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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  August 2, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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out what happened and how to avoid this problem again, there are about to send out another direct of their telling me this construction site has been shut down until further notice. super sensitive and that part of the bay area. understandable. other headlines miss santa clara a neighborhood woke up to lockdown at police searched for i wanted parolee looking for 27 year-old joshua benson in connection with a domestic violence incident. people in the cabrillo area told to stay in their homes as a precaution. bentsen may have been armed. they tracked him down at a friend's home, and he surrendered peaceably. a fireman a san jose apartment building damages three units this morning it started at 9:00 a.m. at 340 auburn wide
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in the patio, flames spread to the third floor everybody got out safely that was under control by 1030, eight people were displaced. called the worst anti- competitive acts when publisher has seen the news racks along into several publications swept off the street and dumped in a lot of a in one of the bay area's largest newspapers. some publishers are suspicious this quite a dustup involving smaller community newspapers and the sand was a mercury news. these pictures, taken behind the san jose mercury news building shelling racks belonging to competing media companies they include racks from metro and a weekly publication metro racks are the red ones. no publisher is going to get
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permission to their competitor to pick up their news rack he is the publisher of metro and the lease seven of his brand new news racks are missing from the streets of san jose in addition to an unknown number of older racks. he has no idea how they ended up on the property of the mercury news i've been in publishing 30 years this is the worst example of competitive behavior and i have seen around as they would still news racks. not normal protocol prissy your news rack on the property of a competitor when this man from the palo alto daily post found some of his news racks or at the merc he went to investigate and was photographed holding his own news rack before security got involved. we were approached by security guards and told to leave, and leave the news rack
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it is our news rack both publisher said in no way to they authorize the mercury news to collect move or touched their news racks. we are competitors. a spokesperson for the city of san jose says code enforcement in charge of things like news rack enforcement has had no compliance of the violations, they're not involved. as for the san jose mercury news when made several attempts and did not receive a reply. mark sayre cbs 5 beginning tomorrow cyclists can do something they have not been able to do before bring their bikes on board part during the busy commute times some rules will stay the same terrain i love taking my bike on part we're the first to tell this
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man about the pilot program which will allow him to do so during peak commute hours. normally has to adjust his workday to bring his wheels i have to go in either rally early in or light to accommodate the schedule this is great. the program which runs on fridays through august will test the limits people seem frustrated all the time and on apologizing constantly it is like a struggle in around everybody of the rules remain in effect, no bikes on crowded trains for the first car yield space to the elderly and don't like guiles no blacks on as the letters during the pilot. bart solicits feedback like do you think there was enough room and not affect your trip? will do a big devaluation
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last are cyclists what they think of it will ask our writers what they think of it most bart stations have a bike racks most of bike lockers and for half pike stations. the more by its onboard the greater chance of that, you might want to record your bikes certain number. today most bikers are positive about the pilot and hoping this could lead to a permanent change. i guess we will see it could of been catastrophic 3 plans headed to in mid-air collision. or trying to figure this out at a miscommunication that put the three plants and a dangerous position.
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cal grants yen from college students the raise in the state takes away the money and options students have for financial aid. health benefits of flamencos, the anti oxidant that turns the board pink and how it can help,,,,,,,,
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frustrated by a seemingly endless conflict united nations peace envoy to syria has quit he resigned today saying he no longer can do the job because the security council does not provide support. he's said it resorts to finger- pointing and name-calling. the wide as the white house as it appreciates his work and syria was not willing to embrace a plan for peace
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miscommunication over washington's national airport federal officials want answers and tara mergener shows us some arden on the plans were on course to collide with each other half a investigators to try to figure out y 3 u.s. airways jets got to close in the skies over the nation's capital will get to the bottom of this, we will take all appropriate action to prevent similar miscommunication federal officials say at 2:00 p.m. one. approaching reagan national airport for landing air-traffic control mistakenly senate and to the path of two other plans investigators say two plans came within 12 seconds of each other before the control tower or the incoming plan away. at no point or these planes
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on a head-to-head collision course in this instance a competent professional controller did her job. a storm on tuesday caused the win to shift air traffic control to their routine shift of the flight pattern that is not clear what everyone did not get the message faa official said the breakdown i have happened at a regional control centers. we're in a veteran of the people involved the three people were carrying a total of 192 passengers and crew a all made it to their destination safely. tara mergener cbs news devastating double decker bus crashed in illinois, one person dead, the bus blew a tire and slammed into a concrete bridge near st. louis. it crumpled the front and
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investigators say is the bus was at capacity it was on his way to kansas city from chicago. responsible for a flamingo's culler many are using the anti occident to boost health doctor can explains the " flamingo pill " i'm mike sugerman were all the taxi's i'll tell you coming up. from the weather center, if you have weekend plans you need to stay tuned the storm to the south that will affect the forecast eyewitness,,,,,,,,,,,,
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if you take taxis in san francisco here's a warning, hundreds of calves are driving around the city without enough insurance. the problem could take months to resolve. were here at the hyatt regency normally there's a line of taxis but today there are nine. one reason almost one-third of the entire fleet of the city of san francisco is off the street here's why:
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hailing a taxi will be a harder and more dangerous for a few days maybe a few weeks. there are 500 cabs that do not have the proper insurance up to $1 million that is one-third of the entire fleet yesterday policies expired because one of the major brokers could not come through. to you have your insurance i have no idea the owner of the company, metro has been quoted as saying that without the coverage he will send taxis out. the general manager is a driver for desoto cab it is a high-risk market nothing simpler about san francisco as taxicab market you need a medallion to drive and other companies have them or the
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owner operators most of the problems are with those individuals who sublet them to other drivers are companies. not a lot of accountability by cab companies in general a lot of companies operate haphazardly he says it is finally coming home the city is helping to find insurance and is optimistic it might be more difficult they'll like that but we're gonna get it done as soon as possible as source tells us an e-mail from the brokerage could be to had to three months during this guy get one of the only cabs here we should be fair, the cannot be insured for the full amount it might be insured for one half million dollars the full amount is $1 million. mike sugerman cbs 5 sunday and nasa's marv mars
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rover said to touch down on the red planet it is called the curiosity, nasa launched at last november the touchdown will be risky. the craft must zigzag from 13,000 miles per hour 20 in seven minutes. this will work. it we have confidence it will work there are new elements are descent and landing because of the size of the rover is a new element curiosity will search for signs of march held life its high-powered laser can last a rocks. the bay area connection to the unprecedented mars lander. a chemical found in flamencos used to warn of health concerns in tonight's checkup
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dr. kim takes a look at the super supplement. what makes flamingo's pink and wild salmon salmon color is an organic chemical. the colorful pigment occurs naturally in algae and yeast. research shows how at acts like an anti occident and reduce inflammation as well as damage to tissues. flamingo's take no you should now find supplements for sale marketers have them as a way to trade and health concerns such as dementia and high cholesterol even sunburn during the studies fod promising but more evidence is needed. before humans can draw substantial conclusions. it is used as a feed supplement to give farm salmon the san joaquin culler. the fda says it is safe.
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hit spoiler colored. gaby douglas gold and again the 16 year-old gymnast at in the all-around gold to her collection she became the third straight american to win gymnastics' biggest prize. the event outside the man of and people come to the olympics from all over the world to trade cans. 73 rowling al falco's has traded at 12 olympic games and as 35,000 cans. like most die-hard collectors he refuses to buy or sell and the dance is nothing he spent his time. about 10 hours per day and at the games.
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trading pins is like being at food camp is hectic it is from morning till night. this olympics the most popular been celebrated british land march like big band, they sell for $12 and resell for triple the value. i love how competitive they get. we have serious kick in collections at weather can conventions. cbs 5 weather camera we have blue skies and cloudless will lead toward dublin and mt. diablo. you can see the breeze the wind kicks up at 17 m.p.h.. san francisco 62 currently, the
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low 80's in santa rosa. the temperatures can down slightly today. at the ocean we currently have fog conditions and 57 degrees. officials sundown at 8:16 p.m. the cause are gathered at the seashore morning clouds on friday at ted clark and went and did time changes for saturday. let's look at the future cast, you can see the saturation, a marine layer about 1,000 ft. penetrance the golden gate bridge, and retreats gradually but hanks tie it to sausalito tiburon and mt. tam areas. and into san mateo coastline. we have a brand new trouble system to the south of san diego but the latest model wants to bring the system up and the
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north direction into the bay area with a 15 percent chance of light rain saturday. tonight overnight in the '50s. tomorrows size will come down he'll feel the difference in the inland areas. 89 at brentwood. north bay numbers 78 @ san rafael and 65 at san francisco. partly to mostly cloudy skies saturday. if ago not to the a's game and a fremont festival at it will feel monday. ,,,,,,,,,,
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thousand students who attend for-profit colleges learn in their state grants are reduced or eliminated julie watts tells us the
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state is cutting cal grant funding to schools that are not cutting it. she finds it hard enough to pay her tuition at san francisco's he'll college found out it is going to get harder next order is my last i dunno if i could finish her not california as 154 schools no longer eligible to receive cal grants money is given to laura and middle-class students that does not have to be repaid. schools to longer eligible include the academy of the heart university university of phoenix average college kaplan and heal. eight percent of the for-profit schools in the state. that shareholders and these are institutions in the business of education by and an implant as said all those schools have low graduation rates and high loan default rates state records show
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24 percent of those students managed to graduate 80 percent of students defaulted on their student loans and 2008 will want to focus on the students and improve their track record letters informing students of the changes are going out now if they want to keep the cal grants that have to find a school that meets the state criteria. incoming freshmen to the schools not eligible for cal grants returning students will find existing grants cut by 20% next year they lose the grant completely unless the school meets new eligibility standards to check your schools ellis eligibility go to cbs s f dot com and uc and csu student tuition goes up. it is just the for-profit
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schools and,,,,,,
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for you than tap water. those stories and more tonight at 6:00 p.m. thank you >> pelley: tonight, the peacemaker calls it quits. the u.n.'s negotiator gives up or peace in syria. charlie d'agata is in the battle with the rebels. david martin has the inside story of how terrorists based in pakistan attacked u.s. forces. u.en the suicide bombing was used as a recruiting tool. rec not just crops dropping road in the drought. >> every morning there was a lot of dead carp floating downriver. >> reporter: jim axelrod on another business drying up. and after a 16-year-old caused the death of a child, chip reid tells us the judge made a surprising decision. >> how we respond to her is going to define the rest of her life.
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captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. there is nothing to save syria avw. kofi annan, the united nations' peace negotiator quit today, onmitting what had become obvious it's syrian dictator is determined to crush the rebellion, and the u.n. is powerless to stop it. this was kofi annan, the former u.n. secretary general, in geneva today. >> as an envoy i can't want peace more than the commagonists, more than the r.curity council, or the international community, for that matter. >> pelley: the war didn't skip a ctat. the dictator's helicopters and sts pounded rebels in syria's largest city. aleppo has been under siege for f days. artillery has rained on civilian neighborhoods. many are dead. hundreds of thousands have fled he city that was once home to ehree million. this may be a decisive moment in


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