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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  July 17, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> good morning everyone, that 20 people were forced out of their apartment in the middle of the night because of something that was left on the stove. lisa washington is in a work where an apartment building is closed this morning. not a good morning for several people there >> for those 20 people who are being assisted by the red cross, they were displaced after the fire at this apartment complex. behind me you can see the smoke stains building, a two-story apartment complex in the 37,000 block of cherry streets. according to the alameda county fire spokesperson it was a pot that was left unattended on a stove that caught fire and started this fire. we know that two units were damaged, one destroyed and 20 with significant damage. there were six adults whose unit was affected by the fire and additional people were displaced because of the lack of electricity to the complex. the fire started after 10:00. when firefighters arrived they
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saw smoke billowing from the windows and it took them 25 minutes to get this fire under control but the good news is no injuries although 20 people were forced to find someplace else to spend the night. we're live in newark, lisa washington, cbs 5. >> california state university trustees are meeting today to decide what to do if the governor's tax measure is rejected in november. the board is looking into possibilities at the meeting in long beach. one is to raise tuition to bring in more money and the other is to cut expenses by admitting fewer students and cutting staff. san francisco mayor ed lee will get a petition today concerning the stopped and frisked policing proposal that he talked about recently. the black young democrats will turn in more than 2000 signatures calling on the mayor to reject that idea aimed at cutting down on gun violence. >> police and other city workers evicting homeless people from one of bill largest city parks in san jose. swatting has become a problem in
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a remote area of kelley park. suspicious fires have erupted there in just the past few weeks. 72 hours eviction notices are posted around the park yesterday giving the homeless until thursday to pack up and leave and that is when city workers will begin cleaning up this type of stuff. the encampment there. neighbors blamed squatters for a number of things, fires as well as theft and break-ins at nearby homes. they say that it took six months of complaints and meetings before the city finally took some action. >> do you think citizens can make a difference in their government? >> absolutely. it is more difficult and probably should be, but yes. >> the city will offer temporary housing and counseling to those that are evicted. >> cool and damp weather overnight held firefighters and placer county keep the robbers fire from spreading. the fire began seven days ago and is now 45 percent contained, 12 firefighters have been injured while battling the fire. evacuees in a shelter were
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reassured by cal fire. one family left a stubborn go behind and firefighters went back to check on her. >> if we can help them put their mind at ease and evacuated with a little less stress, that is what we're here for. >> officials are not letting your return to their homes because there is still a chance that the wind could shift. >> let's get a look at weather and traffic. is it a bad hair day when you go out and it is misty? >> i think so. it is misty. has lawrence ever been up here when it has been misty? i don't think so. >> it looks like some of the drizzle has died down a little bit. we're still seeing it along parts of the coast and parts of the day. so we'll take you live to ocean before rias are seeing a thick cloud cover, you can see it breaking up a little bit and spot a your temperature is mainly in the 50's and has been this way since we got on the air for 30 a.m.. no big temperature difference. 59 degrees in livermore and a
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similar story in san fransisco. another school day on sap. temperatures unseasonably cool, between five and more than 15 degrees below average for the some of the year. you can see that we're usually in the 80s in livermore but only pushing into the low seventies by later on this afternoon. when will we finally one of the images up? we'll tell you coming up in the 7 day forcast but in the meantime i'll throw it back to the studio where we have traffic. >> things are business as usual at the bay bridge. here's a live look at the toll plaza where we are seeing a back up in those cash flames but no metering lights on just yet and traffic variable. over to the maps, later on you might see delays on the lower deck of the bay bridge. 730 until 7:45 a.m. is when it is expected to get underway and will last until 2:00 this afternoon so you may see a slight delay there. the rest of the bay area's not doing so that as far as accidents go but we have roadwork on southbound 101. sir francis drake headed to the
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golden gate bridge not really causing any major delays yet but we will keep our eye on that. we'll take a look at mobil 5 in just a little bit. >> 6:05 a.m., investigators are looking into what led to the collision between a taxi and a police patrol car around 2:20 a.m. at the reception. one of the cars also struck a fire hydrant and police say the drivers of both cars or to a nearby hospital with non-life threatening injuries. two people in the hospital after being hit by a car while walking their dogs in a sacramento suburb. chp says that the pair were walking for dogs across garfield avenue when a speeding car hit the stop sign and then struck the pedestrians. the car did not stop, leaving both pedestrians with major injuries, killing the four dogs. officers are now trying to track down the suspects. >> a big step to ending vandalism and violence on san fransisco public transit system. muni officials will vote on a
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federally funded plan for new surveillance equipment. patrick explains what the upgrade would mean for bus and light rail passengers. good morning. >> good morning, yes big brother might be taking the bus. that is because muni is set to vote on a $6 million contract to outfit buses with video surveillance equipment. the program that is funded entirely from the department of homeland security will be installing the cameras of the voters approved on 357 union bosses. if it is successful the plan is bid to install cameras on the remaining buses and light rail vehicles over the next four years. the agency has had issues with the equipment in 2009 and 11 year-old was stabbed but the cameras on board the bus he was on or not working at the time. a closer look revealed that less than half the cameras on union bosses or not up to gear. along that the cameras will be monitored from a central management system which may be monitored from three different maintenance facilities. reporting from san fransisco,
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cbs 5. >> nfl player was from the east bay under arrest for d u i. the seattle seahawks running back arrested saturday morning along interstate 880 in oakland. the 26 year-old was released after he was booked into the santa agreed to a jail. he played for oakland tech and cow and was selected in the first round by the buffalo bills back into thousand seven. there will be no charges against the services could giants third baseman public cent of all in santa cruz county where a woman claims he assaulted her at a resort but the santa cruz county district attorney says there's no physical evidence and put this testimony to support those accusations and last week the sheriffs department decided not to arrest him. also citing a lack of evidence. >> searchers are spending their efforts in iowa where two young girls have been missing for four days. the year-old elizabeth collins and 10 year-old cook morrissey our cousins and last seen friday by their grandmother as they
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left for a bicycle ride. their bikes were found later that day had a local lake. yesterday crews began trading the lake hoping to eliminate the possibility that the girls are in there. >> we're worried, we are stressed out, we have lack of sleep. we are extremely grateful at moments because we have had such a huge turnout of people, family and friends. people we don't even know that just want to help. >> law enforcement officers are conducting random searches of vehicles in the area. >> 2 people dead and 19 others injured after a shoot out at an outdoor party in toronto. some of the victims, included a baby, were wounded by bullets fired by to guns and other people were hurt in the panic that followed the shooting. the gunfire came during an argument at a party. at least one person of interest has been arrested. one of the main connections between the united states and canada closed for more than five hours overnight. there was a bomb threat on the
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ambassador bridge between detroit and windsor ont. they closed the bridge for a search but found nothing suspicious and later reopened. last week a similar call shut down a tunnel between those same two cities. it is 6:09 a.m., danger on delta, a sandwich scare on several flights bound for the united states. >> and a major milestone in the fight against aids, a decision that is opening new doors for prevention. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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[ male announcer ] every day, your car takes you to work, school, practice, dance class, shopping, and more. so do something nice for it. chevron with techron. >> here is how hot it was in your city. katie holmes, it was so hot ... listen to this ... katie holmes was so hot that she was fanning herself with her money.
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>> it is hot in the northeast. >> not here though. delta service of more than sandwiches. >> california gets help in the cleanup from the debris from the tsunami in japan. cate caugurian is here with a look at your world. >> good morning. also other parts of the country are looking for relief from that heat. a new report says half of the united states is seeing a record level drought conditions. the worst since 1956. the drought expanded in the west and the great plains but the worst was the midwest where experts a dry conditions could mean a massive crop loss if rain does not hit the region soon. today five states are looking forward to getting extra cash to help tsunami clean up. the money is part of a grant from the national oceanic and atmospheric administration. california, oregon, washington, hawaii, and alaska will each get $50,000. alaskan state leaders say the
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money will not be enough for the job. they could see the funding as early as this month and the fbi is trying to figure out how needles got inside of turkey sandwiches on board for delta airlines flights. new this morning, the passenger her to put into the needle in a sandwich is speaking out. >> had i taken a big swallow and slow that down, i would have a needle inside, that would be very concerning to me. >> the sewing needles were found on three domestic flights and one international. delta stopped serving sandwiches because of the incident. delta says that security four meal production has increased and they're using more prepackaged food as the investigation continues. i read a statement earlier that says they're taking this very seriously in cooperation with all the agencies involved. >> that victim was a doctor ... he knows his stuff. >> exactly. at least he knew what to do in that type of situation. >> that could have seriously hurt someone.
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>> could you imagine the shock value of taking a bite? >> you always know when something for and it is in something that you did into. we would love to hear from you and we want you to answer this question, what is your worst flying horror story? carl says " who needs needles and airplane food when you can just deal with airline customer service, you get the same results. a little stinger right there. share your thoughts on facebook or twitter or email @ cbs 5 .com. we will share those later in the show. >> 6:16 a.m., let's check on the roads, how's it looking out there? >> we are holding steady with a decent conditions as you were your way through the state. here's a live look at mobile 5, you can see was down 580 where there are no major accidents or delays but
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westbound we're seeing slight delays 80 minutes from the altamont pass. over to the south they we go, 101, seeing a bit of a backup on the meter and lights as you get on to the freeway. it has improved a little bit. extra volume on 101 for the south bay. let's go to the map to show you an overview of the area, o'casey's as you work your way north and south answers san jose. 280 is always a good choice. does not start backing up until after 7:00 a.m.. highway 87, 85, all problem free and no problems on highway 70. a few accidents, dealing with slick services, eastbound 80 connector over to 680, a vehicle spun out but is not blocking lanes but you might see activity on the right shoulder because we're seeing slight delays as you make the connection to 680. slick surfaces out there with this result. >> a little sprinkle going on, you may need your windshield wipers this morning, have not
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been able to say that for awhile but as you can see from this live view, we have clouds and light drizzle along the coast and day. partly cloudy, once again we're expecting a cooler afternoon, definitely below average and then finally we will see a slower warming trend into the weekend. it is because of this low pressure system north of the bay area bringing some rain well north of us. northern california, eureka, it is bringing us clouds and cooler temperatures. unseasonably cool. so your pinpoint forecast for later on this afternoon, no 80s. mainly '70s in the warmest spots. 73 in san jose, a state ballots this is where we are going to see the warm temperatures. 75 in places like brentwood but only 73 degrees in livermore and 60s along the coast and day. 65 in berkeley. coming in with a high of 61 degrees in san fransisco. temperatures between five and 50
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degrees below average for the some of the year. cooler day on tap was again for tomorrow and then a slight bump up in those temperatures by thursday and and finally by friday, saturday, sunday, we see warmer weather, more seasonable weather, climbing back into the '90s. let's go back to the desk. >> the fda has approved a new medication considered a milestone in the battle against aids. it is a daily pale made by a foster city company and is considered the first medication in the world approved to help prevent the spread of hiv, the virus that causes aids. previously approved drugs are for people that already have the virus, experts warn that this drug is not a silver bullet that will end aids entirely. >> when we combine this drug with all the other prevention technologies that are already available, we believe that we are on the verge of taking a significant step forward to his
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vision of a generation free of aids. >> is only recommended for people who are confirmed to be hiv negative and considered part of a high-risk group. >> state inspectors cracking down on cheap jewelry makers. more than a dozen businesses have been accused of selling and distributing jewry containing high levels of lead. the state is expected to file lawsuits today against 16 companies. some jewelry items were contaminated with lead levels more than 1000 times the legal state limits. it is not too often that anyone starts planning a dinner menu 20 years in advance. but when it is for a trip to mars, a food selection needs extra research. experts are mixing and tasting concoctions they hope to send with astronauts when they're sent to the red planet in the 20 '30's, the key phrase is " stays fresher longer ". the crew is expected to spend 18 months on the surface in addition to the six month travel time in each direction.
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>> here is why living in the bay area, especially near the water, is a good thing. >> it turns out that people that live closer to the sea are healthier than those who are landlocked according to a new study. british researchers followed more than 40 million people to come to that conclusion. other studies show people near the coast tend to be more active and have less stress. there's something about water that is medicinal. you go and forget about your worries. >> just the sound of it is very relaxing. >> we lived on a lake and every time i went home i would go out and enjoy. 6:21 a.m., coming up, the first couple's an intimate moment seen by thousands of people. also ahead ... >> if you're trying to learn a foreign language then put google to work.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> good morning, we are live up here on the cbs 5 roof, not a bad view of the city and a lot of clouds out the door. even a little bit of a missed so you may need your windshield wipers if you're headed outdoors. by this afternoon we will warm up to the '70s and the warm response. coming up we will check the 7 day forcast. >> and the meter lights have been turned on at the bay bridge toll plaza and we're seeing delays beyond the first overpass. expect a slow and go right as you come off the east shore freeway. a complete look at traffic in a few minutes >> the chief executive of a private security firm faces tough questions from british lawmakers. they want to know why the company did not inform anyone
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about major recruitment problems until just two weeks before the london games. the company fell short of getting the number of people needed to keep the game secures of the government has called in 3500 soldiers and police from various sources to fill the gaps. >> it is time for the plight of the day, we go to minnesota for the twins and the orioles. adam jones is looking to drive in a couple but instead is robbed, what a great grab. a look at his eyes, he gets horizontal and a nice stretch and catch. the twins clobbered them 19/7, mr. ravigote the plate of the day. >> bad news for csu students. big cuts could be decided on today. >> firefighters getting an upper hand on the robbers fire. why they're not clear just yet? >> and alameda county fire
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spokesperson says it was a pot left unattended on a stove that started a fire at an apartment complex here in newark.,,,,,,,,,
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>> you are watching cbs 5 eyewitness news this morning. >> good morning everyone, is tuesday july 17th. >> it is 6:30 a.m. on this tuesday, new this morning and east bay apartment fire forced 20 people out of their homes overnight. >> the red cross was called to help them last night and lisa washington is in you were aware that fire apparently started on top of a stove. >> that is right, the alameda county fire spokesperson said it was a pot left unattended on the stove that caught fire and
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started a huge fire at this two- story apartment complex. i want to move out of the ways of and you can see some of the smoke stains on the building there and the boarded up doors and windows. the fire was reported after 4:00, excuse me after 10:00 last night. when firefighters arrived they could see the fire and smoke billowing out of the windows. as we said, 20 people were displaced and are being assisted by the american red cross. six adults were affected, the additional people were displaced because of the lack of electricity to this building. two units affected, one destroyed and another with significant damage. we do not know when the people will be able to return home. others don't have electricity but the good news is that there were not injuries involved, just a lot of smoke and fire. we are live in newark this morning, cbs 5. >> cool damp weather helped fires anfirefighters controlleda
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fire in placer county. a dozen firefighters have been injured while battling the fire. all evacuation's remain in effect for about 170 homes. what will the california state university system to is the state's voters reject the governor's tax measure this coming november? that is what the board of trustees will talk about today in long beach. they're looking at two possibilities, raising tuition to bring in more money or cutting expenses by admitting fewer students and cutting staff. >> the jury continues to deliberate this morning in the wrongful death suit against him and whose two children are suing over the murder of their mother. he admitted to killing his wife in 2006, testifying that he did it to stop her from harming their children who are now living with their maternal grandmother in russia. he is serving 15 years to life for the murder. san francisco mayor ed lee will get a petition today concerning
6:32 am
the stopped and frisked police proposal that he talked about recently. the black young democrats will turn in more than 2000 signatures calling on the mayor to reject that idea aimed at cutting down on gun violence. it is used in some cities to allow police to pat down suspicious objects. this is seen as a much-needed way to reduce vandalism and violence on san fransisco buses and trains. today muni officials will vote on a federally funded plan for new surveillance equipment. patrick explains what the upgrade would mean for commuters. good morning. >> big brother foocould soon be taking the bus as muni will vote to outfit their bosses with cameras. it will be funded by the department of homeland security and will install cameras of the vote is approved. if that is successful the plan is to install cameras on the remaining 613 buses and light rail vehicles over the next four years. muni has had issues with
6:33 am
equipment, in 2009 and 11 year- old was stabbed but the cameras on board were not working at the time. it was revealed that less than half of the cameras on union bosses were not working. the new cameras will be monitored from a central management system which may be monitored from three different maintenance facilities. reporting from san fransisco, cbs 5. >> the free street parking your at&t park is about to be history. the city will add hundreds of new parking meters in the mission bay development adjacent to the ballpark, that will happen by the end of the summer, and all major operating hours will be extended by three hours until 10:00 p.m. seven days per week. the cost will jump from $5 up to seven per hour. >> walk, take muni, or bring a lot of quarters. today's seventh disco supervisors are expected to vote on whether to change rank choice voting. under the latest plan, elections for mayor would return to traditional one on a run of
6:34 am
system. if they need six votes from the board in order to go before city voters in november. support from one key supervisor is uncertain. she reportedly is under pressure now from our constituents to keep the system as is. >> it is 634 a m and let's take a look at traffic and weather. elisabeth went on to the roof. >> she brought her notes down and they were soaking wet. >> i know, i thought i would show you how wet it is. it is struggling out here, we are in san fransisco on the roof of the cbs 5 building but we're seeing a lot of low clouds and sprinkled along the coast. along the coast and day is where you'll see it. the roads are slick. be careful if your head to work this morning. take a look outside. current temperatures mainly in the '60s. a live look at ocean beach. a lot of drizzle there and temperatures 59 degrees in livermore and 56 degrees out in san fransisco and also, we got off the phone with assets so and
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there are delays on arrivals up to three hours so call ahead. if you're picking someone up at the airport. another school day on tap. by this afternoon images between five and more than 15 degrees below average for this time of year. so much for feeling like summer, only climbing up into the '70s. when will we warm things up? we'll tell you in a few minutes but in the meantime we go to traffic. >> we are going straight to the bay bridge where the metering lights have been turned on and you can see traffic is starting to stack up. not quite to the maze yet but at least beyond 880. very slow and go, sluggish along the incline, we have a live shot here as well, starting to see extra volume was down as you work your way towards the 680 interchange. not too bad, it is just east of their where you'll see most of the delays. seeing red and yellow on the sensors as you head through the thick of the altamont pass. slow and go conditions.
6:36 am
drive time 23 minutes to 680. >> police in alabama on the hunt for a gunman opened fire outside of a crowded bar, wounding 17 people. the released surveillance video of the gunman, you can see him walking with a gun near that bar, he first fired through a window and then shot as people ran outside as they tried to run away. the extent of the injuries is unknown at this time but all 17 victims, we're told, were rushed to the hospital >> this might be the week that presidential candidate mitt romney makes his choice for vice president running mate. mitt romney to make a final decision in the next few days. he and the president are both on the campaign trail today with a big defense. >> state treasurer bill lockyer filed for divorce the same day his wife crashed her car. but she ran her mini cooper into a power pole in hayward on friday and was not seriously
6:37 am
hurt. police say that all was not a factor. she resigned as an alameda county supervisor after an alleged assault by an ex- boyfriend and she met in rehabilitation became public. faugh time running out for homeless people at one of the biggest city parks in san jose. they are being evicted from kelley park. we're joined lives on the phone by mike colgan to explain why. >> the lathrop camps are hidden behind thick bushes that's around the park and have been there for years. a city spokesperson says the decades-long problem has been made worse by the down economy. neighbors blamed squatters for several fires that occurred in the park over the past several months. they claim the homeless are also responsible for several fats and break-ins in the area. many residents are upset that it has taken this long for the city to act. but now that the city has, the squatters have been given until 9:00 a.m. thursday to move out. that is when the cleanup is set to begin. by law police need to catalog
6:38 am
and store their property for 90 days. the city says the timber rehousing and counseling will be provided. live in san jose, cbs 5. >> thankyou. >> buddha cleans update oakland neighborhood and runs into trouble. residence place to the statue on adams avenue, the area at the time was littered with garbage. after boot came into the neighborhood is cleaned up but the city one of the statute for six reasons and that got people as far away as france very upset so city leaders then backed off. >> we always talk about how to remake the neighborhoods better, how do you get neighborhoods to talk to each other, and here was a very surprising way that all those good things happened. >> he was saved in part by a facebook campaign and he will remain at 11th avenue permanently which by the way, is
6:39 am
pretty clean right now. >> power of buddha and social media. >> a sandwich surprise. when a delta passenger says about finding a needle in one of his in-flight meals. >> ready to learn a new language? campbell wants to help. >> the market opened a few minutes ago. how're we doing? looking pretty good. everything is in the green. we will crunched the numbers with jason brooks right after,,,
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>> >> >> for the third straight day fierce clashes corrupted in damascus, heavy fighting between government troops and rebel
6:43 am
forces has come within a few miles of the president's compound. the united states has been pushing for the syrian president to step down. secretary of state hillary clinton reiterated that position saying that this can only and when he is finally out of office. a new york bus driver being called a hero after catching a young autistic girl who fell from a third story window. police say the 7 year-old girl drew attention in brooklyn yesterday after she was singing and dancing near the ledge of that window, that gave someone time to shoot video but more importantly time for steve saint bernard, to get in position for the catch down below. bat girl is fine but st. bernard is nursing a muscle tear in his arm. a small price to pay for what perhaps save that little girl's life. >> these days we turn to google for help with just about everything so why not use it to help you learn a foreign language? google is experimenting with a new free program that immerses you into
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the foreign language of choice while you surf the internet. >> if you're trying to learn spanish but are stuck behind a desk, your foreign language skills are going to language. but check out the new language emergency sure of google. it will mix in foreign vocabulary words into web pages so you can learn words and phrases are context. the closest thing to the region. you will need to use google chrome to browse the web. it is free, and from there find the language immersion application. click on a large blue button and then you're ready to start. at an icon will appear next to your search bar were you can choose your language and immersion level. you will notice in occasional words will be translated into one of the 64 available languages. an easy and fun new way to improve your vocabulary.
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in san fransisco, c-net .com for cbs news. >> great idea. we have fifth see >> what is up with is whether? i have given up on my hair. we have been a cure for the past half-hour and sought drizzle conditions. trying out a little bit in the last few minutes but we're starting to see breaks in the clouds. if you're headed to work, wherever your going, we're still seeing pockets of drizzle and misty conditions along the coast and day. the rose will still be slick. so it is storm to be cooler by this afternoon. partly cloudy skies and then finally we will see a slow warming trend towards the end of the workweek. tour satellite and radar, a low pressure system to the north of the bay area bringing us these
6:46 am
low clouds and cooler temperatures. in fact unseasonably cool. yesterday we saw a similar story with temperatures. by this afternoon we are only going to see highs in the '70s. 70 degrees in palo alto, your warmest spots are the state valets. 73 in livermore which should be in the upper eighties at this time of the year. these temperatures are definitely below average between five and 15 degrees. around the bay we will see 60s. 64 in alemeda court. and only 61 degrees in san fransisco. we're going to see a slight warming trend through the week. thursday we will finally see a return to the '80s and in by friday and saturday and sunday and into the we can we do return to more seasonal weather. and warmer weather with those highs reaching into the '90s. that is a check of your weather forecast, drying out a little bit here. i will throw it back into the nice warm studio. >> i'm not born to brag, it is
6:47 am
warmer. although it does it cold in here, we know that all too well. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza where me during lights are on and it is a windshield wiper day so there is drizzle out there and slick services. be careful as you hit the road south. bay bridge stacked up to the maze, the san mateo bridge is a good alternate, no problems here, 14 minutes to go between 101 and 880, foster city and hayward. 880 sluggish as you connect over but once again on the bridge traffic looks good for us had to 101 and the south bay. we're starting to see some slightly slower speeds as you work your way along 101 northbound and connecting onto the freeway their traffic is starting to back up. so that may slow you down a little bit and you can see 8008237 also slow and go. that is a look at your time saver traffic. >> yahoo goes to google to find a new boss. >> she takes charge today. here to talk about that and more is cbs money watch .com. >> good morning.
6:48 am
a real stunner from yahoo after yesterday's closing bell. naming carissa meier as the new ceo. she has been a longtime executive at google. in fact it is employee #20. one of the key executives behind not only of e-mail but also their search web page and a number of other products. wall street expected the interim ceo to get the not so this really did come out of left field but it is an intriguing choice. given what she has been able to do at google, she starts today and also said that she is pregnant and expecting in october. yahoo did not mind that at all and this move also doubles the number of female ceos at publicly traded companies in silicon valley. meg whitman being the only other one. also consumer side inflation was flat in june thanks to gasoline prices falling 2%. the core rate was up slightly, food was up slightly. inflation had fallen back in may
6:49 am
as well. let's take a look at the numbers this morning. to see how investors reacted to the move that got him. dye whose shares up slightly, down at 40 points with the nasdaq gaining 4 and the s&p up by to come back to you guys. >> ok, jason brooks, thank you. >> delta passengers got something extra with their sandwiches >> california gets help to clean up debris from the tsunami in japan. cate caugurian is here now with a look at your world. >> good morning, california's one of five states looking forward to getting that federal funding. the money is part of a grant from the national oceanic and atmospheric administration. other states, oregon and washington and hawaii and alaska will also get $50,000 each. alaskan state leaders say the money will not be enough for the job and states could see the funding as early as this month. today the fbi tried to figure out how needles got inside of turkey sandwiches on board for delta airlines flights.
6:50 am
one passenger was hurt when he took a bite into a sandwich and a stock. the sewing needles were found in three domestic flights and one international. in a written statement delta said " delta is taking this matter extremely seriously, and cooperating with local and federal authorities investigating the incident. delta has taken immediate action with the in-flight catering to ensure the safety and quality of the food they provide on board the aircraft. delta says that security for the meal productionas been increased and are now using prepackaged food as the investigation continues. quite the scare that passenger had. >> thank you. time now for a look at what is coming up later on cbs this morning. >> we do that with charlie rose. he joins us live from new york with more. good morning. >> good morning. no relief in sight as the u.s. faces the largest crowd since 1956. we will look at the impact on what you pay for food and gasoline, and how the biggest problem could involve a water
6:51 am
shortage. also this morning a former cia officer is in the studio with some secrets on how to spot a liar. and the five things that you need to know if you are about to retire. that too, we will see a 7:00. >> money might be a good thing ... >> thank you. cbs this morning starts at 7:00. >> it is 6:52 a.m., a tuition puzzle, a fee hike could go into effect for csu students. >> to the president planned one on the first lady on the test camera? you're going to have to wait and see. >> ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> they know how the fire started but do not know when 20 people will be able to call home. lisa washington in newark where an apartment building is closed this morning. >> that is right, the fire struck after 10:00 a.m. and we do know that 20 people that were displaced were being assisted by the red cross. the alameda county fire spokesperson said it was a pot used for cooking that was left unattended on a stove and then caught on fire and started that fire here at this apartment complex. one was for the other had significant damage. other people were dismissed because of the lack of electricity to the building when the firefighters arrived after 10:00 last night they could see fire and smoke billowing from the windows. no word yet on when the people who were displaced will be able
6:56 am
to return to their homes. >> it could be a big step to ending it vandalism and violence on the services of public transit system. muni officials will vote on a federally funded plan for surveillance equipment. the $6 million contract calls for new cars on hundreds of buses and light rail vehicles. california state university trustees meeting today to decide what to do is the governor's tax measure is rejected by the voters in november. the board is looking into possibilities at the meeting in long beach. one is to raise tuition to bring in more money and the other is to cut expenses by committing fewer students and cutting staff. neither of those sound very good. >> let's check on traffic and weather. you are back inside of a one studio. >> i tried to do something with this mess in the break room. if you're watching earlier we had raindrops out there, when we were live on the roof and you can see the raindrops on a lot of the cameras this morning.
6:57 am
this is a live look outside. a 60 degree reading in san jose with some measures in the '50s bolster to get more out there with 59 in livermore and 57 degrees in oakland. by this afternoon temperatures will once again be unseasonably cool. reaching into the low seventies. 73 in livermore and and you can see 60s around the bay. 61 as the forecasted high in san fransisco. a slight warming trend throughout the course of the week. by thursday wear orange warm things up slightly and by friday and into the weekend temperatures start to get more average for this time of the year. that is weather. >> your morning drive took a turn for the worse along 580, a big rig accident west bound. also reports of a broken-down vehicles near grants line. delays are inching up to the altamont pass. once you get past the mess this is what conditions look like. a little bit better but expected back up to to that accident. let's take a look at mobile 5
6:58 am
cruising along 680 near concord. traffic looking pretty good in both directions. no delays there. we have delays at the toll bridge. metering lights back to the maze. mass transit on time. a good choice to avoid those slick surfaces. >> president obama and the first lady felt some pressure from the crowd while watching a team usa basketball game. >> the couple found themselves on the big screen during a kiss camera routine in washington yesterday. the first time the president shied away prompting jurors from the crowd but he eventually made his moves. >> is a human cannot do it may be a cat can. we're talking about running a town in alaska. this is stubs, he is in charge. 900 residents to not like the mayoral candidates so they
6:59 am
encouraged enough people to elect stubs as a right in canada but the position is only honorary. thank goodness. >> click cat mayor has turned the town into a popular tourist good morning to our viewers in the west. it is tuesday, july 17, 2012. welcome to studio 57 at the cbs broadcast center. i'm charlie rose. erica hill is off today. america faces its worst drought in more than half a century. so could it slow down any hopes of an economic recovery? i'm gayle king. pins and needles in the air as passengers on delta flights find a dangerous surprise. >> and i'm norah o'donnell. major mess in london, and the olympics haven't even started. but first, we begin with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds.


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