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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  July 22, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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fund-raising tonight in the bay area president obama expect it to arrive at sfo in two hours the first time the two candidates of been here at the same time left more on itinerary's later the president stopped in colorado to meet privately with the families of those gunned down in friday's massacre the president is attending a memorial service just getting under way. these are live pictures from the memorial teresa garcia is an aurora sunday services focused on healing. along when he it will be the president wrapped up a brief but comforting meeting with the surviving victims and families of the 12 killed, he is said to take off soon and will be addressing the media shortly
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your referenced a vigil that has begun, with residents and local officials the healing taking many shapes including large church gatherings. sunday service at colorado community church dedicated to the shooting massacre. one church member corn touting was killed in friday's attack this is a good community it is a tragic thing that happened the congregation prayed for the accused gunman. james holmes as a mother and father and they carry a big burden we forget him to across from the crime scene this man from illinois placed 12 crosses one for each victim he did this and after the 1999 columbine shootings all around are people
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selling church is turning to prayer to make sense of a massacre the suspected gunman remains in solitary confinement while the investigation continues. authorities want to know how holmes got the materials and in his apartment. were building a case to show this was deliberate and processed by an intelligent man who want to do this president obama arrived this afternoon he meets privately with the victims' families the suspect expected to make his first court appearance monday morning. law enforcement has revealed inside the suspect's apartment s.i. batman poster they found a batman mask and investigators have confiscated computer hard drive. what you know about homes trying to join a shooting range last month he tried to join
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a shooting range nearby in colorado and ya have to thought an application that was except and with a range owner says he contacted him back to set up an appointment but heard a freakish voicemail message he had a bizarre feeling and told his staff f. holmes showed up not to accept them into the gun range the tragedy and has a review of the debate over gun control the hot topic on the sunday morning talk shows gristly shows us the candidates seem reluctant to weigh in. time for this country to do something that is the job of the president on face the nation mayor bloomberg called out the president and republican candidate mitt romney the need to take action. it is time we hold them accountable what are you going
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to do? candidates have offered their sympathy, neither has gone into detail about their own view of the second amendment a uc- berkeley professor at the institute of government studies say romney and obama have been moderate on gun-control as a massachusetts governor he has been moderate and support a variety of actions to restrain gunned ownership and use. president obama as far as the traditional democratic approach is a disappointment to gun control advocates because he has banned among the leaders the most moderate perhaps conservative. there may be political pressure, for gun control he says the man at last for long.
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unfortunately as in previous events this will die down. it may be and the l a times subjects california senator dianne feinstein suggested this morning i hope there is a sane national conversation on guns, this is a bad time to embrace a new subject has been no action because no out rage out there. grace lee cbs 5 after his stop in colorado president obama goes to san francisco air force one will be at buckley air force base when the service is over expected to touch down at sfo just after 7 he will spend the night in san francisco before going to reno in the morning returns for campaign events tomorrow afternoon. mitt romney will spend the night
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in san francisco he arrived in the bay area this afternoon with three fund raisers on the schedule linda yee is following the campaign trail. were at the fairmont hotel the republican candidate arrived 30 minutes ago he came here through the back way disappointing a lot of people in the fund open to get a glimpse of him police set up barricades, they were anticipating protesters share but a dozen or so showed up, his motorcade came in through the back entrance perhaps a garage why supporters paid in about 2500-$10,000 each for a private reception among the host or the giants managing partner peter mcgowan they did expect protests but for whatever reason they did not show up, there are supporters were here
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for the governor. mitt romney says he is interested in providing tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations we think that is wrong so we think the wealthy and corporations should be taxed and corporations are not people he is a self-made man and many people he never talks about he's a good man in woodside the governor attended a $50,000 per person lunch and he was an the home of the billionaire founder of sun belt systems and at the home of george shultz spirit tonight the governor coast to another $50,000 a head fund-raiser at a dinner in pacific heights that is the last of his campaign stops will be not clear exactly how much money will be taking,
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the president will be here tonight and has a slow fund- raisers in the east bay including the fox theater in oakland. a lot of money here in the bay area. the dramatic change in the aids epidemic the goal of the international aids conference opening in washington d.c. i'm saddened jackhammers and forklift disturb the peace of penn state campus a statute is dismantled the next hammer expected to fall on the campus tomorrow talking about tomorrow forecast for monday things are changing cooler weather moves and this is the beginning of a cooling trend will tell you how much and how long,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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brush fire burns more than 50 a. in solano county, it broke out northwest of vacaville at two 25 this afternoon. it took crews a little more than
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an hour to bring under control no injuries reported it came close to homes but none burned. the world's largest aids conference opened in washington d.c. a lot has happened since the 20 years the conference last met in the united states anti- aids drugs have been developed that give patients a nearly normal life expectancy is turning the tide on hiv it is trying to stop the spread by using in treatment as prevention. at penn state university a symbol of pride removed it is only the beginning of what promises to be a difficult week on campus. the dismantling of an icon the 7 ft. tall statue of joe paterno that stood outside the stadium covered with the tar before workers used a forklift
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to remove from foundation and put in storage. this is a tragic as this the i see there's a lot of problems on monday morning the hammer comes down on the university as the ncaa could be unprecedented penalties what is of the table is the so-called " death penalty " the football program and not be suspended but when the sections are done penn state will wish they had the death penalty that status of their i'm told they're going to be a report found that the light head football coach and other officials covered up child abuse allegations against jerry sandusky as fans and students watch the removal of the statute some hope it will make the ncaa go easier on the school. but turner died six months ago
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the university president said his plan will be kept on the library because it signifies his significant contributions to campus life for something different the weather we have cool down along the shoreline still in the '90s and the east bay and that will change in the week ahead warm out there and cool on the,,,,,,,
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it is summertime and the bay area 60s and the shoreline and
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'90s inland low clouds arrested last night. cool things it evidently. it continues warm inland the cooling trend will continue temps came down dramatically 3- 15 degrees lower than yesterday it continues through the end of the week, for tonight, low clouds that filter and along the coastline especially in south san francisco, we get the monsoonal flow from arizona it is affecting them as the sun heats up the moisture and blossoms over the eastern sierra if you have never been down 395 on the other side of the sierra you have not seen california a beautiful and stunning part of the state. they're getting thunderstorms today that ran at yosemite.
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low clouds over pacific northwest thicken by the loan over vancouver. out the door tomorrow clouds along the shore on sunday in the afternoon for the bay some high clouds overhead, will see some clouds not sought inland but ratings topping out near 90 in east bay, the low clouds are at the coast line on the time lapse they will thicken up over nine then we pull away the low clouds the usual low clouds in the morning and sun in the afternoon. as a fall mostly sunny thunderstorms may pop up and new york and denver 88 degrees for new york and 90 for denver. we look for temperatures to warm in the 1 hundreds in central valley.
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overnight lows in the '50s, the forecast highs for the bay and south bay mostly low 80's in san jose low 80's, 78 for los gatos, 77 at hayward, the cooler than it was today. the clinton began yesterday continues through the end of the week. by the end of the week will be in the upper seventies before warming up next weekend. extra innings at the coliseum dennis o'donnell is there. great debt to be a sports fan a thrilling finish at the british open and a thriller at the coliseum the a's go for this
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, discover british columbia.
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visit: welcome back to a 0 dot go the oakland a's the most exciting team in baseball, they have never swept the new york yankees at home and four game series at the chance to do that today, see. c. sad that via bases loaded our poll cologne off a wall to run scored the yankees jump up to 4-
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0 lead. the a's chip away. brandon inge second home run in as many days and 10th of the year. the a's have become a home run machine. kurtis suzuki his first home run of the air. the team gave him the silent treatment and then let them have been it was a 4-2 ball game bottom of the ninth set smith a solo home run. it ties the game at 4. still tied at 4. to you believe this? coco crisp singles and scores the a's are 5-4 winners and sweep new york yankees.
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great stuff will do the entire show game day from the coliseum, the giants assured of winning road trip labor looking for a man sweep of the philadelphia phillies. he leads off the game with a solo blast to right field, barry zito with a strong outing struck out seven fillies in chase of a tries to bunt. ryan theriot with a great play. a two-two again, the seventh inning former stanford standout
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his second home run of the day in philadelphia takes a 3-2 lead during a personal home run derby showdown. his second home run of the day tied at 3. extra innings, the 12th, a pitch to jimmy rollins gets the base in the giants lose 4-3 but they 1 4/6 on the road trip. for golf, adam scott in great shape to win his first major in stead he'll be linked to as the only other player to blow a 4 shot lead in final round of the british open tiger began five back. he's never 1 when trailing after 54 holes. it took him two shots to get that of a bunker and in three but shoots a 73 and tied for
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third. adam scott with a 4 shot lead but he bogeyed 15, and bogeyed 16, and that open the door for ernie els he sinks the birdie putt on 18. els had four birdies on the back nine. skype second shot least of his third straight bogey put some in a tie for the lead on 18, hitting his tee shot in the bunker scott recovers gets the third shot close for park to force the playoff. scott had four bogeys, bodie's the final for holes and ernie els wednesday open championship for his fourth career major. i had a lot of support this week you guys must ask
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yourselves will you just be nice to me or what? sure i am very disappointed, i felt like i played well this week and had a great chance. @ lake tahoe charles barkley never get into politics final round up of celebrity golf in tall carson palmer from the bunker at 16th and eagle for raiders quarterback. he beat marc rypien for the title today that is at hand. the a's are a hot ticket right now most thrilling team in baseball. they would be tied for the second wild-card spot can must be fun to hear the crowd roared at the end of the game and a sweep against the new
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york yankees that is it for eyewitness news at 530 c when ha,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> glor: tonight, the search for answers in aurora. at services today the victims of this mass shooting were remembered. >> amen. >> glor: john blackstone has the story of a 13-year-old who struggled to save the youngest victim. >> it's horrifying picturing in my head what i saw that night. >> glor: at the same time new details about accused killer .ames holmes. jim axelrod has that as holmes prepares to appear in court. also joe paterno's iconic statue removed. armen keteyian shows the sanctions to be imposed on the penn state's famed football rrogram tomorrow. captioning sponsored by cbs ca this is the "cbs evening news" with jeff glor reporting


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