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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  May 1, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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one person was hit, just above the eye, the right eye, that person has been taken to the hospital and an ambulance was called here and medical assistance was rendered at the scene and he was taken to the hospital. we do not know his condition but was conscious the last i saw them. there was a person up on top of that building and started throwing sections of steel pipe down to police officers and onto the crowd as well. just throwing them indiscriminately into the streets. it was particularly dangerous because there was traffic. that person was just throwing different sections of pipe off the top of the building. i'd fortunately did not see it hit anyone but it may have hit a few cars, it was aimed more at the police officers than the demonstrators. then police set up a perimeter around the building and fired at least three times. they fired what appeared to be rubber bullets at that individual who was on top of the
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buildings. we do not know if that person was hit or not. but that person continued to throw pipe down for a time and they continue to fire up for a time and then it stops. and that person has not been seen since. if you look across the street there is still people inside of the occupied building. still a number protesters there. turk street has been closed off by police. the traffic here which is a main thoroughfare across town has reopen now. we do not know how many people are still inside the building or how long police officers are going to allow them to stay in that building but they are trespassing right now and there was some sense in an barricades that were put up a while ago to try and get people to not go back inside of the building. that is the situation as we know right now. this thing has changed by the hour so i cannot tell you what it will be like 10 minutes from now. >> there is an awful lot of officers there and when a person started pelting the crowd with bricks, they showed great restraint, they did not move.
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we surprised at that? or the protesters surprised at that? >> will tell you what, a lot of these protesters were yelling to tell the individual to stop throwing bricks down. that is a lethal weapon and the man was it is lucky he was not seriously injured. people were screaming for this guy to stop. police did not take immediate action at this point. formulated a plan. and it got their attention. and they got that individual to at least move back. another protester went onto the roof and coast and back from the edge. but three or four bricks were thrown into the crowd and it is lucky that no one was seriously hurt. >> police have formed a formations that no one can move any closer to the building now. >> that is true. this is part and parcel of what has been going on with these protests. they are sort of a group of people that are genuinely interested in getting their point across and peacefully
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protesting and if you heard anything from the chief of police today, they're going to respect people's rights to the first amendment, to demonstrate peacefully. and they did that, until a a sort of other elements got involved. anarchist, if you want to call them that, they're the ones that started the trouble. >> keep us posted. thank you. >> let's head across the bay where a march is winding its way through the streets of downtown oakland. several hundred is not 1000 people. robert lyles is here with the latest. >> far more peaceful than what we just heard from inside of san fransisco. many of those demonstrators headed to the plaza behind me. a few hundred people already in sight of the plaza. hundreds more are on the streets but it seems that at this hour the crowd has splintered. the majority, we are learning, staging at 16th and foothold
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foot hill. chopper 5 is near lake merritt. and number of those demonstrators at 2500 and we have not seen those numbers since the occupied marches of last year. they started with a group of 500 at the travail bart station. by the time they got to high street in numbered more than 2000 and that wall people, protesters for change in education, and jobs, all of them are aware that oakland police say they were forced to fire both tear gas canisters and flash bang grenades to quell the violence that erupted. it is unclear why they splintered off but they are quick to denounce the violence that happened here earlier today. >> there's a small group of people that always make a bigger group look bad.
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we have experienced it in oakland for several months. several years. with the occupied movement, it is not necessarily in the spirit of all land, or the east bay, or the greater bay area. >> while those demonstrators and the scene here in oakland remains calm, i can tell you that the rite aid here seems to be taking precautionary measures. already lowering their security bars or doors against the windows. and numbers of shots along broadway have done the same. many of them have closed at this hour but the news at this hour is that it is peaceful here on the streets of oakland. again, demonstrators headed to the plaza we will bring you the latest right here on cbs 5 news. >> thank you so much. >> there were several of rest in oakland earlier today when protesters became rioters and
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kristen airs and eight k p r i x photographer found himself in the middle of the violence. >> alex and i were covering the first of rest of today when protesters actually targeted our newsstand. one protester stomped in on the windshield of the van and another did some damage to the camera. police are saying that these are some of the most aggressive troublemakers' they have seen yet. the skirmishes started earlier than police had anticipated on a barricaded broadway just afternoon. >> we noticed the crowd was much more assertive, more aggressive. and so we've had to make some adjustments to be able to respond. >> one of those adjustments was a more visible police presence and a willingness to make arrests faster.
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before some businesses have even had a chance to sort out their windows, the first blast of teargas. chopper 5 captured a handful of arrest that followed. one protester dragged into a waiting van. protesters pushed back, clashing in an enormous scuffled with riot police and moments later the protests turned on the press. >> it only took a few minutes for the protests to turn on us. you can see some of the protesters broke in the windshield and after they did that they left class on the seeds and tried to climb, unsuccessfully, into the cab. when they could not do that one of them ripped off the mirror. there are no mirrors. and from there they went straight for the tires, slashing one of them loose. we had to get away from the crowd and ended up several blocks away at a location that we believe is more safe. >> when people are bent on
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breaking windows, vandalizing property, and not a bang the law, we're going to take affirmative action's to end that. >> it took us awhile to get air vehicle towed out and we are now covering with a different news van. authorities tell us there has been a handful of arrests so far but like the individuals that targeted the van, many of these protesters have their faces covered and appeared to be members of a black block and could not be identified at this time. >> we appreciate that story and glad you are doing ok. >> thank you. >> the made a protest by taking place coast-to-coast, several demonstrations in los angeles today as hundreds of union workers marched on a major boulevard in the downtown area. other protesters blocked traffic to lax. several demonstrators held signs calling for the legalization of marijuana. immigration reform, or jobs, and education for everyone.
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this was the violence in downtown seattle today. dozens of demonstrators dressed in black smashed windows in the face of federal courthouse. protesters also through people's and vandalized cars and buildings. police in riot gear pepper sprayed the crowd, the rioters were separate from a peaceful protest rally that kicked off nearby. >> san jose firefighters are investigating what caused a deadly town house fire. it killed a mother and critically injured her husband and child. and it or not the only ones, at the time. len ramirez tells us how neighbors try to help four firefighters even got there. >> family members could only hold each other and cry well neighbors gathered on the sidewalk near the burned out town home and spoke in whispers about the fire and a loss of life. >> she was wonderful to me. she helps me a lot.
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she helps me and helped my kids. now she is gone. it is a big loss. >> she is talking about her sister-in-law. a 50 year-old wife and mother killed when fire swept through the four unit town home around 2:45 a.m.. >> my husband and my son came out and was all the smoke. it became more intense, even before we saw the flames. >> well neighbors bang on doors the fire was started in the garage of one unit and spread quickly to the bedrooms above. residents told firefighters about loved ones inside, a family still inside. >> firefighters said that it was blackout conditions. it was a small unit but it took them some time to find the victim's death. >> rescued a father and son out of a second story window while another firefighter looked in the bedroom. >> he actually found a young boy lange on the bed.
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so quickly snatched him up and made his way outside. >> the 7 year-old boy, his father, and of your brother were taken to hospital. the mother cannot be revived. officials say that it was equipped with a smoke detector but the battery may have been dead. >> it was not working to alert the family that their home was full of smoke. and that is your most vulnerable time obviously is when you are asleep and that is when we need smoke detectors. >> we're joining you live from san jose where two of the three family members that were taken to the hospital this morning. that 7 year-old boy and father listed in critical condition and the 12 year-old boy in less serious condition but also hospitalized. this is the first fatal fire in san jose since december of 2011. >> a new developments in the case of a prized lamborghini stolen from a celebrity chef. what will happen to the bay area teenager at the center of the
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theft investigation? >> living on a hill comes with a price. what people did that put them on the hook for $50? >> a secret visit under the cove,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> the sam fuld teenager accused of stealing a lamborghini on by celebrity chef guy fieri will be charged as an adult. the car was found in a storage unit one year after the heist. police say the 17 year-old is also behind a drive-by shooting in mill valley. he faces seven felony counts including attempted murder. >> other bay area headlines, a bart station agent that a teenager in need $300 in tickets is out of a job tonight. he told the san francisco chronicle that he got a termination letter from bart today.
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he gave a friend 16 year-old grandson paid off unused tickets that commuters had left behind at a station. he plans to appeal the decision for his union. airport security in newark new jersey made a surprising discovery in the back of a woman headed to sfo. land mines. tsa found 3 mind casings in the women's checked bag, two of them were packed with shrapnel. there were no explosives or detonators. she told agency was attending an expose of demonstration. at the woman was allowed to take a later flight. a positive sign for the electric car industry. nissan infiniti open new dealerships downtown in the old building there. like other dealerships they include men's and retail area but they also have the electric vehicle charging stations. nissan produces the fully electric leaves, the infinity is working on and all electrical
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luxury sedan. >> i lived there for years and never had a problem but now people in one area of san fransisco are starting to get parking tickets for not curbing their wheels. new at 6 o'clock march triggerman on the fight to get their citations overturned. >> the result i got out of the vehicle not realizing that i forgot to give it that slight little turn. >> so he got a $50 ticket and had trouble curbing his enthusiasm. >> i thought cars were built safe enough that it does not matter if the wheel is curb or not because we have the technology, right? >> gay traffic co says they must be curbed on a 3% grade or more. these residents have a petition going to throw all those tickets out. >> i think they should have made an announcement or something that they're wrong to start, because it has been years and have never done this. >> he has owned this neighborhood pet store for 20 years. the city says there has been no
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order, maybe just a new parking control officer just living by the law. >> i would like to see city vehicles get tickets and have the people on the shifts have to pay for them just like i do. >> we spotted a fire department truck with the we'll street as an error but lucky for him there was no parking control officer around. but is the street where most of the tickets were given more than a 3% grade? >> it is rise/run times 100. >> 36 in., we will go up, it is three. perfect. so this is three. over 36, which is 0.8. ok, times 100, equals 8%. you get a ticket here. >> it may looks flat but by law the tickets are on the letter. >> schools need to get creative
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these days to save money. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> we hear is far too often. schools battling with budget cuts. but now one school district is on track to cut costs by millions of dollars, and not just that. also creating lots of jobs. here is how dozens of schools are starting to turn to the skies for help. >> with a flip of a ceremonial switch, the largest solar school projects turned on the sun. >> this is the largest solar system caught a school district on the planet. >> in three years it went from thinking about harvesting this on to offset their pg&e bill, to
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persuading voters to help pay for solar energy and installing the panels and just about every school in one of the largest districts in the state. >> it is unprecedented, 51 schools, 12 mw, which is equivalent to a small power plants. >> the district will get 90 percent of its electricity from the sun and save $220 million over 30 years. >> that is money that will be discretionary funds that we can plug right into the general fund and utilize that in ways to support students. >> student support does not end there. part of the deal that they made for this project was to place 40 student interns at the company this summer. already northgate high-school hist students are studying the technology. >> we will be the next engineers, the next project managers that are going to be designing these things in the real world. so for us to be able to practice that in class is a great thing. >> many of the panels are in place and parking lot providing
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shade for cars and power for classrooms. 11 more sites will get panels before the end of summer. >> this will become the norm when you go to school. that you see these types of structures. >> there are 1000 school districts across the state and many have already gone solar and collectively it is estimated that it will save $1.5 billion in electricity costs over the next three decades. >> it is going to be a great night for a baseball game. a little windy. >> it is a little windy. it is cold out there too. that generally happens this time of the year. the boys of summer do not warm up until june or july but we do have big daddy came on the mound for the good guys tonight and they're still an hour to get to the ballpark. dress in layers. 54 degrees, when out of the northwest between 10 and 20 m.p.h. with stronger wind gusts. current air temperature tumbling from san mateo into the mid 50's. it is still 72 however in santa rosa after realizing a high of
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74 degrees. just how would be is it outside? 33 m.p.h. wind gust 25 in san francisco, now at 17 in san jose beginning to settle down but watched the win map, by tomorrow morning the coast remains on a blustery side will everyone else has coleman wind and during the afternoon hours, especially towards to marmite sunset at 8:00, we will see the been the beginning to increase out of the northwest between 10 and 20. lows under a mainly clear winds lipsky into the '40's and 50's. tomorrow's daytime highs coming down in comparison to today and i thought the difference today, we're talking 50s and 60s at the beaches. san mateo 62 and 70 degrees in cupertino swinging around to the santa clara valley with highs in the low seventies. east of the day, northwestern wins between 20 and 20 m.p.h., partly cloudy conditions by sunset. north bay #63 degrees in stinson beach.
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the extended forecast calls for a chance of rain. still, especially in the north bay. also around the coast on thursday which means afternoon baseball could have little rain delay but right now it is not looking like a whole lot precipitation. transition day on friday sets the stage but four nothing but sunny skies and warmer temperatures above average over the weekend in time for the cinco de mayo celebrations. and a full moon on saturday also! >> - 1 to lock my doors. i'm staying home. thank you. from peaceful protests too chaotic clashes, thousands hit the streets. we will have the latest on may day. >> sneaking into afghanistan, the president signs a historic document addresses the nation on the anniversary of the death of osama bin laden. by the president says the tide has turned in the war in afghanistan. >> rifle sales are booming, a
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clever way that gun makers are getting around some of the nation's toughest loss. >> the assault weapons ban will be ineffective.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> we want to back to the top
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story, may day demonstrations turn from rowdy too dangerous. we're in san fransisco where one protester started throwing bricks into the crowd of police and demonstrators. it looks quite there right now, what is gone on? >> it has definitely quieted down although the police presence has increased. we are at the corner of turk street here in san fransisco. there are still protesters inside of this building that has been taken over. this all started fairly calm with a demonstration this afternoon. there was marching up from market street, then they ended up here on turk street and then all of a sudden people started showing up on the rooftop, and one particular individual with a brick in each hand, when to and through those bricks down into the crowd. it did not look like he was aiming them at anyone, just throwing them indiscriminately. i did not know if he was trying to hit a police officer or
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member of the media or what. but he let some bricks go and one of those bricks hit an individual in the head and knocked him flat on the ground. that individual has been taken to the hospital. but while he was waiting for the ambulance, one of his friends spoke to us. >> he will be ok. he is a protester, yes. >> and then there was a brick throwing incident. and that was followed by someone from the rooftops that started throwing pipes down. sections of what looked like to one-half inch galvanized heavy metal pipe, started throwing them off of the roof. testily trying to hit the police with those and the police in turn i showed up on the other side of the street and started to return fire using rubber bullets. and they were able to push that
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person back from the edge and get him to stop throwing the plight. we wanted to find out what happened to that particular individual. joe vasquez just finished speaking to the police chief, what did he tell you? >> he said there has been an arrest, the man that was the wrong the bricks has been arrested and is a charge of aggravated assault. according to the chief that men stormed a brick at a police officer that was shooting video you're on the ground. he missed the officer and a fellow demonstrators. the police chief says they have what is called a citizen's arrest from the owner of the property which is the archdiocese of san francisco and he says there will be implementing that arrest warrants when the time is right. he did not say they are in any hurry, a heavy police presence in no hurry to go in and arrest people. >> he told you there was a number of people still in the building? >> he says they think they have 200 people in the building and there were multiple people on the roof, not just one guy throwing bricks and another guy throwing a tight and others that
6:31 pm
may have been compiling other things to throw down at the crowd. a bizarre scene, unlike anything we've seen that these demonstrations, where they're firing stuff off of the roof to the police car, and then hitting people, as it turns out. >> it was incredibly shocking to see that happen. is one thing to make your points and another to hurt innocent people. did one of the protesters to stop throwing objects. that is the situation from downtown san francisco. another ambulances coming by and we hope that is not another victim of anything around town. it has been an interesting day. >> it sounded noisy behind you, our people shouting from that building? >> yes you can see that there are a few individuals with a megaphone on the second floor. and there are banners on the building and every once in awhile to come up to the window to yell something or talk to the police. also a number of individuals sitting on the sidewalk out in
6:32 pm
front of the building and they appear to just be peacefully demonstrating at this point. they're not causing any problems at all. >> thank you. across the bay in oakland there were at least nine arrest when protests earlier in the day turned violent. police fired tear gas and flash bang grenades to disperse a large crowd of demonstrators. this was near 14th and broadway. you can see one of our news vans was part of the violence. protesters smashed the windshield and slashed the tires but thankfully no was heard and all that. things have calmed down since then but the crowd is still big. robert lyles in downtown where thousands were on the move. have a come to a stop now? >> they absolutely have. the violence at 14th and brought wake is over. it has been replaced with this, it seems that at least an estimated 1000 people have ultimately shut down traffic here at the intersection of 14th
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and broadway. all of this started as a group of about 500 at the fruit vale bart station. they had been marching along the streets of oakland for the past four to five hours. at times entering into three different groups, meanderings through the streets. some of those people have stopped at san antonio park, many continue the march on here to the plaza. oakland police estimates the full number of groups. three splinter groups. somewhere between three and 5000 demonstrators. once again, they started at the fruit vale bart station and ultimately their plan was to make it here to the plaza. after speaking with many of these demonstrators back pay from the farmville district i can tell you that they all heard about the violence here earlier today. whether that is a reason why this winter into three separate groups is unclear. but those that we spoke to have
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disassociated themselves from any of the violence here. i can tell you that what we do see is a large number of demonstrators but right now everything is peaceful and there's no violence at this hour. we will monitor the scene and bring you the latest right here on cbs 5. thank you. >> a mayday labor strike that shut down the golden gate ferry service is over. that means service out, to and from the north bay is back up and running. the giants ferry to at&t park left as scheduled at 5:45 p.m.. more than 4000 nurses on strike for may day. this was the scene in oakland. the california nurses association has been in negotiations with a solder possible for more than a year now. the strike happens at 10 hospitals including berkeley, vallejo, >> para crews will continue to follow the made a protest all around the bay and we will keep an eye on those crowds well into
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the evening. >> a swift secretive trips to the wars on, the president says that the united states is it within reach of defeating al qaeda and he announced a pivotal agreement with afghanistan during the address to america. political reporter grizzly is here with the deal to end the war. >> as the president says, this is a historic moment after a decade-long war in afghanistan. the strategic agreement that he signed tonight is symbolic in many ways. the most important is that we are in the process of ending the war in afghanistan. it was a risky move, arriving in afghanistan on the anniversary of the death of osama bin laden. the president landed secretly in the dark and quickly took off again. the president spoke from the air force base tonight, aknowledge and that it was the actions of osama bin laden that started this war in afghanistan. >> my fellow americans, we have traveled for more than a decade under the dark cloud of war. yet here, in the pre-dawn
6:36 pm
darkness of afghanistan, we can see the light of a new day on the horizon. the iraq war is over. the number of our troops in harm's way has been cut in half and more will soon be coming home. >> earlier in the day the president signed a strategic agreement outlining what role the u.s. will take after the majority of troops has been withdrawn in 2014. he says that he will withdraw another 23,000 troops this summer but that we still have an important mission to complete. >> i will not keep americans in harm's way a single day longer than is absolutely required for national security. but we must finish the job started in afghanistan and end this war responsibly. >> after his meeting the president greeted american troops, and told them that he could not be more proud of them and also brace them for potential heartbreak and pain while they served in the war
6:37 pm
zone. >> to give us more perspective on this we have brought in a retired marine corps colonel. good evening to you and thank you for talking to us. just to start off, the timing of this struck me, why not wait until 2014 when the majority of trees are out of afghanistan? >> i think there's a variety of issues that are associated with the timing. we have the american political season well under way as we look towards november. secondly there's probably a very important need to go ahead and convey to the afghan people a commitment that the united states is going to go beyond 2014. and finally, there is also a message that needs to go to the taleban and al qaeda that united states is committed beyond 2014. absent that, their expectation was that they could sit back and rely on us: out and doing what they wanted once the withdrawal was complete. >> many messages to send out this evening. the president spoke about the afghan security forces and how
6:38 pm
he really believes it will be prepared to take over their country by 2014. is that realistic goal, considering what we have seen in the past year? >> i think he has enunciated that goal, it is a u.s. military and nato ally and they're standing behind that but the reality is that to prepare the security force to do what they are going to have to do takes years and years of effort. the effort was validated by how well they perform. and that has not been up to snuff so far. and i think that the violence against u.s. and nato forces here in the past couple of months certainly is not indicative of the way we want to see this turnout. >> the president spoke about troop restriction, at 10,000 have been pulled out in the past year and 23,000 by the end of the summer. does that make us more vulnerable in afghanistan as we see some new tricks leaving the country? >> one of the principles of warfare is that you go ahead and try to maintain momentum, you try to maintain the initiative
6:39 pm
at all times. you do not want to sit and be a target but what will happen is our military will essentially be sitting, becoming targets. the initiative will pass to opponents over there. hopefully afghan security forces will help mitigate that initiative but the reality is that we're going to be at the receiving end of rockets and mortars and ambushes that are going to continue over the next couple of years. >> it could be a rough couple of years in afghanistan. thank you so much for joining us. back to you. >> thank you so much. at california ban assault rifles so manufacturers got creative.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:40 pm
6:41 pm
>> california has some of the most strict gun control laws in the nation but a trip to the firing range might surprise you. ak-47 seems to be the must have
6:42 pm
done these days and they are legal in california. critics say that every time california times of the assault weapons ban the gun industry finds a way around it. the latest involves a tiny device that had shot a big loophole in the law. >> john loves his a a r 15, he goes to the range every week to fire it and he has plenty of company .. >> there are usually about an hour wait for a rifle lane. >> that is because the most popular guns these days are semi-automatic rifles. in the state with some of the most strict gun-control laws and the nation, how is it that military-style guns are legal? >> this is legal in california. >> he is and an instructor. as long as there is no detachable magazine is a legal fire arm. >> other states allow them to use their finger to prop up the magazine and reload. that is a good test will
6:43 pm
magazine and in california if it is in combination with other features such as a telescoping stock or a pistol grip, it is illegal. the intent is to slow down the process of reloading the weapon. and many target shooters don't like the reloading hassle. >> i would have to open up the receiver, top loaded from the top of the magazine here. >> look at what gun manufacturers have done. the cell assault rifles to californians with this. >> if you push that in here, you can pop out. >> it is called a bullet bomb, why? because you can use a typical bullet to release the and the magazine and pop in a new one. it does not work with your fingers of the magazine is considered sixth. that makes it an assault rifle that everyone is calling california legal. >> course manufacturers do not want to drexel also they will make a legal version that does not meet the restrictions. >> and it is a hot seller as we
6:44 pm
found when we went undercover to a recent gun show at the cow palace in daly city. california legal assault rifles were everywhere. and so were gadgets to release the bullied button in case you do not have a spare bullet around. >> it is literally a magnet. >> we bought one and tried it out. so why is someone forced and cracking down on what appears to be such an obvious loophole in the state's gun control laws? we put a question to bay area police departments and none would comment. simic the california department of justice. even a senator feinstein, one of the strongest and control advocates told us that she was " not able to participate ". but at least one group in washington d.c. is watching the issue closely. >> if these assault weapons are allowed to come to the state, then the california assault weapons ban does not exist anymore. >> they say the bullet but marketing campaign is huge.
6:45 pm
>> every major assault weapons manufacturer in america. bushmaster, smith and wesson, and a myriad of others. and the reason is that they're all focusing on bullet bonds is because the ban has been so effective, california is the last great market. the end result is that california law enforcement and california citizens will be placed in jeopardy because of a marketing move by the firearms industry. >> gun rights proponents point to a lack of any hard data showing that assault rifles are used in crimes. so he argues, why should law- abiding citizen be deprived? >> if californians are wanting these things then someone will step up and make money on it. and why not? that is exactly what the free america is. >> back on the rifle lines john says that he can see both sides. >> i could see where the bullet button, officers would be concerned about that. >> but for him it is all about the sorel of owning an assault
6:46 pm
rifle. >> it is an adrenaline rush. you feel like you're on top of the world. >> the california legal guns with that bullet and cost about the same as the assault rifles sold in other states that are illegal here. we have received dozens of comments on line, like this one from paul who writes " this stupid law that stop ability to change magazines only hampered legitimate competitors. hence the bullet button. and from thomson's and says " used to get around california gun laws, when it be equally to true to say,
6:47 pm
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>> >> good evening and welcome back to the cbs 5 weather center on this first day of may. i will be the first to admit that i was wrong. i said ... >> what!? >> i said it would be 12 degrees cooler today but it is 10 it is 15 degrees cooler in livermore.
6:50 pm
write that in stone. i was wrong. this is the scene from of a weather camera looking at san fransisco were typically we should be in the low 60s but instead only 50 degrees. currently windy also. we still have an area of low pressure will to the north of the bay area. it is moving to the east as the bank's up against the ridge of high pressure causing friction. otherwise known as a pressure gradient in that is what we have the northwest wind between 10 and 20. a cooler mass slipping from the north so tomorrow will be even cooler than today when we did dropped 15 degrees. so tonight mainly story with preconditions and tomorrow a sunny morning. the extended forecast calls for a chance of rain. tonight overnight into the '40's and into the fifties other west tomorrow we are banking on the numbers along the seashore in the '50s and '60s otherwise the
6:51 pm
peninsula and the low to mid '60's. low seventies in morgan hill. east of the bay the northwest winds between 10 and 20 mi. per hour up to 70 degrees in danville. 70 throughout the valley, meanwhile 57 degrees in both big a bet. the extended forecast, get a good look at it because in 48 hours we're talking about the chance of rain returning in the bay area. and then for the weekend, with a full moon, nothing but a clear skies and some measure slightly,
6:52 pm
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>> recounting the top story, roberta gonzales admits that she is wrong!. the miami marlins in town tonight. a first look at the controversial manager ozzie guillen in. he was surprised at the covers this afternoon at at&t park. you would recall heat started a firestorm for his pro fidel castro comments. he is back from his suspension and the marlins have lost eight out of their past nine games.
6:55 pm
>> i don't want to talk to those guys, i want to kick his butt. we talk, we see video, and everything. why waste our time? >> the a's and the red sox, it was 45 degrees. parkin is making his third career start. allowing one run in six innings. he hit 181 in april so was thrilled to see the calendar turned to may. a two run single. 2/4 tonight. right now be a's leading the red sox 5/1 in the eighth inning. what is better than having won the heisman trophy quarterback? how about to? first-person polymer. he played last season in houston under the raiders' new offensive
6:56 pm
coordinator. a first-round pick by arizona in 2006, he suffered a season ending a shoulder injury. he will compete to be the second string quarterback behind palmer. charles barkley famously never won a title. he never won one in college or the nba. last night he won an emmy for best sports analyst. >> when you win a championship, you win individual awards but he has never been a part of a team championship. so, the stuff that you bought me for getting that emmy? >> we won! >> finally on top of the world. and charles barkley celebrates in good fashion. >> thank you very much. before we go we want to recount
6:57 pm
the top story. may day protests turned violent in san fransisco with a man throwing bricks at police from a rooftop. this was the scene as occupied protesters took over an abandoned building. one man hurled bricks from the top of the building hitting a protester and police officer in the crowd. they were able to arrest that man. police have arrested nine people. protesters became violent. our cbs live demos at the center of some of their attacks. right now a more peaceful scene in the plaza. an estimated three to 5000 people taking part in the made a protest. we will keep an eye on that throughout the night and have the latest for you can o'clock the latest for you can o'clock and 11:00 your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant.
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