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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 630PM  CBS  July 15, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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we have limited fish for today and the price was high $2.99 a pound the abundance has flooded the market causing the price to sink low but commercial fisherman are on strike ever body one salmon but nobody fishing the salmon so popular this booth was sold out by noon sense during a few boos down my stalled usually four times the size i'm hoping my grandfather can get more and her grandfather a commercial fisherman a lot are afraid to go fishing the problem is if a fish when they're not supposed to be they go old school and send your boat. they hope customers understand everyone deserves a fair return on their effort i think it is ok that will catch up.
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why buy anyway it is good. and when they renounce the stand relies on smoked salmon until the ship comes back and we can settle the price and get back to business anne mackovic cbs 5 vallejo police said they stopped a man in benicia and accused of stealing a car robert forster who arrested this morning officers pulled him over for a minor traffic stop in benicia, officers say they realize the car he was driving was stolen he sped off firing shots at a squad car he later abandoned that car a female passenger arrested, police say he still another car and ditched that and got away on foot that found in this morning after getting tips. a million-dollar reward for his arrest.
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parents of students at oakland elementary school staged a sit-in parents and supporters gathered near lake view elementary one of the schools closed by the district this year demonstrators want to draw attention to the trend of closing public-school that primarily serve students of color. the issue is they've closed down many schools and programs over the past decade legacy when the five schools closed by kland unified school district. commuters in san francisco may have problems tomorrow demonstrators plan a protest with intent to shut down the lines organizers will gather in the bayview district to mark the one-year anniversary of the deadly shooting involving indian the passenger and police a spokesperson says the agency is aware of the protest it encourages drivers to check
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real-time information on twitter. two thousand firefighters battled the robbers fire in placer county, crews called in from san diego 11 firefighters have been injured so far the terrain and hot weather makes it difficult to contain. 20 two hundred acres have burned three buildings have been consumed cal fire says 170 homes threatened. the mill fire burning in men to see no national forest 60 percent contained 25,000 a. and 25 buildings have burned. more than 1600 fighters working difficult and hot conditions at four people hurt. the red cross is designated syria as a civil war that means all combatants in the fight are subject to geneva convention rules that exposes both sides to
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war crimes prosecution this video on a social website shows hostilities today. government forces shelled homes in areas where rebels are organized. another we closer and a strong series of attacks bickering from both campaigns each attacks the other. it has been around for a generation organizers say that is not acceptable they said it is important to get the word out about aids. things look warm up hmong but we have a big cool down for the bay area evidence along the shoreline at ocean beach complete forecast just ahead. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, san francisco police tried to
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figure out where someone would break in to a facility and cut wires that happened at the communications building in twin peaks the vandalism discovered this morning there is no impact to essential city services. the wife of san francisco
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sheriff ross mirkarimi will be in san francisco briefly this week she is expected to testify before the ethics commission it will decide if sheriff for mirkarimi should lose his job. attorneys say his client will testify then returned to venezuela. a rhee count starts tomorrow for some votes on proposition 29 the measure that will raise the cigarette tax by $1 per pack it lost by 29,000 votes in june at of more than 5 million cast, a san francisco surgeon has petitioned the secretary of state to recount ballots in los angeles county. both presidential candidates hit hard as ragged clothes to november romney campaign targets president obama's plans for economic growth dru levenson explains the obama can and take
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swipes at romney's position at bain capital. while mitt romney was at church president obama's advisers hammered mitt romney when he left bain capital romney clancy left bain capital in 1999 but the obama administration believes he was still in charge in 2000 killed when ban ship jobs overseas. if you sign an sec document with your signature that you are owner of the company what world you live enjoy not in charge the romney camp demands an apology that their candidate might be guilty of a felony. it is troubling that a president would direct his campaign to label someone as a felon run is advisers say the administration should be focused on the country then on personal attacks. this president will say or
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do anything to keep highest office in the land even if it means to me the highest office in the land in an interview taped thursday and shawna cbs sunday morning obama admits he cannot criticize romney for attacking his record but i'll be making this an argument obama argues the policies need more time to work. dru levenson cbs news a pair of fund-raising visits next week expected to attract protest across the bay area president obama announced three stops in the east bay demonstrators are planning protests at the fox theater in oakland he will hold a $35,000 dinner and tech discussion. mitt romney comes to the bay area and a day earlier he has three advance next sunday meg whitman may among the guests
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expected to attend a $50,000 per person lunch if he is expected to have lunch and event at the firm on how to help and then wraps up at a dinner and pacific heights. rattlesnakes of been attacking happy birthday! thank you, nana send money to anyone's checking account with chase quickpay. all you need is an email address or mobile number. you're welcome. take a step forward
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you may know to stay away from rattlesnakes but as your pet? this a big goal in retriever was bid by one in sacramento she did not realize what happened until later that
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owners are advised to learn the sense and sound of snakes. he was rushed to the vet on time and survive. more than 1 million people in the u.s. live with hiv/aids but it fades away from the headlines at today's walk in san francisco the focus not just on money. john grimaced tells us the goal is awareness. it is important we bring people's memory along. a small fragment of the aids quilt on a hill overlooking golden gate park a reminder of the 20,000 who joined the walk and why they are here those who crave the panel's need no reminding. how things work and how scary in the early days none of us knew who would be next.
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many of you not around 30 years ago, but you're here to learn and participate in something vital. in the '80s aides considered a death sentence but medical advancements have transformed it into a manageable disease that has fallen off the headlines and that may have an undesired effect on the young generation. people my age are nonchalant about things. to kids take it seriously? not everyone actually. they say it as a joke. this age what raised $2.7 million but organizers say it is not about raising money but also awareness. they know the importance of keeping this generation engaged in the fight. then maybe the ones to bring an end to aids. we will gather and commit to
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do what it takes to stop the disease. john ran a cbs 5 a good day for a walk brian hackney says things are to change the contrast apparent, numbers are warm it's a glut to east bay but frigid in a long shoreline. at mount diablo 79 in concord livermore has 79 you can see plenty of blue sky out there at 3,800 ft. mount diablo is 71 degrees come west and look at the golden gate a different world, that will be emphasized in the next couple of days. look for cooler weather. up by thursday. first half of the week will be
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cool. clouds along the shoreline, it is chilly temperatures in the mid-60s inland. in the desert southwest, a monsoonal flow over phoenix and tucson. satellite shows cool weather is coming from over vancouver, you can see the flow that low pressure brings us cooler temperatures, the numbers inland tomorrow no warmer than the '70s clouds and drizzle along the shoreline, mostly cloudy tomorrow morning future cast shows will have low clouds ticking at the shoreline, we will not get a chance to warm s f phone clouds and drizzle a and
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around the rest of the nation los angeles 72 new york city had showers at 91. for the south bay '70s will do it. east bay 744 pittsburgh 73 antioch then. much cooler. we have to wait until thursday for warmer weather. here is sports with mr. o'donnell hot at stanford worse iran and goes for the title and both bay area baseball teams go for ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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serena is ready for the olympics. another gold medal with a wimbledon title. here's a question for you and, what advice would you have your daughter if she was facing serena in the finals of the bank of the west classic? 1 accounts and on the line take more time and decide what you're going to do. you're a phenomenal athlete and you're gifted. mom trying to fire up the tennis player so many people withdrew from the field but she's and the finals surrender
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rallies back to win the first set. she blasts a 118 mi. an hour serve. she beats coco vandeweghe in straight sets to when the bank of the west classic for the second year in a row. i called him and said my first match can you cannot please. he jumped on the next flight and was here to help me get through it. thank you dad. he'll be at home watching everything and the way he-will be here. i did not want to come at first he has this and schedule i have but i and younger. it is tough i'm glad he was able to come out at this time the a's had a grand total of 47 home runs after 89 in minnesota if they have 92 and is translating to victories. on the head of chili davis
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oakland has the best record in baseball this month. in a two run shot to left that a 4-1 lead. un this bus but as a solo shot. he had his first career for hit game. hitting 571 for the series. chris carter a solo shot off a big sign in upper deck. a's went 9-4 and sweep the series. only one half-game behind the orioles. baseball added an additional playoff team this year. nationally the giants have trouble beating good baseball teams but no problem against the bad ones. cain was not exactly perfect but
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did not need to be. scoreless in the first, buster posey rifles one to write. giants score tune in the frame karen the last time cain and faced houston he threw a perfect game. in the third he doubles to the breck's and scored an early cut in half. in the fourth kris johnson in the gatt he scores from first period to tie the game matt cain pages six innings he allowed one unearned run. giants get back in the theft. buster posey a base in here comes the panda he's in. 3-4 in the gang. posey track sit down that jains complete this week they win 3-2.
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in the pga john deere classic down two strokes with two holes to go. there's an eagle to ties at johnson enforces the playoffs. johnson looking for the knockout blow. what a shot! you cannot be serious, johnson tapson for the birdie. pick up his second win of the year. the u.s. senior open bernard lander disappears after shooting at to over 72 is roger chapman the tee shot at 17 stops a foot short. chapman shoots a 66 in wednesday's second major of the
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air on champions tour. kenny hamlin lead for half a race at new hampshire. his crew chief had all four tires replaced you said you wanted tires oh god, no i just wanted a tire on that my bad bud is but more tires means more time casey came when this second race of the year. tonight on game day and i played general manager who should the a's trade to get the wild start while card spot and to share the giants trade? at 4 recalls as you these men tonight at 10 and 11 problem that could have you accidentally stepped on the brake pedal and meatball is backed animal control was able
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to take him back into the woods. those stories and more at 10 and 11 here on cbs 5. 60 minutes next steve tonight at 10 and 11, and goodnight. whoever said that "less is more"
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is more or less mathematically challenged.
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you're probably not getting called up to the majors. but your fence? that's pro. finish like a pro with cabot wood stains. cabot...that's pro. captioning funded by cbs and ford-- built for the road ahead. >> thank you for coming. we are going to make some history together today. ( cheers and applause ) >> kroft: when steve jobs handpicked walter isaacson to write his life story, he had already been diagnosed with cancer, and after 40 interviews, the biography provides a vivid picture of a complicated man. i think it's a tough book. >> it's a book that's fair. i mean, this is a real human being, just like... >> kroft: tonight, you will hear


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