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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  August 13, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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by fire surrounding us at that point you could not see anything massive fight was on to contend 2 big wild fires you'll see it firsthand how tricky it was to evacuate people and animals. it looks like the trouble was over a new problem at richmond refinery and the discovery hinders the investigation i was 44 ashton kutcher error people driving in stolen cars and not knowing at the elaborate scheme to trick californians into buying hot vehicles. we begin with breaking news firefighters have lifted an evacuation orders in lake county, the make progress against 2 big wild fires those fires one quarter contained to 93 structures and 6,000 a. have burned since the fires broke out
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yesterday. six sons near clear lake ordered to evacuate don knapp shows us are ranch became a rescue scene. you cannot see the fires right now but many of the 400 firefighters on the line taking the advantage of the cooler temperatures to knock down hot spots and get a line around the fire you can see traffic backing up as it has all day folks in spring valley trying to get back home now the orders have been lifted. without strong winds and dry conditions and temperatures reaching 112 degrees popping up 2 fires. by late afternoon firefighters treated the to blazes as one. it allows the fires to burn erratically but plays a part in 30 for the firefighters when it is hot we stress hydration
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and earlier mandatory evacuation and the the 500 homes in spring valley one home and two structures burned hundreds of residents would for the chance to return she was flying back from georgia and her son and daughter race the and at of the flames fire surrounding us at that point you could not see anything everything was black and dark you cannot see the yellow lines on the road. her husband returned to stay with the home he has 30,000 gal. of water and a pond and tobacco he feels he can be of help to the firefighters. fires move beyond spring valley and they could rick return to our homes at 8:00 p.m. danger remains especially for courses. and if the wind shifts and comes in the valley it cuts the road of and a comes through the valley there's no way to get
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people or horses out of here neighbors with a convoy of horse traders came to the rescue the source went into a trailer butter month-old called did not cooperate. the may mayors presence roberta's going to talk about this we've been telling people it has been in the '50s in san francisco how hot was it were you were today? firefighters told us 112 degrees where we stand when hundred 12 degrees and without wind those high temperatures affect the behavior of the fire. let's check in with roberta about weather conditions the firefighter's face and what is in store tomorrow 84 degrees in clear like the
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winds have dial down out of the north that 5 miles per hour. tomorrow between 95-100 degrees and lake county the winds will increase that is not mean anything these blazes generator own winds and can be erratic we look toward the local forecast over the next seven days, you see temperatures will continue to be well above normal. all the way through the weekend and then a whole new problem a threat of thunderstorms contend landing for the weekend and we address that issue later on. developing news of magnitude 7.3 earthquake hitting the waters of eastern russia the usgs says the quake struck 100 mi. off the coast no reports of injuries or damage. the quake was so bad are cbs 5
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the size milken picked up the shaking in japan the agency picked up no risk of succumbing to teenagers drag racing with a loss control and crashed their cars into a bay area home. a toyota and bmw ramp into the house and landed on top of the other it happened on prospect road in saratoga and kiet do shows us the whole neighborhood is upset. given the makes of speed teenagers and blues, it could have been worse irresponsible and unfortunate i wish people would realize, some could get killed santa clara sheriff's deputy says at 430 this morning these to 19 year-old for driving a bmw and toyota corolla stacked on top of each other investigators say they came down prospect road
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in saratoga drag racing. traffic investigator said there were going 60 mi. per hour a bridge of 80 miles per hour that lost control and knocked out a guard rail and crashed into two homes during the honor of the home not injured. investigators recovered a full bottle of whiskey from one of the cars the alcohol was involved both the drivers under the influence according to his facebook page alan chan is sophomoric uc irvine apparent the the dry grass is not a random event the two knew each other their face but friends in both greg you graded from the and bryce school last year if someone walk through here that would of been killed this never drives by everyday when a tragedy happens for a high-school teenager try to learn from it. a picture of a 300 lb
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boulders meant by one of the cars and punctured a house like a cannonball you can see part of the house was ripped out it gives you an idea of the force of the impact the two teenagers face felony charges. live in saratoga and kiet do cbs 5 santa clara police investigate to separate murders one woman stabbed on a west san carlos st. she died at the scene, and just after 130 this afternoon shots reported near 13th and charles not far from 881 a one officers arrived if done a man dead in his car it happened in broad daylight the shooter did not care if anyone saw him there have been no arrests. a new obstacle for investigators to pinpoint the problem leading to last of its refinery fire in richmond.
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engineers say it is too dangerous for anyone to go inside joe vasquez explants. what is at the center of a federal investigation. the focus and 8 in. pipe that leaked and a similar pipe was replaced after an inspection last year founded corroded was the pipe that failed and replaced at the same time? the trend answer those questions and understand where workers were trying to fix the lake for two hours instead of shutting the plant down a chemical boards as last monday's fire was a near disaster that could have killed a dozen workers. joe vasquez cbs 5 federal investigators are trying to figure out how to make the site say so they can remove the pot for testing. it martinez investigators tried to figure out what caused a small fire at the shell refinery.
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workers evacuated as a precaution the fire broke out and dave at processing unit the plan firefighters extinguished dead. my home for women who have no place to go to those women forced to move out kristyn a our son what the owner said no choice but to add that during what happened to those women now i was addicted to crystal meth these are the women of surrender to house the recovery center on oakland san pablo ave. a serenities spiritual base program teaches us to love ourselves a haven for drug abuse and prostitution that is rapidly in the area. of home that lisa woods and two dozen women must vacate the move furniture today. sir rented a house fell months behind in rent the woman he
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picked it. were in back rent by $12,000. the owner says the debt is closer to $30,000. the nonprofit sometimes treats clients free of charge and could not come through. at the same time we have obligations to the bank and taxes there are expenses we need to me. of a was i lose the property. the move at the women move across the street to smaller quarters. volunteers set and the place and renovated in hopes these renting mission can go on. it is not an ending it is a movement. another nonprofit has offered to let serenity house move its use its space the women how to collect donations to expand down the road. christin ayers cbs 5 mitt romney's new running
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mate heckled in iowa, there's good news for the republicans it looks like and paul ryan could be a major plus in california. when i under the million dollar airport security system with a blind spot a jet skier walked across to run was without an when noticing during i feel helpless and she drove her car for years and had no idea it was reported stolen thieves get ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a party serving of politics in iowa president obama visited council bluffs in two hours away the state fair in the more in the newly minted two gop running at paul ryan makes and the parents and the newest and dirty and already reshaping things sharon chin has more what some call the ryan of that.
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and his first solo campaign stop paul ryan gets haggled at the iowa state fair. just like running mate mitt romney last year. polls show ryan the least popular vice-presidential choice since dan quayle a quarter- century ago according to a usa today poll only 39 percent of voters call romney's choice excellent or good one-third of republicans say it makes them more likely to vote for romney for president. his economic credentials are impeccable and respected on the hill president obama and vice president biden are defining ryan the hammer and rise plan to turn medicare into a voucher like health insurance program he is and particulate spokesperson for romney's vision but that vision i disagree with
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what is get see about getting medicare and medicaid and education the attacks designed to put republicans on the defensive and with seniors who fear medicare will cost them more. and when need to stop spending money we don't have joe touman says wrong and needs to shift the conversation from medicare back to his strength, the economy these issues and the states affects seniors and a medic- state don't help them it's going to be obama it is incumbent upon him to keep focused on the economy. adding ryan to the ticket may not change the race in california it could bring in more campaign money and ryan is the house budget chair has a base of california donors more than 1500 people sent more than $200,000 to reelect him in
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wisconsin. sharon chin cbs 5 and evening jet ski right turns into a security review at airports across the country this man became stranded on his personal watercraft and new york's jamaica bay and he swam 3 mi. to jfk airport then scaled a barbwire fans walked past a $100 million motion sensing system and across the runway. he was spotted by an airline worker he is charged with criminal trespass and his cousin says he had no choice. no where else 31 the swim 2? some the land mass? his son makes sense to me security experts say it highlights vulnerabilities at airports that said near major waterways including oakland and san francisco. some people call of the
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biggest used-car scam in the country crooks switch out vehicle id numbers on stolen cars and sell them cbs 5 allen martin reports thousands of californians could be driving get hot cars now and have no idea. without her car for a month this woman forced to bum rides to work every day. a dmv investigator told her the chevy tahoe she bought from a private seller was stolen the vehicle id number had been switched out the dmv had to confiscate her family's only car. it is for jury the national insurance crime bureau says then switching a problem that is where crooks remove stickers from old cars in chop shops they apply the numbers to stolen cars like the
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one she bought hiding the fact the vehicle was involved in a crime. an easy way for someone to get rid of a stolen car california hotbed for stolen cars we have seven of the top- 10 stolen car cities during he looked at three hundred thousand stolen cars go on accounted for sun and up in shipping containers overseas customs stop this hong kong shipment in april and long beach you could be driving in a stolen car that could be hidden in plain sight with switched out of the ins the crooks are so good one consumer advocate says you never know your then on your-inside the driver's door or etched on the engine had been switched. she says if you brought the car to a good mechanic they should be able to detect a switched number.
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she it makes she did not have a mechanic inspector car, living paycheck to paycheck the mother of five says it could be some time before she can afford a new car. of just keep getting rides until i save up enough money allen martin cbs 5 the dmv says it could not comment on the investigation a spokesperson says one way to help avoid this when you buy a car from private seller try to meet them at the dmv to run the car's information make sure everything adds up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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now you get the xfinity triple play and verizon wireless plus a great offer. call 855-704-7400 to sign up and you'll get up to a $300 visa prepaid card by mail. verizon wireless and xfinity. it's tv, home phone, internet and wireless. welcome back to cbs 5 today in a 42 degree temperatures banned from half moon bay to livermore at 103 degrees. we have clear skies from the coast and inland areas. temperatures from the '50s to 60s even 78 in livermore.
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this is the latest high pressure goes nowhere, over the four corners states it stays put. the interior valleys will see above-average temperatures. tonight some fog at the seashore and coastal clearing during the morning hours hot temperatures again inland. a slow recovery. tonight in the '50s and '60s, 65 overnight in tri valley 63 in santa clara valley. including the on the then valley. tuesday 60s across the beaches low '70's in san mateo also san francisco. low 80's for redwood city and palo alto. triple digits east of the bay 85 however near benicia.
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darren mcfadden has not played since the october last year judging by a few stabs tonight he's good to go. six coaches between jon gruden and new rader said man dennis allen. an 18 year-old pass he finished 38 yds and was done after 1 ceres healthy. carson palmer is for shot down the field intercepted. the raiders did not score with the first-team offense, they did not score at all. a positive how about carell prior to lead the bulk of second half. the most action since his days at ohio state. except the first down with a good and bad he dropped back
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for sac he finished 8/15 the raiders lose 3-0. i did not makes and throws i don't know i learned from the film and play better thursday i my hardest critic all play well, already with did not play well enough to score its good to see tyrrell get on the field, i'm proud of the way he thought things did not go right help was on the way for the giants jekyll and hyde offense pablos sandoval reactivated and in the lineup tomorrow ryan vogelsang gets failed to pitch six innings for the first time this year. and bryce harper scores. ryan theriot kicks into right field.
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he is one of the vogelsang gets. everybody's eighth another run scores. kurt suzuki delivers a knockout blow a three run double. gives up eight runs and two and two-thirds innings washington blows out the giants' 14-2. up with that loss giants fall back into a tie for first with the dodgers. pearson hold only 5 ft. 2 pulled in a five-foot 125 lb. catfish the biggest freshwater fish ever caught by woman in a the united kingdom. i love fishing stories i finish my wife was said what is a megabyte that is a good day fishing.
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