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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11PM  CBS  August 12, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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flames covering thousands of acres the latest on the effort to stop to fires burning in a clear lead. has it sunk in yet? the romney ryan ticket that includes a conversation with 60 minutes. america once again looking for answers to epidemic of gun violence is it time for radical change of perspective. i'm grace lei and ann notorangelo of tonight. we begin with news out of lake county to separate wildfire's begin this afternoon are spreading along highway 20 east of clear like the wife fire near high way 503 scorched 5,000 a. and destroyed a home. the flames spread quickly and threaten the spring valley area. the walker fire near walker ridge road has burned 1,000 a.
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homeowners spent an anxious night watching the flames get closer. when the gets too close year were gone this bald mountain is gone the mountains are cut so the winds and grass hit it cooks its rally kind of a horrible dream i think they do a great job 400 firefighters battled the flames so far no reports of injuries, right now no estimate for contained in for either fire. crews made progress on the lanes fire northeast of fresno the fired 80 percent contained, firefighters have stopped the spread of flames but the evacuation orders still in effect for 40 homes near the community of tollhouse. 100 a. scorched for more than two days 500 firefighters battled flames in more than 100 degree heat investigators
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suspect the fire started by a cigarette. 850,000 california landowners in wild fire regions will get bills for the state firefighting service that newfie could range up to $150 a year, this proposal supported by gov. brown who says homeowners in fire area should pay more for coverage. residence plan to sue the state saying the charge was passed illegally by the legislature it is defined as a tax it needs to be approved by two-thirds of law makers. campaign 2012 a whirlwind weekend 4 new gop ticket the team flew to the vp candidate's home state of wisconsin. mitt romney and paul ryan defend their stance on economic and health-care policy. of wisconsin crowd welcome home paul ryan for the first time since mitt romney announced
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his new running mate. sunday at the new teams sat down for the first in a view to get around 60 minutes ryan told bob schieffer he's ready to beat vice-president and lebron the fix the economy if my wife and i discussed this at great length and it will change our life the this is a moment the country needs leadership we can make a big difference. the seventh term congressman the author of a controversial budget that calls for overhaul of medicare run is planned is to preserve the program we talked about saving medicare and provide people greater choice of medicare make sure it is there for current seniors. during a fund-raiser in chicago president obama called rye and the ideological leader of conservatives in congress. it is division i fundamentally disagree with the president says
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washington politics hurt the economy it is gridlock stalemates and dysfunction, and an idea propagated by the other side, somehow will grow the economy from the top down the president is the campaign trail in iowa monday ryan will be there battling for support during before splitting duties on the campaign trail before the convention romney and ryan appeared together on 60 minutes, romney says the selection of ryan was made almost two weeks ago. would spend time on the campaign trail i get to meet his wife and children i was impressed, the final decision not until august 1st. when i get my mind open i was intrigued and inclined toward paul paquette my mind open on
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august 1st time to make the decision. on has it sunk in on you yet? it has because i felt for a while our country in a perilous position i've done everything i could in my career to try to make a difference to tackle this economic and fiscal challenge before it tackles us, sunday is when we have this conversation it took a while to sink in, but to seek all americans come down to these rallies hungry for solutions, hungry for people to divide leadership and get this country on right track them excited i think we can turn this thing around i cannot imagine you could have to people who cannot learn from each other his experience on the hill with the many issues something that well, has already been an input to my campaign and will be going
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forward. i expect to work with him if we become president and vice president will work together and look at issues together in court decisions made with this consultation, obviously i have to make the final call on the important decisions this is a man dedicated the last 14 years working in washington in ways not highly partisan or political but instead focused on what he thinks the right course is for america. the day this heat temple in wisconsin where six people were fatally shot one week ago officially reopened two shooting victims remained hospitalized a traditional cleansing and rebirth ceremony to symbolize a fresh start. that rampage more than two weeks after dozen people gunned down in a collar on a movie theater, those incidents have spurned gun control advocates cbs 5
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reporter don knapp tells us the key to preventing gun violence on how doctors want to treat the issue. at the most recent shooting in wisconsin that left three dead and cry for answers between gun advocates and those one more control. one idea getting a new look to treat gun violence as a disease as social disease traditional focus on the person using the gun, the public health approach asked us to look broadly at other factors for example this doctor says they look at policies that facilitate gun violence that allows alcoholics and those with criminal records to buy guns and selling guns without a background check. forbes son of gun sales made by private parties. those loopholes closed in california.
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in california we change the policy and not purchase of firearms for those convicted of misdemeanor violent crime is a winner in that policy associated with a 30% decrease in their risk of committing violent crimes later and 30 percent is a big change. and other health policy considerations as studies suggest firearm owners were likely to binge drinker or drink and drive a contagion phenomenon after the folks think they need to get a gun. there were reports that people came to later showings caring a gun but he says doctors want policies to give them a chance to save victims. most people who die from violence died at the scene that don't get a chance to be worked on by trauma service or emergency medicine physicians they die where they are. the big shootings grab the
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headlines but the biggest show comes from everyday violence. shootings that killed 30,000 people a year. and he has personal experience he is an emergency room doctor and treats them over and over and feels helpless and must be a way to prevent them so he can treat them. the price of gas continues to rise expected to keep going up through labor day. in california gas 30¢ hired than the average gallon of gas. the lundberg survey says the price increase due to the high cost of crude as well as a partial loss of production at the chevron refinery in richmond. san francisco has the highest average in the say the state at $4.16 a gallon. check out the pump patrol @ cbs s f dot com.
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the big investment that turned into a big problem which may be behind the oakland police radio system. now that the olympics are over we can focus on baseball we talked little league making that big splash the bay area in the world series. we have a great story in the weather department the heat is on in the words of the little river band time for a cool change. after a break.
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the lead this word on oakland's troubled police radio system that frequency interference causes problems. they're ready as failed repeatedly including during president obama's visit last month a bay area news reports the fcc has opened an enforcement investigation city officials told a federal agency about the interference. people in downtown san francisco mina thought there was an emergency instead preparation in case of one. san francisco fire department used a downtown high-rise on battery for drills. the use the a ten story
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building that the department cannot normally simulate. high-rise fires are different than anything else we do it is like fighting a fire and another and we don't get to practice we cannot use elevators with all our equipment is an ordeal. the building space donated by the company were the turning to place for eight hours. the multimillion-dollar estate of thomas kinkaid contestant in santa clara superior court beginning tomorrow kincaid's estranged wife and girlfriend are fighting for control of the 130 million-dollar estate. the painter of light was 54 when he died in april from an overdose of alcohol and valium. the case centers on. legible hand written wills the girlfriend says kinkaid wrote last year. they are the pride of
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petaluma and the games have not started reaction from the nationals on their way to world series. that is it for that olympics until russia and riel will look back at the games and the big winners of 2012. you michael jackson buddy in the parking lot this guy is a radio show waiting to happen raiders take on dallas tomorrow night during is a sleeping giant awakened the northern irishman the new no. 1 player in the world we'll show you y game day coming up after the newscast.
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it as been a crazy 24 hours for young sonoma county ball players, fresh off the region when the petaluma national team now in pennsylvania for the little league world series anne mackovic spoke with the players and coaches before their flight. still and that from the western regional when yesterday beating a team from ally and 7-5 the petaluma national team on the way to little league world series. these kids are special they really are we talked with pitcher danny marceau by phone as he waited for the plane at lax we have one more tournament play, we will have a great time
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i'm very proud they are amazing send jacobs played ball with members of the nationals is not on the all-star team but feels their glory just the same i've got to know some of them it is cool my friends are planning in san bernadino going for the world series i stand on the home field where they play their normal gains in the stands are packed communities here in seen at the local sports bar it is crazy to watch the games on espn i see parents and kids i see people come in here three or four times a week it is a trip to see them down there mike jacobs coach the nationals for years in new they were special every year they've grown as a team and got better. petaluma one of eight teams in the world at the series they will face the chance from
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fairfield, conn. noon thursday. anne mackovic cbs 5 san jacobs 11 years old how cute is he? good to see you grace. we had warm weather today we were alerted to the fact numbers approach 100 degrees inland, it is still 75 in livermore. it is cooled by the coastline oakland 58 concord 68 a warm night inland as we continue to chill in santa rosa. it will stay warm inland numbers close to 100 degrees in east bay. cooling down a little by mid- week. warm temperatures continue. high temperatures close to 100 in fairfield. 99 at livermore san jose and 81.
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in san francisco's 62. 77 redwood city. the monsoonal flow from the desert southwest. thunderstorms in yosemite and mammoth lakes we might get a build up in east bay tomorrow. a few high clouds on top of the high pressure builds in eastern pacific 90 degrees + inland tomorrow. hot for the next couple of days. at the coastline temperatures in the morning low to mid 50s. on the future cast low clouds pack the shoreline and high clouds, and skirts that east bay, the flow from the southwest and low clouds pac-10 along the shoreline. the coast remains cool in the remains warm and that the summertime in a nutshell. assets fell expects westerlies
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and i tomorrow at 73. lax '90s. rain in chicago and 70 degrees. new york city looks a ok. 49 in santa rosa and the low. 86 at santa clara 83 at milpitas in east bay 101 brentwood. 96 fairfield. 89 at napa. for san francisco a hive 67. sonoma up to 87. extended forecast rhee cool it down midweek. we might get the in the numbers back below 90 degrees and a warm weekend ahead. it was 90 degrees at 9:00 p.m.. near sacramento.
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after the break the games are over fare well thoughts from london and 2012 olympics.
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a fortnight to remember the london olympics are now closed cbs reporter mark phillips looks
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at the big winners at the 2012 games. the stars came out at the end of the game's britain's distance runner who won the 10,000 m when the 5,000 m as well. his small but signature rivals the bolt the game's biggest are one not trade? jamaica's pusan boat anchors his team in the showdown with the west and the four by 100 relay, nobody can strike like lightning bolt. who are the big winners at this year's cannes the ticket holders who thronged to events like never before, certainly the smaller countries like jamaica who have dominated the bigger track events, certainly the british despite predictions of transport and security chaos delivered as successful games and finished up in the medal
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standings to. the small islands of 60 million people taking third place behind country's five and 10 times our size. another big winner london mayor boris johnson whose high wire act not an olympic sport he made the political weather here and the other kind here. the last few days we turn the thermostat upper we have special techniques we cannot reveal our techniques suffice to say they're available on the market for reasonable price. the olympics not reasonably priced and with the closing ceremonies for two wins wars recessions and revolutions compete with the great olympic distraction now it is over the athletes go home back to reality and so does everyone else. mark phillips cbs news london.
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