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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  August 6, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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curiosity landed one shows the improved image after dust covers or removed from curiosity's lenses. here were saying a part of marshall never seen before they're released a photo showing the rover descending from its parachute as it descended toward the red planet. this photo was taken six minutes after it entered the atmosphere touchdown confirmed. were receiving telemetry the rover landed exactly where it was aimed inside a giant crater. and all the data from mars it came in just like we predict that at the speed and velocities we anticipated a picture-perfect landing. nasser describe the dissent as seven minutes of terror the chute opened at slowed down a rocket-propelled landing
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platform lord the rover onto the surface. it will be several days before the mast camp can send back color images from march. engineers will get the rover a series of long distance checkups to make sure systems are working then begins its two-year mission collecting and testing rocks and soil. the first thing nasa will go when it wakes up in 45 minutes it will create direct link from the rover and earth to make sure it can get pictures and research data almost immediately. or actually 14 minutes that is how long the signal takes to travel from march to earth. once they actually start the testing what will curiosity be doing initially to determine if there might be life on mars? a couple of fans, there's an arm on curiosity that will reach
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out and grabs the rocks and take those rocks put them on the back of curiosity, there's a number of lab type situations those labs will determine if the rocks or what is in the rocks at the base or elements needed for life and to sustain life. new details on the man accused of killing six people at a sikh temple in wisconsin, susanne mcginnis tells us the shooter and army that and had ties to white supremacist. investigators could be at a sikh temple near milwaukee collecting evidence after an army veteran went on a shooting rampage. with follow up on all leads that we have and give a motive would be premature police identified the shooter as weight michael page 40 years old and discharge from
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the army in 1998 investigators say he killed six people and wounded three others including an officer before police shot and killed him. the son of the temple's president his father died trying to stop the shooter. people were able to get to cover and federal authorities investigate whether this was domestic terrorism or hate based crime. we look at ties to white supremacist groups many members of the community say they have been mistaken for muslims since 911 and are scared. we prefer peace for everybody. fbi agents said they had no indications of any threats before sunday's attack. susan mcginnis cbs 5
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in a half hour at 6 i'll show you the new effort to strengthen california's assault weapons ban out gun owners would fight back if it makes their legally purchased weapons illegal. tonight at 6. amber alert for missing when year-old girl investigators think john martinez kidnapped his daughter jacqueline from lathrop. last seen driving a silver gmc yukon with california played five gm w 656. he's 6 ft. 1 and 170 lbs. if you spot him or vehicle called 9 1 1. a bay area and high school football team supposed to practice today instead it readies to bury at teammates. ann notorangelo on the defensive linemen killed in front of his grandparents' house this richmond home it is
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barely closed as the front room filled with kennedy high school football players morning there 16 year-old teammates violent death. today was supposed to be the first day of practice but they answered questions about deadly city streets. if you live in richmond all your life you get used to it you never really get used to this, two years ago 11 contra costa students murdered last year thankfully none this search all around. it impacts the ability to focus on teaching and learning if ever a but it comes to school fear and on edge his family cannot imagine how a day playing cards with grandparents and up with ulysses being shot across the street from where she lived. he did not deserve to go like that he was a good kid. ulysses at two older
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sisters it wanted to get a football scholarship and played in the nfl. he was in front of an apartment complex when words were exchanged and bullets flew. we do believe the suspects had gang ties were not sure of the victim at this time. he was wearing a red and yellow sweater his mother bought them his cousin thinks may be some mistake that for gang colors. upgrade kit also did was smile the coach says he tries to guide his players on and off the field. life is about decisions the decision she made and tried to be the best person you can be does not always stop tragedies like this from happening ulysses a great kid. police have one man in his 20s in custody ann notorangelo cbs 5 it is easier for tens of
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thousands to get a good job white people under 31 are eligible. the oakland mayor said she was set up by police. with the police department has to say. we have time to send anybody up. taking control of what you eat make sure no unwanted chemicals get in your beef. ,,,,,, ,,
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tens of thousands of illegal immigrants will be able to apply for work permits that to be under 31 years old joe vasquez tells us some illegal immigrants have mixed feelings about the policy 18 year-old has mixed feelings about that the mother
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of a year-and-a-half year-old girl from oakland knows that signing up for president obama's order called called deferred action " will allow her to apply for it to your work permit and stay in the united states. i will probably go for the question is whether she can trust the same federal government she has been hiding from sensor parents brought her here at the age of 4. the president's order allows some who came here without citizenship to stay that to be at least 16 and at most 30 those with criminal records will not be eligible according to a study more than 46,000 people in the bay area will immediately benefit from the new policy and 20,000 more under 15 years old to young now but could benefit in the future that is almost 66,000 people in the bay area.
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a million people are eligible nationwide. she is leaning toward signing the paperwork and it will not be cheap the work permits cost about $465 the government will begin accepting applications on august 15th just before she starts college. joe vasquez cbs 5 workers marched in downtown san francisco threatening to go on strike over cost of health care the unions agree to keep the members working for now as negotiations continued. oakland's mayor quoted as saying she was set up by the oakland beat and they said it is not true. ken bastida atop mount diablo in mobile 5 ally in the bay area and in need of repair it will show you how you can help. visibility must be
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unlamented we have the coast is clear and something else is clear that temperatures and the,
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and orange glow fills this guy a warehouse in sacramento goes up in flams it took firefighters several hours to control it. it started at 2:00 a.m. this morning it is unsure what fueled the flames the fire destroyed a business next door. oakland's mayor quoted as accusing the police to cetera the new york times says it got it wrong mark sayre with how the the words were twisted. mayor quan has taken criticism over her handling of the occupy movement until this weekend's new york times magazine has there been discussion of a set up. when police moved in on occupy protesters on october 25th last year mayor jeanne quan's was in washington d.c. that led the mayor to make this comment quoting " the theory among my left friends and family was that
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i was set up " the new york times is gives an east coast look at the west coast at the chabot observatory mayor quan said the comments were taken out of context he asked me what you think people were set up and i answered that is with the quotes were the article says " you know i was out of town that closed down the camp a day early and overreacted several people tried to set me up before my car got booted after the election " the mayor told the times to send a message they can do what they want that i better watch out. i can assure you police officers have said no one up. the president of the oakland police officers association says officers were in jeopardy during occupy week and the timing and not political.
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disappointing the mayor would say this about her police officers as they serve her citizens. the oakland police department referred us to the mayor's office for comment. it says the mayor and the police chief have an excellent relationship. mark sayre cbs 5 other bay area net lines the caretaker of an indoor marijuana grow shot and killed a would-be thief this morning in oakland's chinatown. three men charged in the duplex and shot the caretakers dog before the caretaker fired back police are looking for the two other men. a family members including two children in hospital after s u v turned over in pittsburgh at 8:00 this morning. unsure what caused the crash. c h p says the family is from antioch and returning home from santa cruz.
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she a great day for the camera today spectacular and outside. we are 10 to 15 degrees warmer today than what we started the weekend we may see a trace of rain fall and not a cloud in the sky, the coast is clear the visibility unlimited. currently 66 in san francisco. it is 90 degrees in livermore 78 redwood city, santa rosa 84 degrees. a live look at mount diablo and limited visibility. fluctuated winds at 12 miles per hour. overnight we seek the return of low clouds and patchy fog of the wives a repeat performance tomorrow.
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the number start trending upwards toward triple digits. the angels are in town the a's are the host can time temperature about 63 degrees. will see the return of a light a marine layer. patchy fog straddle the coast. will wash out the cloud cover to the inland areas high pressure builds in from the interior section with say the hottest tablatures away from the bay, once we get the triple digits will stay there. all the way through the weekend. 88 morgan hill, 74 union city, 85 fairfield. up to 90 degrees. tracy and discovery bay 85.
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that is where we should be this time of year. mid-60's central ave. triple digits by thursday. 102 by friday. and were stuck in this pattern through the weekend. with it comes poor air quality will start to see that. today the 67th anniversary of the u.s. attack on hiroshima. president harry truman ordered the bombing in 1945. let's go 2 mobile 5 ken bastida at mount diablo let's talk about the light up there? it is part and parcel what we're talking about mobile 5 on the top and the summit to show you the standard oil began it has been up here in since 1928 used as a navigational aid for
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local pilots, do the math over 80 years ago, it has withstood scorching summer afternoons and driving snow on the summit, in dire need of repair. the assembly woman got a bill passed by the governor will allow the group safe mount diablo to work with the state parks department to restore the beacon. they need cash and your expertise according to save mount diablo. whether they be electricians or engineers or historians it is important for us to restore the beacon and keep the tradition alive but to maintain the historical integrity of the beacon. within a few people offer their services but the more pro bono services we can get volunteers from the community the less fund-raising required to restore the beacon.
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the world war 2 tie in 1941 pearl harbor is bombed the war department said turn off the beaten. it stays off until 1945 by then they have a right arm and other navigational aids, it stays off until 1964 when veteran said less commemorate december 7th by firing up the beach and every december 7th and leaving it on. that is still a tradition. the want to get the light off and repaired and get back on top of t tower so this december 7th they can let the beacon once again in mobile 5 ken bastida back to you. today the 67 anniversary of the attack on hiroshima president truman ordered the bombing in japan tens of thousands gathered for remembrance and careers.
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truman's grand son among the observers. more questions about our food i you can get more control [ male announcer ] it started long ago.
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one week after it stalled amid ride the ultimate flight roller- coaster up and running at six flags, a dozen riders were stuck at the rights highest point on july 29th, cal a osha still investigating. consumers are faced with food additives that sound an appetizing if you want more control over the beat on your dinner plate check out what dr. king and serves up in summer checkup. break out the barbie burger time. ground beef is economical and versatile.
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was racism behind the shootings at the seat temple we find out more on the cbs evening news. here's what we're working on for the 6:00 news, before the sikh temple shootings a colorado movie massacre that tragedy could lead to changes for hundreds of thousands gun owners in california they are back from break now back to business a few weeks before the deadline state lawmakers will handle pension reform. those stories at 6:00 p.m. cbs evening news bob schieffer in for scott pelley. latest news and weather always on at cbs s f dot com have a great night everyone.
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ie >> schieffer: tonight a man who police say opened fire in a sikh temple. >> his name is wade michael page. schieffer: six people were killed but one. >> we are looking at ties to white supremacist groups. e> schieffer: reports from elaine quijano, bob orr and ben tracy. orpicture perfect landing on mars. john blackstone with the geometry-failing engineer behind the mission. wildfires in oklahoma. residents return for what's left of their homes. they mey made the ultimate sacrifice. david martin with the 13-year- old doing all he can to help their families. >> you were working 15, 16 hour days. >> it was a sacrifice i was willing to make.
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captioning sponsored by cbs veaptioning sponsored by cbs with scott pelle this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> schieffer: good evening, scott's off tonight, i'm bob schieffer. why? it's the question we all ask when congresswoman gabrielle 'sffords was shot last year it's the question we asked after the aglorado shooting two weeks ago. it is the question being asked estionafter the shooting at the it is the sikh temple in wisconsin yesterday that left six dead and a lawman and two other people why?ically wounded. why? why would someone walk up to innocent people and just start shooting? this is the man police say did it: 40-year-old wade page. elaine quijano is in oak creek, wisconsin, tonight, the site of this latest tragedy. elaine? >> reporter: well, bob, police are not giving a motive for why wade michael page targeted that temple, but they are starting to piece together the details of what happened.


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