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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11PM  CBS  August 5, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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the rover curiosity makes a perfect landing on mars. don knapp at nasa ames research center thousands watched and waited. it was exciting not just the scientist the thousands of people on the grass at nasa ames and now until they came early at about 5:00 p.m. and watched every marker as the spaceship came down here's how the final moments wind. touchdown confirmed. not only did it touchdown ok it turn around faster than anyone expected it sent a low resolution picture of itself on the ground the picture shows it was on the ground and ready to go to work that's what they expect to do in the next coming days. no one would see the rovers to send through the martian
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atmosphere thousands turned up and down the hill called to what would be a successful landing no one more hopeful than martians scientist chris mckay i watch the clock at 1031 of this unsuccessfully a big sigh of relief and years of exploration on mars. scientists new the rover faced a risky landing and the roaring of cables from the spaceship my interest is the possibility will find a different type of life and honor of what i call second genesis. it is designed to scoop up martian rock and soil and analyze it with a spectrometer when no mars had water when i should be on the track of what stuff is life is made out of and that is organics he hopes the study of life on mars will help us understand life honor.
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we can compare life forms and see what earthlings and martians to similarly or differently we might learn more about life and we would ever learn more about studding life on earth the two and a half billion dollars mission is risky we tried six times before we hit the moon and then a few years later we have the footprints of neil armstrong on the service of the moon. we did not shy away because of a setback and soon will have tire tracks of the rover curiosity on mars, a few minutes ago a scientist chris mckay walk by a took the opportunity to ask him how he felt. odyssey is my hero of that spacecraft got the data and related to less we got the heart beat with the engineering data and it landed and would that the
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first photo that is wonderful we are way ahead of where we thought we might be when no rover is on the ground it is ready to go to work all the hard stuff behind us. this could have and did a lot differently it could of been a crash it cannot exactly as they planted and ready to deliver the signs they hope for sunday will know if there is life on mars. i see the crowds at the end out our other scientists still at nasa will they stay overnight? is this done for the evening? they've been but as to come over after midnight to shows more for autographs and talk about what they have found they are relishing the moment these are tough times for budgets and signs they're happy to have a success and make the most of it the mars rover appropriately named " curiosity " if you're
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curious child got its name we have the answer kansas school girl clara ma entered a contest and her entry chosen from 9000 entries. she traveled to the jet propulsion laboratory in pasadena she signed her name to the rover and decided to follow the journey. a barrel in nervous but really excited i'll bet everything goes well and i really do. she is 15 and about to begin her sophomore year her ambition is to work at the jet propulsion laboratory. for more information on curiosity go to cbs s f dot com click on links and numbers. new details in the shooting at a sikh temple seven people including gunman were killed police and federal agents searched the gunmen's house several blocks around a home a vaca waited derek blakely on the
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attack police called domestic terrorism. swat team officers and police agencies swarmed a sikh temple near milwaukee after a gunman killed six people and wounded three others. this was stopped from being worse than it could have been police say the suspect ambushed a veteran of the police department before veterans step down he was a engaged by the suspect our officer in gauge the individual that individual now deceased. witnesses say the shooting started at 1030 as worshipers gathered for sunday's service he went inside i was fighting people inside the temple look for places to stay safe. my mom called my cousin she said her and others like themselves and the pantry police have not identified
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the suspect but sources tell cbs news he was 40 years old and used a 9 mm semiautomatic pistol. the president of the temple was wounded as he confronted the suspect. he got shot on his back is in the hospital members of the committee tried to gather what was happening. fbi believes the investigation and working to determine if the shooting is an act of domestic terrorism. derek blakely cbs news president obama quick to extend condolences saying he was deeply saddened and will provide whatever support necessary. the president's official statements as as through mourn the loss at a house of worship where my how much our country is enriched by sikhs. that tragedy revives memories by
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six in the bay area 12 years ago a man opened fire with an assault rifle at the sikh temple in el sobrante a. the shooter was a sikh angry the leader did not allow him to address the congregation. reaction to today's shooting raged ranges from average to sympathy. members of the sikh temple and san jose 7 and concerned with the news. the loans fell close to home for members of the san jose temple. i know one of our relatives who's the president there he was shot and wounded in we are in contact with the family. what concerns me this happened in place of worship that worries me is that it might be at a hate crime. no specific threat san jose police sent units to the sikh
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temple as a precaution. a tense standoff as employes held hostage at yuba city sporting goods store. police said that what of the shopping center of a man pulled a gun and fired shots in a big 5 sporting goods store. customers ran from the building the gunman held two employees hostage for four hours. he was convinced to give up. he told us to get back and get down, he grabbed the cashier by the throat and had a gun to her the fear of not knowing that's what scared me the most during standoff ended with the rest of 29 year-old want carlos alvarez police call it a botched robbery attempt. caltrans under the microscope accusations about safety tests of the roadways and bridges. the man of steel takes flight,
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sort of. bay area roller-coaster returns to action but not without checkups. in weather increased sunshine that means high times ahead. will tell you how warm look at call it tower after a break.
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new details about integrity of bay area bridges caltrans engineers have uncovered more problems with safety testing according to an investigation by the sacramento bee. anne mackovic shows us tests on the new span of bay bridge among those questioned as the new span takes place doubt hangs over questions about safety after new reports of falsified and unreliable testing procedures during construction. sacramento bee has been following this and says a special team within caltrans uncovered problems with safety testing broader than previously known including doctored data. it points up red flags but also
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on the benicia martinez bridge dumbarton bridge and richmond's and tell bridge as well. identified 23 cases questionable radiation test data. last week the governor weighed in expressing confidence but says he'll will take another look. all of our engineers that work with caltrans all the people of us to look into but they feel the bee story is baseless and borders on malpractice this state senator chairs the state transportation committee and wants to hold hearings in two weeks. we want to take an impartial look and make sure this investment and most importantly is about seismic safety the cut the federal fallout the bee says transportation funding at risk because the state failed to notify the highway ministrations of testing discrepancies found years ago.
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anne mackovic cbs 5 in response to the article caltrans says " the results cited by the sacramento bee taken from preliminary draft work product it is irresponsible and premature to draw conclusions from the data multiple test show the bay bridge is safe " six flags in vallejo put superman's back in flight after it stalled. two hours after it was soaring again this same type of computer failure occurred. this time the train got stuck near the dock. passengers were offloaded. it took a couple of trial runs before workers cut the ride moving again. it just stopped and broke. the breck's went on.
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they could not get it to the home spot we were stuck in our seats they could not get the brackets up it looks like the computers are out of sync. writers given passes engineers say a problem with the computer launch system because the stalled. going on now at the mars rover curiosity in the back pictures from the red planet here's a look at them, the rover approaches the martian atmosphere: 13,000 mi. per hour it had a one in three chance of success. 352 million mi. away and we get pictures from mars. it is the united states seventh landing on the red planet. it is equipped with cameras and weather systems. brian i was telling somebody 352 million mi. and i cannot handle
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a point and shoot. a great night for the engineers and scientists everywhere. look outside at the bay area temperatures mostly in the '50s. 57 at santa rosa 58 for concord. we begin to warm up a little today. we trend towards increasing sunshine, will be near 100 degrees in and by thursday. a warming trend on the way. monsoonal moisture move from the south to the west over night and cleared out by afternoon today. we had nice visibility the drizzles washed out the atmosphere is swept everything out visibility increased a clear day. increasing sunshine after the
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morning clouds tomorrow and the temperatures will come up. look at cloudy conditions in the morning the readings mostly in the mid to upper 50s tomorrow morning, on future cast we begin with low clouds. south of santa rosa you wake up with low clouds and fog. and then things clear route. we get more sunshine tomorrow despite the fact morning clouds at the airport a high of 70 tomorrow. thunderstorms for new york and newark. chicago sunday. in the east bay temperatures will cecil in milpitas 80 degrees. along the coast line 65 at pacifica. in east bay plenty warm 85 at pittsburgh. in brentwood 88.
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in north bay nice tomorrow some fog tonight and fog through the golden gate bridge number swarmed to mid-70s. then we begin to heat a from there. thursday friday mid to upper 90s. still chilly along the coast. low fox of the coastline. inland we keep it in the '90s beginning wednesday through the weekend. fire and scorching temperatures and that combination in a coma crews get a handle on the flams as people return to their homes. on game day were joined by darren mcfadden from the raiders he might be the key to a successful raiders season we take you inside a is locked room their reaction they may have a situation with clothes are vern
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glenn tells us more san francisco giants go for the sweep in colorado. all coming up next on game day.
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the listene several fires consumed 91 square miles in northeast oklahoma continue to burn tonight people were evacuated in creek county allowed to return today. some areas remained and flamed. one fire may have been started deliberately. largest of nearly 20 fires
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and obama's creek county it has burned 50,000 a. destroyed 40 structures and forced evacuation of hundreds of residents. a tough week for state of oklahoma numerous fires throughout the state a lot of small fires has taxed the resources of state of oklahoma no reported deaths officials are concerned there may be victims because of the broad path. or severe he does make the state archibald, has suffered temperatures exceeding 100 degrees fee-for-service as as graded ideal wild fire conditions. officials are warning fliers can flare again. 25 mi. northeast of the oklahoma city people in the town of luther comeback to burned out rubble. on saturday firefighters able to
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gain control of the wild fire outside of town, and then tore through it when wet flams estimated 60 homes and buildings this resident lost everything. you come back to this and say at all destroyed, everything you touch is ash nothing you can save. investigators suspect the luther fire intentionally set. oklahoma county sheriff's department looks for a person in a black pickup truck that person seen throwing newspapers out the window after setting them on fire. deadheads reunite in san francisco what makes this jerry garcia day so special.
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the dark night rises tops the box office for a third weekend and a row. the finality of the batman trilogy has made $355 million domestically this take was more than $36 million. a total recall remained opened in second place. ice age and a watch round out the top earners. grateful dead music and lots of tie dye it must mean it is jerry
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garcia day in san francisco. today the 10th annual celebration of the grateful dead guitarist birthday at mclaren park. the musician grew up in the neighborhood the concert raises money to repair the park and at miss and the theater is named after the guitarist he would have been 75 this week. fans remember marilyn monroe on the 50th anniversary of her death there were flowers on her start on the hollywood walk of fame her body was found face down in her home in brentwood on august 5th 1960 till her death was ruled a probable suicide but some say it was accidental or a murder.
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baby news from monterey bay aquarium this from a male one of the residency dragon's gave birth to a letter the native fish of eastern australia distinguished by caring exit in gestation the eggs began hatching two weeks ago the last arrive this week. nasa celebrates curiosities landing on mars goodnight.


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