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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11PM  CBS  August 11, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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i used to work at chevron in the '70s it was old pipes and dilapidated materials then and that chevron employees said chevron chips in it coming federal investigators have a possible cause to the fire. as if it not bad enough the richmond refinery fire throw plays in the spiking gas prices the next vice-president of united states paul ryan mitt romney announces his running mate who was paul ryan and what impact on the race. i'm allen martin ann notorangelo of tonight. workers seconds from being killed " by to safety in question. new details coming out from the chevron refinery fire it could shed light on the cause of the incident as thousands of people
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filing claims anne mackovic shows us reset maintenance work now under scrutiny. the incident highlights the hazards of performing maintenance on a running operating unit like this one the fire at the chevron refinery monday sent hundreds of people to hospital and to file claims against the company the small came over my house of was rushed to hospital more long lines at the clams help center today and anger towards chevron the lie and cover-up for years the federal agency investigating the fire says corrosion could be a factor a nearby pipe was replaced last year but the one that failed last monday was not. i understand very carefully that decision making process was the twelve inch pipe was corroded it begs the question was there corrosion and the
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other pipe this man did not give this man says he worked at the plant in the '70s they're about making money they do with the want to do with it and not take care of the maintenance of the place chemical safety board says a dozen refinery workers exposed to vapors and could have been killed when ignited they got out seconds to spare. we acknowledge this is a serious incident that requires investigation where corporate with all regulatory agencies and understand the root cause of the incident the investigation will take months the mistrust of the company could take longer than that. the should take action than anne mackovic cbs 5 bay area drivers hit hard in the fallout chevron says there's plenty of gasoline to meet demand prices continued to rise, don knapp tells us what
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else factors and to the spike at the pond. no ignoring the connection between the chevron fire and the gasoline prices about 25¢ per gallon around the bay area the past week. chevron and critics said that is not about supply and not certainly about the fire. in the weeks since a major fire damage the chevron refinery bay area prices topped $4 a gallon on average $4.70 in santa clara and $4.50 in east bay. my belief is behind the spill in richmond >> monica english of walnut creek as her doubts i don't think it is supply and demand there something more underhanded behind that political probably. the author of a journey of
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oil a book critical of the oil industry doubts price increases came from short supply the reality with not seen any change of supply hit gasoline changes we had a fine amount of stock in the incident happened no reason for the same day gasoline prices go shooting up. chevron agrees on the supply and demand issue telling cbs 5 the market is adequately supplied, undamaged parts of the refinery produces gasoline, and a statement a spokesman said the fire at our richmond refinery just one factor influencing prices a variety of economic conditions like rising crude prices and a fact what consumers pay at the pump. she expects oil companies use any excuse to raise prices chisholm with a tight market in california small number of
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companies controlled production. they're very capable of acting in concert if not in collusion over the increasing gas prices and they have. if it was chevron that was the problem but 76 does it do i have to say they're using that and chevron says market forces will resolve and a short- term supply challenges but there should not be short term supply challenges. we have made it easier to find the cheapest gas, log onto cbs s f dot com click on unpatrolled and get the best prices in your area. campaign 2012 tonight, republican ticket set for november. the on the formality of the nomination mitt romney selects paul ryan as his running mate ryan is 42 years old and seventh term in the house after the
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announcement in virginia if the republicans said the campaign trail and attacking the president's economic policies. we witness a nation in debt further in doubt peeper in despair. now we are seeing a country where after the recession this so-called recovery the worst we have seen in 70 years. romney and ryan made several campaign stops in virginia and north carolina today. joe touman says the selection of ryan solidifies the conservative base of the republican ticket but also said the key to winning is reaching voters who are undecided. if romney is going to win the only way for romney to win in the fall is for romney to make the argument brought obama not successful in cannot be trusted with the economy. he might get lucky if there's a bad job report the president
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will argue they're going and the right direction. the president will paint romney as people who will benefit the wealthy few, the question is to of the independence believe. at 42 ryan the youngest vice president since dan quayle when he entered office at age 41 in 1988. a lot of republicans asked who is paul ryan, his roots run deep and wisconsin he has represented his district since 1999. but ryan has been at home in washington. paul ryan brought mitt romney to janesville worry attends this catholic church is families construction business more than a century old, when he was 16 his father died of a heart attack at 55 this man was a law partner with brian's debt. i can see more seriousness
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has come about him is still the from the affable guy but he was more serious ryan worked briefly for the family business been drawn to politics here ran for congress at 28. in congress ryan has made the federal budget his focus and for curbing the national debt his mantra. it advocates deep cuts in government spending and taxes. he confronted obama over the health care reform. this bill does not control costs. instead this bill is a new health care entitlement after republicans won control of the house of representatives run began budget committee chairman. he called the president's proposed budget cuts paltry just $40 billion a year in the face of billion dollar deficits. i don't think history will be kind to a president when he's faced with pressing challenges
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chose to do nothing. he is a divisive figure. janesville gazette editor says rise proposals are controversial the newspaper has endorsed him and all seven of his elections. i would be surprised he seems pretty squeaky clean. paul ryan and his wife have three children ages 108 and 7 and for recreation he and steer with the ball in there and as our ranch on the texas oklahoma border the likes to catch catfish with his bare hands. chip breed cbs news crews make progress on the dumbarton bridge the have to shut down the bridge down to stay on track. we need more binders pens of course and exciting time for students and stores will see a
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drivers have one less way to get across the bay come labor day weekend. caltrans will close down the dumbarton bridge so crews can replace expansion joints the joints run under all six lines and strengthen the bridge during an earthquake, the span between fremont and menlo park was closed memorial day weekend for the same type of work. today the sky above the index grew dark as a dust storm and a low of the city this massive cloud a sandstorm it blew across the phoenix area this afternoon we call the storms haboob. when skip that 240 miles per hour it is barely dropped to a quarter mile. drought conditions are the past few years makes this area more
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easily, and to the sandstorms. you are talking about drops of moisture this is a different kind of shower tonight. you must stay tuned to find out what we are talking about. let's look at the numbers in some places to exceed 100 degrees, the pinnacles had temperatures higher than 110 for three days in a row. it is fairly warm in east bay. 75 in livermore. oakland 56. fog pours through the golden gate bridge. visibility is down to about two hundred yards. it is sought out by hayward and pleasanton. will see numbers as warm tomorrow as today. mild night tonight. south san francisco half moon bay you will not be able to see
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what we are chatting about. the earth and counters the tale of a comet actually debris left by the comment that intersects earth orbit we get a meteor shower, we can expect a peak rate of a shooting star 1 per minute you must be away from the city cannot be near street lights. you must have dark skies. look up. it will be a great show. at the half clear skies and amazing sight. the particles when they burn up what you suppose your sing? will talk about that. 92 at napa. 105 at livermore. at shoreline, 66 in this city. a 40 degree spread shoreline to and when it is warm.
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cloudy and cool tomorrow morning. temperatures in the mid-60s south bay mid-80s. 95 in morgan hill. 99 and the out. 95 brentwood. temperatures from 103 to 111 in great valley. a very slow cooling trend as rhee head towards the middle part of the week will be in the '90s all week until friday. would begin to cool down a little bit. at night you see a shooting star, you see the oldest material and the solar system been around for 4 billion years and goes away in a flash. actually a everyone of those stars the shooting stars hardly more than a speck of dust little
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chunks of dust and ice and, and very old. this stuff and around for 4 billion years. it evaporates in the flash of an eye. you'll see it once per minute tonight. you make this stuff exciting. the time of year can be exciting for most cubans but costly for their folks retailers' cash in on the back- to-school craze, lisa washington shows us school shopping turns into a multibillion-dollar industry. she goes to ninth grade in just a couple of weeks. i'm nervous i've not bend to a school where there's a lot of people i'm nervous but of get used to it she shopping with their mom looking for the supplies you need she's not sure of the cost but expects more than last year.
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ali more binders, pens of course, loose paper all that stuff. according to a national retail foundation back-to-school clothing supplies and education expenses to total more than $80 billion second only to the holiday shopping season and spending. last year was $200 for three pants and three shirts. and then my sister to appear in a mother of two she spent more than $1,000 on school supplies and clothes last year. she looks at pants for her son she'll come back next week to make purchases. he needs more clothes they wear out all his clothes are shortened. some parents spend more on back-to-school shopping in addition to notebooks' folders pens and paper there's that
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added cost of school uniforms. something they must take to school a school uniform and supplies and the manager of the kmart in redwood city sees hundreds of parents spending hundreds of dollars on their children. it is like over a $300 on layaway the put a lot for the whole year. i tried to do this on on, i tried to get the best prices and best deals. lisa washington cbs 5. if you need help getting ready for back-to-school shopping we have a guy on our website cbs s f up on current is then with sports. the a's and giants both in the win column built those details coming up you cannot believe this finish as petaluma,
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dedicate this to little league, the petaluma nationals this is your time. their goal of the fans in san bernadino, west region finals. a tie game in the fourth the ball gets away on wild pitch petaluma leads to why a 5-4 sixth inning petaluma up 7-4 they said and the ball gets away. it goes to the wall.
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here come two runs but something the players saw with a base runner here is coach eric smith when he says play yet stepped off and throw it to call nice and easy and you'll say the second runner miss the bag. they called him out the game is over! unbelievable. northern california on an appeal play ends the game they're headed to williamsport. petaluma claimed the second runner did not touch the bad debt is sealed touched third base does not matter at a limit takes on fairfield, conn. in williamsport this thursday noon. i cannot feel anything. what is next williamsport would you feel right now?
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i'm swimming in the pool of jell-o what you think of that boys? we're going to williamsport baby! 44 a team from california to dalene world series the first since 2002 when aptos went. the a news on a run of their own, the difference against the white sox petaluma native jonnie gomes. eighth inning, white sox up 7-6. there goes gomes, his 13th home run of the year. san ending brandon inge singles,
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that ball just there he comes racing around the a's lead 8-7. combs' a great game you know he was keeping track of the little league game during his own. i had spotters in the clubhouse watching for me i'm pulling for them i think it is exciting, i have memories and the big leagues up here in the world series and playoffs but the little league memories are special i'm excited for those guys. giants fans need to shows why they are the most credit fans in the majors 42,000 on an watching matt cain. bottom of the third giants had 2-0 buster posey his 19th of the year. two more hits for posey hitting for 48 since the break.
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hunter pence the other way with the two out double in the theft. the giants led 5-0. they blew it open in the sixth. angel pagan stepped up and not going to stop until he reached third base. seventh triple of the year to run score, the giants pounded out 13 hits and beat the rockies 9-3. you guys look in shock or something that's a huge kiefer and the starter you jump on somebody early with a lot there and play like this, it was huge for us the giants have lost 10 of their last 17 at home still to come pga champion jeff suspended due to bad weather, before this stoplight tiger woods struggled,
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the mileage card with special perks on united. before get to golf a soccer store earthquake's beat seattle a 2-1. round two of the pga championship tiger was one of them to beat par.
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he had a share of the lead to start the day now tied through a 11th. this chip shot everything going wrong. rory mcelroy touch around the green better. he parks it 3 ft. from the cup. tap in for birdie one of five on for a non tied with vijay singh until weather suspended play. the resume third round at 745,,,
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if you think impressive permits think egypt or mexico what about spoke in washington. pranksters stacked pick a tables to great this pyramid. park authorities are not sure to call it vandalism or artistic impression of fork left had been broadened to take down the picnic day tables. they put the emergency lights on top. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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