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tv   CBS 5 News  CBS  June 23, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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discover britvisit:lumbia. good evening i'm ann notorangelo spirits are high in
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san francisco's castro district. organizers all people celebrate that. don knapp is at the block party which is alcohol free. plenty of people and food but no alcohol. we have seen and elsewhere but not in the street. the idea is to make it safer for everyone. party food is better than ever at the peak saturday block party but another ingredient missing, there's a ban on drinking in the streets. with problems in the past i'm o.k. i'm not a drinker myself three years ago two people were shot at castro and market. last year a shooting at johns mcallister follow the parade left five people with gunshot wounds the police captain said the shooting was not related to
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the event. it is an ongoing problem it was gang-related it has nothing to do with the pride of and at all and it prompted organizers to ban public drinking they are looking for drinkers and advising people to keep an eye on valuables and one another everyone wants to enjoy themselves no one will get hurt because of alcohol it celebrates the neighborhood and nonviolence using a color that wants to aggressively identified gays and lesbians. the rainbow is all the colors and we are all the colors and all genders and all the ages and races, that is what is cool about san francisco, that is why it is great to be here gilbert baker designed the rainbow flag and agrees with parting in the streets without alcohol a like a drink but not a
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drunk the bars are open and pac to the walls but on the street no sign of alcohol pride volunteers spent the morning working on a bright display lisa washington shows us the former symbol of scorn has become a beacon of pride the largest asian there is a symbol of the pride week and the huge triangle on twin peaks early saturday when hundred volunteers worked to hammer one hundred 75 bright pink tarps that cover more than 1 a. this is the 17th year the giants in trying call has been displayed. this is phenomenal to see the volunteers helping to do this and to see it go up a symbol of pride now been trying bulls when she used to
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identify homosexuals in german concentration camps. this volunteer brought her son for the moment i explained it is a symbol that san francisco is a safe place the bay area and is a safe place we have gay and lesbian friends. at a ceremony commemorating the l g b t victims of the holocaust volunteers joined leaders to celebrate the progress of acceptance of people in the l g d t community. part of that his understanding where we have banned always an ever widening circle of friends to take pride and come together lisa washington cbs 5. the 42nd annual pride parade gets underway tomorrow at 10:30 a.m. it starts at market and deal streets it runs
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through downtown the theme of this year's event is " global equality " parents protesting the closure of oakland schools march today. they have been staging a sit-in at lake view elementary. it is one of the school scheduled to close. they gathered in and then march to lake field organizers say closing the school is a false economy oakland unified clems they will save money but they are spending almost $3 million to transition kids around it is horrible in oakland unified school district officials say the figure was just an estimate. the family of a contra costa county marine killed in afghanistan unveiled a memorial
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in his honor. anne mackovic was there. a boy of love and affection from dan felt it touches my heart. call him colonel or pop pop he is the one to the nickname his grand son chalky he was an amazing young man he was a lie to everybody in his life emory himself he was worried when his grand son signed up b-s realized and imagine when we rhee on kids the bread young men and listed in high school and volunteered for the front lines. he was killed in afghanistan last november, two months into
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his appointment he was brought back home to danville and the casket to a hero's welcome more than 3000 people came out to salute the young green. today hundreds return to danville's memorial hall to see this statue unveiled including members of his battalion. they were there the memorial is a battlefield crossed where his dog tags and another marine were lying. people cannot of starbucks and their biggest worry is that not that melt, makes you realize there are bigger problems than bigger challenges. challenges the colonel once lived through and took his grand son away we miss him and left them anne mackovic cbs 5.
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there never best friends but he said they did not agree oakland's former chief tells of the. meet a woman with limited sight whose and is among the best. we have the best weather in the entire country it was cool and sunny as well. will explain after a couple of breaks. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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former oakland police chief says mayor gene wants 100 blocks crime-fighting plan was a political ploy the former chief tells the chronicle the plan was formulated by her staff as a reaction to increased crime and public demand for action. mayor kwan was unavailable for comment. he resigned last fall saying the bureaucracy made it difficult for him to do his job he says fighting crime high crime is prevalent in east and west oakland. the state's largest government
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workers union has agreed to a budget deal with gov. brown, the teachers' union represents 90,000 workers that is half of california's government employees members would take a pay cut of 4 percent and get one extra day off per month. they say in an honest count people watching without being seen how many really watch the ♪
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half million people cannot do celebrate the golden gate bridges 75th birthday the conservancy made that estimate and calculated people in their homes watching from their windows as well as people who watch the fireworks on the waterfront it was the first time fire works ever fired from the golden gate bridge roadway and towers. in 24 hours of exercise for a good cause the 24-hour replay for life started this morning at and some all high-school walker's take pledges for cancer
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research at the rear really began at 10:00 a.m. and ends tomorrow at the same time. one member of the steam was continuously. during that time the track is led up by luminarias, real-life live organizers hope to raise $65,000. they are happy of cool temperatures it was cold on the sidelines the news for you this week things look warm up this week we are 5-15 degrees below average. mostly sunny skies and the bay area and sparkling sunday skies. right now temperatures everybody right now in the 60s for the bay
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area and unusual to have such a uniform air mass. the microclimates are not in full force. this trough takes into the pacific northwest and keeps things very mild. mid 50s along the coast and mid- 60's inland. it is windy, pests up to 25 mi. per hour, the culprit is the low pressure off shore. if you're anxious for warm temperatures that would be the culprit, it is keeping the atmosphere mixed up so low clouds do not form so we get mostly sunny skies and crystal clear visibility. you can go to mount diablo and you concede all the way to mount lassen, on the weekend like this.
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they're not in many low clouds along the shoreline. for the most part sunny in bay area upper 50s and those 60s in the early going, with future cast this timeline if there's tomorrow morning and there are no low clouds along the shoreline. it looks mostly sunny for tomorrow. warmest locations are 15 degrees below normal. we will only average mid- seventies tomorrow. same thing for much of northern california. 78 degrees for sacramento valley. 63 at the monterey bay aquarium parent pinpoint forecasts 714 santa clara, 70 at milpitas east bay load to mid-seventies, 71 at napa, 73 degrees for east bay mid-seventies for north bay,
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will add a few degrees a day and until next weekend back in the mid '80s inland. we are enjoying the weather. a northern california woman overcomes odds to do what she loves and as it at a world-class level melissa cabral has the story she was born not being able to see because of our rare degenerative condition of the retina. it progressed and got worse as an adult. eight years ago tired of sitting around, archery. i wanted to try it out. see what it's like to shoot an arrow. she found a technique that includes a tripod stand to help her keep the correct form.
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she says 95% for scheldt comes from former and muscle memory is something anyone can do. it takes practice. it's like the freedom, being able to have control of something. was started as a hobby she gained momentum the first visually impaired are church issued in the u.s. nationals. i got out there and be able to shoot with the other side of archer's her skills are under the invitation to compete in the world championships in korea i never expected to compete at the world championship level she brought home a silver medal she said she hopes her story will inspire others to not be afraid to dream. if he had something you want to do you could figure out how
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to do it. we have nascar drivers joey lagano and road rage an issue on the streets and highways and on, discover british columbia. visit: discover britvisit:lumbia.
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road rage. you have senate and read about it. maybe you have a short fuse yourself. it will be at the spring club race in sonoma sunday. i can guarantee you ... we turn
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back the clock that is tony stores view he was pushed into the wall during last year's save mart 350. road rage is fairly common it is one of two road courses on the nascar schedule. drivers tried to navigate tight turns. the drivers get annoyed and a lot most of the wrecks happen from people being idiots you cannot be the guy that run 17th on the last restart and expected past six rows of cars. everytime a restart with less than 20 laps somebody does something silly. you will not make up that much ground. as our time to be patient and do the right thing of the guests tried to take advantage
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of it. a lot of it is we don't do it every single week. what is wrong with this picture? the gas cap. the nationwide stop in wisconsin danica patrick got a push in the back, nelson jr. stayed in front and took the checkered flag. let's look again at the a's and giants game in oakland. the a's came from behind last night. the giants' lead 9-4 in the seventh. for the marlins fully extended
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you have to see it again. the marlins lost their sixth in a rope 7-1 against toronto. soccer european cup span looks for their first tournament win against france. france in white. no defense, to the corner spain wins it 2-0. nascar's driver to follow his joey lagano he is 6 with three and 22 years old. at cinema race way they needed him for the mid-week press luncheon i needed him for five questions. and if you're not a race car driver
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i would be in big trouble had ever gotten a speeding ticket? i have gotten a speeding ticket before was not going that fast maybe 75, i have a street legal a s a model qatar we made it street legal which is cool you drive a race car down the street i get pulled over all the time during your celebrity crush that you would drive cross-country with? chisholm it would be brooklyn decker and that was not bad but i hear she is married. at 6 ft. 3 have you been mistaken for a basketball player? no i have not i may be tall and lanky but not coordinated. i should stay in racecar.
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: up your favorite cartoon was ... their car tune the jetsons, and the flintstones. that concludes five questions. you made it. you can catch is that tomorrow race time at noon dennis o'donnell and game day from samara's way in tomorrow at 11:30 p.m. that does it for this samara's way in tomorrow at 11:30 p.m. that does it for this edition of eyewitness news,,,,,,
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♪ whoo-hoo-hoo, whoo-whoo ♪ whoo-hoo-hoo... charlie: in pursuit-evasion, one group tries to track down members of another. don: you just kicked in the door.


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