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tv   CBS 5 News  CBS  May 19, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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i'm and a rental.
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a warehouse on oakland's of a row when up in flames this morning but is not the flames or damage that makes is an attention grabber lisa washington shows us investigators are curious about what they found inside the building there was an explosion of flames probably 30 or 40 ft. high and never seen anything like it an overnight fired in oakland daughter wrote turns into a wake-up call fred davison and neighbors. the flames were bellowing you could see the white smoke and i thought that was strange if that is an upholstery co. lie and is not the smoke dark? firefighters gathered the fire in the 3000 blocks of broadway for three hours they found marijuana plants inside. i understand it is used as a
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marijuana grow i cannot speak to whether it is a licensed broker and porter were there's a lot of that inside i knew there was activity going on i wasn't sure what it was i did not expect it being a warehouse for marijuana plants not known if a marijuana growing operation caused the fire she does not my people growing marijuana and it should not be done in the building i'm not terribly surprised i know there's a lot of growing in oakland i have no problem with growing i wish it was not indoors it uses so much energy i think outdoor growing is better. it surprises me and concerns me i guess maybe the planning commission better get on their oars and work on the neverland oakland fire investigate the cause of fire and oakland police will determine who owns the marijuana plants lisa washington
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cbs 5. the second pot grow uncovered by a fire in the east bay this week on wednesday firefighters discovered thousands of plants in a warehouse in richmond. police estimated the plants had a street value of $200,000. and shoot out ended with a car thief dead and a k-9 officer heard it happened in sacramento and put a neighborhood on lockdown derek shore with more. been here for 15 years neighbors in sacramento as land park and there but never want to see this again a suspect shot dead and a dedicated police dog gravely wounded. the dog bodie may have saved the officer's life that's what teams all over the place police say it started when police tried to pull over a stolen vehicle and 24th street and broadway but the suspect
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would flee starting a high-speed chase officers call about the pursuit when the suspect nearly hit some children and eventually they would catch up with the abandoned car along with the driver and a female passenger running away. she was over here on riverside boulevard the woman was taken into custody but the driver popped into a backyard and that is when he shot the k-9 officer named bodhi in the face and park, forcing the dogs and learned to shoot and kill the suspect when something like this happens even though it is a dog is part of our police family bochy was rushed to a veterinary hospital and underwent surgery officers descended on hospital calling the dog a hero on a long road to recovery if he was not there but it would of been another officer and would of been that officer entering the backyard and shot
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veterinarians say the prognosis is good but not sure when he'll be released. pg&e offers customers to a scant they say is crossing the country, it scans clams president obama offering a credit to help people pay their bill is either done in person or via social media in some cases customers are asked for their social security number pg&e says it does not ask for personal or banking information over the phone. police to not suspect foul play after finding a man's body in a soft bear river. volunteers cleaning up the guadalupe river near the h-p pavilion on the man at 1030 this morning police not saying much except that appears to be in his fifties. volunteers were picking up trash in waterways as part of national river cleanup day. anne mackovic met up with the crew in the east bay.
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crazy there's so much trash out here that is why this will in no one was named a trash hot spot by save the day. dozens of volunteers gathered along martin luther king jr. shoreline to pick up in everything from food wrappers to cigarette butts why would a somebody just toss them out there is a trash can here for a reason we're constantly finding trash hotspots in the bay and clean them up in courage the community to participate and see the problems that plastics cause problems that cause from roadways and washes into drains and into the bay that now they're contributing to the solution and it is a dirty job. save the bay has volunteer opportunities year-round you can
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find out more on cbs s f dot com in oakland anne mackovic cbs 5 save the they told us they collected 40 bags of trash from game and so that is 400 lbs. of trash. a few weeks ago a potential spot of contention now it appears to be over, the new life for a chinese dissident who arrived on american soil. a domestic terror plot foiled who police say three suspects were targeting in chicago. can golfers and frogs get along in pacific up golfers say yes front advocates say no but the court has the last word there's plenty of sunshine out there that work for tomorrow as well and in something that is what happened in the u.s. for 17 years happens tomor,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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chinese dissident is spending his first night in new
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york city, after a month of tense diplomatic negotiations he left china and landed in united states hours ago. with the help of a translator he think the american government and others to bring him over the state department work with chinese authorities to get him the visa. we welcome this development and the fact he will pursue a course of study in united states he will live and study law at unique new york university. activist in chicago are in jail after plotting domestic terrorism at the upcoming nato summit the three men arrested wednesday charged with making molotov cocktails to firebombed police stations president obama's campaign headquarters and mayor rahm emanuel house. nato's protest against the nato summit have been noisy but peaceful it is the war machine of
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the 1% we're in chicago saying that neda should be disbanded nearly 50 world leaders attending a conference are focusing on winding down of the war in iraq protesters say money should be spent at home. on one side the activists and in the middle of the frogs like two sides who say they want the same thing cannot seem to agree. a gorgeous day in the bay area brian hackney up next,,,,,,,,,,,
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free tests in san francisco as part of first-ever national hepatitis testing day, where the 5 million americans estimated that hepatitis b or c with the majority not aware. the viruses can lead to liver problems including cancers. the bay area has the highest rate of liver cancer in the country. it battle between environmentalists and golfers in pacifica on hold both sides would for a court to decide the case, at issue whether endangered frog can coexist on a public golf course. don knapp met with environmentalist today the stakes are high in this
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long and hard-fought battle golfers say the future of the 80 year-old golf course is on the outcome and environmentalists are battling for the survival of the nearly extinct frog. just over the line from the golf course endangered red legged frogs appeared to be thriving. we spotted about half a dozen why would a environmentalists want to shut down the course and replace it with a national park. we have the robust recovery effort to grow the fraud and hot next door to the park and they get killed if that continues to undermine the recovery operation chisholm it is what folks do to maintain the golf course that kills frog like cutting grass is a it washes away and eggs. bullfrogs and golfers can coexist one of the things it is a
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little in this course that has a wide diversity of people all walks of life we care about it and we care about the animals from the foxes to the keys to the frogs with your the course of the frogs and nice besides the golf course this serves about 18,000 rounds per year at affordable rates. weekend approve affordable galt by closing the golf course and still have enough money left over to subsidize residential rates for all bay area golfers both sides battled the debate plays out in san francisco federal court. front supporters won a key decision this year but the judge was for hard signs from the u.s. fish and wildlife service. golfers believe the get a decision that lets both coexist this is the little course
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that could and we have a strong showing is how many people love this place we don't want it to go away once the u.s. fish and wildlife service determines the population of the frogs they will decide if golfers and frogs can get along the nation's oldest and largest african american rights group says it supports same sex marriage. the naacp writes that civil marriage is a civil rights and a matter of civil law. the move in response to president obama's announcement that he supports gay marriage. black religious leaders oppose same-sex unions the naacp is busily noted its board civil marriage that respects religious freedom. in time for our remote birthday a plaque honoring the murdered san francisco supervisor was installed at the castro station
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entrance. he was the city's first openly gay official and would have been 82 tomorrow it was stolen last october pg don't need money for the replacement lack meteorologist brian hackney joins us peering and it is taking place in the sky carrying look at it on television, where talking about the so reckless tomorrow. numbers in the bay area 60s on the shoreline to low 80's inland and look toward the golden gate bridge we have mostly clear skies and some haze in concord 8 degrees, as set those 62, san jose 73 degrees. expecting mostly sunny and some clouds along the shoreline tonight. the first did solar eclipses
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more than 17 years in the u.s., it happens tonight at 6:33 p.m. right when our newscast starts will have live coverage so tune in is young go out and look at it yourself. it will be happening at 633, that is maximum eclipse when 84 percent the sun is covered by the disk of the moon. weather will be dicey along the shoreline high-pressure should keep in areas nice and sunny but along the coast potential for fog forming. at about the time of the club's eighth finger of fog muezzin, i would not go to the coast if you want a sure bet a seeing the a clips. mostly sunny skies and temperatures in the 60s along the coast to mid-seventies inland, plenty of sound we have son all the way padilla cool us down next week and now sports
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the a's may want to petition the lead to use their designated hitter at at&t park another come-from-behind and,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the bay bridge series one- sided in the last three years on the san francisco side. the a's lost 11 straight at at&t park it was fedora hat de at the
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part. he hits a low liner to left cabrera races in to make the catch the giants had opportunity to score against tyson ross. grounding into four double plays. he had his best part of the year give up one hit in seven shutout innings. he has allowed three earned runs this month during his wares to bunt and gets hit by pitch, the a's argue the ball hit the bat and they may be right. he remains in the game and comes around to score after a ground rule double by buster posies. the giants beat the a's 4-0. ncaa softball regional louisiana lafayette hit grand slams and beat stanford 9-3, the cardinals played better in an elimination game.
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cal was forced into an elimination game tonight. another come from behind to catch bodie meister and win the kentucky derby the same script unfolded at the preakness. i'll have another makes his move at the outside one furlong to run bodie meister in friend, i'll have another de area down ion a it is bodie meister and i'll have another in a dramatic preakness it becomes at the wire i'll have another pohjola runs done bodie meister to win the preakness the triple crown on the line at belmont park in three weeks i'll have another as a chance to be horse racing's first triple crown winner since affirmed in 1978. nhl playoffs rangers goalie had 36 saves and recorded his second shot out this played out like
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c'mon scoreless through two periods and the rangers will three goals in the third and beat the devils to take a 2-1 series lead. the byron nelson a championship jason dufner 6 the birdie to move to the top of the leader board he has a one-shot lead. nba playoffs san antonio coach not thrilled with this team in the first half chris paul with the log. the clippers open up a 24 point lead in second quarter, but the spurs went on a 24-0 run to take control san antonio leads the clippers 96-86. the go for this week tomorrow. in game 4 between lakers and thunder is denied cat that stable center. last not the lakers were 41 of
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42 from the free-throw line and on to win game 3. l.a. can even the series at 2 tonight. any in a the day game from kobe bryant. he was master briefly with his former teammate eric fisher. you guess of plight off and what has what was corn through your head? of the times replied one on one in the gym by ourselves no different i love him but he is in midget. the dennis allen area are underway in oakland they continue off-season workouts biggest change may be the defense going to a 3-for which means three defensive linemen with tommy kelly manning the metal. you get no freedom always going to get hit from the right side or less side or down the middle every play city got to
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have a mind friend of well, and the gold here and put my hat on as long as it got the mentality are you good crazy or bad crazy could crazy. crazy like a fox what is a bad chrysolite? ron artest. me meta world peace will appreciate that the atomic kelly and richard seymour can flip the switch on that as a for eyewitness news will see you at 11 news an,
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