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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  June 14, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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coverage from oakland >> investigators have been here all day but we are having a hard time trying to get a clear story about what happened. the oakland police confirmed that the sole security guard who was on duty was chased away from the scene by three suspicious people right before the fire started. the fire department will not to say if that is a coincidence or if it is arson. the fire shrunk the residence building from five stories down to one >> i looked out and i saw a big gas flames of fire and everybody ran out and everyone was saying get out and running and the next thing you know we ran back there >> >> all that remains is the first
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level and that is not safe anymore either. >> it was smoke and fire and it wasn't doing any good >> in the end 64 firefighters did get a fire under control. the fight was more difficult because crews had to wait for pg&e to shut off in natural gas line. they spent the afternoon fixing 400 ft. of damage power line. the tracks that the trains run on are fine. the senior apartment building takes up about a half block and it has all been shortened down to the first floor >> there was no construction at that time. there was a security guard on the premises >> for most of the morning the security company in charge of protecting the company has been telling reporters that the guard on duty was threatened just before the fire began which is
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why fire investigators want to know if anyone saw anyone suspicious. fire crews will be your passing by all through the night to make sure the fire doesn't start again. bart train star running on both tracks but if you are in san francisco you might be delayed because when the fire started there were a bunch of trains in the east bay and they're trying to get them back to the san francisco side to pick people up and come back here. >> are they ready for the full morning commute tomorrow morning? >> yes, they will be ready and it is interesting that right now the trains are pretty light with not a lot of people on them probably because a lot of people figured out another way to get to work. >> the traffic backup was staggering. freeways and highways were clogged for miles as regular
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bart riders tried to cram their cars into the morning commute. thousands more tried to brave the transit buses to get across the bay. riders complain that there were not enough buses >> they had won bus and hundreds of people waiting on the transit to take them to san francisco and we're just standing here >> all those people are trying to make the trip back home tonight. >> it is not looking too bad right now, take a look behind me, these are the bus is labeled laughter from livermore, extra buses that are heading to the macarthur bart station. there is no way and no lines, these extra buses are not on any schedule, they've been coming every five minutes and whenever they get your people back in and leave and to speed up the process they just show their
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bart or their clipper card sofer is collected. when we were here and was one block long. about 40 buses arrived in all. some from as far as santa clara county and solano county. many people already frustrated are leaving early to get home. >> it was terrible. it was a bad experience but i got lucky, i was able to connect with a friend of mine and she brought me into the city this morning but it will be very hard time getting home this evening. i think part should have made other allowances and had more buses >> i normally park around 430 and i told my boss i would try to get the 3:00 but the wine was long already so i'm seeing if the macarthur option is best >> decides buses, private
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shuttles are drumming up business and the carpal lines are a little bit longer than usual. most people say it is about two hours to get across the bay >> the go live to chopper five of the san francisco approach. cars are just inch along the bay bridge. >> it is no fun for people trying to find their way back home. that is definitely a hot spot, all of those drivers are trying to head towards the lower deck of the bay bridge into oakland. 101 is backed up beyond the 280 interchange. we have seen it jammed so we had the giants can wrap up around 330, we have the u.s. open, and all of those people are trying to get back home. softbound 880 on the nimitz is
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a slow crawl out of downtown oakland. >> ken bastida is live in mobile 5 right in the middle of the commute >> we're actually on the lower deck of the bridge right now and is not all that bad once you get on the bridge. the toughest part is getting to it from san francisco. we forget, san francisco is probably the most impacted urban area in the country outside of new york city when it comes to cars and every day, close to a quarter million people come into san francisco, growing the population to about 1 million, just to come to work and when you add a big golf tournament like the u.s. open or a giants game all on the same day and to take part trains out of the mix
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he will run into what we are running into right now. we're moving at about 30-35 m.p.h. on the lower deck. it is not that big of a deal but the problem is getting to the bridge. the matter how you try to do it, we saw the parking and traffic control people out there activating the signals on their own but because they were moving traffic at actually faster than the signals to do it so that will be going on until the traffic slows down later. the ac transit buses are absolutely slammed >> he went into the tunnel. we will go live to mobile 5 where extra boats are running passengers between san francisco and the east bay. we're expecting crowded boats because we had a big back up at
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the ferry building as passengers arrive this morning. crowds did pack the ferries early this morning to get to san francisco. the ferry service typically runs one vote per hour but because of the commuting it increased from 4-5 per hour this morning >> for more, log on to cbs s.f. dot com where you can find an update of alternate routes and real-time traffic maps >> a garbage truck crashes a bay area home. the bizarre chain of events that sent the runaway truck into a house >> is scathing report on the oakland police department. the long list of mistakes that officers are accused of making >> we set the alarm early and hit the road to find out what you need to do to see the gulf action ,,,,,,,,
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>> a couple of grass fires in marin county are keeping crews busy right now. the flames came close to homes near the freeway but none were damaged. a second fire burned about 1 a. of land in an open space near tiburon. no word on the cost >> an amber alert after three children were abducted by their father in santa rosa. police were called to marlow road at 11:00 where a man was arguing with his estranged wife. apparently when his wife refused to leave for office, he left and took the children from school and tried again to talk to her to no avail. police have issued pictures to try to identify the people. in addition, pictures of his daughters, it a 3 year-old, five year-old, and seven year-old.
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they think they're traveling in a black 2005 chevrolet tahoe california license plate 6 tx 8253. an incredible accident in castro valley this morning. pictures from chopper five show the aftermath from a truck that lost control and burst into a house. don ford has been addressing the damage to find out how lucky the inhabitants were >> just after 10:00 a.m. in castro valley a waste management garbage truck lost its brakes and rolled backwards downhill until smashing into a house. >> he freaked out and i was like it was just a garbage truck that hit a can >> it hit the cans and then cut a power pole in half, drag the pickup truck into one house and then finally the whole thing crashed into lydia's house >> something hit the front of my
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house and the walls started buckling and i immediately move to the back of the house. >> i open my front door and there was a waste management truck in the front of the house. >> no injuries, absolutely no injuries at all >> pg&e started replacing the pole while the firefighters stood by. the pickup was towed and the residence started taking photos. when you add up a telephone pole and an expensive pickup truck, two houses and the truck itself, as one neighbor said this whole incident could cost well over $1 million. >> thousands descending on the bay area to get a glimpse of golf greats. what you really,,
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>> oakland police have released a scathing report into their own handling of the occupied oakland protest. kristin harris has the findings >> one line says that crowd control tactics used were outdated, dangerous, and
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ineffective. that is just one line from the report about the response to occupy oakland. we all remember those pictures of police clashing with protesters, evicting them first from city hall lawn and then later in the night, teargas. now a report by an independent group is detailing 68 serious problems and the oakland police department's response. it says the response was fatally flawed and that there were not enough officers on hand, only 28 when protesters returned to the plaza. the report also calls out investigators for reportedly closing the investigation into what happened to scott olson, the iraq war veteran who was hit in the head with a tear gas canister. police chief howard jordan took full responsibility but said a lot of the changes are already under way >> i am fully committed to
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making all necessary changes >> we know that the city has been struggling with reforming some parts of the police department for decades. i believe that the chief has the courage to make the change >> this is bought and paid for by the city of oakland, it was written by all former police officers so they had every benefit to get a good report and yet, it was a searing indictment of the oakland police department and the city officials who run it. >> the city claims it has already implemented 74% of the recommendations as evidenced by the made protests which were relatively peaceful. some critics are saying it has been nine years since the police were ordered to make changes to some of the issues and they say it is clear that has not happened. >> a san francisco couple is
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accused of hunting down and killing the couple they suspect of camping out there teenage daughter. a 22 year-old of compton was shot in the head last week. police say that two people had been looking for him since learning their daughter may have been working for him. the attorney says the couple tried everything to rescue the child but did not kill the man >> they were faced with every parent's nightmare and they tried their best to protect their daughter and here they are getting arrested, it is overwhelming >> they face murder and conspiracy charges. investigators think the couple may have also fired on his car in north hollywood last month >> let's look again at the traffic. chopper 5 is live to the approach and traffic is pretty much at a standstill. elisabeth is in the traffic
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center with the latest >> we knew it would be a mess but i'm shocked by that northbound 101 commute. those cars are not moving that fast at all. northbound 101 is pretty much jammed from silver ave. to 80 is not much better. a giants game is wrapping up at 330 and to the u.s. open and there is a recipe for commuting disaster. once you get on to 24, at that is pretty slow from oakland out to walnut creek. southbound nimitz on the left side is the commute direction, heavy from downtown oakland all the way out to san leandro. we're also hearing that it is pretty slow in the golden gate bridge approach on doyle drive. things improve once you get on to the bridge. >> one instance entrepreneur
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found a clever way to cash in on the chaos. he spent the morning offering motorcycle rides across the bay bridge for $50 each. >> instead of waiting two hours 30 minutes i will be there in 20 minutes. it's my fifth time back. >> he had already given rise to five people by the time we met him. >> i think for a lot of people with the traffic is bad tomorrow they will take a three day weekend >> we have the first day in the triple digits on saturday. let's head outside, a little bit of haze next of the golden gate bridge. 57 degrees in pacifica, 87 degrees in santa rosa.
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livermore at 78. some occasional gusts up to 30 m.p.h.. currently 82 degrees in to try valley. a hint of clouds next to the seashore. the keating will start tomorrow all the way through saturday and we do have a fire weather watch in effect for the north bay hills. by lunchtime tomorrow afternoon, we will not see the marine layer return until sunday morning so high pressure is expanding and it returns us more to the off shore flow which means the wind is blowing off shore in an easterly direction and this is why we expect the gusty wind in the north bay mountains where the fire weather watch is in effect from friday night through saturday but i would not be surprised to see that expand.
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overnight tonight in the 40's and 50's with fog at the beaches. 60s tomorrow, a string of 60s around the beaches to the '70s and '80s around the peninsula. low 90s in gilroy. no. they temperatures stacking up into the '60s all the way through the '80s. extended forecast calls for the hottest day on saturday. today it cooled down on father's day.
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and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering. >> tiger woods, phil mickelson and bob walker of being off together at the olympic club >> mike sugarman set his alarm
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clock early to find out what it takes to get a glimpse of the u.s. open. >> i overslept. you want to see them t off? you have to earn it. tiger woods, phil mickelson, bubba watson make up the group and t. off early. you need to take a shuttle bus to the olympic club. 552 in the morning and there is a traffic jam at candlestick park. for some people the party started last night >> we were at at&t park to catch the perfect game, we came down from idaho for a father's day deal. we're making memories here. >> any weapons of mass
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destruction? enjoy your day >> this despite thousands of people wanting to get to the course, everything seems to be going smoothly. the ride takes about a half- hour, simply shorter than some of my new friends spent to come here. he has been to the u.s. open before in 1966 >> i snuck in and hopped the fence when i was 18 and saw jack nicklaus, gary player and ben hogan >> where is tiger? i can't see him. on tv it look like this but for me, apparently what smart people do is get a couple of holes ahead and then wait for them to catch up. it will also give me a chance to get a nap.
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>> we now know how much americans lost in the great recession. how far does the average family need to,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> let's take another live look for mobile 5 on one of the ferry boats. hundreds of people packing the extra votes to get out of san francisco over to the east bay. the bay ferry put extra
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service. but this is all a result of the overnight fire in west oakland that caused the bart train shut down for most of the day today >> these folks are some of the lucky ones, take a look at this gridlock to the great bay bridge. it is inching along and we're told that once you actually get on the bridge it moves at about 35 m.p.h. but the problem is just getting there. >> here is what we're working on for the 6:00 news. in the crush of this morning's traffic mess, thousands of people pitched the roads. we will tell you about a little-known agency that helped ease the chaos >> it's a criminal shame that you cannot your head like you know what the hell i'm talking about when you don't do nothing about it >> why a bay area schools send kids to beg for money. who surprisingly showed up at the meeting and then left withth


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