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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  May 13, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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ceos in trouble a major shake-up at the top of gatto following a scandal top executives of j.p. morgan chase expectantly as the ceo apologize after losing $2 billion. oakland they're not going anywhere the final recall effort failed. do not think about it more and more people getting caught driving while distracted. good evening. it is once the darling of the internet a shake-up for chaco, the ceo has resigned after coming under fire for patting his resonate. scot thompson took over for the
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company less than six months ago he admitted he did not receive a computer science degree listed on his resonate. he is the fourth ceo to lead yah hoo in five years. it made an untenable situation for thompson to run the company. it is trying to come back after years of stagnation yahoo fired its former ceo in september and a co-founder left the board in january when thompson took over. yacht who has appointed ross levenson as interim ceo. he is the head of global media. the board chairman was the one to lead the investigation into the residence in accuracy. the associated press reports that one high ranking executive at j.p. morgan chase expected to resign tomorrow. the ceo of the nation's largest
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bank apologize today for treading mistakes that cost his institution $2 billion. the man who runs the nation's largest bank apologize for $2 billion in trading losses we made it and egregious mistake investment co. in london manage the investments. it should never have happened c e o jimmy diamond admitted last month he was wrong to ignore warning signs but says he is in says the bank is not in danger of failing. we heard our credibility and have to pay the price for that the price of j.p. morgan stock dropped 10% on friday and the sec has launched an investigation. more than three years after the financial crisis some say
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the banking industry is taking on too much risk senator carl levin pushed a piece of legislation it is not taken effect yet it is designed to stop banks from making certain types of trades for their own profit. yet to be careful the regulators are not undermined by this huge effort to weaken the rule by putting in a huge loophole diamond insists it will when i have applied in this case because the trades were designed to hedge against risk not make money for the bag. this with promises to be the biggest ever for facebook, the chief executive of the site mark zuckerberg turns 28 years old. on friday the company is it expects to sell stock to the public for the first time. the ipo package valued facebook at $100 billion, it would make
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it worth more than companies like disney ford and kraft foods. zuckerberg is less than half the age of the average ceo. gov. brown releases his budget tomorrow in the wake of higher than anticipated deficit. we face a $16 million hole the governor brands higher deficit of lower tax revenue cuts to education and public safety and not acceptable he wants to increase taxes for the highest earners and increase sales taxes, fellow democrats will help sell the measure to voters. between now and november all of us will be aggressive in talking about the importance of the governor's tax measure. it could be a hard sell, where voters are resistant to increase taxes republicans have reacted by saying there must be more cuts.
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despite her unpopularity oakland mayor is staying put. organizers for the recall announce they're unable to get the 20,000 signatures needed to qualify for the november election. according to a recent poll 3 out of 4 oakland residents are not happy with the mayor's performance but the majority of voters are not ready for a recall because it is costly. and why they don't totally agree with me on everything people want this to work on the issues i am working on. her first term ends in 2014 carried cal appears to be losing patience with the protesters occupying a patch of land. some protesters state overnight the university gave them a deadline that day at 10:00 a.m. yesterday to pack up and leave protesters said they will continue to farm on the land but
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some of it is still there. the university warns it will do what it has to do so that faculty has access to the land. it is not specific what actions will be taken during the bay area drivers accounted for one- fifth of distracted driving tickets in the state last month. cellphone calls texting and other distractions lead to 6000 citations during national distracted driving awareness month in april. 30,000 citations issued statewide. in one case and officer responding to an emergency had to move around a car that would not change lines police said the driver was texting. a lot of debate and opinions about gay marriage on the sunday talk shows. reaction from capitol hill on president obama's acceptance of gay marriage and the chances for his second term carried how black churches in the
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bay area talk about gay marriage to their congregation. time for it cool change in the bay area. the temperatures drop today will get drizzle ton,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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president obama's announcement support in same-sex marriage generates a lot of debate and opinion. some conservatives have these and the morning talk shows saying the revelation could cost them a second term. they say he is shifting away from the number-one issue he is trying to raise to this of issues up to solidify his base and divide the country and that is not what we should be focusing on which should focus on jobs and economy. it was a matter of conscience he talked it over with his family i know i've talked to him over the years it is a difficult issue. i think the president came down on the right side. not just those in the particle brown talked about the announcement same-sex marriage
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was a focal point for christians and evangelicals in the african american community anne mackovic with reaction from a church in east bay most pastors think there are things have to address a hot topic this week president obama support of same- sex marriage. i've had a debate with myself about that but i decided it was important for me to say something at the risk of alienating conservative parishioners he made it part of his sermon. it is impossible to meet committed to get justice and equality without meeting all and everybody those willing to speak on camera and support him fabulous to named the issue is so important i am glad he let it be now he approved of that to the congregation there may be mixed thoughts on the sermon but what remains
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to be seen is the effect of the president's remarks on the ballot box. former merrill will brown talked about this morning on cbs 5 it will cause some of us to reaffirm because african americans and latinos are not naturally on the upside of same- sex marriage they are on the downside of same-sex marriage a corte part of the democratic constituencies. and there are diverse views that is part of a point. in oakland anne mackovic cbs 5. is so used spacecraft carrying a flight engineer and two crew members ready to launch tomorrow from kazakhstan. they will go to the international space station and expect to arrive may 16th.
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they'll meet up with a team of an american european and russian aboard since december. the crew will take over the space station in july and return to earth and december. what hotels all the bay area and across the country are hiring. at this hour temperatures are 20 degrees cooler than yesterday at this time. 65 that conquered it was 90 degrees yesterday in livermore. at this time carey mount diablo is in the background uc ocean beach chile today. changes are in store here's will have details after a break. [ male announcer ] what if we told you the 100% electric nissan leaf was the perfect car for you... that you can charge it at home like your smartphone... that you'll never have to buy another tank of gas? [ brian ] really looking forward
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cycling's biggest event in the golden state cake out in santa rosa. dozens of the world's top cyclists rode 120 mi. around sonoma county. stage one of the tour of california. spectators came from all over the country to see the event. we wanted to see this part of the country and what better way to see it then see the door the cyclists will start in san francisco's marina district and finished in aptos, tuesday stage 3 goes from san jose to livermore, the race ends in los
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angeles a week from today. let's go live to mobil 5 in san francisco with a celebration focused on the number 13. the 13th annual where it street fair had celebrated on the 13th of may and there are 13 stages of life performers. spanning 13 city blocks. vendors are selling clothing vendors and are at $10 donation to get in goes to a technology organization it goes on until 8:00 p.m. tonight sam people thought it was weird weather brine when expect a cool down. we are expecting a cool down to continue for the next 24 hours. drizzle along the shoreline
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tonight and early tomorrow morning. s f o could have delays going out. we are still on track to warm things up on tuesday. that should look a ok for much of the bay area. we talked yesterday about the low pressure, it kind of played out the way we chatted about the slow broken up at the low clouds along the shoreline and that led to sunshine at ocean beach. the coast at more son inland areas got low clouds and some areas drop in temperature. that will be the only precipitation will seek we get some drizzle along the shoreline. tomorrow will still be chilly. low clouds pushed inland and the sun breaks out, coast cloudy in
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an ok temperatures still in the low seventies. we will warm up by tuesday. san francisco a high of 61, drizzle at airport tomorrow morning. los angeles denver and chicago looks sunday carried raining in newark and new york city. 70 degrees tied in new york city this is a model how it should behave over the next 24 hours, we have plenty of cloud cover tonight. the drizzle looks persistent. the day breck's tomorrow and so did the clouds. a typical pattern we get low clouds in the morning and clears in afternoon. with low pressure to act as a kicker we could squeeze out some drizzle late tonight early tomorrow morning. it remains on the mild side, low seventies, not bad. some will consider that pleasant
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and not a cause to complain. 64 at oakland, 60 at pacific up. 73 at san jose, 70 at mountain view, the warm up comes in tuesday thursday will cool off again at last through friday and a one week and next weekend. next weekend looks good. some good news for the thousands of californians who lost unemployment benefits, hotels are hiring hotels and motels get busy as americans feel more economically secure to take vacation. hotel bookings are up 4 percent across the country so far this year. the a's need to get healthy if you look to the a's and giants line and should not recognize a lot of names both
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teams tread water appear in it is mother's day,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the a's are without u.n. is as bad as an it finished the home stand without jemile weeks. several players have minor injuries.
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the tigers ace made one mistake he allowed a home run they tied the game the only run out in seven innings. he brought him on the ball that was ticketed to the gatt gerald parker load the bases. a good start and to grant belfour, the ball for walks in the go-ahead run. that was the difference maker the taggers bidets 3-1. if the giants in arizona. the parade continued. san francisco culler charlie culbertson. making his big league debut. barry zito celebrates his 34th birthday. arizona has a 1-0 lead.
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a quality start for zeal. a zeal has support. melky cabrera with an 40-5 giving the giants the lead. brett bell chase this fastball a two run shot give the giants a 6-3 lead. culbertson's that could not hold back the emotions in the fifth inning he gave his family a thrill with his first big- league they said the giants when it 7-3. zero improves to 2-1 on the season. nba playoffs lakers held off another is to advance to second round. the clippers were trying to win game 7. it points were hard to come by neither team crack the 60.
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mark after three quarters. all the clippers took over. the bench scored 25 of the 27 points lapd's memphis to win the series for all of the third time in franchise history they take on the spurs in the second round. lebron james presented with this third mvp award. the pacers led by 6 at the half lebron to colver in second half scored 26 of his 32 points the he beats the pacers and they take a one game lead in. now the state decorations at the players championships. it underwoods a horrible round. that is 12 shots back. the third round later fell apart. with bogeys he dropped out. met coucher has not won in court on two years it's a long birdie
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on 16 he fired a 70 and wins by two strokes. cycling tour of california under way in santa rosa. levi leipheimer competing despite breaking his leg five weeks ago. the leader has a punctured at tire makes his way to the front of the pack and when the final sprint. a couple of cases there how about that for a mother's day ticket. 34 years since manchester city won an english soccer title that win their final match today, man city down one go, out of the corner a hatter ties the game than two minutes later, man city scores twice in stub its
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time to win it and claim its first title since 1968. they edged manchester united on goal differential. on game day we talked to the a's slugger brand an edge. coming up on game day at 1130. what does he have to do with babe ruth and lou gehrig to yankees grates? the religion of the new guy is out and yahoo board members may have had good reason to have a motive? coming up at 630 another reason board members wanted scott thompson out. that is it for eyewitness news, happy mother's day will see you in half hour and a 10 and 11. news updates @ cbs s f. com good night.
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