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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  June 14, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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area, but a major warm up. >> are you ready for golf? i hope so because it is day one of the u.s. open at the olympic club. i have a preview coming up next. >> it is thursday june 14th, the time now to 6:00, we have been covering breaking news on the bart service shutdown of a west oakland, hundreds of thousands of riders need to find another way across the bay. crews are expecting what looks to be like electrical damage at the west oakland bart station due to a large apartment fire earlier this morning. ann mackovic joins us put out the fire caused major headaches for the morning commute. >> and it will continue to cause headaches for least several hours for anyone trying to cross the bay using bart. it started because of a fire in this building in you can see firefighters still pouring water on that structure. it was in the retirement home that was under construction but the real story is the effect on
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the bart tracks at the fifth street area of west oakland. jim allison is a spokesperson for bart and i know that you are still assessing the damage right now, what have we found? >> well, the main issue is electrical so it is a question of when we can safely reenergize the system and provide electricity to the trains. 35 to 40 of these insulators are damaged right now. so the main issue right now is electrical, and until we can determine when it is safe to reenergize the system and provide electricity to the trains, there is no bart service across the bay right now. >> we concede that there is damage to the covering, it is covering the third rail? >> a cover board covers the third rail which provides power to the trains, about half a mile that has been damaged but you can run trains with a damaged third rail, that is not the big issue. the big issue is 40 insulators
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that hold up the third rail letter damaged, the question as to whether the power supply that goes to the third rail can be safely reenergize, it is a question of turning it on very quickly, and risking further damaging it? or maybe taking more time to make sure that when you do turn our back on that it will not fry something else. >> i think it is safe to say that the morning commute is in trouble? >> morning rush hour for those of you that use bart, find a different way to get across the bay, we will not have bart service for the morning rush hour across the bay. >> could this be a day long problem? >> it is difficult to say right now, it is a matter of getting a detailed look at the damage and assessing the risks and benefits of reenergize thing that electricity earlier rather than later. >> of course we'll keep you posted as they try to decide when it will be able to run bart
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again, he thinks it will be within hours but it could be within days so we will keep you posted as that assessment continues. again investigation into what caused the fire will continue, firefighters say that it seemed to blow up so quickly, you're looking at video earlier of the flames, it seemed to move so quickly that they believe an accelerant may have been used, it could be arson but that investigation also just beginning. i want to point out one thing. there was a gas line on the other side of that building. pg&e has still not been able to shut it off, they need to dig underground in order to shut off that gas line. they say it is not a public safety issue right now but just another challenge that they're dealing with here in west oakland. i know that this is causing traffic troubles all over the area, when you lose part service across the bay, lets go to elizabeth wenger for the latest on how to get around. >> what a mess. on the bay bridge that will be the biggest trout that people will use to get into san fransisco and this is what it
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looks like so far, definitely more busy than what we would normally see. the metering lights were turned on a while ago, that is definitely earlier than we typically see and as soon as the turn the metering lights on is when you know that you will start to see delays. also some minor incidents of the bay bridge including a fender bender and a stall on the incline, sometimes just a stall can match up traffic on the bay bridge. expect extra delays if you are using the bay bridge to head into san fransisco because all those people writing parts are going to have to find another way to get into the city. ac transit is trying to help out by setting up boss bridges. you can go to the 19th st. bart station or the macarthur street bus station. they have a transit buses they're ready to pick you up and some of those buses will then take you across the bay bridge and into san fransisco, the alemeda court/oakland ferry is another good option. a lot people trying to get to the giants' game as well as the u.s. open. in addition to work and school.
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so let's try to patrick on the scene, at the 19th street bart station, where one of those bust bridges have been set up. >> good morning. people have been showing up to the bart station in being de toward to 19th and broadway to catch the bus. bart service is not happening between oakland and san francisco because of a huge fire so ac transit is organizing a fleet of buses to accommodate these writers. i spoke to one person who had to get to san fransisco and here's what he had to say. >> west oakland was closed down. and we needed to get off the 19th in order to catch the bus. no, this is not a bus, we have been waiting here 20 minutes and there is no bus. >> he eventually did get on. there seems to be a lot of confusion when people show up for the commuters and when they get to the bart station is
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empty. ac transit will accommodate as much as they can but it is suggested that if you ride bart, you may need to find another way into san fransisco. reporting from downtown oakland. >> we will be staying on top of this story. stay with cbs 5 and you can also find updates on right now let's throw it over to lawrence for a check on the weather. lots going on this morning. >> course we have to golf tournaments out there today, a lot of people want to have out there, might be difficult drive into the bay but the weather is not bad inside of the day. some patchy fog but mostly clear skies. let's check things out, a nice quiet start to the morning. in the afternoon we will see the wind kicking up a little bit. breezy conditions out towards the coast. temperatures in the '50s outside all the way of 49 degrees now in santa rosa. mostly clear skies there. by the afternoon '50s and '60s with patchy fog dancing along
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the coastline, plenty of sunshine in the day, still mid 80s in led but we are expecting much warmer temperatures over the next couple of days. high pressure will be building in and it looks like the weather will be something else as a ridge will continue to make its way across the bay area and it looks like plenty of sunshine will warm those temperatures up. it is going to get hot. we're talking about 90s for the latter part of the weekend. >> the dream for matt came came true. he has the first perfect game in the history of the franchise. keep cold air and at at&t park right now, lots of fans excited about this. >> i am only sorry that i missed it but the good thing is that we have the highlights for you. take a look. >> one ball into strikes ... on the ground, there it is, from the third, got him! and that is
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a perfect game! >> what a game, not so great for the houston astros, his plays has been in immortalized in sports history, surpassing his old record for strike out. fans were on their feet. there were careful not to utter the words " perfect game " or " no-hitter ". because everyone knows that you cannot jinx that but once the game was ended, no holds barred, everyone in the crowd was incomplete of roar. so again, i am sure that this will be talked about throughout the rest of the day. i am sure it will be a hot topic for sports fans. we are live at at&t park, kateke cold ai
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he said this is something you'll never forget. >> that was something that i will never forget. but it was unbelievable from the beginning. and, you know, the guys did a great job making a kind of relaxing. >> he had help from the outfield with a couple of defensive gems and also struck out 14 of the 27 batters that he faced on his way to the giants' 10/0 lead over the astros. the perfect game was a far an opening act for the u.s. open golf tournament which begins this morning just a few miles away. frank mallicoat has abandoned me this morning and is out in the elements with a preview of the open. how was it going out there? >> more portly, how're you doing? i know you have a busy day. but it is day one of the u.s. open over here. it is hosting it for the fifth
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time in its history and as you might imagine, after years of preparation, this club is ready to go. >> 156 of the world's best will call the olympic club home this weekend including three-time open champion tiger woods who, despite a couple of tough years, can still put them in. >> he is looking pretty good. >> how cool is it to be this far away from him? >> this is very cool. >> i hope you're not bothering him. >> i hope so too. >> you are so close that you could almost touch them. >> olympics has changed since the 1998 opened. some trees have come down in the 15th hole is nearly 700 yds, are you kidding me? >> i will once went on vacation and did not go 700 yds, that is ridiculous. >> no one is going to reach
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into? >> who knows. >> the olympic village has something for everyone. now some advice for you autograph seekers, per your a game. >> where you going to say to tiger woods? >> can i get an autograph? >> you can do better than that. >> can you give us an autograph? >> i can't hear you. >> i had to school those boys a little bit. i'm told that they did very well but no autographs today, it is all business. the first trio tees off after 7:00 and the one to watch will be at 9:00. tiger, phil mickelson, and bob watson. some tips. do not bring your cellphone to olympic because if you do you will not give into the golf course. leave that at home or in your car. and bring sunscreen. it was cloudy yesterday but we
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got a pretty good sunburned. bring some sunscreen, a great day for the opening round. >> any predictions? >> you know what? everyone is rooting for tiger woods because when he wins it is good for golf. and at least if he is in the hunt it will make for a great weekend and often use the the guy that wins this is not a big name, at least in the four opens. but tiger one a couple of weeks ago at memorial and is certainly one of the favorites going out today at 733 am. >> time now is 6:12 a.m., bart service shutdown, thousands of commuters need to find another way to get to work. another live update from the fire in oakland. and the best day of their lives ruined, bay area @ newlyweds wrote something on their car that could have,,,,
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>> good morning, we continue to follow breaking news from the traffic center. park service has been shut down between oakland in san fransisco, an early morning fire near the west oakland bart station doing some damage to the tracks. of course we have been talking about alternates and over the phone right now we have kcbs reporter jeffrey schaub and he is talking about one of the alternates this morning. how is it going on over at the ferry terminal? >> i am at jack london square terminal where people have already lined up for the 7:00 boat. i will just read the schedule for you, from oakland and alameda. seven 05 a.m., 8:10 a.m., from oakland. you can also take the harbor bay
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isle ferry. the first row at 730 am, the vallejo ferry is an option for people coming from the north bay, bc transit indicates that they are diverting their trans- bay buses to stop at the macarthur bart station and the 19th street bart station, which is good. if you want to get information. the most comprehensive way is to go to and it will give you alternatives and times and schedules. >> excellent advice. thank you. of course the bay bridge will be a big alternate for people hitting the road instead, this is a live look at conditions at the bay bridge. i think we can show you the toll plaza, it is jammed up solid through the macarthur made so we are already looking at a half an hour wait just to get you onto the stand. we had a small center bender and a stall on the upper deck which did not help but they turn on the metering lights and a half an hour ahead of schedule so things are definitely more busy
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than usual. we can show you the maps. that is a look at conditions. 30 m.p.h. as you approach the bay bridge toll plaza. the san mateo bridge might be another good option, everything flowing very nicely right now out of a word heading into the peninsula. as jeffrey mentioned, mass transit might be a good option. ac transit, bus bridges at the 19th street and mcarthur buss bart station. you'll find a number of buses to take commuters into san fransisco and also the alameda/oakland ferry is on time, no delay. we will have more traffic coming up in the meantime let's speak to lawrence and the weather center. >> looking good in the bay area with temperatures cool along the coastline, a golf tournaments out there today. you might want to bring a light jacket because the temperatures will stay cool. mainly in the '50s, mostly cloudy at the beaches. some patchy fog inside of the bay but mostly clear skies.
6:19 am
this afternoon plenty of sunshine in most spots, on the breeze inside inside of the day, sunshine in the valleys. some patchy fog, 50's and low 60s. hot in the central valley looking at 96 degrees in fresno and 93 in sacramento. partly cloudy skies in high country with a couple of pop-up thunderstorms late in the day. and about 94 degrees and sunny in red ink. high-pressure trying to build in here but it will be another day before its lights overhead. today a transition, breezy around the bay area especially along the coast and inside of the day. the fog will try to break up, cord to be stubborn, and it looks like some fog developing overnight into tomorrow morning. temperatures expected to be on the mild side in most spots. comfortable in san jose, 59 and breezy and cool and pacifica with the state numbers into the mid 80s and as you get inside of the day the highs will be running into the '70s, mid-60's
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in san francisco but the wind will be kicking up lead in the day, warmer weather expected this weekend with high pressure moving in an offshore winds, sunshine, that is liz from here, back to you. >> yosemite national park closing down cabins and a popular spot due to potential falling rocks. today the park is set to release a first of its kind report on falling rocks danger. the study began in 2008 after thousands of tons of boulders rain from glacier point and onto cabins. this week 18 cabins will close as well as all or parts of five employee dormitories. a bad ending to an otherwise good wedding experience for union city couple. the return to their car at their hotel carport last weekend to find a window smashed and a lot of items stolen. including two suitcases with his tuxedo and her wedding dress as well as the camera where a lot of wedding photographs were stored. >> my heart just dropped.
6:21 am
i could not believe it. >> police say that the car may have been targeted because of the painted letters spelling out " just married ". a black eye for the big star in cycling, the new doping allegations against lance armstrong and how they are already ,,,,,,,,
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>> we continue to follow breaking news on the morning commute. people scrambling for alternate modes of transportation due to a park service shutdown going back to this massive fire here that burned down and apartment building. it was under construction in west oakland. a number of people have sent photographs of this three alarm fire which burned down a five story building and threatened nearby structures. the flames and smoke could be seen from the nimitz freeway but as for the board service
6:25 am
shutdown crews need to see when they could safely reenergize the power supply but the bottom line is to find any alternate transportation across the bay this morning. cycling legends lance armstrong faces more doping charges. the anti-dumping agency accuses him of using performance enhancing drugs between 1996 and 2005 and also says that blood samples taken in 2009 and 2010 are consistent with blood manipulation. if these allegations are found to be true he could lose his seven titles. he has been suspended from competing in triathlon's which began last year. a new study suggests that women may be able to reduce the risk of having a child with autism. researchers say that mothers should consume the recommended daily dosage of folic acid or vitamin b nine during the first month of pregnancy. a be loving staffer at uc-davis captured a moment on camera that could have been a first. she was walking with a friend
6:26 am
when she heard a be buzzing around them. she knew the be was about to sting him and with her camera she captured is very rare shot. take a look at this. the be trying to flee the scene but not able to sever the sting from the abdomen. kathy has picked up a gold award for her photograph. it is 6:26 a.m., a massive fire burned down an apartment complex under construction and now public transit is affected, we have team coverage. >> i just got the latest on the damage to the bart tracks. still no estimated time that it will be reopening. but we will tell you what factors they're dealing with, next. >> i am live at the olympic club, behind me is the driving range, some players preparing for an round no. 1 which is set to start in 45 minutes. how tou,,,,
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>> >> you are watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high- definition. >> good morning everyone, it is thursday june 14th. frank is live at the u.s. open and we will check in with him at just a moment. time now is 6:30 a.m. and we continue to follow breaking news on the morning commute as people scrambled for alternate transportation after a massive fire burned down a senior center that was under construction in west oakland. ann mackovic is here without that fire is causing major headaches for the morning
6:31 am
commute. >> we have a lot of things going on right now here in west oakland. you can see the shell of a building behind me and a fire still burning because pg&e has to shut off gas line that is keeping those flames going as we speak. and moving over to the side you can see the bart tracks. the fifth street, tracks going over fifth street, right now no trains are going across the bay because of some possible damage to these tracks. most of the damage was to some insulator's there. this is all dealing with the electrical system. i don't want to get too technical but some of the electrical equipment has been burned as well as the cover of the third rail so bart is trying to figure out how they can electrify the system without causing any danger. no trains running right now through west oakland which affects about 50,000 riders as they try to figure out how to get the system up and running.
6:32 am
they're not giving any estimation on when the trains will be running again. back to that fire that broke out this morning around 2:15 a.m., we got shots of the flames. almost a whole city block was up in flames around to 3:00 pm. a four story building under construction, the fire caused a lot of radiance heat and the building collapsed. power poles burned down as well as four or five construction vehicles. and several toolsheds. the cause of the fire will be investigated later today. there are early indications that this could be a suspicious fire. the fire is still burning. several things happening here on the scene at fifth and mandela parkway. what most people are concerned about is the morning commute to as all of those bart trains that would normally cross the bay, they will not be running for at least the next several hours.
6:33 am
let's go to elizabeth for the latest on how you can get across the bay. >> thankyou, an interesting thing going on at the bay bridge. it looks like the cash flames are the most busy right now but if you check out the middle lanes, those are the fast track planes. regular bay bridge commuters, that does not look too bad as you approach the pay gates because the fast-track plans are moving fine. cash flames are really stacking up. they turned on the metering lights a half an hour ahead of when they typically do so that has been jammed up for a least a half an hour. if you are a regular bay bridge commuter, things appear to be moving ok in the center lanes. the san mateo bridge, not very
6:34 am
backed up so that is a good alternate. the golden gate bridge not to bad.
6:35 am
>> thank you elizabeth. people are showing up to the bart station ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> chaos on the morning commute due to bart service suspended across the bay. crews are inspecting electrical damaged by the west oakland bart station where a fire burned down a senior center under construction just about four hours ago. right now, no bart service. all lot of riders will be catching the buses. . >> i have been looking at facebook and twittered and some people are saying it might be a good day to work from home. find other alternates.
6:45 am
this is what it looks like at the bay bridge. it is stacked up well into the bay, mcarthur maze so especially if your a cash user, that is where we see the biggest delays. the middle lanes are fast track and traffic is actually moving ok to those. highway 24 is pretty jammed up, let's check some other alternates. the richmond san rafael bridge is moving ok right now as well as the golden gate. they're setting up bus bridges at the 19th street and macarthur bart stage stations where you can hop on the buses. there will be heading across the bay bridge into san francisco. also of the alameda oakland ferry has no delay so that is
6:46 am
another good option. ferries are not honoring bart tickets so that will cost too little bit extra. the shutdown is between oakland and san francisco because of the damage near the west oakland bart station tracks. you can also use bart trains to run between rich and all the way down into fremont. you can also use part between millbrae and the peninsula so it is just the trans bay to but where we really see the biggest impact. >> looking pretty good around the bay area today, we will see a lot of sunshine. a couple of patches of fog overnight. as you approached the coast line we have more fog there and if you're headed to the u.s. open, plan on some foggy and some cool weather. breezy inside the day with
6:47 am
temperatures mainly in the '70s into oakland and also the san jose area. 88 in yosemite, 77 degrees in lake tahoe. it looks like things are looking good as high pressure will start to slide in over the next couple of days. the temperatures will really start to warm up. patchy fog will be stubborn along the coastline. less fog in the coming days and the weekend it looks like we will clear the fog out entirely. 59 in pacifica, east bay and numbers up into the mid-80s in most spots. 66 and windy in san francisco. it looks like it will be hot as
6:48 am
we head toward saturday and sunday and sunday is father's day and it looks very nice with sunshine all the way to the coast >> new numbers from the labor department show more people in the unemployment lines and lower prices for consumers. >> a real mixed bag of news on the u.s. economy. the four week average is now at a six week high of 382,000. the good news is that consumers are seeing less inflation. the labor department is reporting that consumer side inflation was down a third of a percent in may while gas prices made up a big part of that being down 7%. it was the biggest drop in
6:49 am
consumer prices since december 2008. the stock market is really focused on europe right now. the federal reserve meets next week and there is a lot of hope on wall street that it will inject more stimulus into the economy. yesterday blue chips gave up points. right now the dow was up 31. nasdaq is falling and s&p is up a couple of points. >> now back to the top story, the morning commute is just a mess. the trans bait tube is shut down because of a fire in oakland. kate is that the ferry terminal where a lot of people will be coming off the ferry today >> we're hearing reports that
6:50 am
more people are heading to the ferries in jack london square and alameda trying to get around the mast of the morning commute because of the bart systems that are down. we've taken a look at the schedule so if you are coming from jack london square there are a few ferries going out. if you are in alameda we have ferries coming to san francisco at 715, 820, and 925. any moment we expect a lot of east bay commuters coming into the city. it goes both ways. we have the schedule up and we're waiting for more people to come. we saw commuters checking the schedules to see when the ferries will be coming. there is one thing to note, the buildings here are not honoring part tickets so it will cost you a little bit more but it might be worth the hassle trying to get to work this morning.
6:51 am
>> the time now to 650. coming up, another update on a construction fire that is erupting bart service. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:54 am
>> we are continuing to follow breaking news on the morning commute. some people stranded, others rushing to find another way across the bay to to a park service shut down. ann mackovic at the scene of that massive fire that sparked this big mess. >> i am here in west oakland, the fire is still burning behind
6:55 am
me. pg&e needs to shut off gas line high and they're now trying to put that fire out but the real problem is on the bart track. the fire, when was burning in this four story building, a senior center under construction, it was so hot that it birds part of the bart track. as you can see part of the cover of the third will has been burned off in without getting too technical, dozens of insulators have burned. so it is really an electrical problem. which is stopping all of the trains from going between san fransisco and oakland. check out the flames from this fire. breaking out around 2:15 a.m.. no one was injured because the building was under construction but firefighters think that the fire was suspicious and that is under investigation this morning. there has been reports of people being around the area when the
6:56 am
fire started and it just got so large so quickly that firefighters believe that was suspicious as well. the possibility that an accelerant may have been used. two things going on here, the damage being assessed right now. they're not giving an estimated time as to when bart service might be rescheduled. firefighters continue to battle the flames and figure out what started this fire. >> thank you. let's check in with elizabeth on the traffic. it is causing a mess on the bay bridge but also causing long lines at the bus stations. >> a lot of people will be late for work today. this is near 20th and broadway in downtown oakland by the bart station, people are trying to jump on and ac transit bus, hopefully getting them into several cisco. ac transit is helping ease some of this mess and anyway they can. they have been offering at bust
6:57 am
boss bridges. as you can see the lines wrap around the block. that is one option if you need to get into the city this morning. another option is the bay bridge, a major delay there. backed up willing to the macarthur maze. a friend said that he cruised by because he was in the carpool lane. so the car pooling is a great option to get into the city if you can find a friend this morning. that is one way to get across the bay bridge. let's check the maps because i want to mention this accident just coming into the newsroom. it sounds like a pretty big accident. and overturned box trucks pull planes and vallejo by highway 29. delays in both directions. one last check of your forecast coming up. >> some patchy fog in the morning, by the afternoon mostly sunny skies.
6:58 am
temperatures in the mid 80s. '50s and '60s and pettifog along the coastline. the next couple of days high- pressure builds in and we return from the heat. this weekend at the temperatures will soar well into the '90s inland and '60s and '70s along the coastline and do not forget that this weekend is father's day. plenty of sunshine for fathers. temperatures in the '60s. even some 90s in the valley. >> the u.s. open golf tournament begins in just a few minutes and frank mallicoat joins us now from the olympic club to explain why trains could be a big factor. >> we will find out in just a moment, we have 7,170 yds of goodness. one of the longest tracks in u.s. open history. it features a monster par 5 on the back nine. 670 yds, that is crazy. so it will be tough for all of the golfers. we caught up with bubble what
6:59 am
sydney, he was practicing launching goals through the trees for a good 20 minutes and i might add that he did not have a lot of lock and my guess is that a lot of golfers will be doing the same today. this is a very difficult course. the fair way is very tight and the rough is very deep. the first crew goes off at 7:15 a.m. but the big rig goes off at 7:33 a.m. including tiger woods and bob watson. that is where i will be but i promise that i will come back for the noon show. >> take lots of pictures for ross. we want to see that. >> let's take one more look at matt came in making history at at&t park. pretty exciting. >> from the third ... yes! that is a perfect game! >> so exciting, the fans are excited but the big story of course ...


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