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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  May 20, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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a burning right now a fire expected an hour from now as the moon's lies between the earth and sun at this is what the clubs to it looks like now what you can expect to see in the next hour. centuries of history crumbled as italy rocked by a major earthquake the agony for a mother looking for son. it is not only are arrest for the wacky but for serious runners to the grand prize of the 101st data breakers good evening i'm and ann notorangelo. we began with breaking news one
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of the founding member of the bee gees disco group has died. ♪ robin it gives died today after a long battle with cancer the beach fees soared to a friend in the 1970 soundtrack of the movie " saturday night fever it was built around disco songs like staying alive. it became one of fastest selling selling albums of all time robyn gibbs was 62 years old. we're in the midst of celestial history. a solar eclipse begins now brian hackney with what you need to know. this is exciting, we are one of our and one minute for maximum solar eclipse with your sing behind me is where it began at sunrise in japan and southeast asia that's where the
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mood first began to cover up the sun, and that is exactly this is the disk of the moon consumed by the sun. it is monsoon season in asia, this is sunrise on the haitian coast but here the moon is just beginning to go but part of the sun. that is the view from sacramento. when i just showed you from japan is not going to happen here because for not quite in the direct alignment. we're going to have the son about 84% a call to buy the balloon in one hour from now, which showed to live. the moon continues to creep across the face of the sons. that is from oakland. you can see at the bottom of the picture the move is starting to
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take a bite out of the son it progresses over the next 60 minutes until maximum partial solar eclipses at 60 3:00 p.m. i must hurry it is fun and exciting and a great learning opportunity to do not look at the sun with the naked eye. you need something like this on the end of your telescope solar filter, you can also get a slide you can look safely at the sun did not look directly at the sun. updates throughout the newscast. anti-war activists in berkeley show their support for their allies in chicago protesting outside nato meetings. the occupy nader protest again this morning with the unfurling of giant banners over interstate 80 the call for peace across the world. world leaders met by protesters for the second straight died at
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the nato summit in chicago karen brown with more. thousands of anti-war protesters marched in the streets of chicago, to the convention center where world leaders open the two day nato summit president obama says the focus on winding down the war in afghanistan leaders pledged to shift security responsibility to afghan forces a year earlier than expected but that forces will remain through 2014. after meeting with afghan president hamas' karzeid obama it makes the transition will be challenging the loss of life continues in afghanistan there will be hard days ahead france's new president pledged to bring his troops on this year but leaders say that does not affect the mission there is a rush for the exits we are committed to our operation in afghanistan and see
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it through the war increasingly unpopular with protesters calling for nato to be disbanded they are the machinery for death and destruction thousands of officers preparing for months to handle security for the summit. their goal is to facilitate peaceful protest but to make arrests for criminal activity. police say the protest is relatively peaceful but officers in riot gear did clash with the small group at the end of sunday's march police arrested several people and drag him away in handcuffs. karen brown cbs news chicago a contra costa county supervisor lost her battle with ovarian cancer. she served 16 years on the board of supervisors and spent 19 years on the lafayette city council. she had planned to retire from
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public service at the end of the year she was 73. six people are dead and historic buildings damaged one of the strongest earthquake to hit northern italy. the epicenter about hours drive north of bologna. thousands are still nervous in the aftermath smoke and fire rose from the ruins and italy after a powerful earthquake shook towns in the region this cellphone video captures the aftermath of the quake the strongest in italy in three years. this woman says everything upside down in my house we have not gone back again. the quake hit north of bologna and tore apart house's historic churches and a castle. this woman says she got word winter sun did not come home after his night shift at a factory damage to the quake she says i kept telling myself he would show what but nikolai is
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dead. aftershocks and people running from their homes chisholm the historic center of the town closed off the streets remain open are deserted, residents in this and other towns have been told not to sleep and homes tonight. among the dead at 106 year-old woman killed in a country side home when the roof caved in, the quake left a huge home in the side of the town hall authorities are worried the entire building the collapse. rescue workers went house to house checking reports that people buried under rubble. in rome pope benedict threat for the victims. the italian government says it will declare a state of emergency to free funds for reconstruction and. it patriotic tribute for the
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battleship of presidents that did not happen the uss iowa has not made its way under the golden gate bridge much to the disappointment to those gathered to see it. the one on first running of the bay to breakers how well did pe,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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is survived three major conflicts but whether on the west coast throws a speed bump in the u.s. as i was final journey. it was due to leave from richmond today and to be towed to los angeles as storm approaching the west coast makes organizers nervous about going in the open ocean they delayed the departure and kutcher when it will leave. when it does arrive los angeles it will be turned into a naval museum. if you're trying to drive around san francisco you may have gone further on foot. anne mackovic with the runners who brought san francisco to a standstill. the annual bay to breakers race.
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more than 50,000 people came out for a 101st running of the day to breakers from serious runners, it all started at 7:00 a.m. at the embarcadero leaving to a 7.4 mi. course from the city to the ocean people throwing tortillas and mobile parties along the way. his can of the spectacle race at times breaking news banned the people doing it anyway but officers met a handful of arrest. after the crazy jump across the city erasers and that at the finish line at ocean beach. and it feels good and awesome we made it as tradition plenty of people who arrived at the
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finish line in the buff. it is comfortable and fund most comments are positive in the celebration continued all over san francisco and it was a party vibe people live on the restaurant people say it was relatively mild. not as much garbage not a lot of alcohol i think was nice and experience for all involved. this is quite a spectacle something to have to do in san francisco anne mackovic cbs 5. the fastest woman runner was from ethiopia she was last year's second and placed women she completed the race in just over 39 minutes. the fastest man was from kenya he finished under 35 minutes. a week after started in the bay
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area is the world's top cyclist finish the tour of california in los angeles. they paddled through santa rosa and livermore and stages 12 and 3 and up next is the tour de france starting in one month. will have more on the race later in sports. california bucks the trend when it comes to gas prices and not in a good way. gas prices are rising when falling everywhere else in the country. we can predict the solar eclipses, the weather not so bad more low clouds coming to the shoreline tonight and cooler times ahead, details and pr [ male announcer ] what if we told you the 100% electric nissan leaf was the perfect car for you... that you can charge it at home like your smartphone... that you'll never have to buy another tank of gas? [ brian ] really looking forward to not having to put 75 bucks in the tank twice a week
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the price of gas down across the nation but you and i know that in the bay area, the average price dropped 6¢ nationwide, to the $3.78, in california the price of the pump has jumped 16¢ to $4.33 a gallon. we pay more than that in the bay area an average price of $4.38 a gallon. a shortage of gas at refineries is the reason for the price disparity. a lot of people driving in convertibles today, hopefully they pulled over before looking at the clips the royal industry has more
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excuses than the weatherman. the shadow of the moon races across the pacific it started at sunrise in southeast asia it will now display and unfold over the bay area live in sacramento you can see a bite of the sun's disk taken out by the moon, a maximum total eclipsed in 45 minutes and 28 seconds of the bay area, 84 percent of the sunday collected by the moon. all of it for you live at 633. be careful with the eyes sight. you cannot look at it with the naked eye. numbers around the bay area mostly clear skies 85 degrees at concord 65 at oakland san francisco 63, with the club's tonight it happens now and a quarter after five and last until 7:40 p.m. the maximum deepest partial eclipse at 6:33
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p.m. tonight, low pressure off shore and ushers and low clouds the high pressure in their offshore we get a change in the sea breeze. it blows from west to east, which get low clouds in charlotte tomorrow and into the bay, everyone gets sunshine tomorrow afternoon. tonight expect clouds on the shoreline and chilly for rest of the bay area and inland areas. the low pressure is spinning out in the pacific classic summertime pattern the low pressure tactics and not shot of a high-pressure strong enough to begin a cooling trend tomorrow. the temperatures came up about five or 10 degrees today. on future cast watch the low clouds after midnight along the shoreline they hug the peninsula, and parts of marin and sonoma coast and we get
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sunshine breaking out in the afternoon. expect clouds at the coast early and sunshine and the highs will bring down about five and 10 degrees. fog and low clouds in morning gives way to sun and afternoon of a week and a cooling trend. livermore in the mid-60s by the end of the week. the test good luck cool for thursday friday saturday. an update on the clips and about 10 seconds. be patient giants look to make an even dozen could they do it the have dominance over the a's, and tim lincecum has been dominant in his career can complete the sweep this play at
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the a's placed opening act space starter brian mccarthy on the disabled list. he joins three others on the disabled list. not good news for temblador for their first win in san francisco since 2008. brian wilson garden all day, check out aligned and to get the free and home during giants up
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run, melky cabrera gets his second of four hits on the day. lincecum throwing zeros until the fourth. caloga loops one and a run scores they went home another run and the game is tied at 2. buster posies and cannot find a wild pitch and caloga else scores he would finish the inning but lincecum was done after 4. giants had a chance with bases loaded in the theft but brandon bell did not get the back of his shoulders. he gets his team leading home run of the season and the a's win today. chisholm of astronomy to give a
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pitch instead of just trusting my pitching. i can miss all flee if you inches if i trust the movement and not being to find within and trust in it, i keep going back to that he seems to have one bad inning. top-ranked cal leads arkansas 3- 0 in the second, the bears need to beat the razorbacks tries to advance to super regional. a crowd of 3000 at louisiana lafayette be stanford and eliminate the cardinals 6-to the final. louisiana moves to the super regional. for the nba playoffs at the heat on the ropes at a loss and their return to miami down 3-1. the pacers showed no signs of backing down.
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the brazilian blur beach the buzzers to put in the up buy eight. miami took over in the third lebron and hauling away scored 28 points we finished with 30 and lebron with 40 and 18 rebounds, the heat winds 1 01-93 the series even at two. at the staple center since thursday night wraping up six playoff games in four days clippers and lakers and the kings in stanley cup playoffs. the pickings are one win away from their second ever trip to the finals but phoenix course twice the coyote's win game 4, 2-0. in case not enough going on in l.a. the tour of california wrapped up outside stable center the rider from the netherlands took the overall lead and would not given up at the finish he wins the sprint
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and his fifth and wednesday toward by 46 seconds over american david said risky. this earthquake stark called up to the u.s. national team and will play in world cup qualifiers. at the byron nelson championship j.j. henry on the par-3, it goes with a wedge from 153 yds, he began one shot of the lead this puts him on top roles in four: one. the but a double bogey on 17 custom the wind, he won back in '94 and the leader after this only jason dufner can be some of these things for birdie.
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dufner wins for the second time in a month and i have to say he might be a u.s. open favorite the come here in three weeks to the olympic club. on game day for niner safety joins us and a year ago he lost the lead at the indianapolis 500, the driver from lafayette and he has handled this with such grace, he answered the question it will follow him the rest of his career he had the 501 he joins us tonight. at 630 we'll show you the progress of the solar eclipses the this is what it looks like right now the moon should be almost directly in front of the sun. look at the controversial political ads of the 2012 campaign season. those stories and more at 630
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stay tuned for the clips goodnight. ,,,,,,,,,,
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