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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  June 15, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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how bart was able to repair everything just in time for this morning's commute. coming up. fire danger on the rise, we will talk about that coming up. we also will tell you why 80 is so slow coming up. the commuter nightmare is over and bart is running again. if they're damaged by the tracks shutting down for several hours. we've already seen trains coming through the west oakland bart station. a good sign for your morning commute. check out this lampposts, yes
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melted. that is from the radiant heat. that is the same extent of damage to these train tracks. they added about 12 hours on the fifth street tracks. they had to shut down all service between seven cisco and oakland has workers repaired the bird components on the electrical system. now it is up and running. one of the lessons we've learned is that bart is a major backbone of transportation to get across the bay. the fact that the things are out of our control, are inevitable and respond to those. but those things that are within our control like spending money i think those people can vouch for those.
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tens of thousands of commuters had to find alternate ways across the bay. they were backing buses and ferries. they're glad that things are back to normal. checkup aboard trains, just a welcome means i. and kate has more on the investigation on how the started. that is exactly right. investigators have a lot to do. they're looking for three young men who reported here on scene prior to the fire. they're calling all hands on deck for this investigation including oakland fire. there will be focusing on the south entrance of this sect.
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there were supports of a security guard onside chasing away by three gunmen before it it was started. but right before it started going, there was no stopping it. everyone ran out, emergencies where screaming gets out, get out. next thing you know there were shooting all over the place. it took crews nearly four hours to contain the fire. oakland fire department says that the wooden frame a the building was kept it burning it for so long. the total cost of the damage was $1 million. the kincaid's. it was a big headed for commuters out there yesterday. it was.
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some folks i talk to, it took them four hours to get to work from walnut creek to downtown san francisco. nothing like that this morning northbound 880, there is some overnight road work. right there by the coliseum. some of the northbound lanes are being shifted to the old self bomb lands. there may be some confusion for drivers because as you can see it is stacking up. southbound 80, there our headlights. it is heading to downtown oakland, once you pass high street that's where all the road work improves. this accident on powell street
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is now gone. high pressure is building in and we will start to see those offshore wind. the danger will be on the increase. a fire watch will be in effect. the temperature rise, it is going to be something else by the afternoon. maybe some will low nineties inland. we will likely see sunshine and temperatures raising. this is the constitutional deadline for the legislature to send the governor a budget. today's votes will be on items that the legislature and governor agrees. and some parents teachers and
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community members will stage a sit-in to protest the closure of four oakland schools. it will be at lake view elementary school. in addition, was the error elementary will be converted to a charter school. police say that he be funded the victim shortly before her husband died in 1999. he then embezzled. she died at the age of 87. these two men are accused of gunning down a southern california man, they said it had turned their 17 year-old
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daughter into a prostitute prepared. the fact of the matter is, he did not deserve to die. but as the bottom line. she had become a sexual worker and he was hit her pimp. the couple tried to kill the man last month, but he was only one ticket they then shot him to death when they found him in san francisco a few days later if a ball player has been sentenced to 55 years and life. the judge sentenced him yesterday. he was convicted of strangling a woman. authorities in a word or asking for the public that helped end
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solving a murder of a postal worker. the woman was found in a dumpster in 2010. the postal service is offering a reward in the rest of her murder. that is life with the latest. at about 130 this morning, these people were treated to it a rude awakening when a car ran into their apartment. right into those gas meters. those gas meters being hit by the car costs a gas leak. as you can see pg&e is it working on containing the leak.
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it was contained at 4:00 a.m.. one person was hurt and sent to the hospital did. we will have as much as information as soon as we have that report for from san jose. no was hurt during the mishap on crissy way. the trucks started to leave without him. boom, and he thinks that. it turned up to be much more. the damage occurred to
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the ross marker rebut case this city's fried investigation of the former supervisor cost the city $380,000. an odd mix at them again wreaked center, the girls' volleyball tournament will share the center with amp common. patrol officials are reporting a second case of west all virus. it was found in a dead american crow. the first infective bird was
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confirmed back in april. officials are concerned about an elevated risk because of eight mild winter. the independent report said that police were poorly prepared and use outdated tap dixon and controlling protesters last year. i ask that you not only judges by the mistakes that were made, but also by how we correct them. oakland's mayor say that there were hard lessons in the report. the sake three-quarters of the 38 recommendations have already been made. let's talk about your traffic troubles because of
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that constructionist site buyer, how one man's,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, a high-speed police chase in
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loss angeles ends with police fatally shooting the suspect. it started at the of west hollywood section of loss angeles. police sought to mend the been the scene. the chase the cart, date, the man he got out and eventually shot him. and the problem began when a car he today of apartment building. a security guard told police that three teenagers had been harassing them. and this morning's commute should be back to normal.
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it had commuters scrambling for buses and ferries to get across the bay. we found a man who capitalized at one of those mile long lines who offered rides for $50. at least five commuters had already taking the two wheelers offer. he was saved, he at the home runs on two. let's go back toward the bay bridge. overall, it is not too bad. we haven't seen anything like
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the rent is commute to yesterday. let's go to 880 though, it's different story go. look at the back up at the westbound lanes. this extends from the airport to the high street. they have been doing seismic retrofit in the area. you can see the area that is slow. it is just a northbound lanes. the speed sensors are picking up speed. speeds improve down toward the downtown oakland exits. all lanes heading toward of house of a cisco are looking good. they're using regular speeds to head toward these parts station.
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muni and various are reporting no delays. folks around the bay area, we do have a couple boxes of of that for the coastline. but that is it. those highs again expected to a spike in the low 90s. it lot of '70s inside the bay. lots of sunshine by the afternoon. high-pressure will really begin to take over. mid-90s in sacramento and fresno. high pressure looks to be beat building in over the next few days. it will be borne beautiful all
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the way toward the coastline. we may not see the fog again toward monday. those offshore winds will cause fire danger to run high in the north bay mountains. about 63 degrees in pacifica. as you get inside the bay you'll find the temperatures running up in the '60s, '70s and '80s in the petaluma area. more fogs and low cloud will hope to drop those temperatures monday and tuesday. back to you. the fishing vessel that capsized has finally been found. a sudden storm hit, most of the
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men survived by one body and seven members were never found. they will check to see it any remains are inside. winston's television prompted maps to activate his distrust transmitter. he saw someone else and he was well watching it essentially, notice there are several of them. when briggs the surface and he lost his rider and a propeller. because a helicopter collate hover so long the coast guard dispatched a container ship to rescue young. just ahead now at 520, microsoft is making a new friend.
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the social network company that it might ally. and why this apple device ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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microsoft is in talks to a
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san francisco based company that develops social companies. microsoft could pay more than $1 billion for the acquisition. you spend about 400 bucks for a brand new ipad with all the bells and whistles or you could drop hundreds of thousands of dollars on a apple can't take. many consider this ground zero for the computer. some say that it's worth it, but according to history buffs it's really about the legacy of steve jobs. they blew up the world, the took over. they're the brain of the robot that attacked people. he changed that. he changed that by making things
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broadly. at the hundred and 20 k, you may be sitting on your own apple treasurer. that's a piece of history though, not to back. making the bed is our next topic. it's a pay more than anything. when inventor says that he found the perfect solution. it is called the smart said. seconds after its senses the human up the bed, it will start making the bed. it's a little creepy, i should say. no price has been put on the bed because it is still a prototype. there you go, it just made
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itself hear. it's 526 right now. a popular east bay restaurant closes after customers get sick. and the things we get for granted, but it is back to normal. investigators are looking for three men in connection with yesterday's fire, we will tell you why this is so suspicious. a stunt that has not been done in a century. ♪
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is much better commute this morning. the overnight inspections to make sure that bart is safe. the question about what started the massive fire. how hot will again for the weekend, we will talk about that coming up. we will have more on an overnight roadwork and the rest of your commute coming up. and had to be a jolting early morning wake-up call for some in san jose. a car slammed into an apartment building at with the latest. san jose police and pg&e say
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they got a call about a car crashing into this apartment complex causing a gas leak. the complex was evacuated, there were no injuries. the gas was capped at 445 this morning. they had to bring in heavy equipment and pick up the driveway to close off belleek. no word on when the residents will be let back in. it is still not clear why the driver of the score read into the building. debt relief for commuters this morning. but is back on track after a huge flame damaged its tracks. we have a team coverage with keep checking the investigation into the fire, but first and is
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an open with the commute to update. it is not very often that normal makes the news. it is a normal morning commute to which is news for several people. we want to show you that this still some damage done. on this side of that, the cover has been burned off. that is apparently not affecting operations. the check the damaged after a year early morning fire shut thing down all bart service. they repaired the electrical systems and did some tests runs and had it up and running by the evening commutes. i think it is a vivid reminder of what life is like without bart cross the bait and
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why it is important to invest in bart in the future. much to the relief of tens of thousands of commuters to up to find alternate routes across the bay yesterday backing buses and ferries. the fire investigation continues this morning, some suspicious circumstances. with go to a cake with more on that. investigators believe that the fire was no coincidence. they will be looking into the circumstances that will happen yesterday morning. it started around 215 around a senior housing project that was under construction. it was what happened before the fires that are raising investigators eyebrows. three young men were tears from
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the scene and because of that it is believe this may have done on purpose. so far concerning this particular fire, it is way too early to talk about an arson. we bring a varied expertise and are certified by investigation. expertise is the determined origin and cause of fire. their bureau of tobacco and firearms and the oakland fire department are looking into this. it cost about it million dollars in damages. we are live in oakland, back to you. it was such a mess
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yesterday, it left a lot of commuters and frustrated. i think a lot of people just worked from one yesterday. it is not often that normal makes the news, but that is the case today. everything looking good so far. there are no delays were are lines as well. westbound 24, of the major arteries those were called up yesterday. after 8:00 it was super backed up from walnut creek, we to oakland. everything is green across the state. we noticed a back up up for the
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coliseum. everything is normal now. we are seeing better speeds now out toward downtown oakland. across the span of the golden gate bridge is looking pretty good. goodspeed centers that is check with traffic for your weekend forecast. back to weather. the sun is just about to come up in just about 10 minutes. coming up it looks like a glorious day ahead. right now, fifties across the board outside. by the afternoon your talk about eighties and low 90s that will begin to show around the valley. still some '60s out toward the
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coast. back to you guys. a police chase leads to eight officer involved shooting in vallejo. yesterday a contra costa deputy tried to stop a man appeared to be driving a stolen vehicle. the suspect hit to vallejo pd car astride the escape. he then drove directly at an officer leaving them to fire their weapons. the suspect as minor injuries. and a couple are accused of putting down a southern california man they say had turned third 17 year-old daughter into a prostitute. his father and miss that he was in trouble with the law but to says that each and have been killed.
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he did not deserve to die, that is the bottom line. the couple tried to kill the man in hollywood last month but he was only wounded, it did then shot him to death when the found him and services go few days later. no was injured during the mishap on crissy way yesterday. the trucks started to leave without the driver. boom, and did he think that. it was quite a bit more than just that. it also damaged a sport utility vehicle and a power poll he now lives to city to the neighborhood. this is the constitutional deadline for the legislature to send the governor a budget.
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they disagree over cuts the governor once on various welfare programs. and a protest over the closure of four oakland schools. marshall, maxwell park, and said the f.i.a. elementary schools are also being shut down as a cost of cutting measures. the independent report says the police were poorly prepared and use outdated tactics back in october. has that you not only judges by the mistakes that were made, but also by how we correct them.
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open mayor say there are hon lessons in the reports. three-quarters of the 68th recommendations that has already been addressed in one way or another. president obama's with a fund-raiser with sarah jessica parker. parker. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday.
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it's like something from space. this equates that regis philbin and joking about his red best ball last night it retirement gift from david letterman as you can see regis' tried to drive down broadway and it did not go so well but luckily he was ok no well. it looks like wall street and will open higher this morning some futures are rising after a volatile week the dow added 156 points yesterday in nasdaq gained 18 the reason of the day as the market is incurred to reports when they're prepared to pump more money and. presidential, and his likely republican opponent are focusing on swing states that may go
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either way of yesterday both campaigned in the state of ohio, in cleveland and raleigh in cincinnati to the topic as the struggling economy the president says from his plan would return the nation to george bush's policies. we're told that huge tax cuts especially for the wealthiest americans will lead to faster job growth. he's the president for three and half years and talk is cheap. after a high of the canada to focus on raising some cash the army was in chicago. the president attended the couple then to new york city including one at the home of matthew broderick and surgeons at the parker people there did $40,000 each to attend to the economy is another big topic on cbs this morning charlie rose asked nancy pelosi about the have the talking points she also address health care reform the
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question to policy is with the rule is unconstitutional? i think the ira had constitutionality of the bill we believe in the constitution to what you do? i think you'll be 63 and our favor. even find out on cbs this morning starting at 7. its 545 right now and im excited about this weekend. listen a lot of sunshine. maybe will get these to mr. is cranked up. and a is going to on the rise to some offshore ridges mostly clear skies and said the day in the couple have so far out for the benham looking at some low 90s in in some '70s and '80s around the bend out for the coast and think mostly sunny
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skies to the afternoon and temperatures into the '60s. it says about about 96 in sacramento and writing about 89 per that is guys the assembly in it looks like there's a bridge a high pressure building up very nicely the wind sings its disputes with the low clouds and fog. more sunshine on the way and may not come back into monday. 77 and he were in '70s and '80s and '90s in the afternoon and were looking at sunshine in the afternoon. the nit is a rosette and 87 degrees in the lotto the next couple of days to create the temperatures near 100 degrees maybe some cycling on dad's same ball help
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draw whatever shares before you warm up again toward the middle of next week. live to the paper addressing slightly is none in the upper castellanus not to fear is pretty typical for this some of the morning they got our running once again on time just like normal for that chance to read that to an oakland and san francisco. so partyers 6 seeing slight delays. so five to 10 minute delays in oakland and san francisco it is a residuals of the shoe dropping up very shortly in the meantime as many caltrans and fairies everything else is good to go in pressing a lot more improvement novices northbound around for 30 this
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morning we first got in the air we noticed there was pretty backed up because of lower net roadwork well it is wrapped up in the spring much good to go now we're seeing a little bit of slowing in quite a bit of improvements at one point this before down below 20 mi. per hour so sluggish now up toward downtown oakland to east east bay to block the left lane is the reagans the commutes. as south technologies here 11 and a little bit parkway all moving fine but we have been watching this developing story in san jose de was a gas leak. it has been talk to to a reporter on the scene but just a heads up there is still emergency crews in the area. in 04 l our
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favorite ribbon cutting ceremony will make a highly improvement project the interchange is one of the bay area's business busiest today speakers will include congresswoman zoe lofgren chuck reed plus several members of the center are county board of supervisors it would cost a little more to read parts study in the first to july the vote by 1.4% the board approved the increase that side to inflation the also directed motive for any budget that is larger than the old one including money to increase staff and extend it evenings from san francisco to richmond. come to costa county has shut down a woman creek restaurant after some customers got sick lab tests confirm the some of them have in virus the california pizza kitchen at broadway plaza was abruptly closed yesterday they have
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connected the outbreak with salads served at allocation the virus in terms included as you might guess a gastrointestinal problems some strains scheduling of the montgomery convention center in downtown san jose a girls' volleyball tournament will take place at the same time as an annual convention for marijuana enthusiast volleyball moms are not happy but the convention center spokesperson told the mercury news that there in the temporary pass itself called physical separated said they should be in no cross pollination. the during attempts to cross never falls + round one of the u.s. open is in the works. to waste [ male announcer ] stop & go traffic. you can't always avoid it. but you can always do something nice for your car. chevron with techron.
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look at more of that coming up. it's a little bit busy del west on friday before the dublin and she is come coming up a check of the rest of the east bay plows mass transit tonight is the night they plan to walk a wire across niagara falls nick will be the first person in over a century to perform in a tight rope. crews are making sure they will not fiber rotate during is what he will be wearing a safety device that his tv contract requires that was not happy about where at device. i know i would be.
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affairs made a difference that. did waves is day two of the u.s. open at the olympic club in san francisco called canada full force yesterday tiger woods bubble watsonville michael sente offer early nicholson started his day with three straight bogeys and finished around 76 tigers won under he is one of six players to finish under par but the shot of the day belonged to nick on the par-5. this is the second shot par-5 dislike that he is even hard. by the way he's from sacramento we been told. you can find a phone new research shows that fathers can make a big difference in their kids success
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researchers at brigham young university say dad can help adolescents develop resistance to this degree in some warmth glove and cap accountability and a privilege autonomy. good morning to all the dogs out there. we wanted to celebrate your family is ahead of father's day and so we're showing pictures of some of the staff at channel 5 here we dealt assignment desk editor angelina with her dad her favorite memory of him is going fishing for the first time in he says that not everyone was lucky enough to catch a fish but what we didn't stellar is that he had taken her to a trout farm. you can even get shipped to that poll that. and in the control both producer this is crystal's dad she says she loves playing
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softball with him. and mackovic this is her dad and his grandson she says that her dad as a great sense of humor as well as some sellers skills like negotiating singing and grilling. dispose the photo on the facebook page. ideas for gifts and food to set out cbs sf dot com. their minds to have a couple of gifts to buy. it's now four minutes before 6:00 in the next half hour is hotter than a new iphone these a lot of history expected to break-in big bucks. ferrier good news for commuters everything is back to normal is savagely if the latest in how they got the bart trains up and running. investigators said starting to work on what
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cause that a blaze of the you why they're focusing that investigation on three young men. ,,
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