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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 730am  CBS  May 20, 2012 7:30am-8:30am PDT

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>> the most colorful race around, happening right now. the 101st running of the bay to breakers. >> looking ahead to the presidential contest, a closer look at the youth vote and what they think about the candidates. >> it was a secret even to the guests, how mark zuckerberg shocked everyone by getting married. it is 730. thank you for joining us. >> we have a lot to cover in the next hour, we will be taking a look at both sides of the cigarette tax debate. and we will also be sitting
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down with a bay area state assemblyman who has an idea about a break for middle class kids going to college. he wants to help out on the finances and we will take a look at the state budget and more on facebook. first, the big news is the bay to breakers race, off and running in san francisco >> participants set off about 30 minutes ago from the starting line just south of market street. this is new video from the race, the serious runners are in the front of the pack but we all know better, thousands of other people are taking part as well wearing a variety of outlandish costumes. multiple street closures are in effect as people make their way through golden gate park to the
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finish line. organizers and police are hoping to avoid problems we have seen in years past, specifically drunk people using the lawn as makeshift bathrooms. >> president obama will be back in the bay area this week to raise more cash for his campaign. wednesday evening he will attend a dinner at philanthropist the goldman's home. later that night the president will also hold a fund-raising reception at the fox theater in redwood city. tickets for that are $250 and are almost sold out. on the republican side, house speaker john bainer will be on the peninsula as well. he will hold a fund-raiser at the home of a tech guru in woodside. tickets cost $1,000 to attend the general reception and $5,000 if you want your picture taken with the speaker which gives you an idea of the price range between the president and the
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speaker. in 2008, barack obama's quoted young voters very heavily and he was rewarded with a crucial demographic of 18-29 year-old who overwhelmingly voted for him >> he is now reaching out again to young voters as well as and lot of other different categories of people. a lot has changed since the last presidential campaign. >> as they head home for the summer the class of 2012 faces an uncertain future. for many it is filled with job searches and student loans >> it is scary, it is the abyss and i'm jumping into the deep and >> kevin who graduates from college this weekend says that this uncertainty will affect how he votes in the presidential election >> the economy will really be on the top of my list but social
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issues are up there >> he is one of the millenniums, 18-29 year-old son whose vote in 2008 helped the president take the white house >> there are 2 million more use voters than in 2000 for, i don't think that will happen again. some of the shine has certainly diminished from the president >> though a recent poll has a president with a sizable lead over mitt romney, some people think he can still be in trouble with the youth vote >> right now he is up about 17 points with you if voters but he is still only maxim out at 43%. >> he is not totally convinced >> is different than it was before. i was younger so i was a little bit easily influenced. >> president obama knows the youth vote is a poor constituency. mitt romney supporters are also
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pushing for the young group >> i want to graduate and not have to move back in with my parents. >> this time will vote for mitt romney >> he doesn't need a super packed campaign to convince him >> mitt romney possess the qualities and the experience both within business and politics >> to emphasize how creating new jobs is the number-one issue for new voters, millennium's say it is more important to them that health care or reducing the deficit. >> new this morning the libyan man responsible for killing 270 people in the 1988 lockerbie bombing has died this morning. relatives confirmed that 59 year-old has succumbed to prostate cancer. although convicted of bombing a pan am flight over stockton, scotland, he was released by the british on humanitarian grounds.
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he maintained all along that he was wrongly convicted. a strong earthquake shook northern italy causing buildings to collapse and killing at least four people. the earthquake struck before dawn local time and was centered about 20 mi. northwest of baloney. the structure cave in killing three people inside. >> pg&e crews have fixed a high- pressure gas line after a car slammed into a parking garage in san francisco. last night that car sheared off the gas meter and firefighters were not able to turn off the gas so pg&e came in and they were able to stop the leak. the driver was injured and we're not sure of his condition this morning. hundreds of marijuana plants. crews could hear large explosions and popping at the scene.
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investigators are looking into whether the growing was legal. a watchdog group is claiming a new underage drinking water is targeting the wrong people. this week's san jose lawmakers passed an ordinance finding homeowners for underage drinking on their property but critics say it does not focus on the real problem, the alcohol industry's aggressive marketing to teenagers. a high-profile group is throwing its support behind same-sex marriage. the naacp rope civil marriages a civil right in the matter of civil law. that move was in response to the president's announcement that he supports gay marriage. some black religious leaders have oppose same-sex unions. the naacp does not that it does support marriage but respects religious freedom. facebook founder of mark zuckerberg capped off one of the biggest weekends of his life by getting married >> yesterday the 20 year-old
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married priscilla chant in a small ceremony at his palo alto home. they met at harvard and have been dating for nine years. she graduated this week from uc san francisco medical school leading many guests to believe that there were actually leaving for a graduation party >> the young lady is very lucky >> he is very lucky, she is a doctor. >> there's probably no prenuptial then. >> about 90 guests attended the ceremony. the wedding ring which features a small ruby was designed by her new husband. is it posted on facebook? >> the budget crunch for california is worse than expected. the painful cuts and the debate in sacramento. first, a midwest twister caught on tape.
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it wrecked a windmill straight out of the ground. >> good morning. where looking for mostly sunny skies around the bay area with nice mild temperatures for a good long run ended bea,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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>> this week california budget woes on cbs this morning, governor brown chatted with charlie rose about the $16 billion deficit. we will have more on that coming up but first, the weather forecast today is looking absolutely lovely. >> let's begin with a big headline, a very deep partial solar eclipse is happening later today. is the deepest solar eclipse in the u.s. in 17 years and there will be maximum eclipse at 630
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3:00 p.m. tonight. we will cover it live on cbs five. do not look at it directly. you need to use eye protection or you can project it onto the ground but this is literally a blinding site so you want to be careful about using my protection. the sun through protective lands where will look like a crescent moon. it will be memorable and the deepest part is that 633 tonight. we will have pretty good conditions for it. high pressure will keep us mostly sunny, the potential for maybe a few clouds along the coast especially later in the day so if you want to be sure of seen the clips you need to get away from the coastline. here's a time lapse of the projection of what the date will look like, towards the evening began to get fog on the shoreline and into the bay so right out here, we will get some
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low clouds later in the evening. heading out tomorrow, sfo looks pretty good. a high of 64 for monday at sfo and if you're headed to l.a., sunshine and 81. chicago has a cold front pass through with partly cloudy skies. we are off to mostly sunny start, that is at least the forecast. mid-70s around the bay, the east bay warms up a little bit. 84 degrees at brentwood, 84 in livermore. a cooling trend will begin on monday and continue through the end of the week. on thursday and friday of low pressure comes out of the gulf of alaska and really cool is us down. in the meantime it looks like a pretty nice sunday. >> we're making some very
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drastic cuts in almost every area of state government so we're going to start living within our means, something that has not truly happened for 35 years >> that was the governor chatting with charlie rose about the state's $16 billion deficit. the governor says if voters don't approve his plan more cuts will likely be in the budget. that is a guarantee. from the governor's tax proposal to potential cuts to public schools to the increasing cost of attending state college, assemblyman bob accounts she joins us from fremont. thanks for coming in this morning. i understand you took the bart train and >> with the bay to breakers it was a challenge but i'm glad to be on the show >> you have proposed an idea i have been hearing more and more about, as tuition goes up in
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light of cuts, you want to start providing a financial break for the middle class, not the ones that have so little money that they need a scholarship or the ones that can really afford it, the people who are being squeezed in the middle >> the idea is to close one of the corporate tax loopholes and create a $1 billion fund and it first hand of $150 million to the community colleges right off the top and then look at tuition that students are paying and cut those by two-thirds so the typical student going to cost eight east bay or san francisco state, rather than pay $11,000 per year will pay $4,000 per year. the crushing debt that students are experiencing will be reduced somewhat in california >> what is the middle class? >> the speaker and the democrats to put together the proposal, we're starting at $150,000 per year. combined gross income is less
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than $150,000 you would be eligible for the tuition reduction, to start. obviously if we set it up and we realize that the number is too low or too high and we will play with that but at least that is a good starting place >> you're talking about closing the loophole on out-of-state corporations doing business in california and getting $1 billion out of it. that has to be popular in sacramento. is there resistance? >> it is well known to republican party does not want to make any tax changes but last year we actually voted in the assembly and got two republicans to vote with us so we eliminated it. it was not successful in the senate so now we are at it again >> will the governor go for it? >> said he would not only go for it but also finding the middle class scholarship fund >> this brings us to one of the paradoxes in sacramento. on one day we have the governor and lawmakers saying we have
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these various legislative budget constraints, we take tax money and designated for specific things, and and we don't have enough money to run the government. how'd you do something like this, how do go to the voters and ask for more money but i'm going to set aside more money for a new program? >> the importance of education for the students, we will be 1 million students short of what jobs and companies expected in 10 years. also, the rising costs. you and i paid much less than kids are paying now. i paid $261 per quarter so we need to reflect upon the inflation >> then how does that work out? it sounds good and it seems that people would want it but i have the governor saying, i need the money for the state and what is to keep him or some future governor from scooping this money up like everything else? >> we have seen the budget
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document now, we have affordable housing that we will use to offset, construction for courts, there is no guarantee. the promise has been that he will let this money go to the middle class scholarship. it is a good program because we invested our students and the education budget, unless the triggers go into effect, will be protected. we have priorities here in california about the students and more people will be coming in and maintaining, it will be the wage earners in the next generation >> it will be an interesting balancing act. we have a new program and i'm sure it has,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> a storm chaser captured this video of the twister reaching land yesterday northwest of kingman. you can see it ripping up a windmill and several light poles. there are several hundred so far, no reports of any injuries. i'm turning on my microphone. now we are ready to go. looking ahead to next month's election >> one of the measures getting
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the most attention is proposition 29. the measure calls for raising california cigarette tax by $1. the goal is to raise money for cancer research and reduce smoking. critics are blasting a measure calling it wasteful spending. david spade joins us now, the director of americans for prosperity in california. i suppose we would call you one of the evil ones in the bay area. >> let's start off with a softball! >> smoking is bad, why not add a dollar to it and have people stop smoking. what is wrong with that? >> nobody is opposed the idea of cancer research. taxpayers already spend billions of dollars from the national institute of health on cancer research. our problem with 29 is this another case with a special interest with a pet project. you have a ballot measure that
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is ultimately ballot box measuring. you give a slice of the tax to a group of nine unelected people to spend as they see fit on cancer research. it's a revolving fund that could be as much as $1 billion per year so we're giving control to an unelected group of nine people to spend this money every year. secondly, at a time when california is facing a $16 billion deficit, if we are going to take raise tax revenue should we be looking at things like cuts to the health care system or health and human services network of california it is estimated we have lost $4 billion in the last few years or the education or we have had $20 billion of cuts? >> your first point, the question about special interests, that is one of the main criticisms right now on people who are against 29 it is because the whole thing is funded by tobacco companies >> we're not represent tobacco companies, we represent the
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taxpayers. special interest and will receive funding on one side, opposition from tobacco companies and you have opposition from groups like ours representing taxpayers who don't think this is a very good idea because of the ballot box budgeting issue and prioritizing money that we do raise for taxes >> that is an interesting point because i know people that eat if you are against tobacco and the tax is appealing to them but they are concerned about where the money goes. you're saying that he would not necessarily be opposed to it if it went to general fund or health, what is it about the way they planned to use it that you don't think helps california? >> frankly it is about how the money is allocated and who controls the money. if we give control to nine unelected people with a revolving fund of that over the years will be billions of dollars, we think that is not the way that tax revenue should be spent. we have a legislature we have elected and the governor and
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they need the flexibility to spend that money on their priorities >> is in this better than nothing when we consider the people who pay the money, smokers, it will not be affecting a lot of people, why not just do it rather than have nothing? >> there is this idea of a user tax that we impose on people to change their behavior and if you play that out, what will be fined ultimately? we will find it sugar taxes, fast food taxes, unhealthy sexual behavior taxes to pay for fet research, you can go on and on of things that we can tax that are unhealthy but do we really want government to impose fines and try to control people's behavior taxes? >> though you said you're not unnecessarily against the >> i am against that. >> your problem is against where the money's going >> he is against the nanny state as well. one, the idea of tax, too, the
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idea of where the money's going and three, because you don't like the idea of controlling people's behavior >> one other point, as far as having problems with this, where the money can be spent. it can be spent out of the state of california. so if we tax almost $1 billion from the economy and send a portion of that out of state or even out of the country, the author of the bill said just this last week that yes, we wrote in a way that money can be spent outside the state or even outside the country >> that is the main argument we see being made in a lot of these ads >> it is an issue of tax matter how you feel about tobacco. >> coming up, the group that backs proposition 29 will be joining us. the bay to breakers coming up, thousands of racers taking off from the starting line this morning >> police and protesters clashed head of this morning's nato summit.
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>> welcome back. thousands of racers out for the bay to breakers. coming up, the runners who are going for records and the rest were going to party >> three men charged with making explosives to carry out
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terrorist attacks against president obama and other targets. the homeless concoction they claim they were making >> a major freeway closed for the memorial day weekend. the major repair projects that for the dumbarton bridge. welcome back to the early edition. good morning. >> we have all lot to talk about here in the next half hour including the other side of proposition 29 debate. we have a representative in support of that proposition coming up. >> the cigarette tax, should we increase it or not? we also sit down with mayor willie brown to talk about the effect of the facebook ipo and what is it actually having on the bay area as far as jobs. >> new this morning, runners flooding the race route in san francisco.
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it is the 101st running of the bay to breakers and that was the takeoff at about 7:00 this morning. the serious runners are in the front of the pack but thousands of others are taking part as well with some of them wearing highly creative costumes. multiple street closures are in effect as the runners make their way through the park to the finish line. >> is a great atmosphere race, more than just going out and running hard, we will run hard but there will be a party at the end >> we think san francisco is the place to have it. >> with the participants motivations' ranging from serious to wacky, so far there are no major issues to report should. president obama and the first lady of arrived in chicago overnight. before today's summit, police say both the president and
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chicago mate mayor of rahm emanuel were targeted by three activists were arrested and charged with domestic terrorism. >> as noisy protesters marched in chicago, some clashing with police, three members of a splinter group are in court facing charges of domestic terrorism. >> some of the proposed targets include the campaign headquarters of president barack obama, the home of mayor rahm emanuel and certain downtown financial institutions. >> be out of state trio, part of an anarchist group, was arrested on wednesday. police say they were making molotov cocktails to use during the summit. the men say they were making beer. >> they are shocked and very confused and frightened by the severity of these allegations >> protests have mainly been peaceful but watch as this man is pulled from the crowd interested.
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the have any sense people are planning violence? >> no. first of all i would like to say that property damage is not violence because you're not hurting anyone. but that is really not one of their tactics >> as protesters continued to march, the heads of state attending the nato conference started to arrive in chicago. the main focus for both sides of the next few days will be the war in afghanistan. world leaders are working on winding down the effort. protesters want that money spent at home >> it is the war machine of the 1% and we are here in chicago saying that nato should be disbanded. >> in a build up to the rally, they march to the home of mayor rahm emanuel. should you not be protesting at city hall? >> desperate times call for desperate measures >> with thousands of police officers on hand they plan on
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keeping in desperation within the lines of the law. >> this week there will be a special meeting to start the process to fill the seat vacated by former alameda county supervisor katia what year. the wife of the treasurer resigned last month in the wake of a scandal involving a former lover who she says us all to her. the board of supervisors will choose three finalists of those who have so far submitted interviews and they begin interviewing those finalists for her final seat. a memorial weekend bridge closure, keep it on your calendar. there could be some heavy traffic headaches. caltrans will shut down six lanes of the dumbarton bridge next weekend to agree place an expansion joint. it is set to begin friday night may 25th until 5:00 a.m. tuesday the 29th. pain students to actually
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dropped out of college? that can't be right. that is what one internet billionaire is doing as part of a daring inner, internship opportunity. >> morley safer takes a look at the plan >> peter is a billionaire venture capitalist who has been be seeking students to drop out of the university system's he says is broken. he puts his money where his mouth is and pays selected students $100,000 each to drop out and focus on ideas that will benefit themselves and the world at large. waiting for graduation, he says, is an expensive waste of time >> we have a bubble in education like we had in housing. everyone believed you had to have a house and they paid whatever it took an today everybody believes we need to go to college pay whatever it takes
8:06 am
>> he says the degree has little more than smog power >> there are all sorts of vocational careers that pay extremely well today so the average plumber makes it much as the average doctor >> he is both a professor and an entrepreneur and says that his money has clouded his thinking >> he has made some much money that he is out of touch with the real world. he doesn't meet common people and doesn't understand their needs and doesn't understand how much import education for the masses is. what i worry about is a message that is getting out there to america that it is ok to drop out of school, absolutely dead wrong >> you can watch the full story on the fellowship program tonight on 60 minutes. >> an historic piece of u.s.- built carry history will make its final voyage today and it
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starts right here in the bay area. the uss iowa will begin the journey to the port of richmond where will become a floating interactive museum. it was first launched in 1942. it is expected to pass under the golden gate bridge at 330 this afternoon. >> next month california voters are weighing in on the measure that would raise taxes on cigarette sales >> why supporters say the money will help find a cure for cancer >> it is a dirty job, why volunteers sifted through thick mud in one of the bay area's hottest tracks spot. >> we're looking for mostly sunny skies around the bay area with mild temperatures for a good long run. ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> an eye opening experience for zero young volunteers as they work to clean up one of oakland's trash hot spots.
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yesterday volunteers picked up everything from food wrappers to cigarette butts. the effort was coordinated by save the bay as part of a national river cleanup day. for many it was a dirty job but worth the effort >> crazy, there is some much trash out here. i feel kind of bad but i feel like i'm contributing to it >> the event organizers say a lot of the trash left on roadways gets washed into storm drains and then into the bay. >> we're getting off to a new start with a bright spring day around the bay area. >> skies will be clear with temperatures ranging from the upper 60s to the low 80s. downtown san francisco, here are the current temperatures. oakland, 57 degrees. temperatures will only go up.
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>> a very deep partial solar eclipse is happening later today, the deepest solar eclipse in the u.s. in 17 years and there will be maximum eclipse at 630 3:00 p.m. tonight. we will cover it live on cbs five. do not look at it directly. you need to use our protection or use the pinhole in the paper trick but it is literally a blinding sites and you want to be careful about using high protection. it will be a beautiful sight, the sun will look like a crescent moon almost. it will be memorable. the deepest part is that 633 tonight. we will have pretty good conditions for it around the bay area. potential for maybe a few
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clouds along the coast, especially later in the day. on the time lapse, the projection of what the date should look like today, notice is towards the evening that we begin to get fog. right out around here, we will get some low clouds later in the evening. heading out tomorrow, sfo looks pretty good. a high of 64 on monday for sfo. sunshine and 81 in l.a.. chicago has a cold front pass through with partly cloudy skies. we are off to mostly sunny start for the forecast. 64 in pacifica, mid-70s around the bay. the east bay warms up a little bit, low 80s in pittsburgh.
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the cooling trend will begin on monday and continue through the end of the week when thursday and friday of low pressure cools us down. there is even the hint of rain in the next six days but it is just a small chance. >> this just the end, we got a call from the people taking care of the uss iowa >> is supposed to go under the golden gate bridge this afternoon >> weather problems in southern california are preventing that from happening so we will keep you posted on the plans if you are planning on attending that because it might not be going on. california voters will decide on june 5th whether to increase cigarette taxes by $1 per pack. >> it would also raise roughly $800 million per year primarily for research on cancer and other smoking-related illnesses.
8:15 am
joining us now is proposition 29 supporter, and ray, we just had an anti 29 person here in the last half-hour, the biggest argument against it was the idea of where the money is going. what is your response? >> that is a flat out misrepresentation of the facts. if you read the documents, on page 2 it says clearly that the research, the efficacy, the public education will happen right here in california. >> didn't don perata to help put together the campaign say that it could go out and there was no boundary on where to go? >> they're following national institutes of health protocols which say that yes, it should go to the most meritorious place, but, the panel that will control the funds is made up of chancellors of university of california schools and clearly,
8:16 am
the intent of the measure is to make sure that all that money stays here and those chancellors and organizations like mine, the american heart association, will make very sure that it stays here >> it could go out of state? >> possibly >> the other purpose is to try to stop people from smoking and you have thrown out statistics that would stop some 200,000 people from smoking. where do you get those numbers? it is conjecture >> no he isn't. in national study was just completed tracking the relationship of the cost of smoking in the prevalence of smoking and the figures are absolutely irrefutable. if you raise the cost of smoking and consumption goes down particularly among kids. that is not hard to reason. kids want videogames and expensive shoes. when the price of smoking goes up they stop and think they
8:17 am
really want to spend their money on cigarettes or things that want >> i speak to people on the street all the time and a lot of them are in support of the idea of a sin tax, raising the price of cigarettes would reduce smoking, a fundamental question they have is, why did the money go for treatment of people who have smoking problems? to help offset the rising health-care costs as opposed to research? >> we think that research will help us find a cure for many of the diseases that smokers suffer from. our hospitals are full of them now and it costs the california healthcare system over $500 billion per year to take care of those people >> but you concur your smoking by people stopping smoking. that is how we can hear people from getting smoking-related diseases. the question becomes is this creating a fund for
8:18 am
organizations like the cancer society and such for them to use stem cell research, in other words, it is research money for you in a time when the state could be using that for prevention or treatment people who already have smoking problems? >> none of the research money goes to the american heart association, a cancer society or any other supporters of proposition 29. it goes to university researchers for scientists and doctors. secondly, you can treat the disease all you want but if you don't find a way to stop it before it starts, you are doomed to spend billions and billions of dollars into eternity treating and helping people who are already sick and many of whom will die regardless of the treatment >> i would say we have seen more ads on the anti proposition 29 campaign. we see a lot of money being poured in, does it concern you?
8:19 am
>> absolutely. the money we have been able to come up with has been $4 million which is not small but the tobacco industry has already spent $40 million on this and by the time is over their expenditures will probably be between 80-100 million so we are outgunned by a huge margin. ,, ,,,,
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>> another status update heard around the world >> on his facebook page friday, mark zuckerberg posted a listing company on nasdaq. with a flip of the switch, the company's headquarters, the social network did indeed go public. silicon valley giants saw facebook explode with the ipo
8:22 am
but at the same time they got word that facebook could be laying off people worldwide so in this boom and bust, how does it work? we turn to mayor willie brown and bryan cooley from cnet to ask them if the model really works? >> part of that happening is a change of a guard in technology. hewlett-packard is a tangible company. allot of it is services but a lot of hardware and we understand they are eight deep technology company. facebook is not a technology company, they are a market maker. they've created a market for connections. that is a very different kind of amorphous thing than what hewlett-packard does which is more stable and tangible >> effect on california's economy and society, hewlett- packard make something with a factory and apple makes something although they seem to be in china more than here, but these things are ideas and they
8:23 am
don't necessarily translate into long-term jobs and buildings of the older economy >> and we have not yet at the state or local level begun to understand fully how to structure in that possibility for budget purposes because we need some stability on predictability for revenue purposes and you cannot exactly do that when today it is $38 per share and tomorrow, it might be 17. >> what does that say about where we are heading? have we morphed from the idea of factories to cars to now idea factories were you sell ideas? >> another thing about the asset value moving in and out of california is when you build factories with major infrastructure you know they're there for awhile. look at all the facebook
8:24 am
millionaires, employees to within three or six months will be free to start selling their shares and take enormous gains and wonder what is next for them. brain drain and if the next lot is out of california they will take their money and perhaps even leave the state. very transportable. >> you notice that with the prospect of what hewlett-packard is about to do, there are no protests that somehow it will adversely affect where they will be. in the old days we would have been raising hell about what it would have done to the school district and small businesses. that is not the case in this new world >> coming up, one more look at today's top stories >> thousands of runners out there for the bay to
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>> here's a look at this morning's top stories >> the bay to breakers is happening right now in san francisco. elite runners leading the pack. thousands of people are heading to the great highway >> this morning the libyan convicted of killing 270 people in the 1988 lockerbie bombing has died. relatives have confirmed that he lost his battle with prostate cancer >> today president obama welcome leaders from eight countries to a summit in chicago expecting to discuss how to withdraw troops from afghanistan by 2015 >> ky senator mitch mcconnell and mark warner joined bob schieffer on face the nation >> that is coming up next in our news continues on to c.w. network. why thousands of commuters need
8:27 am
a new game plan for busy san francisco streets and a lot more going on, channel 44 cable 12 starting in just a couple of minutes. a live look now in downtown san francisco, a gorgeous morning, temperatures ranging from the upper 60s to the low 80s eat eventually today. most everywhere in the bay area is around the high fifties right now and we may see a cooling trend starting tomorrow >> a rare event in space today >> the moon is passing in front of a son creating a solar eclipse known as the ring of fire. it happens at 633 this evening but do not look at it with the naked guy. the best ways to watch our with a welder's lands or a pinhole viewer or you can watch it on television because we will be playing it live here on cbs 5 at 630 tonight.
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enjoy your lovely,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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