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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  June 29, 2012 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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president obama and mitt romney try to make political hay of the supreme court's 5-4 decision upholding health care reform. >> today's decision was a victory for people all over this country. >> what the court did not do on its last day in session i will do on my first day if elected president of the united states. held in contempt. attorney general eric holder becomes the first cabinet member ever held in contempt of congress. and raging wildfire, the colorado springs fire is now blamed for at least one death and the destruction of hundreds blamed for at least one death and the destruction of hundreds of homes. captioning funded by cbs >> this is the "cbs morning news" for friday, june 29, 2012. good morning everyone. happy friday to you. good to be with you. i'm terrell brown.
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in 2010, president obama's health care overhaul law none as the affordable health care act narrowly made it through a battle in congress. the achievement survived yet again in a 5-4 vote. the supreme court uphold the provisions in the law. it was chief justice john roberts, an appointee of george w. bush, who broke to join in the majority. the decision is held as an election year victory for president obama. a rallying cry for republicans who want to see him out of office. susan mcginnis with more. >> terrell, good morning. house republicans scheduled a vote for july 11th to try to repeal this, but it stands virtually no chance of getting through the senate which is controlled by democrats. one thing we do know for sure is that this law, which affects virtually all americans, is moving forward. after the supreme court handed down the momentous decision, president obama called the ruling a victory for the american people. >> it should be pretty clear by
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now that i didn't do this because it was good politics. i did it because i believed it was good for the country. >> by the narrowest of margins shall the court voted to uphold nearly all of the law, including the mandate requiring all americans to buy health insurance or pay a penalty. in the majority opinion, justice roberts said that while congress could not use its commerce power to force citizens to buy insurance, it could tax those who don't have coverage. that provision goes into effect into 2014. >> the court also ruled insurance companies can't disqualify patients with preexisting conditions, insurers won't be allowed to raise rates on the chronically sick and children will be allowed to stay on their parents' health insurance plans until the age of 26. when the president signed the law in 2010, it was aimed at extending coverage to 30 million americans who are uninsured. critics say it will lead to higher taxes, increase the federal deficit and have a negative impact on private
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businesses. mitt romney vowed to repeal the act if elected president. >> obama care was bad policy yesterday, it's bad policy today. obama care was bad law yesterday, it's bad law today. >> but making an issue out of health care reform on the campaign trail may cause some problems for romney. the president's health care law was law. >> it becomes a politics issue now. susan, thank you so much. in writing the majority opinion, chief roberts said it was not the supreme court's job to
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decide if it's sound policy. he says that's the job of elected officials. during his confirmation hearings roberts said he's to act as an impartial -- after his ruling on thursday, some are wondering if he made the right call. wyatt andrews explains. >> almost every conservative scholar in the country is now asking what happened to the chief justice? >> oh, i think everybody is surprised. >> professor randy barnett wasey to approve the law under congress's power to tax. >> as to why he decided to uphold the act under the tax power to rewrite the law as a tax and say that it was constitutional, that's something that only he really knows. >> roberts wrote the 5-4 opinion to end school integration based
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solely on race. he was part of the majority upholding the ban on late term abortions and the 5-4 majority allowing unlimited corporate spending in campaigns. so what happened? tom goldstein, founder of skoet us blog, a respected blog site says roberts followed the law but knew he was making history. >> where does this fit in the roberts legacy? >> this is item number one. this is his signature statement that i'm not a partisan. i'm here to provide a limited back stop and i don't see it here. >> to conservatives, this was a signature statement just not the right one. what's the chance he didn't want to be the chief justice to overturn this big a law? >> if it turns out that chief justice roberts did buckle under the intense political pressure brought to bear on him after this case was submitted, that will not be good for his legacy. as a justice. >> but there's already no
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question this changes the john roberts legacy. on wednesday of this week, he was still seen as a partisan member of the court. but by thursday, in the most dramatic case of his career, john roberts broke the mold. wyatt andrews, cbs news at the supreme court. now the house voted to hold attorney general eric holder in contempt, the case goes to the u.s. attorney for the district of columbia. he works for holder and will decide whether to press charges. more than 100 democrats boycotted yesterday's vote. african-american lawmakers led a walk-out. it was republican lawmakers who pressed holder to hand over all documents related to the botched gun tracking operation known as fast and furious. holder said the vote was motivated by politics. >> today's vote makes for good political theater in the minds of some, but it is both a crass effort and a grave disservice to the american people. they expect and they deserve far more. >> the house took a separate vote citing holder for civil contempt.
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guns from fast and furious were found at the scene where border agent brian terry was murdered. his family said the documents should have been handed over months ago. officials in colorado now say that raging wildfire burning in colorado springs is apparently responsible for at least one death. smoke from the fire was captured on this video from the international space station. the fire is now the most destructive in state history destroying an estimated 346 homes. president obama issued a disaster declaration for the state. drew levinson is in colorado spings this morning. drew, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning terrell. the forecast at least is promising for firefighters this morning. it's calling for cooler temperatures, more humidity and lighter winds. the now deadly waldo canyon fire continues to burn. police say a body was found in the rubble of a home where two people were reported missing. >> we got to go. >> jeff lucas shot this dramatic home video showing a wall of flames racing into his
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neighborhood. his childhood home is one of nearly 350 destroyed in the blaze. >> it's just material things that we lost. and the house itself is replaceable. >> the weather is finally cooperating. allowing firefighters to start to get the upper hand. >> the winds, which is probably our worst enemy, aren't as strong. >> president obama will be here in colorado springs today to get a firsthand look at the damage. but there are some, including the former governor, who are concerned the president's visit will drain valuable resources. >> his visit will be counterproductive to our common goal of trying to defeat these fires. when he thanks the firefighters, which is his purpose in coming, he'll have several hundred of them masked in an area where otherwise they'd probably be doing something else. >> current governor promises the visit will not disrupt firefighting efforts. >> we've been careful to make sure they're not -- we're not taking any of the people
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actually fighting fires. >> the governor says his administration cleared the visit before agreeing to host the president. the colorado bureau of investigation has charged two people with looting. apparently, they got by the security lines and broke into several homes. terrell. >> drew levinson in colorado springs. thank you so much. florida officials say there have been seven deaths related to tropical storm debby. debby soaked northern florida with drenching, flood producing rain. more than 2 feet of water in some parts of the state. it knocked out power to thousands. officials say residents will be dealing with aftermath for weeks. much of the nation is engulfed by an you uncomfortable heat wave. st. louis hit 108 yesterday. the hottest day since 1954. it was 100 degrees in chicago. the first triple digit day there since 1988. louisville hit 103, an all-time record foor june. 105 in nashville.
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triple digit heat expected through the weekend. atlanta hit 98 but could hit 100 today. it is hot. coming up on the morning news, a court date for george zimmerman. the man charged with murdering florida teenager trayvon martin makes another case for ing news. sometimes, i feel like it's me against my hair.
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or your money back. abracadabra. ♪ hershey's milk chocolate with almonds in pieces. your favorites, in pieces. george zimmerman, the neighborhood watch volunteer charged with murder in the death of trayvon martin will be back in court today in sanford, florida, hoping the judge will free him for bail for a second time. zimmerman's bond was revoked earlier this month after the judge found out he received money for online contributions for his defense and didn't reveal it at a first bond haerpg. cbs "moneywatch" on a friday. a surprise strategy to rescue europe from the debt crisis and bigger losses for jpmorgan chase. ashley morrison in new york with morning. good morning. >> good morning terrell. >> leaders met through the night in
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brussels trying to come out with a plan to head off the continent's debt crisis. early this morning they agreed to pump billions directly into struggling banks. the move avoids putting governments at risk of higher borrowing costs. leaders also agreed to loosen conditions on receiving rescue funds. news of the agreement sent overseas markets higher. the nikkei rose more than.5% to the highest close in seven weeks, while hong kong's hang seng gained 2%. the supreme court's health care ruling made waves on wall street. many insurance stocks fell and shares of hospital operators were up. a late-day rally wiped out early losses. the dow finished down 24 points and the nasdaq lost 25. on sunday, the interest rate on stafford student loans will double from 3.4% to 6.8%. the house will likely vote on a bill today that would extend the current rate. lawmakers have been at odds over how to cover the plan's $6 billion cost. research in motion, the company that produces blackberry devices is planning to cut 5,000 workers. the company lost more than half a billion dollars last quarter.
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research in motion is also delaying the release of its latest blackberry until next year. the reported trading loss at jpmorgan chase maybe worse than initially estimated. the $2 billion loss may be as much as $9 billion. the losses stem from complicated derivative trades in the firm's corporate division. the board of rupert murdoch's newscorp has a plan to split into two companies. murdoch will serve as chairman of both companies. one will contain newspaper and book publishing businesses, the other fast growing entertainment operations. he's known for crawling walls, but how about wall street? your friendly neighborhood spider man stopped by the new york stock exchange to ring the closing bell. check him out. spidey swung through the trading floor. he was there to promote the amazing spider man which opens in theaters next week. terrell, i don't think anyone has done that before. >> i know.
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the markets could use spidey help about now, right? >> ashley, thank you so much. we'll take a quick break. when we come back, your forecast. zierjts in sports, a show of slugging power from the angels rookie who leads the american league in batting. this 4th of july, celebrate the red, white, and blue with ocean spray cranberry, white cranberry, and blueberry juice cocktails. how did you wear this stuff growing up? it's so itchy. thou art not funny. [ fife and drum corps plays ]
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drop in now for sears' big 4th of july appliance event. right now, get up to 30% off all kenmore appliances and floor care. plus, get up to 15% off all other brands. and, an extra 5% off all appliances with your sears card. sears. number one in appliances. here's a look at the forecast in some cities around the country. thunderstorms in new york, 94. partly sunny skies in miami, 92. thunderstorms in chicago, 91. 102 and sun any dallas.
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sunny in los angeles, 82. let's check your national forecast. it will be hot in much of the nation's mid section. records highs from the central plains to the ohio valley. southeast will be mostly hot and dry with thunderstorms along the gulf coast. the wildfire threat continues in high plains, the rockies and the great basin. few showers are likely along the northwest coast. the northeast will be mostly dry. in sports this morning, more bragging rights for ncaa basketball champion kentucky courtesy of the nba draft. wildcats star forward anthony davis, the most outstanding player of this year's final four, was the top pick yesterday chosen number one by the new orleans hornets. it's a first for any college team. the second pick was also from uk. forward michael gill chris chosen by the charlotte bobcats. nadal has won twice but he'll be a spectator. in a major upset. he lost a five-set match in the second round to a czech opponent ranked 100th in the world.
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the lowest ranked player ever to beat nadal. a grand slam tournament. the mets and dodgers in the first inning, david wright of new york smacked an rbi double down the left field line and followed that three innings later with a solo home run. dodgers scored twice in the bottom of the 4th to tie it. but the mets retook the lead in the fifth. held on for 3-2 win. l.a.'s other team was in toronto. the angels and blue jays swapped five home runs. the one that counted, the most there by the angels rookie mike trout. he smacked a two-run shot. good for a 9-7 victory. trout leads the american league with his batting average. it will be italy versus spain on sunday for the euro cup soccer championship. scored twice against germany in the semifinal match. his long second shot hitting the top right corner of the goal for a 2-1 victory. when we come back, another look at this morning's top stories and in the lion's lair.
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here's a look at the forecast in some cities around the country. in d.c., thunderstorms, 100. sunny in atlanta, 101. sunny, 105 in st. louis. thunderstorms, 96 in denver and showers, 69 in seattle. top stories on a friday. that wildfire burning in colorado springs may be responsible for the death of one person and destroyed an estimated 346 homes. president obama will visit that area today and president obama says the supreme court's decision to uphold his health care overhaul law is a victory for people all over the u.s. mitt romney says he'll work to overturn the law if he's elected. another decision yesterday, the supreme court struck down a federal law against what's called stolen valor. that's falsely claiming to have
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received the medal of honor and other military awards. the justices called such lies contempt i believe but ruled in a 6-3 vote that they fall under the first amendment's guarantee of free speech. this sunday will be a tragedy for some and triumph a for others as a ban on foye i gras takes effect. it's made from the fat and livers of force fed geese and ducks. animal rights activists say the force feeding is cruelty. foodies say it's delicious but it's going off the menu in california. in miami this week, an ordinary trip to the zoo turned into a photo-op for a young boy. he posed in front of the lie on's den, a sleeping lion suddenly lunged at the 7-year-old. the boy froze when he heard the lion slam into the glass. his family no doubt thankful there was a thick glass there. i would have gone home. coming up after the local news, marking the five-year anniversary of the popular iphone. i'm terrell brown. this is the "cbs morning news." he popular iphone.
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as we mentioned earlier, part of the supreme court's health care ruling is that congress cannot force states to expand medicaid coverage for the 17 million working poor in this country. some states, though, are already doing it while others say they can't afford it even with federal aid. ben tracy spoke with some people whose lives are affected. >> nicki sweet is a music producer in california. when she lost her full-time job in 2008, she also lost her health insurance. >> i felt like i was you know in the middle of the ocean. i didn't know what to do. >> the medicaid expansion was designed for people like sweet who cannot afford to buy insurance. it would include people making 33% above the poverty line, the maximum income would be $31,000 and nearly $15,000 a year for single people. >> it's not just people that are
4:26 am
on welfare or below the poverty level. there is a group people now that can't afford health care of any kind. >> the court ruled that states get to decide if they want to expand their medicaid roles. but these 26 states oppose the expansion even though the federal government would pay all the costs for the first three years. states start contributing in 2017. for texas, that would mean $4.5 billion over five years. greg abbott is the state's attorney general. >> we can make the best decision for the health care needs of the people in our state without the bureaucrats in washington, d.c. telling us how to spend our money. >> medicaid may not be an option for this man. he lives near dallas. he had a heart attack in february, is uninsured and struggling to pay $160 per month for medication. >> there's a lot of us that want to work and that we want the insurance but we can't afford it. >> seven states in the district of columbia already offer
4:27 am
expanded coverage using state funds until the federal government starts paying in 2014. nicki comes to the venice family clinic for blood work to treat her thyroid disease. she'll now be eligible for medicaid because california plans to go along with the expansion. >> what it means for me now is i have some peace of mind. >> what about the people who won't get expanded medicaid coverage in their state but still can't afford private insurance? for them, some subsidies may be available. if they still can't afford the insurance or choose not to buy it, they would be subject to that penalty for being uninsured. ben tracy, cbs news, los angeles. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," the fallout from the supreme court ruling on president obama's health care law. we'll get reaction from eric cantor. an update on the deadly wildfire that's destroyed hundreds of home. in colorado springs. oscar winning director, oliver stone visits studio 57 to tell
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us about his new movie, savages. that and more a little later on "cbs this morning." that is the "cbs morning news" for this friday. oh, i love that it is friday. have a wonderful weekend. i'm terrell brown. take care everybody. i'm terrell brown. take care everybody. have a great day. -- captions by vitac --
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this morning, ross mirkarimi continues to fight for his job. coming up we will tell you what he confirmed and denied in his first set of testimony. and why your doctay


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