crash in antioch. the accident involved as to be carrying a caring this identify people were taken to hospital the extent of their injured his injuries is unknown. it is also unclear is whether that is a factor. the schedule the door with a little weather and traffic entering. tears look up there right now, even drizzle and fog that such as well so the hit list money your traveling still more showers on and off throughout the morning even chance the kids see showers into the afternoon and to just beginning to see the call front of some the returns in parts of the north bay but scattered light showers right now nothing to get to have yet sad that your traveling the road racers like early on this morning will address the day today so mild
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temperatures so noticeably cooler outside the preconditions of kicking up in fact as the cold front passes through but elsie systems as it moves on by the public as seven california with moisture and showers in the bay area this one just beginning to drop in the they're much warmer weather on the way will talk about bad the two minutes fresnel the checkup the slick roadways. it can be dangerous to specialists produce look like this the have fortunately not seen too many accidents across the stretch of west on friday so this is through pleasanton and is a little difficult see this morning but there is an accident of livermore pushing first and was down 580 snow apparently a couple of cars involved is not the right-hand shoulder traffic is pretty sad that behind it in practice one restless drive * right now 2425 minutes in this list, lanes a
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bridge is looking good crosses morning of the san mateo bridge in no major delays and you can see westbound 92 so far in the clear this morning all the way out towards foster city and the peninsula of where your drive times across the east bay is starting to get pretty slow down at grass valley for and especially the construction it through any up. heading through lafayette, cricket the thing is because all the way down and a quick look past the camera and no major problems on the east shore freeway and across the stretch to richmond's ball down court and rebuilt that struck back to. traffic could be disrupted on the golden gate bridge next week and will have nothing to do with the demolition this began to cave is that the bridge where protesters and union workers might try to stop traffic tuesday. actually there justin talks there is no confirmed word of a strike just yet but if there would be closed on tuesday that would be put on
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by the workers themselves right now we do know is that the bridge district is in talks with about 25 unions and members to these kenyans have been without contracts since june this desolate coming out to the royal road closures were drilled dry closures isn't something of the bridge district is taking lightly. this judge says there is a contingency plan in place. there would be administrative non rep people that would get into these lanes and we keep the toll plaza open. did least it's hard to set the buses there could be sympathetic that could be other actions. in to to add to the banks of the union protesters it appears the unit union reps want occupy protesters to join with them as well bacchantes adjust talks. they have been consulting with occupy protesters to make up the
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next half-hour we're expected to have a bridge district representative joining us live to talk to us about their contingency plan and how she says that is all the stocks right now and that we shouldn't be concerned about any potential closures at this point in time we're live at the golden gate bridge near cbs five. occupy protesters will buy a policy and plans the next tuesday and subsides as the planned other actions at various locations as a morning against various capitalist institutions. today america's most wanted expected to interview morgan hill's share for about the search for the missing teen crews were in morgan hill yesterday shooting video for an upcoming episode the broadcast has helped bring home more than 50 missing children or the years and put their doctors behind bars.
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we want to get out here and do whatever we can to bring more attention to this case and help find the missing child. is hard because they don't get much rest as far as sleep it's exhausting its at normal levels of stress and state of exhaustion 50 year-old sierra has been missing for more than a month smell and the episode scheduled to air may 11th on lifetime police and san francisco are asking for help in finding 3 hit and run suspects the meddling to two attacks in recent weeks when the incident is that market and off simply say in both cases the suspect attacked victims while yelling homophobic remarks investigators believe they speak with either an east coast or foreign accents and he is a politician with legal problems has her eye and an office vacated by another troubled politician assemblywoman very high of she is reportedly talking about a
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minute county supervisors not the law care who quit last week to deal with some personal issues including drug rehab-to those on probation after admitting to shoplifting here in san francisco. lawmakers are getting briefings from about the colombian prostitution scandal to all members of the military and investigation and set six led to believe that violated curfew so far the pentagon the secret service has fired or disciplined a dozen agents into a military judge in maryland will approve and whether some charges will be dismissed against a soldier accused of getting getting government secrets to weaken banks the charges in question include the mysterious one against pfc bradley manning of aiding the enemy to former and two current is the screen is the boss and
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lessen international airports are accused of taking bribes they took as many as $2,400 to let suitcases full of meth cocaine and marijuana through x- ray machines that indicted on federal drug trafficking charges the screeners could face life in prison if convicted. campaign 2012 now president of, has ground to make that. rosins and survey getting mayor ron me that presented republican nominee five point edge over the president 4944% in the meantime newt gingrich will officially dropped out of the gop presidential race he will do that sometime next week the house speaker had hoped to extend this campaign with a strong showing in delaware's primary but ronnie swept all five of tuesday's contest including delaware after next week's announcement gingrich's expected to formally endorse the candidate irani also worked very end of his own campaign in
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january and endorsed newt gingrich perry says romney as a cousin in the nomination go through some hard work and a strong organization a discipline message of restoring america. now let marker rubeola sermon to be on their on the short list for vice presidential nomination can did everything he does not is being watched for the closely the rising republican star delivered a major speech on foreign policy at the brookings institution the richest one little glitch. it world for more people are free to pursue their dreams and grow their own personal economies and become prosperous i left my last day to the speech does anybody have that? two weeks as you can see senator rubio handled it all. his repeatedly said he doesn't intend to to be the vice-president but only time will tell.
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he's a teleprompter. time now 610 a wilton little that fishing gear on the move again by rescuers have to wait to said frame is falling meteor or the size of the space and will find out with an up close look at the chance of rocks turning brown northern california. and fed up with gas ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,here's s
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top stories more than a dozen people were arrested overnight in a drug bust anywhere has an east oakland police say their
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rain involved marijuana and more arrests are possible. occupied oakland will announce plans for immediate protest they're expected to target what they call capitalist institutions and may try to block the golden gate bridge thousands could soon be out of work at the u.s. army pentagon officials say at least 30,000 this a personal personnel and officers could elect tell the marines could decrease staffing by 20,000 crews and hoping for better was it weather today to help rescue the great wealth and tangled up in the mist fishing line for two weeks it was last seen near big sur and marine mammal experts hope to free the next couple days still torn those marker bullet police that were attached to the fishing nets that tangled up then. as for spotted 9 days to go off the coast of orange county working its way up the monterey bay of living and slowed down and help out. the loss cited for a moment no plea they can get out of the
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way the macy's simply midafternoon but this morning is very murky up their plenty of clouds drizzle and light showers of this time and had a death doppler radar is picking up, it is very selective you have to roadways and if the lead to the north that is the next band of moisture is beginning to move its way into the bay area cell remnants of the system and move to the south they looks like it continues to bring showers and senate say also is you make your way into the hills of seamless data like showers but billy graham murky all around some drizzle there is well this afternoon will see pressure clearing still a chance of a few showers preconditions but the much dry and warmer weather headed away just in time for the weekend here is the system in the south directory into southern california i next one moves on by this kind of pulling apart is the minister today but breezier conditions and high pressure begins to build and on friday are temperatures said, but still computer model shown in the clouds around the bay area this morning and a few
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scattered light showers on top banana bread except for the afternoon cells taken sunshine but it will be cooler and on the breezy side temperatures running in the '50s and mid-60s in the warm spots of the next couple of days return to more sunshine and dry weather warmer weather expected to up the weekend and some of us temperatures will will be pushing 80 degrees much on the job now elizabeth. aside and get a look busy ethanal sell into reports i started to come in and getting rid of a new problem for months now it's apparent that to two lanes on blocks and renouncing any slowing down the jackson accident is just coming in and northbound 880 with the lanes blocked software will also been following this fender bender of the right-hand shoulder no serious injuries but what we're seeing is somebody gets flowing just behind us this is less bound 58 deliver more approaching first street so this is what it's doing to try thomas actually slowing down in the red
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nearly a half-hour on west of 580 coming out of the altman pass to get this lopez the wind turbines at the livermore and whistles in but let up 20 dublin and pleasanton area such as those tried to the sudden lincoln year to over 580 restaurants and our coverage as lawrence mentioned fog ... let up there is some this is the string to roadways is pretty slick all across the bay area so i can just be aware and panel that had a scheduling give yourself a few extra minutes in his a live look at the golden gate bridge to the major issues all the way through indeed can see all those headlights making their way south bound toward the gates. elsewhere is a live look at the cemetery ridge the rights editor screen his the contraction in so far nice and clear for some minutes at hayward. back to you. looks pretty get think so much. in a reminder that began at 8 tonight crews will begin demolishing historic to help
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drive the bridge traffic and san francisco will be different highway one until monday morning was a temporary road is put into place the best way to beat the traffic personal days just to stay home. mostly we're urging people to stay away from the areas began to do not come to the city from marin please don't. entire presidio park where projects are scheduled to be completed in 2015 and if you have to drive that way during the road closure you can find an alternate for it and some real time traffic says the 4 web site is cbs sf does, the transit board is given the green light for a new transit project the plan was approved yesterday on a 9 mi. route between downtown oakland and san leandro parts station that includes bus only lanes and collated street medians for fast loading and unloading of the bus with buses riding that would be fully operational by the year 2016.
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and it was a crime that ruined countless hours of volunteer work in those tragic community garden in san francisco house of the weekend. the damage is estimated around $15,000 and they say they're heartbroken. things that we've been working on for months but approximate about 5000 plants being destroyed and this plant is slated to go into a restoration project. the guard molly close through july for cleanup and restoration. it 620 right now we're all tired of those high gas prices but wait until you see what one and one of the loss of a gas station. not a happy guy and she met the president of the united states the mistake at one college student and never forget. this storm clouds rolling to the bay area and light dusting of snow crosstie
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country here's your snow report sparked the bloody skies should be dry about 90 in. on the ground and some of those squaw valley looking as 76 in. apart a crowded skies should be trying to shovel their spring skiing,,, pat now at 624 pieces
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of space drop are turning up across northern california this is after a meteor broke apart and hit the roof last weekend's the meteor fellow with a lotus over sacramento generating a sonic boom that could be heard from as far away as las vegas and it broke apart into pieces the size of nickels and
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quarters fascinating rocks and nasa says the fragments of meteorites are rich with 4 million year-old and innocent and complex organic compounds as well we all know high gas prices can be frustrating and one man in massachusetts couldn't take it anymore after pumping gas he decided to let the attendant and shoppers know exactly are felt he was yelling and swearing as you can see they're essentially the cops were called out in here's the kicker it turns out the men pumped premium instead of regular. there wasn't the intention to do is drink but we've all felt the ports in the dough wasn't her fault. we're tired of high gas prices. what it time to lose your yogurt a colorado college student snacks building on president obama's and the secret service detail. .
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i'm so sorry mr. president. i'm really sorry. he better get stories sell. well let got in to talk to her the students as a yogurt was actually on the ground and then a photographer accidentally kicked it on to the president. and that is read as that of denver. of course every sort of new stations and tried to track down and denver. in south basion hot water how she's accused of costing taxpayers thousands of dollars in the dog drag down the bay area freeway mother and son when the right place the right time to the rescue. huge pot bus in oakland overnight will tell you what we,
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thursday april 26th the michigan it up. it is 630 now a drug boss leads to several arrests over more than a dozen people being taken into custody at a warehouse in east oakland more arrests may be coming. he meant to more aggressive in becoming they're not releasing information about what's happening here overnight but this is not 89th and g in east oakland it was quite a scene just a few hours ago we heard from witnesses that police used flash bang grenades to enter
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this warehouse last night and came out hundreds of marijuana plants also confiscated some weapons that least two dogs will also merge some reports that this marijuana was not for medicinal purposes but was used in the general e legal marijuana trade here in the east bay, and to be enough to make a major dent in the supply mayor won here since that bust but also we've been told by witnesses that the dea they spent it few hours here overnight and a rigging of a live to our ports exactly how many people were arrested in between 11 and 15 people so far but according to the police officer more arrests are likely will keep you posted right now live in oakland the federal crackdown marijuana dispensaries continue prosecutors filed actions to cc prop. and at what boulevard in
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nevada the house that green tiger it and wellness education center the green tiger closed on tuesday the director for the wellness center says the sale and unless ordered to shut down. the 630 to announce new this morning is not clear whether the wet weather played a role in the crossing several people to the hospital roof the accident carries a family sedan. the extent of the injuries are not known it and that real whether you have to slow down take a slow and this morning if you're committing in lots of slick roadways out there. it's barely 1 down for the season now we will see a lot more rain bad conditions around the bay area right now some showers and fog contained in the coastline looks like will continue see if you like showers struck the morning but then it should begin to taper off just a bit scattered showers in that
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direction although it is not a whole lot it's enough to get the ground what i live look from a skies begin to part his letter the day temperatures are rather miles into the fifties i think is the head toward the afternoon though temperatures will be much cooler than he had just yesterday of course we have numbers up into the '60s and even '70's by yesterday afternoon and will be cooler and breezy as much as 10 degrees cooler to livermore and senate say about 64 degrees this lacroix is now elizabeth. does it more is that will go out towards the bay bridge. sell its enemy reliance on a little while it was arrested in to see some stocking up them not to baguettes and just turn on for 630 so lucky and maybe the over crossing of the 10 minute wait. as you can see this these improved improve credit sell west on friday has been as was thought this morning is in the red not helping matters is this
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accident still there but it's out of lanes atop the right-hand shoulder and was down 580 pushing for st. so it's been fairly slow behind its terms be just under 25 m.p.h. is so we're seeing a mix of red and yellow centers and we should get for the dublin pleasanton area and a few bright lights over down so you would notice that the conditions i still slick and maybe even the rain isn't falling as quite as hard overnight stop payment is what we're no longer seen delays and traffic back to their workers and protesters are all combined to stop commuters next week she joins us now with the latest on that good morning. union workers those are
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just in talks right now nothing is set in stone there are no plans as of yet but we are hearing that the union has been in talks without by protesters to possibly have a mass rally here at the golden gate bridge and the next tuesday but we've been speaking with the bridge district on their contingency plans they're actually doing now with mary curry from the bridge district and know that he had been in talks with 25 different unions and members of the unions haven't had a contract since june what are you doing? in anticipation of back? did we december 1st we're hopeful that the union coalition that is the weak $25 unions we're hopeful that the union coalition will reach out to occupy oakland's and ask them to not come here it's really a conversation between a year in and occupy oakland's we have been the the the table and we're still the table and we're optimistic however at the same time we're planning for contingencies for something happening on may 1st but i don't ever get control to
6:36 am
settle down we will certainly give everyone tons and the information as we learn is we're prepared for lots of different things as he always are the golden gate bridge but most importantly we're really hoping the union coalition reaches out to occupy a plan to we have thousands of cars coming across the bridge and people tend to get to hospitals in airports this is a lifelong structure into we're hopeful that the union will reach out and just do their normal informational, quiet that reaches the have been doing in the past and like we've been mentioning nothing has been set in stone so there is no confirmed reports of the bridge will be shut down next tuesday of the thing is just in talks as for the will drive she did bring a great point will be touching a bullet to mile but there will be contingency plans for different types and the most important thing for people to hear i can save enough doubling our goal and a ferry service from sausalito and larkspur. he to
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get to the city this weekend and have met on the ferry for a while to cool and a ferry. those may occur from the bridge district we're live at the golden gate bridge kcbs 5 the planned protest at various locations in oakland on the morning and they have a new time rally before of 1410 broadway downtown in the afternoon the plant shutdown of the call various caps capital institutions. america's most one is expected to interview the share for mark morgan hill's year lamar the broadcast is helped bring on more than 50 missing children over the years and with their doctors behind bars. we want to get out here and do whatever we can to help bring more attention to this case and help find missing child. is hard because we don't
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get much rest as far as sleep it's exhausting its abnormal levels of stress and stated exhaustion. 50 year-old sierra has been dead missing for more than a month the upset is scheduled to merit their may 11th in the malls insurance fraud matt did learn braking on charges force and joins us live from san is a noun. good morning frank rizzo he met a couple of san francisco companies in both the spy network in california and a compendium in the ico tree more you can see here in this youtube video that the company's web site has she talks run out a have a spinal injury patients to get connected with doctors and more importantly get the authorization for insurance it looks like a legitimate business but according to prosecutors and sen as saying more and your
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company were committing fraud and alleged that the company in seo were overbilling but the city of san jose and santa clara county tens of thousands of dollars for spinal implants those criminal fraud charges have been brought again against both more than the company's medical director and they're expected to be in court next week returning tells the mercury news declined his innocence saying that she is a law-abiding citizen was 12 years in the industry as mentioned this a very rare case the medical fraud cases are very difficult to prove because of the receipt in the documents have you gone through but that doesn't mean there are not uncommon according to the fbi medicare fraud cost taxpayers $60 million a year that is the latest on that story back to you. in the poll indicates gov. jerry brown's tax initiative has the support of a slim majority of voters the survey by the public policy institute california finds that 54 percent of likely voters are inclined to vote yes 39 percent opposed and
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at the same time 78 percent are against automatic spending cuts for k through 12 education that would take effect in the initiative if the initiative fails cut this coming november it's the survival story that is nothing short of incredible this poor little dog was dangling by rope being dragged down the highway behind a pickup truck in interstate 780 in the nation last week another woman tried to get the attention of the driver just couldn't do it as the truck got off the freeway that ropes not the dog went tumbling to the site of a road and the driver just kept driving. did wait i thought he was just going to be dying on the set of the road so that is why he i ran to him and grabbed my son and said don't let don't let but look over my shoulder. it's heartbreaking terrible. to see it almost died. but without a happy ending they call the dog freeway in the data have that leg amputated by the
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freeways in great shape right down as a happy dog and make some money terrific that is fun had walked down is in l.a. in the be put up for adoption in just a few weeks in my guess is that there be a lot of people that love to have him. time 9641 don't double the rate in hot-button political issue that is not on viral and there's no crying in baseball unless your toddler of course what brought this small die hard fan to tears. and the market is open about 10 minutes ago to take a peek at the numbers and some with admit that it been a mixed bag but the numbers are very small will,,,,
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[ girl ] my mom always tells me: if you want something done right, then do it yourself. that's the idea behind our children, our future -- the ballot initiative to fix our schools. we've waited years for the politicians to do it.
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now, we can do it ourselves. our children, our future sends every k through 12 dollar straight to our schools... not to sacramento. it benefits every kid in every school, with local control of the money. that's why the p-t-a supports it. my mom likes it, too.
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the august gain take a look at this rough winds made for some pretty tough landings some pilots managed to land while others have to try touching those at least four flights yesterday and spain were diverted to the airports because of the weather and i think lawrence but a good point. a little earlier during serving sold on a plane. to equate absolutely is this line goes down and goes back up. that's the scary stuff in the kids the winds began brown the bay area say not as strong as that freezing has sidon's the afternoon still missing showers this morning mostly cloudy skies and leftover and the first system in nassau they're now scattered showers that there be can see showers the north bank that's the next round is starting to drive down to the bay area still were looking at low showers moving east of san jose right now but can be cbs
6:46 am
this morning some drizzle to looks like it will start to break up a little bit and for the afternoon as a nursing cooler temperatures and preconditions were see a dramatic vote change the weather pattern low pressure in the south and not moisture overnight in the rain the next system really dropping into a cool front for any few more shares and to the bay area than half pressure mersenne and when friday will be this weekend will be spectacular and begin to break up as a hit in toward the latter part of the day so wilson a little bit of sunshine and the temperatures will be noticeably " cooler tenders: yesterday 654-san jose 61 san francisco 50 step for the coastline and breezy the next couple of days warm sunshine makes a return what weekends when did you otherwise plenty of sunshine around the bay area may be few patches of fog and to collect for the middle of next week. i
6:47 am
figure description of a cps outside mckenzie in the golden gate bridge camera some of the thought that their edges leeches reconditions and slick roadways. the golden gate bridge traffic the looks pretty can see heading for the pay date so just another reminder it closes this weekend if you happen heard that the approach of the golden gate shut down and 8:00 p.m. tomorrow to 5:00 a.m. on monday hopefully in time just the start of the monday morning commute to said they are shutting down to help drive tearing it down some in the meantime in the ferry service will talk about this a lot more we saw the golden gate transit district was just mentioned deviling barry service of the weekend so he never used the ferrier haven't taken a wild a great option also if you're hitting the road to richmond of the bay bridge because there are expecting traffic the approach the golden gate will be healthy one. and in the green this
6:48 am
morning with the northbound lanes so far to go all the way to the downtown oakland accidents across the bay bridge to turn on the metering lights in here is a very nice looking shot the first texan to san francisco started to jam things up a bit about a 10 minute later so-so of trauma to bad but we expect those delays to continue to grow and coming down the shore for release the brake lights for richmond's this is that as those committed so far this morning in the early morning fender bender of livermore did not help that commits the nearly a half-hour to in the altamont in the decayed life back to you. to be busy to run busy tuesday the golden gate bridge that whole area could be interesting for the next week or so. did we to stay home to dinner to go anywhere and again the ferry services agree option.
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an unofficial holiday in marin county. not much change in this morning's reports on unemployment in america let's kick the door to jason brooks of kcbs cbs money watch not come. good morning the job market is kind of stuck in neutral these days and is attending for another mediocre month of job growth kind of police on march the first time weekly claims according to the labor department down 1000 388,000 but that came after yet another upward revision to the prior week up 3004 week average now well over 381,000 those totals are added three month highs this say there will seater 375,000 in order to indicate job growth in this out when they're 25,000 jobs that the economy in march that was half the pace of the prayer few months stiffer
6:50 am
reporting its earnings for the first quarter from a year earlier and 7¢ of the revenue market didn't miss the debt on what expectations were safely let other grocers have been struggling to pass on higher commodity cross in particular fuel on to consumers as it faces pressure from discounters also safely has been mentioned probably over the past few weeks as a potential takeover targets to the top grosser out there and or from private equity the case in free shares a boost of about 10% earlier this month the couple of positive days on wall street of the help that yesterday following its earnings by now the market is makes the dow was up by 21 points and the nasdaq is gaining six s&p lowered by fraction safeway shares down to 9% and apple is
6:51 am
not quite same gains as we saw yesterday but it is hired by a 10th of a percent back to you. was to have a lot of stuck yesterday the u.s. postal problems averted at least for now the senate passed legislation allows the financially strapped service to avoid media bankruptcy it also in the united states and will cast help of the cost this lays the decision on closing service centers including to hear in the bay area and burning came in petaluma the senate is also holding off on any saturday delivery at least for now students that is that most political issue and now the issue has gone by roll their burning up twitter and letting congress know just how they feel. good morning michelin frank young voters heavily from themselves right in the middle of this political debate the big
6:52 am
hot button issue now really hits home for them for a student at so here's what is at stake if congress does not act to basically freeze the current rates right now about 7 million americans are now playing in a 3.4 that will seem even single on the trail if it seen three ever sees in the past few days into it and pushing for congress acts now own the white house even great something for twitter-time don't double murder rate. so was on tour yesterday in they found a couple of really interesting tweeted this one this morning says can sleep has tied don't double my race chicana tells us the four kids in getting ready to pay back student loans signal both
6:53 am
republicans and democrats both agreed that these rates need to stay low by its where they don't agree is how we pay for this because if those rates are double this thing will cost them $5.9 million. cell that is the question which is turned that yesterday was announced that they will vote on this now will happen friday sell a vote on this in the house students are students a lot of these people young adults in their 20s and early 30's tried to back these loans and the jacobins interest rates absolutely not neither talking they have newer got yourself a job and you're already looking at some early bad credit their again this is something that both sides agreeing were having a tough
6:54 am
time finding work once they graduate from school. the device comes. but is really not clear if it will pass the senate on the home version of the ability of lake let it simmer in the middle and help with college kids out. 654 non oakland were ♪ [ male announcer ] it's one thing... to have created an icon and quite another to have done it generation after generation.
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police the more than a dozen people in a drug bust overnight into more responsible and then mexican scene in east oakland with the very latest. typically to the officers say the reason that they're not talking to his friend al about this is because more arrests might happen sometime today we know about a dozen people were arrested overnight at this warehouse behind me here is the scene just a few hours ago the oakland pdt a here at this warehouse on 89th and g street when is the city's flash bang grenades to bring out hundreds of marijuana plants as well as weapons and dogs and from what we understand this as a major distribution center and it could put a dent in the supply of marijuana and mike cbs five. did we stinky and and and
6:59 am
didn't have green jackets but she might want to keep a nearby. high debt dot showing in a cool front-the beginning to swing into the arts of the north bay is going to stay on subtle threat doubt the morning hours temperatures a point less cool and breezy to the afternoon highs in the '50s and '60s and that looks like much drier weather coming away. that doesn't some bad things lawrence ellison got to the dell in interchange that says it deliver more so it is a half-hour right now 3 of a month passed for the dubliners change we that accident approaching for st. the cemetery just like with conditions looking dead and this is fine. the couple of texas ranger fans pulled a major no-no at last night's game is it a foul ball, located rangers first baseman toss a foul ball into the stands ends when the couple came


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