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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  June 14, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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we begin with some breaking news. bart server service from oakland to a severed cisco the fire was on a building that was under construction to be a senior center. the bart tracks were affected by the high levels of feed to after that fire. our workers are trying to assess the damage. the bottom line, if you're trying to take part from the east bay to san francisco, it is that happening right now. and it could be the case for several more days. huge waves shooting up over this
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area. we had people calling from the area's highways as this four story structure, which was mainly the shell of the building, was on fire. construction vehicles and several other shoves for damaged as well. we spoke to a spokesmen about when this may be remedied and he said that it may be several days. will you can't imagine that there are electrical equipment that damage to ralph. in a time in the of that comes in contact with fire there is the potential. it sounds like the radiant
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heat from this fire was significant. traffic wise, it has been closed down and west oakland. it will continue to be in what the hour. we will keep you posted as they're able to assess the damage throughout the morning. they've had some issue getting up there because of the electricity in the area because the power lines burned down and fell down onto the tracks. several issues going, we will keep you posted throughout the morning. this will have a huge impact on the morning commute today. and hazmat
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the bay bridge is going to see a lot of cars. expect to see delays. this is that the toll plaza, so far things are nice the lights. it's gonna be one of the worst areas because and this allows oakland starter before you go into a services group. it's essentially shutting down trans bay tube to and from the city. all those people are going to it have to use the road. you can use the other bar lines in the east bay, but obviously, expect delays.
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cal trayvon, muni reporting no delays. another good alternate is the cemetery ridge. it is moving by my out of hayward. mccain stream comes true. he has his first perfect game in his history of the f.i.a. tries. matt cames name will pop up social media, a lunch talk and everywhere. it was a memorable nights as sports history was made. on the ground, from deep
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third, the bottom! that's a perfect game! that came broke records left and right. shutting out astros 10 to nothing. growling at the sold-out crowd. go giants! i love matier, and he is the best. waited goh matier! the 27 year-old broke his own record of 12 strikeouts to a whopping 14.
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don't forget the diving catch from long ago. agreed by here, we'll be waking up to a wonderful morning at at&t ball park. dennis o'donnell has more on the close game reaction. the morning show from at&t park. what and historic night last night. i asked him once the come this on d-day who scored to prepare for game first? cane.
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brendan bell hit his second home run, three to nothing. the giants had 15 hits last night. chris matter hits one that look line it was heading for oakland but cabrera caught it. they love it, but loves this more. schaefer hits one, catches the end saves the perfect game by a long ago. on the ground, from deep third got him! that's a perfect game! that was something that were
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obviously never going to forget. it was, it was unbelievable from the beginning. the guys did a great job. it made in a way, kind of relaxing for me. that's what a lot of the guy's been sang, i just want to be here. i pray and try to do one i need is it different type of nervousness and the world series or playoffs. matt came throws the first perfect game.
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betsy michelle. the u.s. open golf tournament begins today. bob watson and tiger woods and phil wall play together. to make it tough for the coffers there at the u.s. open. like myself. folks around the bay area today, we will see a lot of sunshine. if your heading out the door, just a few patches of fog. clouds out toward the coast line if you're planning to head out to the golf tournament there. temperatures are around the 50s
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across the board. you may see some windy conditions lay in the day. some mid '80s in the warmest and linh valleys. mohammed and his wife returned to their car at the hotel to find a window smashed and a lot of items stolen. the items include two suitcases with his tuxedo and her wedding dress as well as cameras were there maris were stored. police believed but the car may have been targeted because of the words " just married vote written on their vehicle.
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phil luna was arrested at a part of a sting operation. luna faces several charges including the sexual battery of a victim under 12. a judge signed an arrest warrant for crest, charging him with manslaughter back in march. witnesses say he was speeding when he slammed into a 71 year- old who was in a crosswalk. police say he may have read a red light. in an update on,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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if your bar rider and you're planning to use the train to give from east bay into san francisco, you're going to have to find any other way around. it is because of this fire that has done some damage to the tracks the bart states some.
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i & your trying to set up a bus bridge in place for some of those commuters right now we are running are service from the bart, bar rider should go to 20 of st. bart. those part tickets will be honored and we will take them. we're hoping to accommodate a few of the writers. are there going to be any ac transit routes? obviously we will have to agree route some of our local service for now around the fire. we're only routing one bus line and that would be the 800 line eastbound.
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if the other street remains close, then we will have to do some rerouting not on the area. they should head to a macarthur or 19th street station and head. clarence johnson live with us from ac transit. the fire you are looking at, it is alex. the fire is no longer the concern the concern is how low the impact has affected bart. bart is telling us that they are assessing the damage to the tracks. apparently, this could take days to ethics. you can still get a round from
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pittsburg they point to dublin or you can use the peninsula out toward the s f o. the barge service although is shut down to san francisco. we have several major events in san francisco happening in the city as well prepare. expect extra delays there. right now traffic along the minutes.
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the temperatures inside the bay toward the '70s. next couple of days we are going to see the heat cranky that. nine based will return to the bay area most likely. you could see some pop-up thunderstorms in lake tahoe. the temperatures are looking good bets 77 degrees.
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today you still going to see some power to fog are toward the beaches. it will be stubborn to break up there. temperatures not going to be too bad, right now average for this time of year. 76 in santa clara. 71 degrees in a word. in the warmest lot, at about 85 in brentwood. 85 in pleasanton and prayed it is about 66 m breezy and services group this afternoon. we will really see those offshore winds kick up saturday and sunday parad. apple series may be a
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multiple play you into the direction in your car. she may be coming to karst very soon. that was an announcement at the apple developers conference. menlo park faced based facebook maybe getting more money. it is 520 right now. danger at yosemite that's forcing parts of the national park to close. and we are continuing to evolve as breaking news out of oakland, a building fire now ought of control but still impacting
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, good morning.
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our printing mass-transit news as far as service has been shut down and both directions in oakland near sentences go. as far as alternates go, your bay bridge is the best bets. traffic is free-flowing. ac transit are setting up bus
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service between the 19th and macarthur's street's pre. the big warmup on the way, we will talk more about that coming up. a recall for more than 35 lbs. of stuffed chicken from trader joe's. trader joe's apple staff chicken is mislabeled and may cause food allergies. yosemite national park is closing cabins and do to a fallen rocks. the study began in 2008 after
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thousands of rockets rained on cavan's in curry village. this year 18 cabins will close. and the helicopter help us but we are well over a million dollars at this point in our budget. are you going to end up in it hold? it's a chance, yap. blimpa massive fire in oakland causing major problems for the morning commute coul
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plus the latest on building construction, and whole city block up in flames. and a historic moment at at&t ball park last night. details coming up. details coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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at progressive, you can bundle your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at in massive fire in oakland and shut it down parts and ac transit. we have a team on the impact on your morning commute. frank is on an assignment at the
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u.s. open, we will check on him below bit later. chopper five is over the fire damage in west oakland. you could see that the smoke is still going. the three alarm fire burned down a apartment that was under construction. part service making it frustrating for a lot of commuters there. this is going to be frustrating for morning commuters. luckily no one was injured. here are the bart tracks, very close to the thought there. there was some damage done to the trucks by the radiant heat. commuters will not be able to it
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reaches san francisco bay due to the spiri. the fire caused a lot of heat to which may have done some damage to the tracks. it is still under assessment right now. 4 and five construction vehicles burn as well as toolsheds. the real story right now, the 50,000 people who use bart on a typical did will have to find a another way across the bay. if they use bart to cross the bit, they will have to find a different way. we cannot get between west
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oakland and the embarcadero station. this was the view from the north bound nimitz from jack london square. you see the flames and smoke pouring out of the building. it is now reduced to cinderblocks. let's go over to elisabeth the bar going to be needing a lot of advice this morning. what conditions from the toll plazas. you could to the fast track claims are getting by ok. the stock about other alternates. ac transit are doing their best to help the situation.
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they're setting up some bus stations at the 19th street and macarthur parade the ac transit buses are waiting for you it's the use the bart the alameda ferry, and the delay there. this bart issue, this is going to be a big issue for this morning's commute to and possibly days. again, no service between oakland and severances scope. but the other lines running in the east bay, those are not impacted. you could also commute from the peninsula down toward the s f o. it is just the oakland to the san francisco.
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everything is still in the green, right now traffic is moving a kid across the bay bridge. we expect a pretty big backup later this morning you to get the very latest on this at our website at cbs the sun is just about going to come up. it looks like a warm temperatures are the temperatures running mainly in the '50s all around the bay area. as we look toward the afternoon, a little on the breezy side. you are looking mid-60's into san francisco. some mid '80s in the warmer spots at inlands.
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sampras's go giants fans are overjoyed by their new pitching hero. kate is in san francisco where it met came put a perfect game in the books. that's right machel and i'm sure it's going to be the top of the day. the san francisco giants made sports history at at&t ball park. take a look. on the ground, from deep third, caught him! that's a perfect game! this was the 22nd birthday game in major league history, the thick this season. for giants fans, this will be the top of the season.
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i came from israel to see this game. it was amazing, unbelievable. mad king deserved it. mccain has gone through a lot and he deserves it and i will go home crying like a little girl. it is history we all sought to month. i'm sure a lot of people waking up with those same exact words, amazing. a lot of people held their tongues because you don't want to let the jinks said. the kincaid. dennis all dawn of has more on the post-game reaction and the
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two catches the save mccain's perfect game. what a historic night, last night. i had to mince the come on game day, i asked him this question his could have a no-hitter first you are carrying? king. three to nothing, the giants had 15 his last night. 10 to nothing, san francisco in the sixth. chris snyder hits one that looked like it was headed for oakland but cabrera catches it. he loved it but loves this more. jordan schaefer it hit one into a triples alley and blocked zero makes a great catch.
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preserving the perfect game. the giants won the game against the astros to into nothing. the per cent per the game. that was something that i'm obviously, and never ever going to forget. it was, it was unbelievable from the beginning. the guys did a great job being able to make a in a way, relaxing for me. that's what a lot of the guys have been saying. i just want to be here and i tried to do what i do every single day. i was as nervous as i've
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ever been on a baseball field. it is a different type of nervousness and the world series or the playoffs. mackay and throws the first prep the game for the giants organize stations. there are two groups of offers that are going to have some following. although watson, a film nicholson and tiger woods will golf together. other groups will consist of the other golfers ranked first, second and third in the world. in other one newsdesk man who
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hit back in march and witnesses say he was speeding when he slammed into soon she who was in a crosswalk prepare there allegedly killed her pimp. the probably chucked him to north hollywood prepare the of lupe marcato faced a judge. questions raised about the new bay bridge, how caltrans no
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plans to improve for drivers. and new allegations against lance armstrong. and call youwe will have more oy latest from elizabeth wenger who discover british columbia. visit:
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a four story apartment in you can see the flames there on the left of your screen. that is now under control. a live picture on the right of your screen and you can see the smoke still in the area but the big story is that these flames have caused potential damage to the bart tracks in that area. investigators are still assessing the damage and this could shut down the service from oakland to san fransisco 4 hours right now. the damage investigation may keep the service closed for a few hours. for more on how the fire is affecting passengers let's get to patrick live at the 19th street station where a lot of people are probably going to be heading there to catch the bus. >> people are showing up here confused and bewildered because they're used to catching bart every morning in what they have down there is no service. the fire was so close to the tracks that of course it delayed service and it was no service
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from oakland to six francisco. so ac transit has organized a fleet of buses and it will get as many people on them as they can. people are just kind of showing up in figuring it out and waiting. but you could take an alternate route, find it. that is what is going on in downtown oakland. >> we're going to throw it over to elizabeth who has been tracking the roadways and obviously this will be a big headache for morning commuters? >> not just bart but drivers. so this is a live look right now at the beit bridge toll plaza. maybe a little bit more busy than what we usually see. the have not turned to me during lights on. fast-track wayne's getting by ok but cash wins are backing up beyond the west over crossing. we have learned better news, it may just be ours, not days as we originally heard from bart
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because of the service between oakland san fransisco could be shut down. so we're hearing now this may just be impacting this morning's commute. we still don't know for sure, they're still assessing the damage to the tracks but that is hopefully a good sign that they can get the situation resolved earlier than had hoped. here are some alternates, ac transit bus service as patrick just mentioned. they're helping set up boss bridges. you can head to 19th street or the mcarthur bart station, that is where you'll see a fleet of buses ready to take you, you can hop on one of those and no buses will take you across the bay bridge into san francisco if you do typically use bart. muni is on time and caltrans and the alameda ferry is another good option for getting into the city this morning. elsewhere let's talk about art. other lines except for those lines between oakland and san francisco, expect to see delays but you could still use bart so if you are commuting between some of these east bay lines,
5:48 am
for example between the dublin and pleasanton line out to pittsburgh day, you can use that service, you can also go between richmond and fremont. it is just this area right here near the west oakland bart station that has been impacted. you can get between millbrae and the peninsula. we know that a lot of people are trying to get into the city today. we have a giants game and a the u.s. open. find other alternates but you can commute and the area. we will be following this much more throughout the morning, hopefully not the coming days but in the meantime let's check your forecast with lawrence karnow. >> we've seen some more patchy fog along the coastline. a few patches of stuck inside of the day but otherwise we're looking at mostly clear in spots inland. temperatures holding in the '50s. by the afternoon expects mid 80s on the warm and inland. temperatures in the bay a little breezy this afternoon.
5:49 am
seventies into oakland and san jose and out to the coastlines and patchy fog and temperatures in the fifties and low 60s. some hot weather in the interior parts of the state. 93 degrees in sacramento and 96 in fresno. high country looking like decent weather but there's a chance of some pop-up thunderstorms by the afternoon. it looks like things will be shifting gears over the next couple of days as high pressure builds an nicely. today is a transitional they but by tomorrow we will see much warmer temperatures beginning to show up. the weekend will be spectacular. patchy fog, stingy along the coastline. it will be there for awhile on and off along the coast. it will be cool if you are headed out to the beaches. highs generally in the fifties and low 60s. inside of the bay you will find seventies in the san jose area and 71 degrees in a word. mid 80s inland this afternoon, breezy in the day with temperatures into the 60s and low seventies and for the next couple of days we will start to
5:50 am
heat things up once again. much hot air over the weekend, sunshine all the way to the clothesline, father's day looking spectacular, '60s and '70s out at the beaches. that is a look at whether, back to you. >> the latest on america's jobs picture, new jobless claims jumped to 386,000 last week, that the 6000 more than a week before. wall street took another hit , stock futures are mixed this morning with the dow lower in the nasdaq up slightly. >> as the deadline for passing the state budget draws near, protesters are letting lawmakers know that they don't like the governor's proposed cuts. nearly 50 protesters were arrested at the state capitol. governor jerry brown wants to cut money for welfare and in home health services and other programs. caltrans taking unusual action to disprove a recent report that
5:51 am
questions the safety of the new eastern span of the bay bridge, the agency will hold a live public web seminar to explain why they disagree with the sacramento bee story about possible weaknesses in concrete. the new span will open late next year. cycling legend lance armstrong faces doping charges. the anti doping agency accuses him of using performance enhancing drugs between 1996 and 2005 and also says that blood samples taken in 2009 and 2010 are consistent with blood manipulation. if the allegations are found to be true he could lose his seven titles, he it has been immediately suspended from competing in triathlons. time now 5:51 a.m., an arsonist caught in the act, a quick thinking bystander stop a potential disaster and how one bay area city is trying to fight the panhandling problem with puppies. bart service will be shut down
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oh, hi. which cash back booth looks better to you, chase freedom or the largest cashback card? oh, i'll try the largest. oh, that is too bad. apparently you don't know chase freedom guarantees you 1% cash back. 4 times more than the largest cash back card, which only gives you a quarter percent until you spend $3,000 every year. but have fun. bob and weave once you're in there. don't get short changed. get your cash back. chase freedom. >> good morning, we have new
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details coming into the newsroom about the service shut down for bart. bart officials tell a reporter on the scene that it will now just be a matter of hours before they have service restored between oakland and san francisco, if you're just joining us these are live pictures from chopper 5 over the scene of an earlier structure fire. it did some damage to the tracks near the west oakland bart station so that have had to shut down service, essentially between oakland and san francisco right there near west oakland, affecting service and the trans-bay tube. we'll talk about alternates and tell you what this is doing to conditions on the bay bridge. in the meantime i will throw it back to the desk. >> a brave man put a stop to an arsonist work in san fransisco in the incident was caught on- camera. police say that the fire starter walk down terror alert street early tuesday morning and then grabs cardboard to set a fire to furniture in the alley, he lit a furniture on fire once and then returns to make sure the flames spread.
5:56 am
a resident saw the smoke and rushed to put the fire out. if you recognize the arsonist in this video then please contact police. severance will experiment with a possible solution to to problems in the city. panhandling and unwanted pets. the city is offering 10 panhandlers a chance to make some money and find a friend. that friend will be a dog that needs a home. >> definitely people tell me that they don't want the status quo so we have to try some new things. >> with the economic downturn and we have seen a dramatic increase this past year there were 500 more. >> starting august 1, 1910 people will it dogs as well as dog food and leashes and it will be given up to $75 per week on the condition that they could panhandling. it is 5:56 a.m., and the next half-hour we follow breaking news, a massive fire could shut down bart service for hours. we have team coverage. >> they're dealing with a gas line here at the fire scene and
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we have an update to the damage on the bart tracks. the latest coming up next. >> pitching perfection, reaction to the game that will go down in giants history. >> it is all about all fear in san fransisco, they one of the ♪ [ kari ] i used to serve my country in the u.s. army. ♪ then, i was hit by a drunk driver and lost my legs. but that didn't change a thing.
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>> >> you are watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high- definition. >> a huge fire in oakland last night at taking down a building that took almost a city block, major problems on board this morning. we have the latest. >> we are already seeing gridlock at the bay bridge because of that park service shut down. how else it will impact your morning commute? we'll tell you coming up. >> fog and sunshine in the bay


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