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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  August 6, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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motive at this time. once we get a second suspect into custody hopefully we will be able to gather more information and in point the exact motive of this shooting. >> police will look to see if this is gang-related. the believe the suspects have gang ties the knot ulysses. his sister says that he was not that kind of kid. >> he was a very sarcastic person, always trying to make people laugh. he liked playing cards with my grandfather. that was one of his favorite things to do. >> investigation continues today as a family mourns the loss of a son and brother. in richmond, cate caugurian, cbs 5. >> home invasion-robbery turned into a deadly shooting as lisa washington shows us that the robbers chose the home for a specific reason. >> b 68 s, side of your happened early this morning during a home invasion at a marijuana grower operation at seventh and webster. it was just before 5:00.
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police say the caretaker shot and killed one of the intruders, two others got away. >> there are two other outstanding individuals that we're looking for. >> police say it was forced entry into the home, there are bars on both the door and window on the lower level. investigators are working to determine if this is a legal marijuana operations. officers have not said how many marijuana plants are in the home. >> we want to see if the documents are legitimate and if it is a legal grow. >> the homeowner was detained by police for questioning. a dog was also shot during the invasion and the believe that weapons were recovered from the home. >> i believe so but i do not know the exact type of weapons. >> neighboring businesses were closed for most of the morning as police continued their investigation, looking for the other intruders. >> they want to check for any leads or information that might help us develop who else was involved in this. >> the mayor of oakland fighting
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back against an article in the new york times that implies the occupied oakland crack down was orchestrated by police officers to make her look bad. at the mayor of oakland says that was not her opinion. >> he asked me why did people think that i was set up and i answered, and that is what the " is, i am not happy with that article. >> the new york times says they stand by the story saying that they speak for itself. the motorist died this morning in a crash when two big rigs hit each other in a word, the accident happened on highway 238. about 5:20 a.m., the sedan was trapped underneath one of the trucks which began leaking fuel. if the car's driver declared dead at the scene. traffic backed up on 238 throughout the morning commute. nine family members including two young children in hospital after their s u v overturned in pittsburgh. it happened around 1:00 a.m. on eastbound highway 4 north of railroad ave.
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not clear what caused that accident. none of the injuries are considered serious. the chp says the family is from antioch and was returning home after a weekend in santa cruz. we find out more about the man accused of a mass shooting at a sikh temple in wisconsin. a civil rights group describes the army veteran as a frustrated neo-nazi who used to play in heavy-metal white power bands. susan mcginnis is here with how one member of the church tried to take down the gunman. >> police are still on the scene collecting evidence at the seat temple where investigators say an army veteran shot and killed six people. he has been identified as the 40 year-old waite michael page, sources tell us that he was less than honorably discharged in 1998 and that he used a 9 mm semiautomatic pistol. >> this was the only shooter, there's nothing more to worry about as far as the situation goes. >> the fbi searched his house
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for any sign of a motive. sources say that investigators are looking into whether this was a hate crime based on evidence, including tattoos on his body. >> we have a violentdon't a viot community. >> investigators said that no indication of a threat before the shooting that began sunday morning as worshipers were arriving. police say that when officers arrived on the scene the suspect ambushed a 21 year veteran outside and shot him nine times. the gunman allegedly exchanged fire with a second officer who shot him dead. family members say the president of the church was killed trying to fight the suspect. >> the fbi shook my hand and honored me and said that my father did a tremendous thing, he tried to stop the guy with a knife. >> to other workers in the injured officer are in moscow recovering from gunshot wounds.
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in wisconsin, cbs 5. >> cal drinking new grant from the feds, the $3.2 million from the department of transportation will be used to install an advanced signal system, it is a safety measure that will stop a train automatically when another train is ahead on the tracks. it is part of a much larger program to modernize caltrans and prepare for an eventual addition of a high-speed rail. a nasa giving a historic slide show just hours ago featuring some new photographs from mars. take a look. these were taken hours after the rover curiosity landed last night. one shows the improved image after engineers remove dust covering the lens. >> this is a new place on mars. when we go on vacation to see a different part of the earth, that is on our own planet but here we're seeing a part of mars and never seen before. >> it will be several days before the mass camera will begin to send high-resolution
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color images from mars but so far, so good. and some expressions of enthusiasm for the mars mission from some young people at the space and science center back here in the bay area. kids from middle and high schools turn out to the science center to hear about a new partnership. but they were also eager to talk about the events of the martian atmosphere just last night. >> i think that it is great. we're really actually going to mars now. i think it is very cool that it happened during the olympics because, this is just the united states sending probes. but if we all send a manned space mission together, that would be exciting. >> 1000 people were there last night to watch curiosities' landing, as for the partnership with hong kong, they will focus on differences between the western and asian skies. you can find more about the mars mission on, click on links and numbers and you can check it out right there. coming up, the race to build up
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a campaign war chest in the presidential race and party planners want to know, are you with the bride or you with the groom? still to come, how social media less you have your say in the seating arrangements. and amazingly chill out of the midwest, all caught on tape, the damage left behind by severe weather. >> i'm lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center and we will have our own light show, [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to keep from driving all over for the best deals. you don't need to run around. safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. this week get whole seedless watermelons fresh off the farm for only $2.98 each. skip the warehouse. 24 rolls of charmin are just $11.99. and kellogg's frosted flakes are a buck 88. real big deals this week and every week.
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>> >> welcome back, stocks were bought, continuing to build on the positive jobs numbers. theres a live look at the big board where stocks are up 77 and change. the u.s. economy generated 163,000 jobs last month.
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the fastest pace since february. some new fund-raising numbers are in for the presidential campaign, and for the third straight month mitt romney took in more than president obama. in july mitt romney, raised $191 million and in comparison obama and it the democratic national committee raised $75 million, the obama campaign says 90 percent of that money came from people donated to under $50 or less. the state senator from santa clara is stepping into a fight over money from the new 49 stadium. the senator is offering a bill that would allocate $30 million in disputed funds to stadium construction. she is including language sang the santa clara redevelopment agency's commitment of funding is " unenforceable obligation. before folding the agency had planned to put the money toward stadium construction but last month at a county oversight committee decided that the money should go to the local schools
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instead. members of the committee say that they still have the authority to do that, the 49ers have since filed a lawsuit to try and get that money back. a new report about your golden years, when you retire you will probably not receive as much money from social security as you pay into it. no surprise there, that is what the associated press found when the crunch the numbers over the years, up until about 1985, retirees could expect to get more benefits than they paid in taxes but now payroll taxes are much higher so people are paying more into the system before they retire. cold feet should not cost you big money when you cancel your big day. next, the critical clause to look for before you book any party. >> mostly sunny skies around the >> mostly sunny skies around the bay area, it is gone to start to
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>> >> several wildfires continue to burn today in northeastern oklahoma, having consumed more than 90 square miles there. the largest right now has burned more than 58,000 a., destroying at least 40 structures and forcing hundreds of people to evacuate their homes. today body was found inside of one of those homes in a fire zone in cleveland county. fire crews in sacramento want to know what sparked this monster fire in a warehouse this morning. paramedics transported one firefighter to the hospital for heat exhaustion.
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intense flames could be seen for miles as they tore through the roof of the building, crusade that there were some explosions in side in something being stored inside of that building was possibly causing that fire to spread. a lightning storm high above the gateway arch in st. louis all caught on tape, all part of a string of thunderstorms passing through the city this weekend. but for the cool with that march there. that's of your weather caused damage to a couple of homes. the system also uprooted trees and i think that the giants are in st. louis to open up a three or four game series. hopefully they're going to dodge all of that nasty weather? >> i think they will. but we have some great weather coming our way. if you like the hot weather. we're probably going to see the hottest images of the season so far as we head into the latter part of the week. right now lot of sunshine breaking out over russian hill, sunny skies. still some patchy fog along the coastline. starting to heat up now with 75
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degrees in concord and 76 in livermore. 71 in san jose and 63 degrees in san fransisco. mt. diablo looking good, not much of a breeze there and the summit to this afternoon will be warmer than it was over the weekend. likely to see some low clouds overnight tonight, that will make its way into the coastline and inside of the bay but there are major changes ahead as high pressure is going to strengthen in the later part of the week. you can see the attached form showing up on satellite images. of the san mateo county coastline. otherwise we're starting to clear things out. that rich is building in, compressing the marine air over the next couple of days. warmer days are ahead as the high-pressure ridge builds that didn't, we did a big dose of summer as we head into thursday and the end of the week. members will look like this today, warming things up with 90 degrees in morgan hill. 82 in san jose and 78 in palo alto and 66 degrees in pacifica. east bay numbers into the 80s and low ninety's this afternoon.
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you can tell that things are already heating up now but much harder for the later part of the week. 72 degrees and mostly sunny into oakland. and about 80 degrees in petaluma. so, as we look out over the next few days, high pressure starts to strengthen so the temperatures coming up but still some patchy fog along the coastline keeping the numbers cool the then is beginning to thursday and friday and saturday and even sunday, that ridge strengthens with temperatures soaring near 100 degrees or possibly over that in the later part of the weekend. still seeing a little bit of a sea breeze to keep you cool along the coastline but it will be sweltering. >> '40's in a row at 100 degrees. >> we thank you for that. thank you. well, have you ever walk into a wedding reception or party without knowing anyone else in the room? now that does not have to be the case. a washington-based start up called social tables allows you to connect online with the crowd
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before you get to the party. the platform across data about guests from their social networks so that planners concede people with common interest. >> that is a good idea. >> i think so too. >> we manage the guest list and a floor plan of the events and to the seating charts but the cool part is we like us to interact with each other based on where they're seated. >> for those that feel that is too much information, too soon, there is an option to publish the list after the party as well. but they already met them. in today's consumer watch you can get a refund for almost everything. within reason. but what about a wedding that is canceled long before the big day? julie wants a shows us the critical loss to look for in any party contract. >> carol is cold feet came a week after she and her mother signed a contract to cover wedding. >> i broke everything off just after he had bought the ring. it was a very difficult time.
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>> still 10 months after the big day they figure that the venue had plenty of time to book and other events and public could get back at least part of their $5,700 deposit. but the owner refused, pointing to a contract that said not refundable. >> that is very reasonable and i respect that policy but we were 10 months ahead. >> this wedding planner says that most wedding contracts should have a refund schedule. >> maybe 30 days out from the wedding is nonrefundable, 60 days it may be 50% refundable. >> even though this contract says no refunds, this attorney says that under california case law, if the vendor reebok's the date and recoups their money, you should be able to get your money back. >> the law would say that he would be unjustly enriched, to be paid twice for the same thing. >> the owner, a picture here on his website, admitted that he booked another wedding but says he " had to cut the price by 50
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percent and is just breaking even is noting loslittle bit ". he also admitted that he is having financial problems and he had spent the money. >> i feel very frustrated. >> he even refused to let them apply the money to another event like a birthday party. >> i'm a little guy and i feel like i am fighting goliath. >> they're considering small claims court but if the owner can prove that he lost money they will not likely win. attorneys say that the key is to insist on a refund schedule in any party contract and if it is a wedding, consider wedding insurance. if you have a consumer complaint and give us a call. ore head to watch. >> or you could be low, much cheaper. it is more than puppy love is, dog say " i do " in a special weekend ceremony. ♪
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red color all around. the stem has to be nice and green. the more green the stems and the fresher the grate. when you bring them home store them in the refrigerator right away. like i said, these groups are fantastic, loaded with flavor. make sure that you watch them before you enjoy them but let me tell you, a few seeds are ok because once you start enjoying these grapes you will buy them again and again. i do, i love these grapes. i'm your fresh grocer, always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. they can even get bigger, sometimes they can be like this big. goodbye. >> extreme divers in ireland over the weekend were taking part in a fourth event, the cliff diving world series. just very typical weekend for you? more than 700 people watched as the best divers braved a 92 ft. fall. a diver from russia won the event. i would not even try to do that.
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finally, man's best friend galt all calleddolled up >> as joining each other for forever friends. >> the wedding shop in st. paul minnesota hosted an annual called wedding events. the dogs get a marriage certificate of course, it marked the fourth year for the dog weddings. 100 dogs tied the knot over the weekend. >> i think they have no idea what is gone. they just want tre,,
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>> liam: (sighs) hi. >> hope: hey. >> liam: um... you were missed here last night. when are you coming home? >> hope: i don't know. >> liam: (sighs) okay, but just so you know, i'm not giving up on this. and you don't-- i-i get what you're doing. you don't have to stay here, but can you just come over so we can talk? >> hope: i can't, liam. i just need some time. >> liam: (sighs) >> steffy: (sighs)
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>> steffy: you know, maybe--maybe it's for the best. i supported your marriage before. i took a step back and--and let you have a chance with your relationship. >> liam: (sighs) >> steffy: but then she walks out on you again because of this simple misunderstanding? it's time to let her go, liam. (knock on door) >> ridge: hey, did you hear from thomas? >> steffy: hey. uh, yeah. yeah. i just talked to him. he's, um, down at the courthouse. he said he and caroline may have found something that could help marcus's case. >> ridge: good. (sighs) maybe they can hopefully get him out of jail. >> steffy: right. yeah. you know, um... thomas and caroline-- they're good together. yeah. a lot like liam and me. >> ridge: steffy, um, there's something you need to know. >> steffy: dad, i know. hope walked out on liam. he told me that la


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