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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  August 10, 2012 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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fundraiser in new york where he raised an estimate $1.5 million. but he did make his presence known in colorado. the romney bus showed up in colorado springs with surrogate campaigners, including louisiana governor, bobby jindal. governor jindal is said to be on a short list of vice presidential candidates. with only three weeks left before the gop convention in florida, many are watching the mitt romney app to see the name of the running mate and speculating how it could change the outcome of the election. >> i am not going to be the vice president. i do endorse mitt romney. i think he's going to be a great president. >> a new poll show which candidates republican voters prefer. >> i kind of prefer marco rubio. >> 28% of those polled say they prefer the florida senator over everyone else. new jersey governor chris christie and wisconsin congressman paul ryan are next at 16% each. >> the obama administration and their campaign has just broken. >> virginia governor bob mcdonnell, ohio senator rob
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portman and tim pawlenty are on the bottom of the poll with 6% each. romney isn't letting his hand show. >> i certainly expect to have a person with strength of character, vision for the country that adds something to the political discourse about the direction of the country. >> as for today, romney will campaign at his headquarters in boston and the president will host a dinner at the white house to host some muslims to celebrate their holy month of ramadan. terrell? >> susan mcginnis in washington. thank you so much. nato announced this morning that three american soldiers were killed in afghanistan by a man wearing an afghan army uniform. the soldiers were killed in southern afghanistan. afghan officials say they were members of the special forces attending a meeting. a public wake will be held today for the victims of the sikh temple shooting in wisconsin. six people were gunned down sunday at the temple. it reopened yesterday with congregants anxious to return. >> you are revisiting scene of a crime.
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it just so happens to be your place of worship. we may never understand truly what had happened. this is and will continue to be our house of worship. >> investigators are still trying to figure out why the gunman, wade michael page, attacked the temple. he died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. today's wake will be followed by private funerals. in colorado the lawyer for the suspect in the aurora theater shooting says james holmes suffers from mental illness and tried to get help before the attack last month. teresa garcia reports. >> james holmes appeared dazed as his attorney told the court the 24-year-old is mentally ill. the defense says it need more time to assess the depth of their client's mental illness. holmes stared wide-eyed around the colorado courtroom, similar to how he acted during his first court appearance last month. during the hearing a young woman in the gallery shouted out. even that did not seem to get his attention. holmes is accused of killing 12 people in aurora at a july showing of the latest batman movie.
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survivors were in the courtroom when attorneys called the defendant mentally ill. >> that doesn't give him the right to do what he did. i don't care how mentally damaged he is. >> the defense says when holmes was a ph.d. student at the university of colorado he sought help from university psychiatrist lynn fenton. cbs news has learned fenton reported concerns about holmes to university of colorado police. but no one will comment because of a gag order. >> we've got a gag order that extends to a university, to university officials, just very, very far-reaching. >> media outlets requested the judge scale back the gag order and unseal certain court documents but he has not yet made a decision on the issue. another hearing is scheduled for august 16th. teresa garcia, cbs news. two rock bands, motley crue and kiss, are donate fund to help the colorado victims. they'll donate $100,000 to the aurora victim relief fund and
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hopes their gesture encourages others to give. six shooting victims remain in the hospital. cbs "moneywatch" time on a friday. a dishwasher recall and ashley morrison here in new york with more. >> good morning, terrell. goldman sachs dodged serious trouble. the justice department says it will not seek criminal charges against the investment firm or its employees. investigators said they did not have enough evidence to bring a case. the probe started after a senate panel said goldman bet against some of its clients and shifted risk away from its own positions. also on thursday, the s.e.c. decided not to file charges against them for a subprime mortgage portfolio. >> a new report showing a slowdown in china's tread triggered a retreat in asian markets. nikkei lost 1%. snapping a four-day rally and the hang seng fell half a percent. stocks on wall street were mostly flat. the dow lost ten points and the nasdaq was up 7 points.
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general electric is recalling more than a million dishwashers over a potential fire hazard. the recall affects ge, ge adora, ge eterna, ge profile and hotpoint dishwashers. they were sold between august -- between march of 2006 and august of 2009. if the recall affects your dishwasher. you're urged to immediately disconnect if from its power supply. the u.s. postal service is warning it may miss its next payment to the u.s. treasury. on thursday. the post office reported it lost $57 million per day in the last quarter. the nearly bankrupt agency lost $5.2 billion in that time. most of it due to expenses for future retiree health benefits. last week the post office defaulted on a payment to the treasury for the first time in its history. just continues to struggle there, terrell. >> post office is in trouble. ashley morrison here in new york. ashley, thank you so much. appreciate it. we'll take a quick break on a friday. when we come back, a look at the
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latest picture from mars and a failure to lawn. nasa's experimental lander doesn't get far before meeting a fiery end. this is the cbs morning news. wardrobe. cute. then new activia breakfast blend. a great way to help start the day. mmm... creamy lowfat yogurt with grains in yummy breakfast flavors, like apple cinnamon. its hearty, with twice the protein of regular lowfat yogurt and helps regulate your digestive system. our morning routines are important, aren't they? new activia breakfast blend.
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[ rob ] i don't know all her secrets but i do know kate's more beautiful now, than the day i married her. [ female announcer ] with the dimensional color of nice'n easy, all they see is you. five, ur five, four, three, two, one. >> things didn't go quite as planned during nasa's test of a new rocket powered landing module yesterday. the unmanned craft got a few feet off the ground and keeled over, crashed and burned. a few minutes later a secondary explosion demolished the vehicle called morpheus. it's designed to land on the moon or an asteroid. more testing is needed. nasa's far more successful mars rover is sending back never before seen color pictures from the red planet. a first panorama shot released yesterday shows the rocky planet where curiosity landed. in a distance, is a three-mile high mountain. called mount sharp. it will begin hunting for signs of past or present life. back on this planet, the
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normally lush field of the great plains are parched from this year's historic drought. so some farmers who watched their corn shrivel from lack of rain are turning to a much heartier crop. michelle miller has that story. >> rubbery here. >> as donald and his son mark walk through their dying fields in pawnee city, nebraska. they see signs of life rows away. >> you look at your corn and it's all dry and dead. you move into here and it's green and lush. >> it's not done yet, either. these seeds are still pretty damp. they've got a ways to go before they turn red and harvest. >> this is a grain called sorghum. it's primarily used as livestock feed and as an alternative to corn in ethanol. donald has been growing it for 45 years. rain or shine or drought. you'll get a crop. >> it's more dependable, yes. it's pretty for giving. >> in normal weather conditions,
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corn can outproduce sorghum by nearly 50%. but sorghum needs a third of the water it takes to grow corn. its roots run deeper and the leaves help it retain moisture longer. >> a lot of us in this area quit raising corn. i needed the income and sorghum was pretty solid income base. >> because of the lingering drought, the department of agriculture predicts farmers will harvest a million and a half more acres of sorghum this year compared to 2011. >> this professor at the university of nebraska in lincoln has been working the last 13 years to improve sorghum's harvest potential. he's trying to grow genetic hybrids to be more pesticide resistant. so they can produce more grain. >> can it surpass the crops? >> yes, it can. sorghum is more efficient in terms of utilizing the sun, the temperature and the water to produce more grain per unit
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compared to corn. >> back on the farm, this sorghum will be ready by mid-september and the blasses expect to harvest 100% of their crop. michelle miller, cbs news, in pawnee city, nebraska. in central russia, a self-reclaimed islamic prophet and several follow ers are charged with child abuse and negligence for keeping their children in a dark underground bunker. russian police raided the compound. about 7 members of the reclusive sect lived under a three-story brick building. prosecutors say 27 children were removed from the compound. they hadn't been allowed to attend school and rarely even saw daylight. up next, we'll have your weather forecast and in sports, meet the toughest american sprinter at the london olympics and why this rookie referee's cap is headed to the nfl hall of fame. cap is headed to the nfl hall of fame. [ female announcer ] the magic begins when jif fresh roasts peanuts
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with record heat possible from phoenix to las vegas and into the central valley of california. in sports, the world's fastest man proved it again. usain bolt easily won gold in the 200 meters at the london olympics just as he did earlier in the 100, repeating his performance in beijing. ashton eaton won the gold and his teammate trey hardee took the silver. the first one twfinish in that grueling event since 1956. for team usa. the women's soccer final, carli lloyd scored twice. lead them to a victory for the third straight olympic gold. the women took the first ever gold in water polo. 17-year-old claressa shields won in her weight class. the first time women's boxing has been an olympic event. all that helped to bolster the u.s.'s lead over china. team usa has 90 medals, including 39 gold. the chinese with 80. 37 gold. russia is third with 56 total and a dozen gold.
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one member of team usa deserves a medal for courage. sprinter manteo mitchell was running the first leg of a preliminary race in the meter rely when he heard a bop in his left leg. he kept on running passed the baton and limped off the track as his teammates went on to qualify for the final. doctors confirmed that mitchell had run half a lap with a broken leg. a major trade is said to be near completion this morning in the nba. a four-team deal that would send orlando center dwight howard to the l.a. lakers. the league reportedly scheduled a conference call later today to finalize the trade involving the magic, the lakers, the 76ers ant nuggets. to baseball now. kansas city at baltimore. royals dh billy butler hit a three-run homer in the first inning. butler later hit a double and triple ending up just a single short of hitting for the cycle. the royals beat the orioles 8-2. in new york, mets center fielder had the same kind of day as butler. hitting a double, homer and
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a triple against miami. knuckleballer, r.a. dickey threw a complete game. for his 15th victory. the mets beat the marlins 6-1. finally, the cap worn by shannon easton at last night's pre-season game between the packers and the chargers is headed to the nfl hall of fame because easton made football history as the first woman to officiate a football game. nfl game.she rved as line judge replace regular union refs who are locked out in a contract dispute. when we come back, another look at the top stories and a lawn mower man who found himself on the wrong side of the law.
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here's a look at the weather in some cities around the country. in d.c., thunderstorms, 86. same deal in atlanta, 87.
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partly sunny skies in st. louis, 81. thunderstorms in denver, 93. partly cloudy skies in seattle, 77 degrees. top stories now on a friday morning. president obama back in washington after wrapping up a two-day campaign swing to colorado. mitt romney held a fundraiser in new york. a poll of republican voters finds florida senator marco rubio tops the list of running mates. the wisconsin sikh temple where six people were shot and killed reopened. today a public wake will be held for the victims followed by private funerals. when it's clear that life is nearing an end, most people put thought to their final resting place. that's certainly the case with tony guarino of suburban pittsburgh. he's 48 but he's dying of cancer. he wants to be cremated when the time comes and since he's a lifelong avid bowler, guarino contacted his favorite bowling ball manufacturer with this special request. >> a bowling ball urn. i bowled for how many years.
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why not be buried in a bowling ball for the rest of my life? >> and where will the urn reside when the time comes? in his bowling bag next to his father's own ball. and western pennsylvania road kill didn't slow down a painting project. last week, a crew painted a double yellow line over a dead raccoon. workers said they saw the dead animal but it was too late to stop. they went back to clear the animal the next day. that's a bad day for that raccoon. in florida, another road side curiosity caught the attention of police. >> is there a particular reason why you're riding on the wrong side of the road against traffic? >> i always do that. >> 68-year-old james gray was charged with dui after police spotted him driving a lawn mower on the street tuesday. it was his fifth dui. you would think he'd be more sneaky. gray had an open beer in the cup holder and four unopened beers in the back. he meant business. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," the next big innovations in travel
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this is unreal. out of idaho, extra yoer video of a plane crash. it's from the point of view of the cockpit and provides a terrifying look at what it really feels like to be in a crash. lee cowan spoke to the survivors. >> of all the videos posted online, when one pops up claiming to show a plane crash from inside the cockpit, it comes with a healthy dose of skepticism. but this was all very real. looking at what's left of the vintage 1947 stinson, it's a wonder anyone survived. but all four on board did. and so did their footage. >> you know, maybe we shouldn't have taken off that day, but at the time i think everything was good. >> tol gropp is the pilot's son.
4:24 am
they and two friends took off from a tiny airport near stanley idaho back in june. just four minutes into the flight, tol noticed they weren't getting any higher than about 70 feet above the treetops. >> i still felt as i saw us coming closer to the trees that my dad would pull us out of it. that we'd be okay. >> his dad was an experienced pilot. he had flown in vietnam. why be worried? but then the plane started to lose altitude. alex arhets was sitting in the back seat looking out the side window. come on, hit the power. it just never happened. >> i remember hitting the trees and it sounded like rapid fire. gunfire it sounded like. but then we were all upside down. >> it was deathly quiet. the cameras, though, kept rolling. leslie gropp, the pilot was the first to speak. >> everybody okay?
4:25 am
>> much to their surprise, no one was seriously injured except him. >> once my dad unbuckled, i could see that he was bleeding badly. >> they pulled him to the safety of a nearby lock. he had broken his jaw in three places as well as his cheekbone. he's recovering now and none blame him for the crash. in fact, they say the way he kept control of the plane might have saved their lives. >> you feel blessed. you feel like there's god's hand at play. >> at first, they weren't going to post any of these images. it was too personal they said. but they decided it was such a vivid reminder of just how much life can change in an instant, they had to share it and did. >> that incredible. lee cowan reporting had morning. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," new predictions for the atlantic hurricane season. there may be eight major storms. we'll get analysis on that. if you're in the market for a
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car, we'll find out why buying a new one these days is better possibly than buying a used one. acclaimed director spike lee tells us about new film, red hook summer. that and more later on "cbs this morning." for now, though that will do it for the "cbs morning news" for this friday. as always, appreciate you watching. happy friday. take care everybody. i'm terrell brown. take care everybody. i'm terrell brown. have a great weekend. -- captions by vitac --
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good morning. it is friday. august 10th. time is 429. so are you ready for more hot
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weather? i certainly hope so. because sit-lie is going to be sweltering hot. some areas hitting 100 degrees. don't expect a lot of relief that night even though we eat expect to see some record low to overtures earlier into the week. it was 7:00 at night and it was still on the '90s instead of being in a house that may be 60, 65 degrees the house on my lawn is 75 degrees. so you continue to dehydrate over the night. here is a the attempts to conserve energy.
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turn of the unnecessary appliances. it the use your ac, keep it up above 78 degrees or higher. what are your weakened plans? how are you going to keep cool? so free to share your answers with cbs alive. lawrence is up the summer jazz festival. it is acquired right now. it is 430 in the morning. it is going to be a great care across the bay area. it will be hot in some spots especially in some areas of the valley bring it is 62 degrees right now in san


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