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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  June 15, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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barred as front-running insulin this morning the list in the west oakland bart station. but what sparked the massive fire in the first place in a security guard told the answers. fire danger on the rise to the weekend will have details coming up. and things of looking good the bay bridge good morning its friday but the biggest shock for me as it is for you frank has the money often is now 6 01. it
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was a wall of flames that took out a big part of the art system for the early commute to the all-star with they'd been to the tracks in west oakland team coverage this morning include cbs five reporters attacking the fire investigation and that of a computer tape. veneer in the sweet sounds of bart trains riding along the track here is very good news but still some signs of damage he can see this lamppost significantly and melted by the heat of that fire yesterday this is a sight so welcome for commuters the trucks were damaged yesterday as we talked about during this early morning fire next to the fifth street track to the west oakland our station to announce service between san francisco and oakland the took some test runs yesterday afternoon and debt
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service up and running by the evening commute. bart is a major backbone and transportation to get across the bed and the fact that's these things that are out of our control are inevitable in response to those their things that are in our control like spending money to make sure that it's in the state of repair normal circumstances at a lot of these folks would agree these tens of thousands of commuters had to find alternate ways across the bay packing boxes and very services route 4 about 12 hours. in the meantime the investigation and set fire continues this morning some suspicious circumstances the like a cage with more. he showed us the extensive damage the will take a look at the west side of the building
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good news and but take a look at that mangled metal this is all that is left investigators have a lot of work ahead of them as they try to piece together the puzzle was caused extensive plays oakland fire in the bureau about a hall to lack of firearms and explosives will start its investigation. their focus in on the south part of the entrance with it in the fire started investigators are also turning their attention to the suspicious circumstances that began just before the fire there are reports that a security card was chased away by three young men and neighbors say there was nothing stopping it was the fire truck going. everybody ran out. and the next thing you know rollo the place into crews really for hours to contain that
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plays in oakland fire says the buildings would inflame was the reason it kept trying for so long we will know that we showed you the damaged the costs to total up to a million dollars so there's a lot of work to be done live in oakland by steel. crews wrap up work at the scene of a gas leak that forced evacuations this morning it all started when a car hit an apartment building and to their work clothes will crews tried to stop the leak. lawmakers are expected to the first trip to see what traffic is doing rejection of bart and everything is up to normal that and mackovic in case mentioned as well and they been
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doing some track made in cell as know does well include the setting on the east bay into downtown san francisco cell with a lot of folks are wondering what's going on there. you see a nice slow traffic on the upper deck so far no leader in lights and that may change cell no big back up to looks like maybe in their filled with is the location change in the canoe direction was found adm waterloo boulevard it was an accident there blocking one lane as to conceal from our live censors no delays and traffic and overall things are moving better and was bound by they come at the altar was a passenger friday in maybe some folks taken the day off an extra day to the weekend is
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everything looks pretty get all that toward dublin that is your traffic a lot of sense and around the bay area expected more sons began the day as well so mostly clearance of the bay and dallas right now temperatures not too bad into the fifties by the afternoon it is going to begin to keep up will see some much hotter temperatures as yet against offshore winds will kicking and and that is when to raise the fire danger that sell the weather what goes into effect in northampton town which is for today will be something else '80s and toward sen as saying 76 degrees in oakland low 90s hot in the valley it is going to get even hotter this weekend but before we talk about that will find out about state lawmakers and not when the call them legislators they're expected to vote today on some of the bills
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that are part of the budget package to some of the governor budget today's votes will be of items where the legislature and the governor agrees they disagree over cuts could governor wants in various welfare programs and parents and teachers will conduct a seven this afternoon to protest the closure of the closing of four oakland schools. but grandma marshall maxwell parkin said if elementary schools are also being shut down as a cost- cutting measure in addition the elementary is being converted to a charter school. is san francisco couple returns to court next wednesday to face murder charges they're accused of gunning down a southern california man is they have turned their daughter and a prostitute and then it is son was in trouble with the lobby should not be killed.
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that back to the matter is he didn't deserve to die. that's the bottom line. she had become sex worker and was working for him he was repent. please say the couple tried to kill him in north hollywood last month but was only wounded then they say they shot him to death when they found him in san francisco a few days later authorities are asking for the public's help to solve its year-old monarch murder of a postal worker nancy rogers was found dead in a dump in june and should not intend now the postal service offers a reward for inflammation leading to an arrest and the specter says the case continues to be a high priority. the price tag for proceedings involving san francisco suspended sheriff is likely to be in six figures the ross mercury case is being considered by the city's ethics commission which will make a recommendation the city's fraud investigation of former
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supervisor ed at 2007 loss to the city $380,000 supporters is hosting a web today in response to recent reports that questions the safety of the new england span the safety well explain why it disagrees to the sacramento bee story about possible the mrs. in concord a and is been a struggle to open late next year. a garbage truck made a very unexpected stop stop in the valley it crashed into a home yesterday no one was injured during the crash it workers as he parked the truck and let them to drop across board and they started to leave without it. he'd break out into while the accident also damaged a sport- utility vehicle is paid leave
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the company investigates the prosecution has called its last witness in the child sex abuse trial the jury sandusky the last eight years is to take the stand to testify the former penn state coach began abusing in this case screams were held from sandusky's basement went unanswered sandusky himself may take the stand the ruling by egypt supreme constitutional court to means the military will write a new constitution and will decide how much power the new president will have the judge also ruled that the former prime minister will be allowed to run for president the leader of the muslim brotherhood called the ruling is something else. the apple product that is expected to rake in more than $100,000. punch is thrown at
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is referring to is adamant feminist book writer there will and staff the coast of baja mexico it is a helicopter can only go for so long the coast guard dispatched to condition at which all 60 mi. dutchess part of a volunteer program coordinated by the coast guard to handle such emergencies. it took almost a year but the
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fishing vessel capsized in the gulf california has finally been found to 27 fishermen were missing ship last july when a sudden storm had the one body was recovered and seven others were never found. if on the vessel this week and will check to see if there any remains inside. there's your control officials reported second confirmed case of west now virus in contra costa county the virus is found a dead crow near here boulevard the person affected bird was confirmed back in april officials are concerned about elevated risk levels cinemas include fever a sonata. that's exactly how we describe it. a massive health storm wreaked havoc in taxes. martin shot this
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video this backyard pool emphasize the ping-pong balls the size of baseballs. that's enormous. is that the scientific term? as a prize was a breaking windows out there is enormous. the dog out towards the bay bridge to check it out directly just gave chp a ring in so far they say the term meted reminds you can see they're beginning to grow especially as castellanus a little difficult to see and fast track wayne-they move in ok so far all the approaches to the bay bridge so far everything looks good coming out of all the creeks it's a totally different and today through the oakland
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hills. this system might on time and things some slightly this morning with the usual track maintenance but looks like everything for right now is completely back to normal pace many caltrans and there is also good to go here's a live look 888 very early this morning because of some overnight growth has all been picked up. and everything is in agreement as the drive set to live look near 11 similar story in the south bend pretty much at the limit. what of the parkway in to your way through downtown san jose as well. we share all our
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information that comes when you're about to have thrown this job with your forecast a weekend here here's lawrence. it's a little leery. the weather is looking for again we a lot of sunshine already out the best parts of the day looking out for the coastline you can see the golden gate bridge in a haze of the sky otherwise patchy fog along with the sale salmon salchow to coast back will system jersey of today. all season low 90 showed up in some of the valley is getting hot there is some sunshine and 60s along the coast 90 degrees and how their seventies and lake tahoe. high pressure now sliding in overhead and we continue to build in and as it does receive the winds
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that are offshore that is going to crank up the temperatures the computer model shows the fog dissipating among the coastline as yet the afternoon. and will not come back until monday it is going to be hot in the fire dangers 20 running high temperatures at 85 degrees and senate say is the numbers in the '90s send those temperatures run mainly into the '70s '80s to the santa clara valley and '60s into daily city will see the peak of the heat on saturday a cooling off on father's day and looks like more clients expected monday and tuesday. that's a look at whether patio and some the you don't see this preschool graduation ceremony parents' punching each other out. the graduation and loss handles elementary school was marred by fights involving several angry
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mothers the person who goes to the videos as all started because there was only one cap and gown other people say was a fight over a man the school district is now investigating. and on the theme of angry mothers and not next to the mechanic convention center this weekend to the girls' volleyball tournament will take place there at the same time as an annual convention for marijuana and is this which has fallen baumann subsets of the convention center spokesman told the mercury news that it is a temporary south lawn is ugly separated from the possible tournament. people already raised eyebrows of the price of a new iphone imagine spending hundreds of thousands of dollars as part of an auction block today and starts in less than an hour many consider this computer as ground
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zero for personal computing some say it makes up for as high as $180,000. compete computers so that the bad guys in movies to put the world and took over there with a parade of the robot that attacked people. he changed that he changed by making things family by making them sound like a toaster of an appliance. and having kids spend their lives texting its more laissez glorified paperweight and at that time we're looking and ousted the arts it comes in eight bit microprocessor and you can run the basic operating system on the cassettes. a lot of kids these days don't even know what that is. get some much? it's not to thousand $600 $66. it's 621 right now. from
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one reader found a clever way to cash in on yesterday's bart chaos with honda motor those bus lines and did no trouble attracting customers. it's my fifth time back. private ventures commuters had already taken it to william wheeler and dealer up on his we
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met up with him and that's to under 50 bucks. and and fathers could use that because raising ticket these days just got more expensive. where child born in 2011 parents can expect to spend $235,000 over the next 17 years that's an all-time high if you include in place yet. inflation the bill goes up the price tag includes housing child care and education in 1960 by the way and times have changed and all the children came from somewhere fathers. speaking of were celebrating father's day rally with a special greeting for dads in this is from our traffic is to his says this is pete a proud dad with jenny franco plane together on stage. in another photophore we can morning breeze to crest her
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parents ramon and jovian favorite memory is dancing with him on your wedding day. it's now 627 a danger is there about a matter falls and the stunt that hasn't been attempted in a hundred years. and the investigation into what started construction site fire in oakland to high security guard may have been distracted just minutes before the flames. . smooth sailing for friday morning commute to such a relief after yesterday's trans bay turmoil will giv,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, hit it and
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everyone on friday june 15th and michelle grey gull 8631. in the big rally for commuters in for criticism morning trains are running to the trans bay to bart is back on track after huge flames from a suspicious fire damaged our equipment ends up service from oakland to san francisco to encourage this morning with cbs five reporter kate checking the investigation into fired the first cbs five reporter and back and that is in oakland with this morning's commute update. i don't think anyone will be taking part service for granted any time soon everything is running as normal this morning you can see behind me there is still some damage here to the track that is the third rail that is exposed to conceal its cover and the left side and on the right to covering has been melted the tracks of course damaged after that early morning fire in the
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building under construction next to the fifth straight tracks of the west oakland bart station shutting down all service between san francisco and oakland workers repair the burnt components of the electoral system took some test runs yesterday afternoon investors backed up at in need and running. it's a reminder of what life is like without the costs of them a little plug for fun in there and i don't think that the people and would argue that the tens of thousands of commuters to have to find alternate ways across the day packing buses and ferries again everything running on schedule this friday morning but the investigation is the fire that started at the sullom there are suspicious factors involved a case. good morning that's exactly right investigators don't think
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this was a coincidence and this morning it will have their hands full the place where talking about at nearly four hours to contain it started around 215 me that senior housing project that was under construction and it's what happens before the fire that freezing investigators eyebrows they're harassed by three young men. and because of this investigators believe they may have been done on purpose. so far concerning this particular firebomb it's too early to it even talk about arson. we bring expertise and are certified fire investigations and what are areas of expertise is to
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determine what caused the fire. now will be focusing their investigation efforts on the south end of the building where they think it started and they're calling out all hands on deck the fire department oakland's fire department and the bureau of alcohol tobacco firearms and explosives the fire caused massive damages the general cost of that-they million dollars for the damage liven up and back to you. utility crews are finishing work at the scene of a gas leak the first evacuations early this morning in san s.a. and it began about 113 when a car hit apartment building ease in the cities even built in the area and one person was taken to hospital portions of the driver closed the second of all is that right now is that this area being affected by the gas leak? and as you said the threat is no longer there because the
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gasoline has been capped so are the biggest tour this morning is that everything is normal service is back on time systemwide for the sins about 4:00 yesterday that they got the chance they reopened between oakland and san francisco and so far the thing is not a great start to pastry counter and everything so far looking and roadways kind of a totally different story than yesterday checkup was down 24 completely cloud yesterday already by this time in so far everything is just degrees 580 and coming down to the freeway it's actually a little bit lighter than we to the ec for the some of the more aye so it is in friday in the cold fried delights included cross the richmond center fell prey to sought extra heavy traffic across this bridge in the golden gate yesterday. so you really realize what it may germ thing bart is for commuters in the bay here's a live look
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at 883 oakland in its northbound traffic so far looks pretty dead in the green all the way past the coliseum for the downtown oakland exits' and similar stories from silicon valley in milpitas and looks set out towards them as a that is traffic for an update here's lawrence. bothers they come up and upset with plenty of sunshine had away tempters are going to get a hot spots today it will keep things up right now mostly sunny skies over san francisco not tell looks good as a sex the sunshine of the imam temperatures now are running in the '50s still a few patches of fog toward the coast and you have to watch out for fire dangers in parts of the north bay expecting gusty winds out and northeast 30 to 40 m.p.h. temperatures and then on '80s and '90s inland lots the '70s and '80s around the ban out for the coastline has in the '60s
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much hotter the weekends and will talk about that and a couple minutes. back to court next wednesday for san francisco couples facing murder charges they're accused of gunning down a southern california man they say had turned to their 17 year- old daughter in to a prostitute the dead man's father edmund that his son was in trouble with the law but says he should not have been killed. did glaze the fact that the matter is he didn't deserve to die. she had become a sex workers was working for him and he was repent. police say the couple tried to kill in north hollywood he was only wounded then they say saddam's death with a fountain in san francisco a few days later. contra costa county health officials have shut down a woman creek restaurant after some workers and customers got sick lab tests confirm some of them have an oral virus sell the california pizza kitchen at
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broadway plaza was abruptly closed yesterday afternoon investigators have connect to the outbreak with salads served at the location on thursday of last week now virus symptoms include gastrointestinal problems. it will cost more to read part first part fares will go up by 1.4%. the board approved the increase that is tied to inflation and also voted for a new budget is 80% clear that the old one that includes money to increase staff and to read service from san francisco to richmond in the evenings and a ribbon cutting ceremony this morning will mark the highway improvement projects and says they and the interchange between highway 11 in east san jose is one of the bay area's busiest day speakers will include congresswoman's of zoe lofgren chuck reed and several members of the santa clara county board of supervisors. presidential, and an army promote their
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economic plans and swing states yesterday both campaign in ohio the president in cleveland and round in cincinnati the big topic is the struggling economy the president says overturn the nation to george bush's policies from the counter that the president has had three and a half years but hasn't been able to revive the economy. the president was also in new york guest today he and michelle bauman got a firsthand look at progress on the world trade center project he also attended fund-raisers said matthew broderick and said sarah jessica parker's house. the highest court in the land will take up health care reform on cbs this morning charlie rose has house minority leader nancy pelosi the questions below seem and ruled it unconstitutional. i think that we believe in the constitution we believe the judicial review to to do what
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happened self care? did we head think it will be 63 air favor. you can find out what she said that's starting at 7:00 a.m. on channel 5 time now is 640 microsoft big event in seven california a major announcement about a new gadget and concrete matter falls one man's dangerous feat that is both dicey and pricey. and the market to open at 10 minutes ago the city could check on the early numbers looking like a pretty good day so far coming up loud and update
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delegate is live at the third matter falls how beautiful. tonight is a nice if you can believe it will be the first person more than a century to perform a tightrope that matter falls in the will be wearing a safety device that is the contract requires the sons will cost more than a million dollars. it was the pressure is up and we've got the emmy award winning. without some changes campus begins but think your point to like it. the couple of thoughts is the fog along the immediate coastline. but otherwise mostly sunny skies to saturday some north and northeast of the wind kicking it to myself i would watch goes into effect in north bend somehow we can contact could see some temperatures nearing 100 degrees as to get to
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the afternoon on saturday to a weaker close in writing about 98 and 96 degrees in fresno upper 80s into seventy in and as you make your way out along the coastline even sees more sense and there is high pressure cousin to the marine layer was a less fog over the weekend to counter today and he see the effects of the ridge is a built- in. and before you know beautiful weather up for the beaches 63 degrees in pacific as 77 degrees and he were in low 90 showing up in the interior valleys some spots in and say and that is your to way inside the day now could be as breezy so as to those centers popping in just a bit 76 in oakland 71 and san francisco and 63 degrees in stinson beach next couple of days that he is on looking good right through father's day and faculty some
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cooling temperatures will be heading toward monday and tuesday and by next wednesday and thursday we start to warn those numbers up once again the check out the rose now elizabeth. things a looking great at least a lot better than it were yesterday cell leader in the restaurant and he can't see some delays but they're not too bad definitely call is from the lights back debt to about the end of the parking lot possibly to the first-ever cross and sell about five to 10 minutes is just usual stuff here. tour maps and we go to the check this out they northbound 11 themselves might to be there because you can see that's a little sluggish coming to san jose the rest of the south bay looks pretty good including one to 800 downtown the guadalupe parkway and no bright lights 87 like requires. is a local on the peninsula of
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including all bart trains are are time that traffic back to you. wall street in markets around the world are watching what happens increases began to national elections are happening in the financially troubled country. evans's weekend in greece. if the entire city party that the rollback measures such a tied to the bill as increase that could be benched before graces of the year the market has been up and down this week based on speculation that central banks around the world will act if that indeed happens and that includes looking forward to the fed next week the fed meets and there is a
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speculation that they will inject more stimulus is the economy and further indicate that we can hear them as well, last month and also it to manufacture and rustling as well as they will cease all week yesterday they had 155 points us look at the big board quickly just to see what's up and so far so good the dow gained 51 points nasdaq is up by seven the s&p is hired by a four points at events on monday coming from microsoft now saying they're going to announce it's going to take place in l.a. the report that microsoft will debut its own device and if there's any van as microsoft the device makers out there it's like apples and the could do this all in house making its hardware software and in selling windows
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will certainly be interesting to see at bad dominating the tablets base because of trying to gain entry its problem the next best operating system but it's right over #device manufacturers including samsung but it's all about happens in europe this weekend. severances could take center stage this week that is barred server shutdown and sporting fans stranded on the other side of the day of for more fellas here cafe with the former mayor willie brown and san francisco police chief the morning. quite a week and san francisco the giants of the problem you're the u.s. open going on and apple.
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deadweight and some whether to have it all. i say what everybody is doing with a lot of smiles on their faces but everything is going well the weather is cooperating in the city's packed restaurants are full we're really very busy and everybody's working together saw as a going and getting everybody in and out of the golf game? this lot of traffic sell when i'm having the problems of we had a. i was out there monday. unbelievable. unbelievable 36,000 sq. ft. merchandise that was as full as the corpse. as a matter of fact corfam purposes as well because the regulations
6:51 am
marshals were not as impressive as i have to be for the players. the players are all state standout at the st. regis that's a different story. it's a different golf course and as far as your grandfather was indeed the on it in the lead the club? my dad was president of the lead the club. have you spread the cubs and you never saw that game and never knows when to happen elsewhere? the cops are working in the of the clever paid for by the giants and the usga pays them and they're off duty. did least to bring every cop in from everywhere? no exceptional days off if you have a regular day off you can have your day off but most officers are assigned
6:52 am
at sawyer's can't do this and not those have any days off how many are calling in to try to get a day off to go to the game? we have to watch that. you have to work your regular shift you don't this was for time and half. or as frank young won and took a dive today? did waves the double eagle. that's when there's shots in golf. and by the way that perfect game went on like that it is prudent to bring in extra police down to the park? it's hard to get the cops away and that was unbelievable. it just doesn't get any better. and everybody just went out and had a ball. it was a party. i contributed
6:53 am
substantially. to the really wonderful street attitude. that's a good way to put it. around the house together. fazio. thank you. it's now 653 coming up the unusual occupiers pulling all matter and oakland's,,,,,,,,,,,,
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here and tell president and, in order to deport employees. to equate a restaging hundred hunters trek to? to equate the to the yesterday a the order is as for his office told us that it will not allowed to bring
6:58 am
food and. so we're basically force and to have a strike. how long do intend to keep this up? and tell present obama's and the exact order. i am going to throw you out? so our situation is contingent upon whether not decide to take action. we will stay with this and obama's election headquarters here and oakland's where has been occupied by some protesters reporting from oakland it cbs five. sticky project and whether? did we looking dead sunshine around the day and if you pass to frogs were the coastline this afternoon hot and spot from a low 90s inland 76 degrees in oakland 71 in san francisco '60s were the coastline is sunshine
6:59 am
there till the next couple of days will crank up those temperatures with some offshore winds all the way to the coast probably '60s and '70s even out for the beaches then will start to cool things down monday and tuesday but for dads one a day will be for dads whenever they want to do that's right where they want to do including being left alone. let's go toward the bay bridge is a totally different story is friday and everything looks great the bay bridge there are some slight delays by the page because the matter in the restaurant on the back-up for a 10 minute waits as opposed yesterday part by the way is on time and other shatters and dads are for spencer is i think elisabeth with your family there's dad. that's the whole family just a thought on vacation. says lawrence and his parents + jessica. and then the


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