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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  April 27, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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pretty good roadway once they can get through this weekend. but take a look right now behind me, you can see it is the commute hour and get traffic is light so people must be getting the message because in two hours, as you say, this road will be empty except for those hydraulic jackhammers that will take down the 76 year-old doyle drive. 110,000 vehicles per day travel on doyle drive and to other approaches to the golden gate bridge. but tonight they will be jammed onto one . >> the road we will close, richardson 2 doyle drive will be opened. you will see work happening, and the closure beginning at 7:00. >> forget about any secret shortcuts to war from the bridge to the presidio. >> the presidio will be closed except for two residents and businesses. it will not become i-pass or and
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it can handle a kind of traffic that we are asking with people just driving through looking for their secret route to the bridge. there is no secret route to anything through the presidio >> the entire area will be a demolition zone. noisy with heavy equipment for 57 hours straight. giant hydraulic hammers, a bigger version of a jackhammer, will start punching the roadway as soon as traffic is cleared. >> i will start chipping away at the deck, exposing the top portions of the superstructure which are the events and the girders. and then they take down the girders and then they take down the columns. >> this simulated driving council will show how it will look for commuters monday morning. you prepare for changes. i missed an unfamiliar turn. >> it is a whole new roadway. people have been driving on this since 1936. this is new. it is also a beautiful design.
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he will come into this beautiful new tunnel. that will be very different for people. it'll take awhile to get used to. we expect people to be looking around but we want them to pay attention. but it will take some time to adjust. >> after this weekend's work is over. it is not going to be completely noiseless. they need to do something about that concrete and steel they have taken down so for the next two months they will be polarizing and breaking apart all that concrete so they can take away for recycling. >> that will be allowed. the clock is ticking. we will keep an eye on this. thank you very much. >> most people are dreading the week and closure but some people are actually looking forward to it. >> 100,000 cars coming and going over the golden gate bridge every day .. with doyle drive close, the city is bracing itself for traffic jams. especially around richmond. despite the major events some
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residents don't even have a clue. >> no one has said anything. i have not heard of anyone leaving town, or closing down, or setting up. >> down the street we found a cafe. bringing in more help for a barbecue in anticipation of this weekend's traffic jam. the owner is preparing. >> the lunch hour is over so it is not that is the right now but he thinks his weekend will be blooming with people running in off of the streets from their cars to grab a quick refreshment. >> they can sit down and relax a little bit with a nice drink. >> karen lives in the neighborhood and is looking forward to this potential traffic nightmare. >> we will treat it like bay to breakers. they will go by and we will cheer them on. >> they have front row seats. >> on the bridge is finished and the exits are finished it will be very wonderful. these are things that we need to put up with. sometimes there's a detour.
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>> and san fransisco, cbs 5. >> let's hit a look at what the evening commute traffic looks like. elizabeth winner keeping an eye on the road. >> it is not too bad. lighter than normal across the golden gate bridge. a good-looking shot at the golden gate bridge north and southbound. the doyle drive is ok but the merina boulevard ramp to get to doyle drive, we're hearing that they will begin the first round of closures as early as 7:00 this evening and then of course the full doyle drive shutdown and demolition begins after 8:00 p.m.. what can you expect for this weekend? you want to find alternates. the golden gate ferry is offering twice as much very service. right now we are seeing a little bit of slow traffic on the eastbound side of the richmond and sandra fell bridge. the bay bridge is backed up on the upper and lower decks. you can see what a crawl is especially heading into san fransisco. city streets expecting delays,
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brown 19 ave. california street and gary boulevard. but hopefully to help some of the people traveling between iran and san fransisco they are allowing you to break the rules a little bit and you can make a left-hand turns through southbound park presidio boulevard. on to california and carry but this weekend only. back to you guys. >> thank you. we're here to help you get through the weekend closure. you can find the alternate routes and real-time traffic maps on if your in your car you can turn into kcbs, 106.9. they have traffic updates every 10 minutes. >> we're getting a close-up look at the crime scene where five people were killed last month. a family member is also telling joe vasquez new information about the moments before the murders. >> inside of the house, the carnage is still evident more
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than one month after five people were killed. >> one body in here and to out there. >> steve is the brother-in-law of one of the murder victims. ththe life of vincent lake, also a victim. vinson's parents as well as his sister were also killed. his 12 year-old daughter was the one discovered the bodies and she ran and told her mother. >> my wife, she could not believe that. five people. >> it is an eerie feeling being inside of this house. the special because it is still a mess and there are remnants of the murder everywhere. the floors have been cleaned a little but are still pretty thick with a chemical. according to police, after the murders the killer went into the bathroom and wash his hands and then sprayed bleach and painted in an effort to cover up his tracks. >> the suspect, binh thai luc is
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charged with multiple murders. the suspects said that he worked with him at a family construction business and once even did some plumbing work here at this very house. so what happened that night? steve says he is not sure but does know that four of the five family members were at home that evening. >> 64 vincent. he was not here that night. >> steve says that he has since spoken to the friend that was out with vincent at dinner and he said that vincent got a phone call from his wife and abruptly announced that his wife was telling him to go home, that he had to leave because binh thai luc was looking for him. his friends never solvents and again. >> what we do know is that vincent went home and was murdered. what we don't know is the motive. no. we have a clear picture of the order of events. to the killer already take out the rest of his family and then wait for vinson to get home? police are not selling because
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they're not sure at this point. >> the situation is certainly a mystery. there are still unanswered questions but the scene of the crime is very clear how buerhle it was. >> crystal meth right now. and everyone is dead. at some point the family willing to take care of it. >> what was the music playing behind you? >> there was a music. i was told it was traditional chinese music, a spiritual music that you play when people have died, and it takes them to the next life. >> ok. thank you for that. >> caught on-camera, a hit and run, to cyclist crashing to the road, but car sideswiped the writers and they both take a tumble and then the driver takes off. kristin harris is live with how investigators are using the video to find the driver. >> police are now investigating this as a hit and run, it happened not far from here. you can see that there's no bicycle lane on this road and you can see just how closely cars come to the side of that
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land there. some cyclists are calling for a bike lane here and fast. >> from scenic bike ride to the scene of a hit-and-run. a camera mounted on one riders handlebars captures a driver's disturbing drift into to cyclist on kolin road yesterday. watch again as what appears to be a blacks acura plows into the two men. sending them toppling from their bicycles. the car kept going. police say the public's list were lucky to have only bumps and bruises. a cyclist claims that hercules police have located the car and owner but police have not confirmed that. >> the video is a graphic video. >> now the video was all that the cycling community is talking about. this man says the video brought back images of his own encounter with a careless driver. >> the next thing i knew i was lying on the hood of a car. and i landed on the ground. >> wednesday's crash happen on a
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stretch of road that lacks a bicycle lane. the east bay bicycle coalition says that as part of the tunnel's fourth port project, the city is in the process of designing one. >> a bustling will not prevent this type of crash, but it will help because it will raise more awareness. >> he wants a bill requiring drivers to give cyclist a 3 ft. buffer when passing. governor jerry brown vetoed that bill last year but it is back on the table and campbell says that these images could make all the difference. >> nearly every cyclist that we saw coming up tunnel road, which is a lot of them this evening, they said they too have seen the video. as we mentioned, the bicycle lanes are in the design phase and that means they will not be completed until late 2012 or early 2013. >> where you are standing, someone could you're and hit you. you look very close to the road. >> we're actually still on the curbs so we're staying safe. >> thank you. still ahead, more stories from the road.
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we will show some of the most dangerous routes for cyclist in the bay area. and new rules that could make it more say for them and for drivers. >> bidding wars, nothing new to some of the high and communities. now that trend is spreading to middle-class neighborhoods. we will show you where. >> imagine having weeks to live, your health insurance agrees to cover a breakthrough drug therapy but your hospital refuses to treat you. ,,,,
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>> nothing new for homes in the peninsula. we have heard a lot about bidding wars there but multiple offers coming in in middle-class neighborhoods. >> big house, a small house,
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size does not seem to matter. the bay area housing market is heating up and if you're in the market to buy the come early and bring lots of cash. but even that is not a guarantee. >> i waited too long. >> jonathan wanted to buy this house in south san francisco and isreal terror thought they had a winning bid. >> the asking price was $215,000 and we came in at 200,000 hundred $80,000. and we're still in that position. >> but was not enough for a rundown bank own home that will be dineed a lot of work. but there were better offers. >> , i just wanted chance to put a bid on a house. they're not getting to me. i have two kids and it was in and try to do something to get them out of the apartment we have been in. it is not working. >> i think that people have realized that the bottom of the market has hit hist. and now is the time to buy a home.
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>> it is happening all over the bay area and nationwide. this is due to a combination of factors. interest rates are still low and a supply of homes for sale is also down. at the height of the housing crisis in 2008 there was an 11 month supply of homes for sale in key u.s. markets. last month the supply was down to six months. >> the banks are releasing properties that have held onto for two years. and we expected this to happen. so, that is why there is another frenzy with multiple offers. >> home buyers need to be patient and keep the cash on hand. in south san francisco, cbs 5. >> a taxi driver force in the trunk of his own cab during a kidnapping and armed robbery, to locate tonight. his ordeal started last night after taking three men to a apartment complex in antioch. they robbed him at gunpoint and ordered him into the trunk. he was later dropped off on harmed in the oakland hills. a nine hour police standoff
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outside of san jose home is over fall in a fatal stabbing last night. officers are interrogating a man that pulled up inside of the house. earlier a swat team was called out because the residents would not cooperate. and officers believe that they might have guns. police have not yet established a connection between residents and the man who died. america's cup spectator village at san fransisco pier 27 is starting to take shape. demolition has been going on for a while construction officially began almost a ceremonial signing of the agreement bringing the yacht races to the city. mayor ed lee and other city leaders are joining the fourth time america's cup winner sir russell countess for the ceremony. >> a dolphin trapped in shall ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> you have probably heard story after story of insurance companies refusing potentially life-saving treatments for patients. but you have probably never heard of this. a hospital denying care that an insurance company agreed to cover. >> we have learned that this debate is happening more and more, usually in hospital executive rooms behind closed doors. we're .. with more. >> i learned about this with a phone call from a doctor, he has treated cancer patients for 30 years and never have faced this. now he wonders if this is just the beginning. christine striker is fighting for her life. but running out of time. >> i know that things are getting worse. and, the time is of the essence right now. >> five years ago she was diagnosed with advanced melanoma. the cancer has spread to her
6:20 pm
liver. prognosis? >> derrick shore >> but a new drug is sparking real hope. doctors say that the treatment and therapy allows the body to better recognize, attack, and kill cancer cells. >> in his life or death. >> it is basically the stations last hope. >> so when she showed up in san fransisco to get her first dose, to a stunned. she said a hospital refused to treat her. >> it is not that she does not have health insurance, she does. this letter from blue shield authorized the treatments. >> and st. mary's takes the insurance, so why did the medical center turn her away? they will not talk to us but her oncologist did. >> this is unprecedented. >> he said that he spoke to the head of st. mary's. >> behalf refuses to give the treatment because they say that under their contract they're going to lose too much money. >> he says the ceo told him that
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st. mary's can only bill blue shield up to $19,000 per day per patient but a single dose cost the hospital more than $30,000. and christine was scheduled to get four. >> they said that that was too big of a loss. >> while the thought of a hospital denying care to a cancer patient seems unthinkable >> this is the tip of the iceberg. >> this by zero ethicist is not surprised and says the u.s. health-care system is broken and it will not take too many of these drugs to make all hospitals go broke. >> there are conversations taking place in every hospital that treats cancer patients. they will need to be thinking very hard about what it will offer. >> they're seeing a growth an incredibly expensive treatments that offer modest benefits and he says that this is one of them. the fda approve the drug last year for patients like christine. >> it extends life by an average of 3.6 months at a cost of over
6:22 pm
$120,000. >> the drug maker told cbs 5 that it is appropriately priced based on the innovation it represents and a delta breeze to patients. and while four months may seem small, other doctors say that it is a big benefit. not only that, some patients live years longer. >> that is what we hope to achieve with this patient >> at present there is no way to predict an outcome which brings us back to christine. she got treated, but russell said the drug probably did not work. her cancer is still growing. even so she believes that she had the right to get at. >> even if you have been fortunate enough to be insured in the system that we have now, this kind of thing should not happen. >> she hopes a new treatment comes along soon before is too late and that hospital will let her in. but at what cost? >> in the future experts believe that we will see a new type of insurance that offers you a higher premium up front just in
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case you need the very expensive therapies down the road. >> from cbs 5 weather center, good evening everyone on this friday we have high as between 63 degrees in half moon bay, and 73 degrees in gilroy. this is the live cbs 5 weather center. look at the bay waters. we have plenty of sailboats out there still. san fransisco high of 63 which is bought on for the some of the year and numbers are trailing off rapidly. now 59 in san fransisco and low seventies in santa rosa after realizing a high today of 72 degrees. the wind has and kicking up but we will begin to dial them back. out of the northwest between 5 and 10 mi. per hour. this is the scene in ocean beach where the high was in the upper 60s. we have a crystal clear skies tonight, a starry night as the official sundown is at 7:57 p.m.. by the time the sun comes up tomorrow at 6:18 a.m., nothing
6:24 pm
but great visibility. but the marine layer will return. i will share that with you in the 7 day forcast. but heading into the central valley, 82 degrees in fresno tomorrow. it is the asparagus festival in stockton on sunday. 93 degrees! 60 in the high sierra and 64 in monterey bay. tomorrow highs will be warmer than today with a stream of 60s common. mid-70s for morgan hill through gilroy. 74 degrees in milpitas. east of the they climbing into the low '80s in brentwood, tracy, oakley, discovery bay, low '80s in fairfield for rio vista. 80 degrees in danville and blackhawks. mid-60's common in the north bay beaches up to the mid-70s in navato and 67 degrees in sausalito. the extended forecast calls for the warmest day this weekend to be on sunday. and then we introduced a return of the marine layer sunday night through tuesday.
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the sunday, we hope to see you at the pleasanton very first half marathon. helen, meet me there at the starting line. >> thank you. the space shuttle enterprise is going into retirement. it has arrived at its new home in new york. the test shuttle rode on a modified 747 flying over landmarks including the statue of liberty. as first space shuttle will be part of the intrepid air-space museum in manhattan >> they were dolphin that wandered into southern california wetlands area is resisting efforts to coax it back to sea. the animal was spotted a few feet from shore swimming in a shallow channel huntington beach this morning. rescuers tried to guide it back to see but the dolphin would not help them . so it will wait and see if he can find his own way out. >> apparently that dolphin got
6:26 pm
separated from the pot. five other dolphins remain in the harbor and will be rescued after this one is help home. >> it has been a year since the death of osama bin laden and law enforcement is on high alert. >> whether you light up or not, there are hundreds of millions of dollars at stake. what you should know about proposition 29, coming up next. >> countdown to the,,,,,,,,,,
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>> with the republican presidential race wrapped up, some might think that there's nothing important to vote on this june. to tobacco giant's are making sure that california voters show up to the polls. >> a new tobacco tax will be on the june ballot. political reporter grace lee shows us what is behind proposition 29. >> potentially billions of dollars could be generated by this new tobacco tax in the next few years. the question is, should we reason for a specific tax and
6:30 pm
what will happen to the money? and ultimately the power is in the hands of the voters. >> get ready for flashy advertisements that are in support of proposition 29. and against it. but what is it? proposition 29 would raise the tax on cigarettes from 87¢ per pack to a dollar and 87¢ per pack. >> this is not a general tax, if you don't smoke you will not pay this. >> she volunteers for the american cancer society and says that by raising prices it would reduce the overall number of smokers and it would generate more than $700 million. money that would go to cancer research and anti tobacco campaigns. >> there are laws written right into the proposition to protect its use from anything other than specified. i am 100% sure that it will go exactly where it is supposed to go. >> of those that are opposed say
6:31 pm
that is exactly the problem. joe fox from the small business action committee says that it limits hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars for the next 15 years. >> if you ask any of those that have studied california view governance over the last couple of decades, they will tell you that one of the reasons that california, in its current fiscal mess, is because we have money set aside, and the legislature and the governor have less control. and that is what this proposal is going to do. >> fox made no attempt to hide the fact that big tobacco companies like philip morris are funding the move. it is written on the " no on proposition 29 " website. >> i see that these groups are taking advantage of big tobacco because it is allowing us to use the funds that they're putting and to explain to californians that it is a dangerous situation. >> to give you some perspective on this, i spoke with a political prof. that says that
6:32 pm
proposition 29 is clear on where all that money will go. the question for voters is do they want to designate $700 million per year just to cancer research and anti tobacco campaigns? the incentive for the general fund to give them more flexibility. >> pg&e proposal to extend low interest rates on student loans landed in political purgatory. the president has been calling for the rate freeze in the republicans' bill does that. but it covers the cost by cutting funds from his health care overhaul. essentially doing it in the democrat-controlled senate. >> it is unconscionable that the republican leadership is forcing us to choose between public education and health care. >> people want to politicize this because it is an election year. but my god, do we need to fight about everything? >> senate democrats will introduce their own version of
6:33 pm
the bill next month. and it calls for closing corporate tax loopholes, something republicans oppose. >> law enforcement is on high alert with the approach of the anniversary of the death of osama bin laden. here's what has intelligence officials most concerned. >> the fbi and the part of homeland security issued an intelligence bulletin as the anniversary of the death of osama bin laden approaches. it wants all law-enforcement agencies to be on alert for possible revenge attack. but the obama administration says that there's no evidence of a specific threat. >> at this point we have no credible information that terrorist organizations are planning attacks in the united states to coincide with the anniversary of his death. >> the former director of national intelligence in the cbs news correspondent john miller was the last western journalist to interview osama bin laden. he has no doubt that the anniversary is circle on the
6:34 pm
calendar of al qaeda. >> one of the things that came out of hithe search of his compound was his liking for relevant dates. >> following the death and arrest of some of its leaders. the main concern now is lone wolf tourist mecca move on detective and a strike without warning. >> inspectors monitoring jihadist website say there have been increasing calls for attacks. >> it may be a lot of hot air but they're very concerned. >> the u.s. is also concerned about this man. the top bomb maker for al qaeda. counter-terrorism officials say that he has resurfaced in me be planning his next attack. >> meanwhile, the wives and children of osama bin laden were flown from pakistan to saudi arabia out this morning. 14 members of the family made
6:35 pm
the move. saudi leaders agreed to let them enter the country after weeks of negotiation. they will be supported by the wealth extended family of osama bin laden. >> back to the top story. where 90 minutes away from the doyle drive closure and demolition. crews will soon begin the process of tearing down the roadway and building a temporary replacements. linda yee is on the ground and says that there's no getting around this one. >> know there is not. and about a half an hour they will start a gradual closure of at least one of the approaches to doyle drive. read a boulevard. if you thought that you would go that way than you better do it now because in 30 minutes if it will be shut down. but right behind me you can see what is left of the few cars that are still traveling on doyle drive. because it will be tearing doyle drive down in an hour-and-a- half. but after all the pain take a look at what we will all live in three years. >> this is how the new doyle
6:36 pm
drive will look in 2015. there will be 11 to 12 ft. driving lanes with 12 ft. perceive the shoulders on the side. no. none and southbound lanes will be separated by a wide landscaped median. the designers say that motorists will be driving through what amounts to a new park with views of the bay or the presidio as they try to and from the golden gate bridge. so once it is done in it looks like it will be smooth driving. a very beautiful vista said. very good views of the day. but that is a long time from now, three years. >> you can find alternate routes and real-time traffic maps on and when you are in your car, hopefully not stuck in traffic, tune in to kcbs 740 a m and s m 106.9 with traffic updates every 10 minutes. >> cyclist and driver's do not,,
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>> a hit and run crash caught on video. a driver takes out these two cyclist on the side of the road in berkeley and then the driver takes off. this is the latest in a series of incidents involving bicycles in the bay area. but sometimes it is the bicycle rider to blame. are you a driver that wishes that cyclists would just get to the side of the road, or a cyclist that likes to chastise people behind the wheel as you blow through a stop sign? well, take that thing and pointed out yourself. here are a few rules of the road that authorities say everyone should follow. >> whether you are a professional, a rogue warrior, or just a beginner, the crowded streets are tough to navigate safely. and getting around the bay is a
6:40 pm
game where not everyone plays nice. >> there are people out there writing responsibly. >> some circumstances candy more hazardous than others. like this intersection in san carlos where a single term can be source of confusion. >> bicycles will be on the right side of the lane, for vehicles that making the right turn they need to be aware that the bicycle will be going straight or making a right turn. >> in santa rosa, driving and cycling on the open road can have its issues. take high-schools on where cars zip past with speeds of up to 60 m.p.h.. but it is not just driver cedric the law. >> of the cyclist was coming down through the schools zone and coming to this intersection, and runs a red light, there's a potential of running into a child in the crosswalk. >> more experienced cyclist pushing to enact law that would require cars to give bicycles a 3 ft. buffer zone on the road, because they see drivers focusing on anything but the
6:41 pm
task at hand. >> we see people shaving or putting on makeup, getting something from the back seat of the car. you know, using their telephone, that is just the tip of the iceberg. >> this spectacular this that may capture your attention at the golden gate bridge but you're better off keeping your eyes on the road no matter your means of transportation. officers that control the bridge on bicycle say that cyclist need to >> everyone needs to slow down in the alert of the people around you. drivers need to share the road with bicyclist. they have the same rights to the road as a vehicle buss .. >> why you think the cars might be the biggest threat to cyclist, that is not the case. police say that it is when a driver gets out of their car, they're more likely to hit a passing cyclists with their car door, making it more important for drivers to look over their shoulder before they step out. but for all the mistakes that drivers make. adjusters at an insurance company said that in 2011
6:42 pm
cyclist or more frequently at fault and driver's. >> based on our investigation, 30 percent of the people that we ensure we found at fault. the other 7 percent roughly, in terms of bicyclist, we found them at fault. >> this just into the cbs 5 weather center, both kirkwood and heavenly valley are extending their season through this weekend. and if you're heading to the high sierra, make sure that you have some block and a pair of sunglasses. sugar bowl, no new snow but they are up and operating. so is squaw valley. your pinpoint forecasts. but first your scam with sports. >> warriors may be able to keep ♪
6:43 pm
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>> comedian jimmy campbell is in the nation's capital to take part in tomorrow's white house
6:46 pm
correspondents' dinner. he says that he is more nervous and excited about performing in front of the president. he will perform after the president's speech at the events. the dinner is more jokes and laughs and political sparring. >> i think that our invitation got lost in the mail. lindsay lohan will be there. and kim kardashian. oh yes, they will be watching it. but our weather will be better. let's head outside and take a look at the flags in dublin where the wind is blowing out of the west up to 25 m.p.h.. let's transition to the south bay. san jose currently western wind up to 12 m.p.h.. 67 degrees in santa clara. ties between 63 and half monday and 73 in gilroy. early in the 60s and low seventies in the north and east bay. central base san fransisco 1 or friday evening. cool in the upper 50s with the wind out of the west at 21
6:47 pm
m.p.h.. clear skies overnight and into the '40's and 50's across the board and then your weather headline suggests a starry night. the coast clear at sunset at 7:57 p.m.. when the sun comes up at 6:18 a.m., we are planning on a sunny and warmer day but the marine layer will return in the extended forecast. right now we're looking at an area of low pressure, bringing the precipitation will to the north of the bay area. but as the high builds in it causes the pressure gradient, a tight squeeze against the area of low pressure. that is why we have northwest and wind up to 20 m.p.h. in the afternoon forecast tomorrow. what does that mean for the real life for life in santa clara? nothing. 79 degrees and a gentle breeze in the afternoon hours. meanwhile your forecast suggests that in the greater lake tahoe area, partly sunny skies. 60 degrees in the south shore. sunday high of '50s and mid- 60's.
6:48 pm
dressed with layers, heavenly and kirk would have extended their season and it is probably the last week and it will do so. the mulberry and the oak and the grass count remains on the high side. allergies are problematic this and weekend. in the mid and high seventies across the santa clara valley. the wind northwest between 10 and 20 on saturday. western between 10 and 15 sunday. ladies and warmer spots east of the day. up to 70 degrees in santa rosa. otherwise 67 degrees in sausalito. 70 in san fransisco. the warmest day this week and will be sunday. slight cooling monday with the return of the marine,,
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6:51 pm
>> what round of the nfl draft wrong? >> we are in round three. cal and stanford are very happy. that one guy declared himself eligible for the draft. now he is the nfl problem. in his case, if you cannot be done, draft them. michael james, the second round pick. in 2010 he ran for over 200 yds
6:52 pm
and three touchdowns. this past season james was the nation's second leading rusher. the 49ers introduce their first- round pick a.j. jenkins to local media this afternoon. he was more early than most draft experts predicted but he did catch 90 passes for 1,300 yds last season at illinois. >> he said that one of his great attributes, the biggest hand since chris carter. that is pretty good territory. i am wondering how that helps you catch the football? >> a funny story, in high-school my friends call me et. because of my hands. i don't know, i don't know how my hands got so long. >> that helps you just a ball? >> it definitely does. >> andrew lockout will have a familiar face to for 02 in indianapolis. the colts selected cold beef
6:53 pm
wiener. he caught 10 touchdowns last year with stanford and was the first tight end to the text in this year's draft. more local tax. cal offensive tackle michael schwartz was picked by the browns. martin is taking his talents to south beach. and michael hendricks was selected by the eagles. all breakoff expected to rejoin the giants at some length during the, coming home stand. he he was placed on the disabled list with anxiety disorder. >> yes, he is here. but he's not here in the clubhouse yet. >> just economy guy, a leader. each will show us the way. he's been around much more than most of us. can we do miss him. and we wish him that everything is good back home. hopefully he will be back soon. >> he did release a statement saying " my goal is to get back onto the field as soon as possible, to do that i need to focus completely on getting
6:54 pm
well, i know i am in a public job and i have been one of the more open guys but sometimes you need to pull back and work on things in private. this is one of those times ". last night the warriors began the first team in over 40 years to start five rookies and it may have helped land them another top rookie next season. the warriors finished the season with the seventh worst record which means they have a 72 percent chance of keeping their draft pick. fet moves ahead of them in next month's lottery and a drop down, the pick would go to utah. >> this is not what we signed up for in this is not who we are. but it is part of the process that we have to go through. and, don't enjoy this taste. as a matter of fact, we don't ever want to taste this dish again. >> larry brown was introduced as the new head coach at s m you earlier this week and he reminded us once again what made him and allen iverson so
6:55 pm
different when they were together in philadelphia. >> i am always a little bit nervous about a game because maybe we did not prepare our team for everything that might happen. but i love practice. practice? i love practice. >> we're talking about? practice. you guys know what i'm talking about? i don't need to explain that one. >> he is talking bout practice and he is pointing at his new players as he is saying that. that rant is 10 years old and those kids were under 10 when that happened but everyone knows that rats. >> the better work out and practice. >> practice prevents injury. that is why you practice. exactly. >> euna what i'm talking about. we will practice on doyle drive right now. >> practice your patience. >> we will check and more time, it is our top story because in
6:56 pm
less than an hour they will closed doyle drive for this weekend's demolition derby. and the marina on rant is scheduled to shut down any minute now. drivers are revised to stay away from the area until crews reopen the stretch with a temporary roadway at 5:00 a.m. monday morning. >> that is the plant. elizabeth winger is watching traffic. what does it look like? >> it is not too bad. whiter than we typically see on the golden gate bridge. people got the message earlier. they decided to avoid the golden gate bridge for much of the evening. southdown 101 looking pretty good with no major delays death. as you mentioned, they're set to shut down the marina boulevard on rant any minute. so use lombard right now to head towards doyle drive and the golden gate if you're heading into marin right now. . a boulevard on ramp is coupled to shut down ahead of schedule then the freeway closures. which is about 8:00. we know that a lot of people are trying to head into and out of
6:57 pm
the city tonight. a critical mass bike ride and giants games all weekend long. the richmond and san roof fell bridge is not too bad. the bay bridge is backed up on the upper deck. heading into downtown san francisco, heading towards the skyway. we have been talking about ferry service, the other great option. doubling up very service between marin and san francisco all weekend long. city streets are expecting big delays. especially on the park presidio boulevard approached heading towards 101, that will be the only route to head into the golden gate bridge. 19 avenue, calif., the bottom line is to stay away. >> you can find alternate routes and real-time traffic mess on when you are in your car, tune into kcbs 740 a.m., 106.9 fm.
6:58 pm
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