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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  June 22, 2012 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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new allegations. as the jury deliberates its case, jerry sandusky's son says he was abused by the former football coach. telling his side. newly released video shows george zimmerman describing to police the fatal shooting of trayvon martin. and coronation. lebron james wins his first nba championship, leading miami heat to a decisive finals victory. captioning funded by cbs good morning, everybody. good to be with you. happy friday. i'm terrell brown. jury deliberations resume this morning in jerry sandusky's child abuse trial. after the jury got the case yesterday, sandusky's adopted son changed his story, saying he
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also was a victim of the former penn state football coach. manuel gallegus reports. >> reporter: just as jurors began deliberating the jerry sandusky case comes a startling revelation from one of his own sons. through his attorney, matt sandusky said he met with prosecutors this week to say for the first time he was molested by his own father. matt is now 33 and was adopted by jerry and his wife dottie as an adult after living with them as a foster child. he was reportedly prepared to testify, but it's unclear why he was never called as a prosecution witness. the news about sandusky's son was not presented in court, so the jurors don't know anything about it. they're sequestered in a local hotel with no tv or phone. earlier, the jurors heard the defense and prosecution sum up their cases. defense attorney joe amendola passionately portrayed sandusky as the victim of overzealous investigators, greedy accusers and a legal system that convicted him before his arrest.
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but prosecutor joe mcgettigan called the 68-year-old a serial predatory pedophile. he finished his argument standing directly behind sandusky, telling jurors he "molested and abused and hurt these children horribly. he knows he did it and you know he did it. find him guilty of everything." manuel gallegus, cbs news, bellefonte, pennsylvania. overseas now, a taliban seize of a popular hotel in afghanistan ended early this morning. suicide bombers stormed the two-story hotel about six miles from kabul late last night. armed with rocket-propelled grenades, guns and explosives, they killed at least 17 people, including 12 civilians. police say dozens of hostages were taken, five militants were killed. the taliban says it targeted the hotel because foreign guests were drinking and participating in other activities banned by islam. to politics now, and one of the key issues of the presidential race, immigration reform. today, president obama speaks to latino leaders in florida. the president's new plan to ease
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deportation rules has played well among latinos. mitt romney spoke to the group yesterday and promised to address illegal immigration in a "civil but resolute manner." susan mcginnis in washington this morning with details. susan, good morning to you. >> reporter: terrell, good morning. yeah, the president could get a warmer reception from what was a tough crowd for romney yesterday. he told them he believes that obama is taking their vote for granted. mitt romney says it's time latino voters think twice about supporting president obama in november. >> i believe he's taking your vote for granted. i've come here today with a very simple message -- you do have an alternative. >> reporter: his pitch -- the economy would be better for everyone under a romney presidency, including hispanics. >> while the national unemployment is still above 8% and has been for 40 straight months, hispanic unemployment is at 11%. >> reporter: during the primaries, romney took a hardline stance on immigration, saying illegal immigrants should
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self-deport and recommending a high-tech fence at the border. well, thursday he took a much softer stance. romney said he would grant green cards to immigrants and their families earning advanced degrees and serving in the military. >> effective immediately, the department of homeland security is taking steps to lift the shadow of deportation from these young people. >> reporter: last week, the president announced a new policy to stop the deportation of illegal immigrants brought to this country by their parents. polls released since then show the president's lead over romney with hispanics has grown as much as 8%. romney says the president is just trying to win votes. >> instead, he failed to act until facing a tough re-election. >> reporter: senator marco rubio, a potential romney vice presidential choice, admits romney might not have much of a chance with liberal hispanic voters. on thursday, he said "it doesn't matter what mitt romney's position is on immigration or mine, for that matter, they're not going t support us." president obama won 67% of the hispanic vote in 2008.
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romney's aides say they think he can get 40% this time around, terrell. >> have a good weekend, susan. susan mcginnis, thank you so much. "cbs money watch" time on a friday morning. some of the world's largest banks see their credit ratings lowered and one investment firm says it's time to bet against the stock market. erica ferrari here in new york with that and more. erica, good morning. >> good morning, terrell. moody's investors service cut the credit scores of 15 banks, including bank of america, jpmorgan chase and goldman sachs. moody's says the banks have significant exposure to the volatility of the stock and bond markets. the downgrade means the banks will have to pay more to borrow money. and despite the news, shares of the u.s. banks that were downgraded actually rose in after-hours trading. that's one of the few pieces of good news investors have gotten in the last day. weak economic data from the u.s. and china sent stocks lower overseas. hong kong's hang seng was down more than 1%. the nikkei lost a fraction. wall street suffered one of
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its worst days of the year. the dow lost nearly 251 points, while the nasdaq was down 71. and investors were startled thursday when two goldman sachs analysts recommended investors bet against the s&p 500. the analysts cited a weak manufacturing report in the northeast as a sign that the overall economy is slowing. after the goldman report was released, the s&p lost 2%. and president obama renewed his call for congressional action on extending the interest rates on student loans. in a little more than a week, the rate on stafford loans will double from 3.4% to 6.8%. the rate hike will affect more than 7 million americans. democrats and republicans agree that the current rate should be extended, but the two parties have not been able to come to an agreement on how to pay for the plan's $6 billion price tag. terrell? >> we'll be talking about it. erica ferrari in new york, thank you so much. no rain is in the forecast for today in northeast minnesota, and floodwaters there are slowly receding. damage estimates in the duluth area are estimated to be near
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$80 million. two days of historically heavy rain wiped out roads and bridges and left one town completely surrounded by water. heavy rain also an issue in central wisconsin. three people died when flooding washed away a 50-foot section of highway yesterday. two vehicles crashed into a huge ravine after that highway collapsed. looks like another day of sweltering temperatures here in the northeast before some relief from a record-breaking heat wave this weekend. temperatures fell throughout the region yesterday in washington, baltimore, new york and boston. power companies in new york asked customers to conserve energy. and speaking of heat, the miami heat are the new champions of the nba. led by lebron james, the heat easily handled the oklahoma city thunder 121-106 last night to take the championship series in five games. more on that coming up a little later in sports. take a quick break on a friday morning. when we come back on the "morning news," in his own words. new video of george zimmerman describing the night he fatally shot florida teenager trayvon
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the lawyer for george zimmerman released more details about what happened the night florida teen trayvon martin was killed. the new audio and video shows zimmerman talking to police. but as anna warner tells us, the description of what happened still leaves a lot of unanswered questions. >> he was walking like in the grassy area. >> reporter: this video was shot by sanford police the day after the shooting. george zimmerman rode with investigators back to the scene and described what happened. >> like i said, it was rainy and he wasn't -- he was just leisurely looking at the house. >> reporter: he spotted trayvon martin here in the gated community. it was just after 7:00 p.m. the 17-year-old had purchased iced tea and candy at a convenience store. >> i kept driving. i passed him, and he kept staring at me and staring around, looking around to see who else was -- i don't know why he was looking, but -- >> did he walk off from there or
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did he stop there last night? >> he stopped. >> reporter: zimmerman told the officers he parked his car at the neighborhood's clubhouse, then called police. >> this guy looks like he's up to no good or he's on drugs or something. it's raining and he's just walking around looking about. >> reporter: zimmerman said he then lost sight of martin. it was at this spot where the two came face to face. >> i got to right about here. he yelled from behind me. he said, "yo, you got a problem?" i turned around, and i said "i don't have a problem, man." >> where was he at? >> he was about there, but he was walking towards me. >> so, he was coming from this direction here? >> yes, sir. like i said, i was already passed that, so i didn't see exactly where he came from, but he was about where you are. >> okay. >> and i said, "i don't have a problem," and i went to grab my cell phone, because i left it in a different pocket, and i looked down at my pants pocket and he said "you got a problem now" and then he was here and punched me in the face.
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>> reporter: at least six residents called 911 to report a fight. >> i tried to sit up and that's when he grabbed me by the head and tried to slam my head down and -- >> were you on the cement or were you on the grass? >> no, my body was on the grass. my head was on the cement. >> so, you think he's yelling "help"? >> yes. >> that's when my jacket moved up and i had my firearm on my right-side hip. my jacket moved up and he saw it. i feel like he looked at it. he said "you're going to die tonight, mother [ bleep ]." and he reached for it beneath -- like i felt his arm going down to my side, and i grabbed it and i just grabbed my firearm and i shot him one time. when he hit me in the face, in the head, it felt like he was hitting me with something. >> reporter: also released were video and audio recordings of zimmerman's interviews with investigators at police headquarters in the days after the shooting.
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for the first time, we hear the voice of lead investigator chris serino. he pointed out what he saw as inconsistencies. >> a lot of people don't think your injuries are consistent with getting in a life-threatening type of thing. it's a matter of perception, i understand that. >> reporter: and serino directly asks zimmerman whether he targeted martin because he was black. >> you know, you're going to come under a lot of scrutiny over this, correct? okay, the profiling aspect of the whole thing. had this person been white, would you have felt the same way? >> yes. >> reporter: these tapes were released not by prosecutors, but by zimmerman's attorney. mark o'mara says he wants the public to know his client has nothing to hide. he acknowledges the information could be heard by potential jurors in a trial, but he denies that that was the reason for putting that information on his website. anna warner, cbs news, sanford, florida. the supreme court handed broadcasters a narrow victory yesterday. the justices ruled that fox and abc can't be fined for profanity and nudity that aired about a decade ago. broadcasters have wanted the
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courts to overturn the federal communication commission's policy on indecency. instead, the justices said the fcc is free to revise it. and the supreme court is expected to hand down its decision on president obama's health care law next week. house speaker john boehner already warning republicans there will be no spiking the ball if the court strikes down all or some of the law. in a memo, he wrote "we will not celebrate at a time when millions of our fellow americans remain out of work, the national debt has exceeded the size of our nation's economy, health costs continue to rise and small businesses are struggling to hire." boehner added that the gop needs to enact its own health care reforms. democrats responded by issuing a memo highlighting several popular provisions of the law. coming up next on a friday morning, the weather forecast. in sports, the king is crowned. lebron james and the miami heat roll over the thunder to win the nba championship. and later, a big pay day for a bullied bus monitor. support for her grows as contributions to an online fund approaches $500,000. grows as contributions to an online fund approaches $500,000.
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hail will stoke parts of the great lakes and the ohio valley. they'll be dry into the west and the south, except for parts of florida that could see heavy clusters of rain. in sports this morning, break out the bubbly! looks like lebron james made the right decision. the miami heat are nba champs, and they just crushed the thunder in game five to win that ring. james on fire, determined to redeem himself from last year. he scored 26 to end with a triple-double. dwyane wade pops in another 20. unlike the other games in the series, this one not even close. the heat demolished oklahoma city 121-106. they take the series four games to one. coach erik spoelstra gets the gatorade shower, and james could not be happier. >> i've dreamed about this opportunity, this moment for a long time, including last night, including today, you know. and you know, my dream has become a reality now, and it's, you know, the best feeling i've ever had. >> tears? tears? no, okay, no tears.
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in addition to winning his first championship, lebron was also named the finals mvp. and after the game, heat fans take it to the streets to celebrate. at one point, some overexuberant fans blocked traffic, but so far, no reports of riots or arrests. too bad the miami marlins don't have that championship feeling. once again, they came up short against the red sox. boston down by two until will middlebrooks launches one downtown in the eighth to tie the score. still in the eighth, daniel nava chops one up the middle to bring in the winning run. red sox rally past the marlins, 6-5, their fifth straight victory. and in oakland, one swing, game over! bottom nine, yoenis cespedes with a walk-off home run drives in three runs. it's the first career game-ending shot for the a's rookie slugger. oakland wins 4-1 to sweep l.a. when we come back, show of support. the community rallies around a bullied victim seen in a viral video as her online fund keeps
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here's a look at the weather in some cities around the country. in d.c., afternoon storms, 96. in atlanta, thunderstorms, 92. mostly sunny, 88 in st. louis, sunny and hot, 94 in denver, showers in seattle, 63 degrees. another climber has fallen down mt. hood in oregon. police say 53-year-old gary morgan of michigan slid about 600 feet yesterday before falling off the edge of a cliff and landing in some snow. he suffered some serious hip and leg injuries. last week, a climber from portland died after falling about 1,000 feet in the same area. online donations for the school bus monitor bullied by middle school kids near rochester, new york, keep pouring in. donations to a website to benefit karen klein are nearing $500,000.
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video of the 68-year-old grandmother being mercilessly taunted was posted monday and have gotten 3.5 million hits. klein says she does not want her young tormenters to face criminal charges. bad kids. i still get mad when i see that video. looks like a lot of people with ebooks aren't going to the library. according to a new study by the pew research center out today, only 12% of ebook users borrowed an ebook from the library. about 62% don't even know if their library lends ebooks. the study also find that many may not have the right device to download digital text. an amazing story of lost and found. an 81-year-old michigan man got a wallet returned to him yesterday which he lost, by the way, 67 years ago. warren hota lost it along with a baseball glove in a one-room schoolhouse in new hampshire when he was 14. the wallet was found during recent renovations of the building. inside, photos of his family and a letter from his sister. was there any money in that wallet? no, there was no money in the wallet. just in case you were curious.
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coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," a look at lebron james's legacy after his first nba championship win. i'm terrell brown. this is the "cbs morning news." win. i'm terrell brown. this is the "cbs morning news" ♪
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the countdown is on for the london 2012 summer olympic games next month. among the americans on a quest for gold is a young wrestler who's made a name for himself with an amazing move. byron pitts has his story. >> reporter: chicago's rugged west side is where ellis coleman's olympic story began. >> that's where we lived. we lived right up there. >> reporter: he was raised along with his brother and sister by their single mom after his father went to prison the first time. >> only real memory i have about him is when we went to go see him one time, he sold all the tvs in the house and sold our playstation for drugs. >> reporter: he's a drug user. >> mm-hmm. >> reporter: where's he now? >> in jail. i won't ever see him again.
4:26 am
>> reporter: too many west side stories have sad endings, but coleman had three things going for him. he had a mother who refused to give up. >> even when it was bad, she always made it seem like it was good. >> reporter: he had mike powell, a wrestling coach who saw both the athlete and the student. >> he has an energy about him and a charisma for life that is extraordinary. >> everything that i've done, you know, that i've never done before was under coach powell. >> reporter: change your life? >> yeah, it did change my life. >> reporter: save your life? >> saved my life, i see that, too. >> reporter: coleman also had the extraordinary ability to do something no one had ever seen before. >> all right, time for sports top ten plays. american ellis coleman with the flying squirrel! >> reporter: the flying squirrel led to instant fame and a big money offer to fight professionally, but he said no to the money and kept wrestling. one reason, to make up for something he had not been able to do for his high school coach. in 2009, he came up short in the state championship. >> i came up short my senior
4:27 am
year and kind of, um, that was the biggest day for me between me and him. >> reporter: still bothers you? >> yeah, and i've wanted to win it for him, for us. >> and the flying squirrel is going to london! >> reporter: now at age 20, ellis coleman is the youngest member of the u.s. olympic wrestling team and he has the chance to soar on the biggest stage in sports. are you proud of him because of where he is or are you proud of him because the journey he took from -- >> yeah, i'm proud of him for who he is, you know, and how far he's come as a human being. he's the hardest working kid i've ever coached. >> ellis coleman! >> reporter: are you lucky? are you just that talented? are you blessed? what is it? >> blessed, and i mean, there's a little bit of luck, and sacrifice, i guess. sign it right here? >> yeah. >> okay, good. >> reporter: a life long tarnished by trouble -- >> a man favorite! >> reporter: -- now covered in
4:28 am
gold, no matter what happens in london. byron pitts, cbs news, chicago. >> kind of story you want on a friday morning. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," the latest developments from the jerry sandusky trial. we'll get a live report from the courthouse. plus, marking at anniversary of title nine. we'll hear from tennis legend billie jean king, one of the early supporters of the law. and actress greta gerwig from the new movie "to rome with love" will stop by our studio on "cbs this morning." that's the "cbs morning news." take care, everybody. i'm terrell brown. have a great day. ,,,,
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a text message trail release between ross mirkarimi and his aide. what the reveal abhi


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