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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  August 16, 2012 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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particularly by biden and paul ryan to overhaul medicare. susan mcginnis is with us. ever since ryan was chosen as romney's running mate a lot of the spotlight is shifting to the vice presidential candidates for now. just like the presidential candidates, these two seem to offer more and more evidence that an ugly campaign is getting uglier. >> whether paul ryan will help or hurt mitt romney's chances of winning the white house remains to be seen. but one thing is for certain, romney's choice of running mate has helped make medicare the latest hot button issue in the
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presidential campaign. >> we want this debate. we need this debate and we will win this debate. >> romney and ryan claim president obama raided medicare funds to pay for the affordable care act. >> the president took $716 billion from the medicare program, he raided it to pay for obama care. >> the president says the plan ryan proposed in congress would turn medicare into a voucher system that would hurt senior citizens. >> it was estimated that governor romney's running mate -- it is president obama's running mate who sparked controversy over another issue. regulation of the financial sector. it was over how vice president biden described romney's plan to regulate wall street before an audience filled with african-americans. >> they're going to put y'all bark in chaps. >> romney said it's proof that the obama team will do anything
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it can to stay in power. >> i think it's demeaning to the nature of the process, particularly at a time when we face the kinds much challenges we face. >> on wednesday, president obama defended his vice president saying folks like to get obsessed with how something was phrased even if everybody understands that's not how it was meant. ryan's budget proposal holds the same $716 billion in medicare cuts that the president's plan holds. romney saysist plan would restore those cuts can, terrell. susan, thank you so much. paul ryan's controversial budget plan proposes fundamental changes in a plan -- there's also medicaid. the program that provides health care for the poor and disabled. medicaid served 60 million americans. that's about 10 million more than medicare. most are low-income children and their mothers and senior citizens. ryan's proposal would cut federal spending on medicaid by $800 billion over ten years. and states will receive a lump
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sum. by shifting control to the states would end the current right to coverage under federal law. critics plan to appeal a judge's ruling uphoemding pennsylvania's new voter identification law. the law touched off a firestorm of debate on voting rights that many fear are critical in the pregs dengs election. elaine quijano has the report. >> to produce a government approved photo i.d. at the polls to prevent fraud. the pennsylvania law was upheld by state judge robert simpson who called it a reasonable nondiscriminatory, nonsevere burden. shannon royer is pennsylvania's deputy secretary of state. >> this court decision is a victory for fair and honest elections. >> but opponents say pennsylvanians most likely to be without photo i.d. are poor, judge or minorities. constituencies that often vote for democrats. republican governors and
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republican-led legislatures championed voter photo i.d. laws in nine of the ten states that have passed since laws since last year. lawyer judith brown represented voters who sued to block the pennsylvania law. >> these voter i.d. laws undermine democracy by cutting off participation. >> we looked at those ten states which recently passed photo i.d. laws and found fewer than 70 voter fraud convictions in the past decade. among 40 million registered voters. 94-year-old lives in the philadelphia suburbs. she sued to stop the law because she doesn't have a drivers license. >> i have voted in every presidential election, but i'm afraid i won't be able to vote in this one because i don't o have photo i.d. >> but pennsylvania officials say they will spend $5 million on outreach to help voters meet the new requirements. >> if you don't have an i.d., pennsylvania has over 70 drivers
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license centers around the state where voters can get an i.d. for free. in no way, shape or form is that a burden to the average voter. >> the judge who upheld the law estimated 80,000 of the state's voters do not have a photo i.d. opponents plan to file an appeal this week with pennsylvania state supreme court. but it's unclear if it would rule before the election. elaine quijano, cbs news, new york. to the battle over i am gags. arizona governor jan brewer signed an order to deny drivers license to immigrants who obtain work authorization under a new federal program. across the country yesterday, tens of thousands of illegal immigrants signed up for the new program allowing them to work legally in the u.s. without being deported but not a pass to citizenship. the suspected gunman who started shooting at the headquarters of a lobbying group made negative comments about the group before he fired. at the family research council
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in washington yesterday. the frc opposes same-sex marriage and abortion. he shot the security guard in the arm but the guard and others fought back. >> the security guard was pay hero and did an excellent job in stopping the gunman from getting further in the building and from anyone else getting injured or shot by him. >> the suspected gunman recently volunteered at a community center for guy, bisexual and transgender people. he's charged with assault with a deadly weapon. a state of emergency in dallas following an outbreak of west nile virus. the first aerial spray to control in 45 years could -- 200 cases have been reported in dallas. this morning, out west, dozens of wildfires continue to burn and are growing. we begin in idaho. hundreds of residents this in two small towns east of boise started to evacuate. there are nine big fires in idaho alone. central washington, firefighters say a fire that burned dozens of
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homes is 25% contained. ben tracy reports. >> just look. >> this family could only stand and stare at what little the fire left behind. >> i'm glad you found your bathtub from your dollhouse. >> jennifer and david's children are safe but the home of 13 years is gone. >> you have your family. everybody is safe. that's really what's most important. but then there's so much sadness and grief and despair. >> their house was one at least 60 destroyed by the flames that tore through these hillsides. 800 firefighters are now beating back the blaze. calmer winds are finally giving them the upper hand. >> today, good day for the firefighters. >> rex reed is the incident commander. this morning he said the fire was 10% contained. cautiously optimistic that we might be in the 25% range by end of business today. >> so this is where you're living right now. >> this is where we're living. if the house is gone, this might be permanent home.
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>> mary lou smith is living in a parking lot waiting to find out what's happened to her neighborhood. >> hopefully, our neighbors will all be lucky. >> you've been saying a lot of prayers? >> yeah. we know our church -- >> water up to help people. >> help came too late for this family who are not sure what's next. >> it's hard as a parent to just have to admit we don't know. >> yet, with some sidewalk chalk they found in the rubble, these kids made it clear what they will always carry with them. cle elum, washington. a california man who set a fire that caused five people to have heart attacks versus been convicted of murder. hickey fowler was convicted of ar sond and murder. he started a fire near san bernardino in 2003. it burned 91,000 acres and 1,000 buildings. the government of ecuador will announce its decision on
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do not take vesicare. vesicare may cause allergic reactions that may be serious. if you experience swelling of the face, lips, throat or tongue, stop taking vesicare and get emergency help. tell your doctor right away if you have severe abdominal pain, or become constipated for three or more days. vesicare may cause blurred vision, so use caution while driving or doing unsafe tasks. common side effects are dry mouth, constipation, and indigestion. i've worked hard to get to where i am... and i've got better places to go than always going to the bathroom. so take charge of your symptoms by talking to your doctor and go to for a free trial offer. a candlelight vigil last night to honor the king. elvis presley. he died 35 years ago on august 16, 1977, and thousands went to graceland to pay their respects. for the first time both presley's ex, priscilla and lisa marie made a surprise visit to thank fans. a setback after the air force, an unmanned aircraft
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designed to go 3600 miles an hour plunged into the pacific ocean. the wave rider was dropped from a b-52 tuesday. the air force says a faulty pin caused it to break apart. the air force has only one aircraft left and has not decided whether or not they're going to fly it. cbs "moneywatch" time on a thursday. facebook stock could face a rough day today and check those tickets. someone hit the jackpot in last night's powerball drawing. you know it wasn't me and it wasn't ashley morrison because we're both here this morning. ash, good morning to you. >> i wouldn't be here if i had won. good morning terrell. most asian markets got a boost after china signalled future stimulus action. the nikkei rose nearly 2% and the hang seng shed half a percent. consumer prices stayed flat last month, a sign that inflation is being kept in check and a sign that manufacturing is rebounding. industrial production in the u.s. increased but investor reaction was cool. the dow lost 7 points and the nasdaq was up 13. it's cash-in day for some facebook shareholders.
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early investors are allowed to start selling their shares now that the lockout period has ended. if they decide to sell, the influx of shares could drive facebook stock even lower. auto sales aren't flagging in the summer. sales during the first half of august matched july's pace and the overall surge in car sales has spurred growth in auto dealerships. a new report find there were 108 more dealerships at the end of 2011 than there were in 2010. samsung is taking the latest shot in the tablet computer battle. the south korean company releases the galaxy 10.1 today. the tablet is equipped with a digital pen and allows users to view two applications at once. the price starts at $499. and that's just chump change for someone out there. a single ticket sold in michigan matched all of the numbers in last night's powerball lottery drawing. the jackpot increased to $337
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million. the tenth largest prize in u.s. history. just in case you bought your ticket in michigan, here are the winning numbers. 6, 27, 46, 51, 56 and the powerball 21. terrell, i can't even imagine. >> i know. i'm thinking about who i know in michigan right now. >> i was too, actually. >> not to mention, we had this big plan yesterday saying we were going to win. i don't think you bought the tickets, did you? >> no. i was thinking you were going to do it. >> we missed that. >> we always do. ashley in new york. good to see you. thank you so much. up next your weather forecast and in sports, king felix rules the rays. it doesn't get any better than this. he threw a perfect game.
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here's a look at the weather in some cities around the country. in new york, mostly sunny, 86. thunder showers in miami, 91. thunder showers in chicago, 78. partly sunny and hot in dallas, 100. in los angeles, fog then sun, 86 degrees. let's check your national forecast. showers and thunderstorms are moving across parts of oklahoma to the great lakes region. much of the northeast will be partly cloudy to sunny and it will be hot in the pacific northwest. in sports this morning shall the king can finally wear his crown. the mariners felix hernandez pitched a perfect game. no hits, no runs, nobody on base and he did it by overpowering the tampa bay rays. king felix struck out the side not once but twice for a total of 12 ks. this was it was the 23rd perfect game in baseball history but the
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first ever for the seattle mariners. >> felix hernandez, the 2-2. he got him! 34 years, 119 games. it finally happened. a perfect game by a seattle mariner. it was done by the king! >> awesome. this was the sixth no-hitter in the majors this season and the third perfect game. from a celebration to a shocker. the giants outfielder melky cabrera suspended for 50 games for failing a doping test. he was the mvp in the allstar game and was batting .346, second in the national league. he apologizes and accepts the suspension. without melky, they couldn't handle the nationals. the top team in the nl east rolled over the giants 6-4. in l.a. a collision at the plate. torey hunter sliding him and his left spike nails the umpire in the head and knocks him flat. got a big gash and he left the game. hunter was out.
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the angels breezed by the indians, 8-4. when we come back on this thursday, road hazard. toronto's mayor is caught in a cell phone picture reading while driving. we'll get reaction from the mayor. ,,,,
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here's a look at the weather in some cities around the country. in d.c., 88. partly sunny in atlanta, 92. strong storms in st. louis, 88. afternoon thunderstorms in denver, 74 degrees. mostly sunny skies in seattle, 90. the mayor of toronto got caught doing something very unsafe but not illegal. it was posted on twitter. mayor rob ford in an suv, reading while driving. the person who host posted this picture on tuesday says the mayor was barreling down a toronto expressway. when asked about it, the mayor didn't deny it or think he did anything wrong. >> well, i'm busy.
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i've got to be, you know -- i don't know what that has to do with the trade mission. but anyways -- ridiculous questions sometimes. seriously. >> uh-huh. guilty. toronto's chief of police is now asking mayor ford to accept a security detail and get a driver. this has got to be the ultimate demolition derby. motor home racing. this race was in british columbia. the rules are simple. first vehicle to cross the line wins. no prize money but the winning driver, that is a hot mess. literally. does get a trophy. just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, some fishermen on a tuna boat shot this video of a shark lurking in cape cod bay. officials aren't sure if it's a great white. if it is, it would be the first sighting in the bay in years. earlier this month, a great white bit a swimmer in a cape cod beach. wouldn't be in that water. coming up on "cbs this morning," rebecca jarvis looks at what's behind the rising price of gas. i'm terrell brown, this is the "cbs morning news." "
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so summer is coming to a close here soon. that means millions of migrating birds are taking their seasonal journey. among them, the tiny hummingbird. as seth doane reports, though, they're finding the landscape isn't quite the same and some are getting by with a little help from friends. >> some hummingbird species fly 2,000 miles during migration. with a heart rate of up to 1200 beats a minute, they often need to eat five times their body weight every day. but this year's migration is complicated by the lack of natural wildflowers which have been hit hard by drought and forest fires. so birds that are looking about for their usual food sources are heading elsewhere. large numbers of them are swarming feeding stations set up in gardens and backyards in
4:26 am
drought areas out west. it's standing room only at many feeders and that has hummingbird fans buzzing. >> well, i'm speechless. to sit here and be so close that i can see them. lenore hemingway is being especially careful to keep her 20 feeders filled with sugar water at her home in sedona, arizona. >> make sure that they have all of the things that they need. they have the sugar feeders which they do rely on on their migration. they have all of the flowers that they love. it is a commitment. but the joy is getting to view them. >> no one is quite sure how the drought will affect hummingbird populations in the short term. biologists are more concerned about the long-term effect of climate change. fewer wildflowers means fewer sources of nectar along migration routes. ralph hawkins founded the hummingbird society. >> i would say there's a chance in the future that there will be
4:27 am
significant problems with certain species where the birds find less of the sources of food than they found in years before. >> in difficult seasons like this, backyards can be welcome rest stops on the winged migration. lenore hemingway is glad to lend a hand. >> to see the beauty of the bird, the coloring, they're just amazing. >> amazingly small but also amazingly adaptable. seth doane, cbs news, new york. it's cool to see those birds up close like that. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," more fallout from vice president biden's recent controversial comments. we'll get reaction from former vermont governor howard dean. plus, details on a new radar sus tem to help planes steer clear of storms and turbulence. we'll hear from captain sully sullenberger and we'll hear from jennifer garner about the "odd life of timothy green." that and more later on "cbs this morning." for now, that will do it for
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"cbs morning news." on this thursday. friday eve everybody, almost there. take care everybody. i'm terrell brown. take care everybody. i'm terrell brown. have a great day. -- captions by vitac -- is almost for a. at that is
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