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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  August 17, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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>> you are watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high- definition >> good afternoon everyone. >> 2 men are dead after a fire ripped through their san fransisco home overnight. >> it is 0 still unclear what sparked the blaze. cate caugurian is live in the excelsior district with more. >> we are learning new information.
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we learned that one of the victims was 73 year-old joseph rodriguez, the honor of this home but as for the investigation you can see that there is debris in the driveway and some are calling this a case supporting, one that made it difficult for firefighters. >> the outside looks like it does now, but, well, when you look through the windows, you can see piles of things. >> san fransisco a fire says that it was these piles of things that likely cost the two men their lives. >> it is challenging and you have a situation like this where there is debris gathered throughout the house. lots of clutter. very difficult to find a path of travel. >> it took firefighters 20 minutes to find the first victim and had to do a second look to find the other man 10 minutes later. >> it is difficult to walk through. you almost had to hold both walls just to get yourself stable climbed the stairs. >> even their best efforts could not save the men. the amount of furniture, paper,
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and extra debris was one of the worst that she had ever seen. a family member of the victim tells me that he was an antique dealer, and neighbors say that this is a tragic loss. >> they were nice people. one of them was very sick. but the other one, he was a good guy and he took care of the other one. >> in a normal home free of debris the chief tells me that it takes minutes to find people inside, and i want to let you know that we spoke with investigators a little while ago and said the estimated damage from this fire is about $80,000. back to you. >> today authorities are trying to determine why a driver raced through oakland city streets at freeway speeds. the car crash killed the driver and injuring a passenger. ann mackovic tells us what investigators know so far. >> was the driver impaired? was there a medical emergency? was it an adrenalin rush? we don't
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know. >> investigators are trying to learn what led a 21 year-old driver to out on an officer and crash into his palm tree near the port of oakland. >> we have one person deceased that does not necessarily needed to be deceased if they had just made a better choice. >> you can see the skid marks on the street before the car hit the median. the driver blew through a red light going at 65 mi. per hour just before 2:00 a.m., the officer turned on his lights, beginning a chase, 14 seconds later the driver crashed and died, his passenger, another young man, was taken to hospital. >> we want to make sure that we leave no stone unturned to get to the bottom of what happened. >> the car was not reported stolen and is registered way driver in san jose. the oakland police department is taking the lead on the investigation because it happen on an open city street. they're awaiting toxicology reports now. >> oakland police are asking any victims to come forward that may have been sexually assaulted and
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robbed by a man that is now in custody the 26 year-old man is now under arrest, in two incidents that police are aware of the allegedly brandished a handgun and used an electronic stun device. police say that he used the website " my read book .com " to contact his potential victims. >> is suspected burglar to in court on monday in connection with the theft at the home of steve jobs. officers arrested the man earlier this month. the mercury news says that one of the stolen i-pass was traced to a professional clown. kenny the clown told the mercury news that the suspect gave this ipad 2 and. >> oak lawn police arrested six people during this rowdy demonstration outside of the president's campaign headquarters. dozens of protesters demanded the release of bradley manning. he is the former army intelligence analyst accused of leaking classified information to wikileaks. and bicyclist in sunnyvale have
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a new tool to stand up to harassment, and ordinance allows them to take civil action. it goes into effect today. meanwhile state lawmakers have rejected a proposal to ban bicyclist from using cell phones well i ride. a busy bay area bridge taking a labor day weekend off. caltrans is shutting down the dumbarton bridge completely through the long weekend for seismic upgrade work. this is part of an ongoing retrofit project. drivers who need to get to and from the peninsula during the labor day weekend should use the san mateo bridge or try highway 237. a new bill in sacramento would enable undocumented immigrants to get driver's licenses. the bill is about to be introduced by the assemblyman. faugh immigrants rights advocates support the idea saying that there are too many people that are forced to drive without a license. they favor a change that would allow anyone who passes the dmv test to get a license. >> lack of licenses and has
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created a criminalization of our people, of our community, and we said we have had enough. >> opponents say that the measure would only encourage more illegal immigration here in the united states. so for governor jerry brown does not support the proposal in the legislature. >> the presidential campaign had more back-and-forth about the tax returns of mitt romney. the president's campaign offered a deal, is mitt romney releases a total of five years of returns, obama's team will not criticize him for withholding more. his campaign manager rejected the offer saying that the tax return question is a distraction from real issues, some republican supporters agree. >> the obama campaign wants to talk about this all day because they do not want voters in states like mine to look at their failed record. >> mitt romney says he has paid at least 13 percent of his income in federal taxes every year for the past decade, democrats say that he should prove that and not just for 2011, the year for which he made
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the returns public. >> a bay area girl ready to change the world with lemonade. >> summer allergies in full force, the old remedy becoming a favorite once again. >> gasoline prices inching up and we have a new snapshot on the state of jobs in california. >> the skies are clearing and the badgers are warming up a little bit. we have,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> california added about 25,000 new jobs last month, but a modest growth was not enough to budge the state's unemployment rate. it is still holding steady at 10.7%, an improvement from the
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nearly 12% jobless rate one year ago but still well above the national rate of 83%. >> modest gains on wall street today, let's take a look at the big board to find out how the dow was doing. up 14. investors apparently like what they hear from retailers, especially growth in net income, today we learned that a key economic index from the conference board was up in july. gasoline prices are going up, day-by-day, they went up today for the 19th day in a row with tripoli reporting the price for a gallon of regular unleaded average is $3.72 nationally and in the bay area we pay much more. in san fransisco it is $4.20, the average price in oakland is $4.14 with san jose checking in at $4.15. we have an online guide to finding cheap gasoline in the area, check out >> cracking down on a rowdy rock concert inside of a russian church.
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>> and lemonade dreams for an eight year-old girl, how much she has made so far and you will not believe where the money's going, that is coming up >> temperatures are seasonal for the some of the year. you can see blue skies out the door in the inland spots and starting to clear out around the ,,,,,,,,
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the formula one car hit speeds of 190 m.p.h. it was driven by a 13 time winner on the 4 a lot 1 circuit. to promote a rescheduled for june of next year. >> that is fast. let's talk about weather. >> the weekend weather, a lot of eyes on saturday and sunday. is the week in here? i forgot. yes. we will be expecting bigger changes in time for saturday so at least the first half of the weekend but right now we're seeing clearing skies over the coast and the day. some pitchers out the door, and temperatures spread depending on where you are. 80 degrees in livermore and cooler in san fransisco.
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59 there. mid to upper seventies in places like concord. pretty seasonal for this time of year. and the more clouds rolling in tonight. and then we will talk about this coming up. what is going on? we're watching this area of monsoon moisture. going to put a slight chance, slight chance, of some thundershowers. at least in the early part of the day. tonight into early tomorrow morning. so, this chance is probably less than 20 percent but we do forecast to see at least more clouds. you will notice the difference tomorrow. so we will see some thundershowers in the sierra. lake tahoe, areas like yosemite. partly cloudy skies in monterey and it will be hot in the central valley, expecting triple digits in fresno. closer to home you will notice later on this afternoon we see some 80s. 84 in campbell. and the hot spots you'll notice antioch in brentwood where we see that red. low ninety's there and cooler
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around the coast and the bay. he will see mid-60's in san francisco later on this afternoon. 71 in berkeley and of course quite a bit cooler if you are around the coast and still some lingering clouds that we're forecasting a drop the day. here's your forecast over the next several days, by tomorrow we will see partly cloudy skies, more clouds and and only a slight chance of rain. and thundershowers in the early part of the day and sun. the sun makes a big comeback in we will see cooler temperatures than tuesday through thursday. no more ninety's. >> the weekend sounds great. >> not to bad. >> the weekend is never bad. >> thank you. " ok, thank you guys. today un monitors in syria are starting to pack up, their mission formally ends on sunday and their departure is a clear sign that the efforts by the un to ease serious bloodshed have not worked, the assistant secretary general for
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peacekeeping says that both sides have chosen the path of war. up to 20,000 people have died in violence over the past 17 months. two years of prison for singing in a church? that was the sentence handed down in russia for ena vocal protest of presidt vladimir putin and this decision is now sparking worldwide protest of its own. >> the women of a provocative, rock group heard the verdict inside of a moscow court room. the judge found them guilty of hooliganism and inciting religious hatred and sentenced them to two years in prison. in february the women burst cantu the christ the savior cathedral in ski masks and belted out a protest song, calling on the virgin mary to throw president vladimir putin ad of office. he has close ties to the orthodox church, opposition leaders say the russian president is cracking down on
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dissent and free-speech. celebrities including paul mccartney, madonna, have called for the band members to be freed. protests have sprung up in moscow, london, and nearly 50 other cities around the world. most demonstrators are dressing like band members. >> pick up in jail for speaking their minds and that is what music is about, expressing your feelings, you should not go to jail for that. >> in new york protesters can to get their message out, originally were over there at the mexican consulate but police force them all across the street. >> we have a sense of fear, we're not allowed to gather on the sidewalk, and i'm not allowed to wear a mask. >> the women say they were not motivated by hate but protesting close ties between church and the russian state, they have already been jailed for five months and it is not clear if they will get credit for time served. >> as we all know airlines charge a lot of sees these days but this one is out there.
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passengers on an air france flight bound for bay route were asked to chip in for gas after the airplane had to make an unscheduled refueling stop in syria. apparently the airline did not have an account at the domestic damascus airport. in the end they put worked out a deal without the passengers having to pass the hat. >> great for maybe a dieter's best friend the doctor say that it has its downside, they say that grapefruit juice can increase your risk of developing kidney stones but to 34 percent, it is unclear why that is special because other citrus juices like lemonade and orange juice have been shown to help but doctors say the best protection is always a plain old-fashioned water. encouraging news for people that have tried to lose weight more than once, a new study suggests that it is never too late to shed pounds again. previous research had cast yo yo dieting in a negative light but the latest eddy found the women that had a history of weight cycling lost the same amount as women who had no such history.
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the study's author says to not give up. summer allergies got you down? in today's summer check out dr. kim takes a look at an old remedy making a comeback. >> it looks like aladdin's magic lamp but it is a net the end users say that it works magic against allergies and sinus infections. it is filled with a saline solution and is used to irrigate nasal cavities. baiting the sinuses' can reduce the symptoms of allergies, colds, flu and other nasal problems. experts say to make sure to use distilled sterile or previously boiled water to rinse the device after each use, and to let the pot air dry. it is part of a millennia old tradition. a more modern approach? saline solution and squeeze bottles. dr. kim, cbs 5. >> interesting. a young bay area girl is working to change the world. >> she is doing it one lemonade at a time, the eight year-old
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started this lemonade stand to help child slavery and jim and trafficking around the world. all the proceeds benefit a nonprofit human rights group working in child slavery and trafficking. vivian set up shop in her fairfax neighborhood, she does this every day, she also has a virtual lemonade stand on line to help her hit her goal of $150,000. >> what would you say to someone that says you are only eight, what can you do to make a change? >> you can be one person that helps. >> she has been doing this for eight weeks but she has already squeezed out a lot for her efforts, collecting a huge social media following and more than $25,000 in donations. if you like more information go to and click on links and numbers. and she is 8 years old! >> colorful spectacle flying
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over maine. >> coming up next the annual tradition full hot air and is raising a lot of money for a very good cause. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the 16 best little league teams in the country are battling for the title and one of those teams is gaining the attention of the bay area. the petaluma nationalist faced fairfield conn. bradley smith had a two run home run. petaluma beats conn 6/4, the next place sunday 11:00 west coast time and we wish those guys all the best. >> coming up tonight at 5:00, losing weight to quickly is not good for your health. >> tonight, how you can drop the pounds as fast and safely as possible. those stories and much more coming up tonight at 5:00. they're big and colorful, and full of hot air. >> the 20th grateful to balloon festival under way in two cities in maine and balloons launched at 6:00 a.m. every day until sunday, clear skies, no wind and cool temperatures added to a smooth exciting start of the festival. visitors can book a ride on the balloons and the festival raises
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money for local nonprofits. have you ever been on a hot air balloon? >> i have never been on one but we used to live on a lake and it would did down early sunday mornings. i would love to go up 11. >> me too, they have troops were you can go with a glass of wine. >> do you like a balloon or the wine? >> both. and the view. >> that is going to do it for cbs 5 news at,,
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