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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  August 18, 2012 1:35am-2:05am PDT

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♪ what did we learn on the show tonight craig? ♪ [meow] [laughter] craig: we've got to go because we're ba, ba, ba, bad.
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geoff: ba, b, a, ba, bad. craig: bad to the where? geoff: bone. craig: good night, everybody. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the city it going to the cats hundred zefrow animals on the streets the scary side that deputies respond with guns drawn. who knew being in a russian lb dan so risky the harsh punishment for sin in in church the protests around the world. i did not have sexual relations with that woman white telling a lie even of white one can make you sick. breaking news from arizona 1 man taken to the hospital with
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life-threatening injuries from a shooting during tonight's oakland raiders came the 30 year-old man shot and the face of the parking lot of the university of phoenix stadium is started as a fight between two men a suspect in custody with do not know ever read a fan involved. a boom town now one city has gone to the cats more than a decade ago crews broke ground on the amount house project completing a model town and now for all cats have taken over the streets don knapp shows us how the problem became a matter of public safety. when the housing bubble burst the folks who own this home with others left town and many left cats behind. if i don't take care of them they'll move into the community and be a nuisance adapted cats the abandoned
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cats adapted to the wild police turned out for cat so wild a thought we might @ meant an the mountain lion they as the residents to not leave their house it was the first day of kindergarten for some schools this dog this picture and laugh saying it was a date for all cat but feral cats are the problem if we think about what we have done since may we could be looking at a couple thousand or close to 1500 she put together a team together and cats and get them spayed and tries to get cats adopted it has proven to be expensive. she brought to large and cages to her computer room. were kind of out here alone were close to tracy but not part of tracy we are stand alone will
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have to do something ourselves the kid needs feeding every three hours she was never a cat lady that she is beginning to feel like one. i love animals and general they need our help will have to help them their rescue group did not start out to be animal protection they simply want to do the right thing for the community and the cats don knapp cbs 5 you have probably never heard of them but a russian pont ban has become an overnight sensation the judge sends the all girl band to prison for a protest at the moscow main cathedral they screamed obscenities as cbs reporter juliette goodrich shows us international criticism grows louder by the man that women of the provocative of punk rock group " pussy ryan " students and a court room the
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judge found them guilty of hooliganism and inciting religious hatred and sentenced them to two years in prison. in february they burst into moscow's main cathedral and belted out an anti-government protest song calling on the virgin mary to throw out the russian president he has close ties to the orthodox church opposition leaders say he is cracking down on dissent and free speech. the all female ponte ban captures international attention protests are going on throughout the bay area at justin herman plaza in san francisco. this afternoon and outside the russian consulate in san francisco demonstrators dressed like band members. my friends would not come here and support me they're afraid they are afraid they'll
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reach out for us and i'm a little bit afraid celebrities like paul mccartney and madonna call on the band members to be free the women have been jailed for five months and not clear if they will get credit for time served. the white house said it was disappointed by the verdict saying veep sentence is harsh a poll says pugh is popularity has dropped 12% his lowest rent redding ever juliette goodrich cbs 5 i risk sex offender escaped from a mental health facility on the peninsula on the loose derek sanders has a history of offenses and a sex offense against a minor he was reported to this in morning missing from the health facility in redwood
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city authorities believe he escaped through an elevator shaft last seen wearing a red polo shirt and blue jeans. this weekend marks the end of the project named after a little boy that they say it is a long time coming up investor in over crossing goes up on blossom hill over monterey road in san jose cbs 5 reporter mark sayre is there were clues have closed monterey roads to they can complete the work on the overpass, it was born from the tragedy. the trains rolled through at full speed along railroad tracks shared by amtrak in freight lines in san jose in this part of the city's near highway 1 01 it devises busy commercial and residential areas you hear the trend coming you have to get across quiet these residents take a shortcut across the tracks which
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they admit it is dangerous i have a concern, i always looked and listened november 2005 to year-old boy was killed along these tracks he was attempting to cross with his baby sitter the sitter was charged in his death and sense to probation, now seven years later, is a solution to the dangerous situation and to complete this over crossing is significant in allow safe passage san jose is city councilman says the project should improve safety a dangerous situation oftentimes people underestimate the speed of trains a they look far away but they're coming at 70 mi. an hour the crossings continue every few minutes as people get from one side of monterey road to the other she'll be happy with the new overpass is open.
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it would be nice if they get it open and down you can see work is underway what happens this weekend the footbridge that purple thing on the truck is graced on the roadway until this entire project opens up in a month it will be named after alexander and honor of the little boy who lost his life here. mark sayre cbs 5 president obama's campaign promise to back off the tax issue regarding mitt romney if he released five years of tax returns but mitt romney's says his taxes and not what voters care about it is the economy in
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2010 he paid a lower tax rate than his running mate paul ryan ryan paid a tax rate of nearly 16% romney paid 14% after a year of job gains the bay area lost more than 6000 jobs last month nationwide the unemployment rate went up in 44 states where men are particularly hard hit elaine quijano explains the gender gap pg think it would be this difficult o no 61 year-old beatrice against took in or retirement from her job as a pennsylvania social worker in 2007. her expense is overwhelmed her savings she's been looking for full-time work for two years i was 7 sleepless nights, i wake up at 3:00 and think all my gosh i have to pay property tax
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when the majority of clients at this philadelphia career center more women have a harder time finding work at job fairs according to a review of government statistics 2.7 million jobs have been created since the recovery began in june 2009, just 567,000 have gone two women. the job deficit for african- american women greater the number of unemployed black women increase by 171,000 since june 2009. thousands of people who have work histories have experienced an excellent workers, were not able to find employment men taking jobs in industries where women have traditionally worked like retail another major factor cuts in government jobs or 57% of workers are women. do you get discouraged?
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am i get frustrated and there are times i get discouraged i know i am not helpless i'm looking for help still the hope is there it will take time to close the gender gap economists predict three years or more and to get america's unemployed women back to work. elaine quijano cbs news we've been here two weeks we can't day and night talk about a buying frenzy the bay area city where people are waiting to make an offer and the homes have not gone on sale yet. it is not possible this child could be mined the truth about what line does to your,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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people are spending this night camping not in the wilderness but inonu subdivision christin ayers in san ramon people said this is a chance of a lifetime we have been seeing this day of competition for housing since 2005/2006 people have tents pitched and lawn chairs hoping to snap up one of nine new homes when they hit the
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market tomorrow. we've been here two weeks we have can hear de at night so we're number one on the list and get the plot and house of our choice did not come here to get into a concert my fourth day in a row for people camping here day and night at one goal to have this beautiful house we have been waiting for so long this brand new subdivision goes on the market tomorrow these buyers one first crack and a competitive market that means breaking out tents lines and lotteries luck of the drop very competitive and stressful this realtor has worked here 34 years and says the market not this competitive since before the housing market burst inventory shrinking since january real-estate numbers show low interest rates are shrinking
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housing inventory across the bay area currently 4000 homes on the market in the bay area 57% fewer than last year which is why buyers are hiring people like maria shire to it in mind when homes, and the market they hired me to be here 24 hours a day she is wetting herself with her children and investment she says is worth the wait real-estate experts say what is driving the boom rock-bottom interest rates currently houses are sitting on the market 14 days before snapped up i have to say these will go faster than that and are there and price range on the house i did not mention that my understanding the home start out in the low seven hundreds which in this area a great school district people say that is a
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good deal kristyn thank you tell the truth or pay the consequences line will not make your grow your nose grow longer but could be hazardous to your health cbs reporter christine johnson and splines the little white lies can contribute to a mental and physical problems i did not have sex with that woman i know at is not possible this child could be mined as children will learn honesty the best policy but as adults not everyone adheres to it. actually studies estimate americans like 11 times a week on average lots of reasons, personal and avoiding a consequence a new study conducted by the university of notre dame suggests it is bad for your health the group of participants
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say reduce line for 10 weeks reduce significantly fewer headaches sore throats tenseness and siding and other problems than those who continued to buy regularly anything that that stress affects our health this psychiatrist says it makes sense because line is stressful if you're telling lies major allies that greats internal stress which can manifest itself in a host of medical problems researchers found white lies and exaggerations and false excuses can be harmful to your health i like to see if it in tax my life those say she told to money lies this doctor says it is important to get to the root of why you like and to curb at for some it can be a coping strategy he retired with more medals
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than any other alleppey in but michael phelps could lose some of them because of an ad campaign for louis vuitton link those at the internet last week that is a violation of ioc rules which bans athletes from promoting non olympics sponsors during games punishments range from fines to stripping of metals phelps agent says that what happened since this woman did not authorize the are there release of the photos the ioc has not commented chisholm in weather we have interesting weather and had said tropical moisture bubbles up from the southland will tell you what that means after a break. on monday every year bay area parents fight to get their kids into good schools we were as i none of the 14 schools we listed
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desert just add water that happen late this afternoon at 4:00 look at the time lapse thunderstorms moved into the high desert but to and los angeles and las vegas at victorville 84 mi. east of los angeles that 1 in. of rain in one hour the mojave river rise and flooded streets. four things will kill you and weathered hurricanes tornado keep and flash floods. the had plenty of that in the desert. that moisture moves north that is happening in the bay area tonight, we have mostly cloudy skies in some places a little bit wet, it feels like it wants to rent and might within 12 hours you can see high clouds
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spill and over south bay and tomorrow we push everything east we get sunshine, we get the potential of a drop or two more at thunder bumper if he had to the great valley 101 @ matt redding one hundred to at fresno. thunderstorms for the sierra. 88 at fairfield 86 at concord 65 in san francisco. relief in sight from the temperatures the latter half of next week numbers only in the mid '80s midland things are cooling off period pick no milkman no,,,,,,,,
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