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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  August 16, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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prove his case that the sheriff should have been suspended and is it official misconduct if an elected official does something that is not in relation to his official duties? he was all smiles when he walked into the ethics commission hearing but will share for mirkarimi keep his job? at issue was whether the domestic violence charge against them constitutes official misconduct. the video of the bruise on his wife's arm was that part of the case >> there is no way to look at that video and not believe that something serious occurred. that is a very emotional and quite frankly disturbing video, an indictment of her husband. she is an actress, i don't know, was it acting? i have no way of knowing >> the commissioner has expressed a lot of doubt on
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other issues, for example whether the shares actually bragged that he would prevail in a custody battle because he was a powerful man >> these allegations are disturbing. there was evidence about the use of the term powerful. my preliminary view is that there is not enough to sustain an official charge of misconduct based on this allegation. i do not think that the mayor has proven by a preponderance of evidence that there was a threat by the sheriff to use the power of his office to take away his child. >> this ethics commission hearing has been going since 9:00. we're going on eight hours and counting. they had closing arguments, they listen to public statements and there was from outside as well as iliana lopez made an appearance here today. she continues to insist that her husband is the subject of a political witch hunt. >> this is using him to destroy
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a political opponent, that is wrong. >> iliana lopez thank her supporters who showed up at city hall but there were dueling demonstrations as just across the street there are folks who are anti domestic violence who want to see the sheriff lose his job permanently so the big question right now, will that happen, will the ethics commission recommend to the board of supervisors that the sheriff should lose his job? there is a lot of debate right now and it is not clear which way the commission is leaning. the bottom line is it is not up to the ethics commission. eventually they will send it to the board of supervisors.
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>> aside from the fact that this is a very important issue that needs to be decided, it is taking forever and the business of the city, how much is being put off in order to adjudicate this? >> you have a new sheriff in place and hearings have been going on for ever and the board might not get to decide on this until october so it will continue. >> we are following developing news on the peninsula this afternoon, a swat team has surrounded the home in redwood city. authorities believe unharmed serial robbery suspect is holed up in the house on williams' ave. swat officers have set up a perimeter around that property. this is what the scene looked like earlier in the afternoon. service is being affected, earlier trains were running only on one track.
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both wines are now back in service but there are 5-10 minute delays. police say it was a tip from a neighbor that led them to the house. the calls came pouring in after police released this video yesterday, 3 year-old miguel pinero captured on a security camera. police say they have linked him to as many as five armed robberies. they have been negotiating with him since about 9:00 this morning. he has refused to surrender so far and we will keep you updated on any developments as they occur. a young boy is dead and another is missing after being swept away in the merced river. officials say the boys were cooling off with their families when they were caught in the current. a 10 year-old boy was pulled from their river and he died at the scene. in 6 role boy is still missing and presumed drowned. this happened here a spot where the river falls nearly 300 ft. straight down through a narrow
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gorge and even when the rest of the river is moving slowly, the drop in the channel causes the water to move very swiftly in that area. >> and alameda county man died after contracting a rare road inborn diseases in yosemite park. tests show that he died from the hantavirus. investigators think the man and woman were exposed while staying in a popular current village campground. apart is working to disinfect cabins in that area. california is changing the way it fights wildfires. the forest service has reversed a policy that banned at night time aerial attacks. up until now they had been limited to daylight hours for safety reasons. supporters of the change says that it previous fires could have been had been allowed. >> a dicey procedure under way along a new section of the bay bridge.
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kate is on the 70 million lb. balancing act happening high above the bay >> this will be the largest physical movement in completing the bay bridge but one that leaders say they are prepared for. it will take eight teams and three months to complete. this process is about pulling up the main cables attached to the deck. right now the bridge is held up by temporary steel and by the end of a process some of that will be gone. suspender ropes are attached to those main cables, hydraulic jacks are on the deck. the jacks will gradually add tension to the ropes green bedeck closer to the cables. they will do it in three phases. the cable will be carrying of lot of weight, more than 35,000 t. this whole thing happens, there will be a lot of movement going on simultaneously.
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the process will require a lot of supervision. this is a result of the sacramento bee article about a caltrans inspector that falsified test data. we are by the bay bridge, cbs five >> you know the old song, the only certainties in life or death and taxes. it is the tax issue that is still hounding republican presidential hopeful mitt romney. randall princeton on romney response about his tax return today. >> mitt romney rolled out a white board to show the difference between his medicare plan and the president's >> as the seniors find what he's doing with medicare they will find it unacceptable >> romney sketched out a chart
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that he says shows the president's health care reforms will leave medicare bankrupt in little more than a decade. the white house disputed those claims >> the aarp has said that the president's affordable care act strengthens and protect medicare benefits and beneficiaries. >> medicare has long been off limits for any presidential candidate but this ticket says it is ready to embrace the ticket. >> this is the debate we want to have an need to have and we will win >> the one thing wrong has not wanted to talk about was tax returns but he was again asked about senate leaders' claims that some years he paid no taxes >> over the past 10 years i never paid less than 13%. >> the president stopped by party headquarters to fire up the troops. >> my plans extended medicare by
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nearly a decade. their plan and medicare as we know it >> the president says the romney plan will force seniors to pay an additional $6,000 per year. >> a mosquito invasion, the easy repair job that could have stopped this swarm of mosquitoes. >> what tipped police off that thousands of red batons were fake. >> a party in petaluma where an entire town is rallying around their team in the first game of the little league world series. ,,,,,,,,
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>> it is like something out of a horror movie, insect eggs that have laid dormant for years are suddenly catching >> swarms of mosquitoes are taking over in palo alto park
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and the worst part is that the invasion could have been prevented. >> the pal while tobe lands base and is usually pretty dry but there's a problem. >> we have a leak in our gate >> normally the floodgate keeps the high tide water out but now water is rushing and underneath. when it floods and the tide goes down leaving puddles of water and mud behind, is perfect for mosquito breeding. supervising ranger richard says these are not normal mosquitos >> they're bigger than the normal ones and the thing that is getting a lot of attention is that they bite during the day >> luckily for us there is a breeze blowing and no mosquitos but santa clara vector control technician jim and his team were out in the middle area searching out larva to kill and taking samples
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>> you get them flying in your ears and nose and eyes and everything but that's what we do, we're used to it >> the good news is that the larger ones do not breed west of virus. still they are a big nuisance. >> there are lots every evening >> it can survive years in the mud until water stimulates them to hatch. vector control says the only thing that will take care of these is cold weather and seeing as this is august, that is not happening for a long time. >> johnson and johnson is getting a makeover. potentially harmful chemicals no longer in its main brands. >> today in petaluma, leave it to the little leaguers. i'm in the baseball capital of northern california, that story
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is coming up >> the numbers came up a little bit today and ,,
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>> there is a party in petaluma
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tonight. a group of north bay little leaguers are a step closer to the world series title. petaluma won its first-round today beating conn and mike sugarman was in a little of the little league fever may am. >> petaluma, i bought that. the one! they are on their way to the championship. it is the stuff that small town dreams are made of >> no one knew where petaluma was, it put us on the map. >> parents still talk about the filming of american graffiti here. this could be the kids' legacy. >> it has to be the biggest thing that has happened in 35 years i have lived here and i have never seen the town come together like this before >> the downtown theater preempted the diary of the wimpy kid to show the game. the 500 tickets went fast.
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$20 for sure, 25 for a hat, $15 admission, it all goes for the cost of parents going back to pennsylvania >> we only had three days to put to buy airplane fare and hotel rooms >> it could be $6,000 per family before this all through and the locals want to help. >> the community that is brought together is just awesome. >> just like being at the game except it was pitch black and there were gummy bears and everyone seemed happy except for this little guy who found out he would need to give some to his big brother. with petaluma representing the western u.s., the score early and often. the crowd speaks for itself.
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6-4 against fairfield conn and the dreams of small town petaluma continue to grow large. just five more wins to go. so school starts monday and these kids won't be here but they have a pretty good excuse written in debt everyone in petaluma knows about. they could be gone for the next two weeks if they keep winning. >> and then they will write what did i do over my summer break. imagine. >> on consumer watch, johnson and johnson will begin to phase out some harmful chemicals from shampoo and other items. among the products getting a makeover will be brands like you krajina, have been out and clean and clear. the company will be getting rid of things like formaldehyde, pyroxene and pyridines some of which have been linked to
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hormone disruption >> it is just a great case study for any other manufacturer to might be hesitating that you can do this. >> johnson and johnson has already pledged to take certain chemicals out of its baby products by 2013. we put information about how to find products already on the market without toxins on our web page. >> it was a crime of passion stopped in its tracks. these may look like the famous red sold louis vuitton kiel's that they are fake from china. customs seized more than 20,000 pairs of them. if they were real they would be worth about $18 million. >> why would they be worth $18 million? >> i don't know, because they cost a lot of money.
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>> if i had a parent my closet my problems would be solved. >> temperatures around the bay area today came up around two or six degrees. 87 in concord, a 63 at sfo. 79 in santa rosa. it will be stickier as we get into the weekend because of subtropical moisture coming in from the south. 90 degree temperatures continue and there is a chance of thunderstorms in the bay area. i have high pressure over the four corners with low pressure offshore that is bringing out all of this. right around yosemite, you see those blossoms south of lake tahoe. those thunderstorms produce rain at yosemite this afternoon and as we get more of that mr. coming up from what was tropical storm hector, we could get build up tomorrow and saturday and we
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will see what happens. tonight looks good with mostly clear skies. it will be humid which is somewhat rare for the bay area. the numbers will probably come up a degree or two. cloudy in the central bay, futurecast shows a few low clouds and moving and tonight and watch what happens, sunrise, back they go. as we look ahead, the numbers look nice with morning clouds, sunny and hot for the inland areas. the numbers for the bay area will be nice and warm. just the usual low clouds in the morning and clearing in the afternoon and as we go ahead, the numbers look the same next week. there will not be a big change in terms of the temperatures. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> samsung is looking to expand in san jose which could be good news for the city's coffers. there are still many unanswered questions about the deal. >> that is right, officials from the governor down are proclaiming that this is a big economic boost for the city of san jose but at this stage what is in store is largely unknown. the existing samsung building in north san jose will be getting bigger but exactly how much bigger is still not known. the president of samsung says the company plans to increase its research and development effort. >> our presence here in san jose has played a pivotal role in the development of samsung
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semiconductor business for the past 30 years >> the details on exactly what is in store are scarce. officials specify some state and city's tax breaks for the company, but exactly what it brings to san jose remains largely unknown >> details need to be worked out, they have not yet submitted plans so we don't know what the buildings will look like for sure. the key thing is they decided to invest but despite the softening world economy >> governor brown says this is another important step for california's economic recovery. >> we still have not recovered all the jobs we lost with the banking failure and mortgage meltdown but we are recovering, we're coming back, and this is another example of investing in the future while we take care of the ordinary business of the state. >> what we cannot answer is
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basic questions such as how many jobs will be created. we can tell you about some of the tax incentives being granted. the city will kick in with, the state will kick in with employee training and the state will kick in with buy stamps on capital equipment as they work to bring the company here. >> facebook shares hit a new low this morning and it is no surprise. today was the first day that early investors and insiders could cash in on their shares. the social network had a botched public offering in may. many investors remain wary about the company's ability to increase revenue. spa closed far below its $38 initial public offering. >> summer allergies got you down? >> dr. camera takes a look at an old remedy making a comeback. >> it looks like aladdin's magic
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>> mitt romney shifted the debate back to his own taxes but his explanation raise even more questions. we will have the latest tonight on the cbs evening news >> here is what we're working on for the 6:00 news. it is all about supply and demand and the buyers are definitely back. with bay area prices at a four year low, what does it take to buy a home before it vanishes from the market? tattletales are wanted. why the chp wants you to tell on your friends and family. those stories and more at 6:00. >> they're little rats around here ratting things out >> are you trying to tell me


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