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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  August 2, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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pretty full look at your morning commute coming up. the police chief is asking for stun guns. and in is in the news room. the police chief is trying to do what his predecessors tried to do and has bellbirfail the commission told him to come back with a report including community reaction in how and when the weapons should be used. it is the difference between an electronic devices and the media response to the firearm.
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an officer shot and killed a man and the financial district after they say they lunged at her with a bloody box cutters. today both the shares officers and the chp to carry them. we're asking you this morning to you believe officers should carry nonlethal weapons like tweezers? of the recess what's worse, they dead person or a injured person you could e-mail us your dues so that we could further discuss this
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they have not given us any suspect information just jet. police say the death of a woman and oakland seems to be a case of domestic violence. the woman had a head injuries and was covered with blood. she later died at highland hospital. the victim's boyfriend is now under arrest according to police. the sheriff's office are looking for a pair of escaped inmates. they climbed a fence at the north county detention facility last night. both men were serving sentences for of all and drug violations. they were last seen wearing prison clothing. a scathing report from the city auditor shows the department spent the money on technology
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that was underused. oakland pd will be hiring a i t director parade the itc has until january to report back to the auditor the changes made. people showed up to support the president's right to speak out about gay marriage id save first amendment rights issue. he has his right to think and say whatever he has to as do the opposite side it's ok to have an opinion supporters are calling for same-sex couples to stop at the
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restaurant chains to kiss tomorrow. the centerpiece of my opponents entire economic plan is not only to extend the bush, tax cuts but to add a new five trillion dollar tax cut on top of it. the bulk of this would go to the eight wealthiest americans romney fresh off his overseas trip did not speak in public yesterday prayed he will speak with governors and potential running mates.
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the brokerage firm by capital group says it had a technology issues that affected trading in other major stocks. washington post post it reports that three commuter jets were close to colliding. but air traffic controllers it wants to out grand flights directly at 2 planes. they were reportedly 12 seconds from the crash when the eight traffic controllers realized their mistake sprayed one it home burned down in a brush fire in southern california they expect to have the fire contained later this morning. it's already burned 400 a.. it started just before noon
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yesterday. it started wind bar where got stepped in brush cleaning equipment. temperature rise, and not bad to start off the day parade 50 degrees and mild id livermore. the temperatures again going to beat on the warm side. in the '80s in the valley prayed 92 unconquered. so far pretty quiet day of their commuting toward the dublin interchange read all the
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lights you see is westbound 580 parade it should be a 15 to 60 minute drive time coming through the altamont pass. we are seeing some slow down at the marin county drive parade speeds are really did slow. they should be wrapping this up surely parade right now it's a pretty slow ride heading out of san raphael parade they did open more lanes heading toward san francisco parad. a quick mass transit check, so far we're off to a great start. all reporting no delays. a small catholic church in
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campbell is making a desperate plea for a return of a religious icon. the statue was stolen from the church prayed the church stands right across the street from the police department. at least two people were required to bolt the statue parad. so far there are no suspects or lead in the case. the proposal would guarantee libraries would did a certain percentage of the city's general fund each year. the measure requires about 90,000 signatures.
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but they were recently told that they would need more than 57,000. the countywide ban would cover stores totaling at least $2 million a year berkeley considered adding small stores to be banned, but now they ar add to as those from san francisco to explain more if you ride it barred, be prepared to save it and makes the room. bart will allow bikes onto
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trains every friday for the whole month. there are restrictions, bikes have to yield seats to seniors and eldisabled passengers. officials say these system there is working fine. starting tomorrow, if you ride bart, be prepared to make some room for the bike riders. time now is 511, a new recall by to live. the potential recall for thousands of vehicles. and the new californian city that has just declared,,,,,, ,,
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take a look at that spread closed-circuit cameras captured a man being swallowed by a sink hole. he was walking during typhoon saw a wendy brown disappeared.
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typhoons fellow was of hovering near the philippines and is expected to move on to china recall letters ar the 2010 it lt the company says there have been nine crashes and three minor injuries. let's get a check on it traffic with elizabeth the roads are grade. we do not have any major issues at 515 in the morning. but we do have some areas of some overnight roadwork parade in the meantime i want to show you how nicely things are flowing through san jose parade you could see the eat headlights
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are moving pint. they usually turn the metering lights on around 615. so far traffic has not been too bad over at the bay bridge. but things are looking gray. bart is on time. all trades reported no delays as well. of looks good across the golden gate. we do have some patchy fog. temperatures are in the '50s right now. some of the fog had snuck into that of valley.
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it is sunny and hot again today prayed today the rich will be holding on for one last day and it looks like there will be changes wind this low pressure starts to drop down into the bay. at sfo, you should be able to fly out of their pretty good. and 98 degrees in the york with a slight chance of thunderstorms their parad. at 78 degrees in union city. livermor85 degrees expected in a rosa today. a pleasant 73 degrees and
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oakland. some months and zero clouds a third california city has filed for bankruptcy protection parade yesterday's san benardino officially filed their petition in court. they blame the housing market and their economic downturn were factors of its downfall. hewlett-packard, a judge ruled or call to continue providing the software. it also sets up a possibility of a second trial to determine damages.
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buall the time of jobs in the by area is putting us at the top of the jobs list. it is the strongest job market trade in second place nationwide is san francisco, a cemetery and the marin county region parad. which led to go this basis? imagine what to do for free? american airlines is going to give someone a free sub orbital displace spaceflight its going to be a 3 hour trip and from what i hear, it
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when you're the center above gravity you away anything virgin american's frequent- flier programs as a typical perks such as expedited security screenings. and is 520 right now, a record 19 wins in july. but could they carry their momentum into august? which american swimmers took home the top prizes in the poll ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we're looking at some hot temperatures into the afternoon. the numbers up to the mid-90s. if your crossing beat bridges, and a drive through marin county may be slow. we will tell you why coming up
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the a's have experience to losses in a row. he knocked out his first home run and yesterday at the coliseum. the loss against tampa the four- one. at the other side of the bay, of things went sour for the giants quickly last night. new york went on to win it 2-1. now for our play of the day parade from at&t park, we have giants outfielder laying out for a diving grab. what a nice catch. the catch may remind you of the perfect catch that preserved
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mccain's perfect game. australian world champion james was favored in the 100 m freestyle the american have touched him by one one-hundredth of a second. and team usa's women swimmers were not to be outdone in the eat freestyle relay. schmidt led the americans to victory. we have some breaking news down in palo alto, the search on the stanford campus. what is wrong with the
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regular one from a better night's sleep to extra vitamins. the special waters are it all the rage. which brand do all that they say they do? the police department wants their officers to have bo,,,,,,, at its thursday august 2nd.
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we begin with some breaking news. police swarm a stanford campus. their search of eight suspect.
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this against the bill for the stew under $50,000 tax cuts? you do. liberal policies to not make great jobs. president obama and mitt romney will be on the campaign trail in the crucial battleground states. the restaurant at the center of national debate. the church wants its cherished statue back. it developed a news at of southern california. the smoky wild fire that destroyed at least one home is about to 50% contained we did not set out to squander $2 million. from across the bay, the stories
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that matter of an eyewitness news this morning. this is for joining us at this hour. police are searching for a man that escaped from their custody. the suspect escaped from custody of staff for police around 2:00 this morning. he was arrested under suspicion of domestic violence parade tell us what happened and what officers are doing to find the suspect as you noted it, scott fled officers around 2:00 a.m. this morning. they have set up a perimeter. menlo park police have also assisted.
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k-9 police also came in and conducted a track parade of the last known location was around pappas drive and all that as. do you know of the suspect is a souvenir of the university no. he is affiliated with a retired professor parade tell us about the arrest, suspicious of domestic balance? that's correct, scott was taking into custody for battering his girlfriend. he was last wearing some jeans, a light colored t-shirt. and open sores? does have anything to do with the arrest? the open sores were already there. he did that cause on at the time for it a bad cut of gamow at this point it at time,
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there is still an active search for him. there is a perimeter around campus and we are bringing in additional securities. we don't have reason to believe that scott poses an immediate threat to the population however he is now wanted by the police so his emotions may be heightened at this point in time. was there just one officer and were the injured during the rest i did not believe officers were injured during the arrest. it was during a process of bringing to pull down to jail at once where scott escaped scott is being described as a white man in his late 30's parade by
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of the tall weighing about 200 lbs.. it you are asked to call police if anyone sees him. 7 cisco police will be allowed to use pay but been many cops are ready have. he thinks taser is are the answers. the chief asset police commission to consider a pilot program requesting trained officers to use the eat non- lethal weapon. the weapons systems, the
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electronic control devices, the purpose is to immediately immobilize the individual prayed stopping it the individual from engaging in a further acts of violence. it is effective in 80 + of the cases they are siding that of the man in july for the need of lasers. the ac you sent a 12 page m letter to the mayor parade we've been asking do you
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think police officers should be carried on with the weapons like to users a beaufort said of course. just make sure to train them in the proper use of it. you can continue to send your comments to further discuss this. rival gang shooting is a result of members of the same gain targeting members of the same gang. today marks five years since the bay area's notorious murders. chauncy was shot and killed in oakland 2002. at the time bailey was investigating the finances of
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the black muslim victory parade the bakery was later convicted of ordering bailey's murder. late last week, the statue was stolen from the church. the church's stands across the street from the police department. they say it is likely to people were needed to unbolt the 3 ft. tall statue. i hope this incident is maybe some kind of a heartless to draw them closer to god so far there are no suspects or leads in the case. the fire started just before noon time in marietta and riverside county prayed at least one home have been
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destroyed. three firefighters suffered minor injuries parade it all started after sparks weren't thrown win bar but was stuck in brush clearing equipment. some of the fog is making its way inside the bay parade toward the afternoon we are going to heat things up once again. the stock they will be getting hot inside the bay. east bay will be running well above the average in the mid nineties today parade more on your weather coming up. some changes on the way as well. we are going driving with kcbs. we have brand behind the will
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and he is traveling into livermore. so far it no delays coming at of the alta want passed. we're following this developing problem lot of oakland prayed heading toward the macarthur bays, there are apparently debris in the roadway prayed for cars have stalled out because of the debris. a large rock is now in a lane. the past the coliseum, things are looking good. that a strap the back to you guys. skeptics state bicycles and bart trains are not a good mix. starting tomorrow you better make room if the ride bart. tomorrow is the first day of the
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bike training. bikes are not allowed on the first train if it is crowded. the pilot is working in new york city, for now every friday if you take part you better make room for bikers. university of colorado psychiatrist reportedly talked up to school administrators about peashooter prior to the shooting. it is not clear what was discussed. the university is not
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>> looked at this surveillance video, a clerk is minding his own business when a car smashes in to a store and right into him. the driver was apparently drunk in at the gas instead of the brakes. a clerk only had minor injuries and is now back at work. a show of support for a fast- food franchise that has come under fire for its president's recent remarks against same-sex marriage >> former arkansas gov. mike huckabee enacted the so-called chick-fil-a appreciation day
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yesterday. many who showed up at the chain's fairfield location took a similar view >> it is a first amendment right issue, he has his right to think and say whatever he wants to as does the opposite side >> this is america. it is ok to have a difference of opinion >> gay-rights groups are already organizing a counter demonstration. >> just in from the labor department in washington, the number of people filing first- time unemployment claims jumped by 8000 last week. seasonal factors apparently played a role in the increase. encouraging news about the employment picture in the bay area because of the concentration of tech jobs. the labor department says santa clara county is the nation's strongest job market with a 3.8 increase in jobs in the last year and in second place, san francisco, san mateo, a marin
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county. the jobs picture is one factor for investors to consider today >> another is retail sales with some companies reporting solid gains in the month of july. ashley joins us with more on business >> it was a mixed day for the asian markets. worldwide investors are watching europe very closely today. has vowed he will do whatever it takes to save the euro. one action could be a bond buying program that could lower borrowing costs for struggling economies. cautious economic news from ben bernanke and the federal reserve who say that growth had slowed after the first half of the year and job creation was week. they also signaled a
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willingness to step in if the economy does not improve. wall street did not like what the fed had to say and the dow dropped 38 points yesterday. these dozens of stocks on wall street saw sharp swings in prices because of a technical glitch during the first hour of trading following a computer problem that plagued the opening hours of the facebook ipo back in may. let's talk about the big auto recall this morning. >> toyota is recalling almost 780,000 rav4 and lexus 250 sedans to fix a suspension problem that could cause crashes. toyota is reporting that nine crashes and three minor injuries related to the problem have
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occurred so if you do have cars that are infected with this you do need to get it to the dealership as soon as possible. >> let's look at the weather with lawrence. >> we have had some very nice weather around the bay area. fifties around much of the bay area now. dense fog as you approached the coast line. inside the bay, beautiful with lots of sunshine. still some hot 90 showing up inland. we're in for changes in the ridge of high pressure and it will start to have cool air move on shore with more fog headed
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our way with some cooler temperatures. 71 and sunday by the afternoon. 90 degrees in new york with the possibility of a slight chance of thunderstorms. around the bay area temperatures soaring into the 90s in morgan hill. inside the day he will find a gentle sea breeze blowing. 73 and mostly sunny in oakland and 85 degrees in santa rosa. more cooling and back to normal over the weekend with a few more clouds had our way. >> let's go to the south bay and san jose where we have a camera this morning and it's starting
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to get busy in the northbound lanes. a little bit of a slowdown as you head out of san jose. we're also following a couple of different problems with this one just coming into the news room. there is an accident in lost data was causing a few brake lights. we see some brake lights in slowdowns on the sensors. some rock debris here and now up to four cars are stalled out because of it. it looks like they're working to clear it. better news in marin county where they are picking up that road work overnight. speed sensors improve, 63 m.p.h. so a much better right
5:50 am
heading towards the golden gate bridge. >> we have breaking news from the stanford police department. we heard from the chief not long ago, there was a domestic violence the suspect in custody named scott foster and he broke away from being arrested. >> he was arrested the first time at 2:00 and then he escaped and apparently he is the son of a retired professor from stanford but he has been caught. they were telling residents to close the doors unlocked windows >> we will have more in a live report in a couple of minutes >> the skinny on special water, are they any better than what comes out of your tap. >> what may be the funniest moment in the olympics so far.
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>> on the healthwatch, the way women with advanced breast cancer are treated could be changed because of a new study. researchers found combining to drugs instead of giving them separately nations. they say the study is the first show that combination of hormonal therapy increases survival in a bans cases. swimmers are advised not to drink the water at a popular lake in alameda county because of high bacteria count at shadow cliffs lake. the park district says levels are not high enough to warrant
5:54 am
the closure of the lake. ayer bacteria counts are actually normal during hot summer months >> it turns out all the fancy water on store shelves cannot beat the benefits of plain old water. researchers say special orders that contain substances and vitamins may actually be canceling out all the benefits. vitamin water has 120 cals and 32 g of sugar. nutritionists say regular water has the same amount of natural sweetness and no calories. they recommend a change in lifestyle habits rather than drinking special water. he just wanted to have a bit of fun but instead, london's mayor was left hanging during the olympics celebrations. here is the mayor writing is that line in london when it stopped short of the end. he was thing going for five minutes or so and had a nice conversation with the crowd below until crewmembers got him
5:55 am
down. >> that looks a little bit uncomfortable. in the next half-hour, three jets narrowly avoided mid-air collision >> from stanford, the suspect to escape from police c,,,,,,,,,,,, ♪ [ ukulele strumming ]
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>> after a search that lasted nearly four hours, the suspect to escape police custody of stamford police has been >> san francisco's police chief it takes a stand for stun guns.
5:59 am
why he is pleading to arm its officers. >> it will of sunshine and hot temperatures ahead and we will talk about it coming up. >> road debris in oakland already causing some slowdowns. >> good morning everyone. >> the time now is 6:00. where falling breaking news out of stanford university now. 10 minutes ago police arrested a domestic violence aspect to escape custody earlier this morning. he was on the run for nearly four hours >> he is behind bars now. with a washington with more information >> scott foster has been caught by stanford police. right now we will turn to stanford chief laura wilson. >> he was still in handcuffs. a palo alto police officer standing on a perimeter in the


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