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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  June 21, 2012 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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capitol hill showdown over the "fast and furious" investigation. a congressional panel cites attorney general eric holder for contempt as president obama invokes executive privilege. the defense rests in the jerry sandusky child abuse trial, but sandusky never takes the witness stand. and buying hawaii. one of the world's wealthiest men set to purchase nearly all one of the world's wealthiest men set to purchase nearly all of a hawaiian island. captioning funded by cbs this is the vst morning news for thursday, june 21st, 2012. good morning, everybody. good to be with you. i'm terrell brown. the investigation into the "fast and furious" gun running probe has turned into an all out
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partisan and acrimonious battle between the obama administration and the republican controlled house. at issue here justice department documents relating to the congressional investigation. president obama invoked executive privilege to shield the documents. a house panel cited attorney general eric holder for contempt. susan mcginnis in washington. susan, good morning to you. >> reporter: terrell, good morning. this is a long time dispute to a new level. some democrats say this is designed to embarrass eric holder and hurt the president. republicans say they just want to get to the truth and they're hinting at a coverup. >> the ayes have it. >> reporter: voting along party lines the house oversight committee recommended attorney general eric holder be held in contempt of congress for failing to turn over documents related to the failed gun smuggling operation "fast and furious." house speaker john boehner and majority leader eric cantor released a statement saying, unless the attorney general
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re-evaluates his choice and supplies the promised documents, the house will vote to hold him in contempt next week. >> mr. boehner takes this to the house, he will be seen as one of the most extreme speakers. >> reporter: during an 18-month investigation holder turned over some 7600 documents. holder agreed to turn over more documents if committee chairman darrell issa would end the investigation. he refused. that's when holder asked the white house to invoke executive privilege to protect the documents. the president granted it. democrats say republicans are going after holder in a politically motivated witch hunt. >> he's been up here nine times testifying. >> reporter: republicans say they are trying to get to the truth about how guns that were part of the "fast and furious" operation ended up near the body of border patrol agent brian terry. he was killed in a shootout near the mexican border. >> we've assured that brian terry's family, mother and father, brothers and sisters, cousins, that there are other
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means that we will use to continue investigating. >> reporter: terry's parents say the president's decision to invoke executive privilege compounds their tragedy. now if the contempt resolution passes the full house next week, it goes to a u.s. attorney. terrell, holder can still turn over those documents before the vote. it could possibly be resolved beforehand. >> susan mcginnis in washington this morning. susan, thank you so much. the family of an immigration and customs agent killed in mexico filed a $25 million wrongful death claim against the u.s. government. agent jamee za pat a was killed in a roadside attack in northern mexico. another agent was wounded. zapata's family claimed two rifles were part of a gun trafficking investigation involving mexican drug cartels. cbs news has learned one of the wen pons came from the u.s. and was moved by suspects who had been watched for months but not arrested. the chief of the florida police department that investigated the trayvon martin shooting has been fired.
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bill lee has been on a leave of absence. he's been strongly criticized for his department's actions following martin's shooting by george zimmerman in february. sanford city manager says lee was fired because the police chief needs to have the confidence of the entire community. closing arguments are scheduled today in the jerry sandusky child sex abuse trial. when the jury takes up deliberations it will be sequestered until it reaches a verdict. yesterday they called the final witness but sandusky was not among them. manuel gallegus was among them. >> reporter: defense attorney joe amendola wouldn't comment why he didn't take the stand. last month he hinted he would tell his side of the story but he rested after calling several character witnesses who testified the sandusky they know is a good family man with a stellar reputation. a lawyer from one of sandusky's accusers said the prosecution made a strong case. >> they put on a mountain of evidence. >> reporter: the defense may have had some success trying to discredit the investigators in
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the case. lawyers tried to show that police may have influenced the accusers by sharing information with them. a man who took part in sandusky's second mile program for at-risk youth testified he thought investigators were trying to coax him into accusing sandusky. i felt like they wanted me to say something that isn't true, & he said. sandusky is charged with sexually abusing ten boys over 15 years. his wife dottie spoke publicly about the case for the first time tuesday telling jurors she never saw or heard anything suspicious when her husband was with any of his accusers. but trial watchers were very disappointed they didn't get to hear from sandusky himself. connie bollen was a guidance counselor who referred many boys to his charity. >> i wanted him to get up there and say something. i don't know what i wanted him to say. i don't know what he could say but i wanted him to say something. >> both sides will make closing arc gumts thursday and the jury could have the case by thursday. a state of emergency has been declared in duluth,
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minnesota, after flooding caused extensive damage. parts of that city are still underwater this morning. more than 10 inches of rain fell on duluth yesterday triggered flooding. they tore through the lake superior zoo killing dozens of animals. a polar bear and two sea lions escaped their enclosures but were recaptured. firefighters battling the massive wild fire in northern colorado caught a break from the weather. temperatures significantly lower. the humidity higher. the fire has burned 68,000 acres and is 55% contained. firefighting aircraft were temporarily grounded yesterday because of meteor sightings. here on the east coast weather forecasters predict another day of scorching temperatures. temperatures high in the 90s coupled with humidity made life miserable from the nation's capital to new england. records broken and shattered in new york, vermont, maine.
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the 23ed takes action to boost the economy but did the markets react well? oracle ceo goes hawaiian. you will not believe this story. erica ferrara here with that and more. >> reporter: good morning, terrell. the federal reserve said it will extend its operation twist program in an effort to spur borrowing, but the fed wrapped up its two-day policy meeting with some grim news. the central bank scaled back its growth forecast for the economy and said unemployment would likely stay at or near its current rate of 8.2%. news from the fed sent most overseas stocks lower. tokyo's nikkei bucked the trend and gained nearly 1%. hong kong's hang seng dropped 1.5%. ed fetd's announcement didn't do much to inspire investors on wall street. the dow lost 12 points while the nasdaq stayed flat. and greece's new leaders are preparing to take on the country's massive economic problems. prime minister antonis samaras was sworn in wednesday.
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he's the fourth prime minister in eight months. the newly formed coalition government will try to stick to the terms of a multi-billion bailout by implementing tough austerity measures. and the union that represents american airlines pilots rejected the company's latest contract offer. the bankrupt airline is trying to cut costs and is asking the pilots to accept concessions. the union panel rejected the offer without sending it to the pilots. a bankruptcy judge will rule on friday on whether american can break its current contract with the pilots. and what do you buy if you're the world's sixth wealthiest person? hawaii's sixth largest island. oracle ceo larry ellison has reached a deal to buy 98% of the island of lanai. it's unknown exactly how much ellison paid, but the asking price was between 500 and $600 million. ellison will reportedly pay cash for his sizeable chunk of the 141 square mile island. terrell, you can do that when
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you're worth an estimated $36 billion. >> threw the money on the table. gve it to me. that was considered a modest investment. unbelievable. erica is in new york. thank you so much. appreciate it. we'll take a quick break on the morning news. when would he come back, the traveling sisters, nuns on the bus come across the country as they face heat from the vatican. this is the "cbs morning news." "moneywatch" sponsored by auto stop. new auto stop is fool proof. gray is over. [ male announcer ] every day, thousands of people are choosing advil® for their headaches.
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for the third day in a row militants targeted u.s. troops in afghanistan. a suicide bomber killed 21 people including three u.s. soldiers yesterday at a checkpoint near the pakistan border. on tuesday militants attacked a nato military base wounding several u.s. troops and on monday an american service member was killed, nine others wounded by gunmen dressed as afghan police. in new orleans delegates
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passed a resolution that says gay rights are not civil rights. it also says marriage is between a man and a woman and that sexual behavior outside of marriage is sinful. the nearly unanimous decision comes one day after the largest u.s. protestant denomination elected their first ever african-american president. a group of american nuns are on a nine state 2700 mile pilgrimage. they'll stop at a housing 1re789 for the homeless outside of chicago. the nuns are also pushing back at roman catholic leaders. >> reporter: you seem to be under siege. >> well, into every life a little rain must come. >> reporter: sister simone campbell is a roman catholic nun, leader of network, a liberal social justice lobby in washington and a bit of a provocateur. >> catholic sisters have always been out on the edge, and quite frankly we have a long history of kind of annoying the central authority. >> reporter: the central
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authority they've recently annoyed is the vatican itself. in april sister simone's group and the leadership conference of women religious representing 80% of the nation's nuns were attacked by the church hierarchy for focusing too much of their work on poverty and economic justice while being silent on abortion and same-sex marriage. >> do y>> reporter: do you plea guilty to that? >> i wear that as a badge of honor. >> reporter: they want to correct serious doctrinal problems in the way the nuns work. >> reporter: you've been called radical feminists though. >> i know. >> reporter: are you radical feminists? >> oh, my heavens. i actually have to laugh. we're strong women. we're educated women. we have questions. we engage in dye aing low. that's all we do. we stay faithful to the gospel in trying to live it. you break it open and ask questions. it's fabulous. >> reporter: sister simone has
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doubled down launching this bus tour in what can only be seen as a retort to rome. >> we need to be responsible. >> reporter: the sisters are focusing on social issues all along the way holding press conferences and staking protests against the proposed budget cuts which they say will endanger those most in need. noits. >> reporter: at the starting line in iowa there was no talk of same-sex marriage. >> the truth is, we have to speak up for the people who are suffering in our society. that's our mission, that's our goal, that's what jesus would do. that's the gospel. >> reporter: and off they went. the daughters of charity, the sisters of mercy, and others barrelling down the back roads and not slowing down. dean reynolds, cbs news, janesville, wisconsin. up next on a thursday morning, your weather forecast. in sports, raining long balls in stadiums all over the country. the country. [ male announcer ] it isn't just your mammogram.
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that lovely girl, caught your eye? 20 piece mcnuggets are only $4.99. you offer to share them. a conversation begins. that's pretty smart. i been around. [ male announcer ] 20 piece chicken mcnuggets only $4.99, just one of the awesome tastes available only on mcdonald's new extra value menu. the simple joy of being extra smart. here's a look at the weather in some cities around the country. more heat and humidity in new york. 97. heavy thunderstorms in miami, 86. periods of sun, 94 in dallas. clear in los angeles, 77 degrees. let's check the national forecast. it will be another sweltering day of heat in the northeast. d.c. to boston could hit 100 degrees. cold front bringing severe storms across the central plain. tropical moisture will move across florida. some areas could get as much as
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five inches of rain by friday. look for more dangerous high heat in the desert southwest. in sports this morning, a home run derby in the bronx. freddie free man got things rocking in the first. two run blast into the bullpen. yanks derek jeter answered right back with a solo jack of his own. then the wood started flying. by the end of the game the bronx bombers had four. the braves 5. braves win it 10-5. none more exciting than the one hit by ryan robertson vi. >> deep right center field. going way back. off the face of the fence. saunders, he's going to try to get it inside the park. the throw to the plate is not there. and he scores on an inside the park two run homer. >> the eighth inside-the-park home run in diamond back
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history. it powered the way to a i 14-10 arizona win. they go yog in l.a. in the eighth ken dris moralis put them up. mark trom bow hammers one to left field for back to back jacks. angels shut down san francisco 6-0. drama in the bottom of the ninth in philadelphia. two out, phyllis hunter pence hits a clutch double. bases loaded, poe lan cha hit the chopper up the middle. should be the final out. no, not quite. todd helton steps off the bag. phyllis rally past the rockies 7-6. leroy nieman who painted some of the world's most famous athletes as well as u.s. presidents and musician has died. he had a big handle bar moustache that was almost as famous as he was. he was named the official artist for several olympic games. some of the grates he painted were muhammad ali and michael
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here's a look at the weather in some cities around the country. d.c. very hot, 100. mostly sunny, 92 in atlanta. chance of thunderstorms. 82 in denver. same deal in seattle at 78 degrees. police in upstate new york are investigating a video of some middle school students bullying a school bus monitor. the ten-minute video was posted on youtube on monday. it shows the kids saying some very nasty things to 68-year-old karen klein, grandmother of eight. she says she appears calm but that's not what she was feeling. >> i wanted to punch them is what i wanted to do. i laid back and just tried to
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ignore it because i really wanted to hurt them. you know? you can't do that. >> reporter: some say you can't. there is a silver lining. an online fundraiser to send her on a nice vacation has brought in more than $99,000. it almost makes you mad to watch that. this is a birthday prince william will never forget. he turns 30 today and will inherit more than $15 million from a trust fund his mother, princess diana, set up before she died. not throwing a bill royal bash. he's reportedly spending the day working and having a private celebration with family and friends. here in new york city a different kind of tall structure made news. a group from spain formed a human tower of eight tiers. about 40 feet high. they formed the tower on a roof and they didn't use ladders, nets, or safety harnesses. the group beat the guinness world record of six tiers set back in 2007. all it would have taken was for somebody to pass a little bit of
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gas and that whole thing would have come tumbling down. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," eating disorders in women over 50. i'm terrell brown. this is the morning news. this is the morning news. [ girl ] when i started playing soccer, i wasn't so good. [ barks ] so me and sadie started practicing. we practiced a lot. now i've got some moves! [ crowd cheering ] spin kick! whoo-hoo! [ giggling ] [ announcer ] we know how important your dog is to your whole family. so help keep him strong and healthy... with the total care nutrition in purina dog chow. because you're not just a family. you're a dog family. but they haven't experienced extra strength bayer advanced aspirin. in fact, in a recent survey, 95% of people who tried it agreed that it relieved their headache fast. visit today for a special trial offer.
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y . this week marks the 40th anniversary of title nine, the federal law that requires fair treatment regardless of gender in school programs. the law's mostly known for leveling the playing field for women athletes. michelle miller spoke with one of the early pioneers. >> reporter: kathrine switzer has been running for 53 years, but one race early in her career changed the course of her life and millions of others. >> in 1967 i had trained for the boston marathon and my coach inspired me. he didn't believe a woman could run the marathon distance. >> reporter: your own coach? >> my own coach didn't believe. that was the prevailing thinking, that if a woman became an athlete she would get big legs, grow hair on her chest and never have children.
4:26 am
>> reporter: switzer entered the race under her initials. her coach picked up her official number and there was utter shock when she appeared in the field of men. >> the race director who saw this whole thing lost his temper and chased me down the street and attacked me and screamed, get the hell out of my race and give me those numbers and tried to rib my bib numbers off me. my boyfriend smacked the official and knocked him out of the race and down the street. >> reporter: so began switzer's marathon to clear the way for female runners. >> were you aware that there was a fight for equal access in spor spor sports? >> i was aware that congress was fighting in education and jobs. i thought that was absolutely fantastic. i had no idea that it was going to apply to sports. >> reporter: that fight in congress resulted in title nine which said schools had to open all of their activities, including sports, to both genders. >> title nine has changed the landscape. there isn't a girl in this country who should grow up with
4:27 am
a sense of limitation. >> reporter: one of those girls who cleared the lane for women was joan benoit samuelson. in 1984 she won the gold medal in the first olympic women's marathon. >> when i first started running in the early 1970s women couldn't run more than 1500 meters in international and national competition. so 150,000 miles and 40 years later i'm still running. >> reporter: when benoit amuelson broke the tape, kathryn switzer was the tv commentator for the race. >> when joan be nate came through that stadium and ran it so well, people from all over the world were very convinced about women's capability. >> reporter: at 65 switzer is training for her 40th marathon with plans to return to boston. when she does, she may still be able to outrun the race director. but this time she'll have competition from more than 10,000 other women who have joined the race. michelle miller, cbs news, new
4:28 am
paltz, new york. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," the latest on the flood emergency in duluth, minnesota. we'll get a live update. prince william turns 30 today. the legendary crosby stills and nash stops by studio 57. that'll do it for the "cbs morning news" this thursday. as always, i appreciate you watching. take care. watching. take care. have a great day. -- captions by vitac --
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a huge fire ripped through a berkeley home this morning forcing residents out into the streets.


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