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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  August 19, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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then maybe small but bake in heart the petaluma nationals kept the drama alive at little league world series. thousands flee their homes a huge wall of fire burns in shasta county the damage done and what firefighters face tonight caught in a tight spot a man's life say defense l initiative riders caught the petaluma little league il solenodon in action today they're second game in the tournament on national television ec as he arrived anne mackovic the choses the little leaguers police are indeed his second game of the
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little league world series petaluma packed two movie theaters with enthusiastic fans it is amazing home town feel hundreds of people watch their hometown heroes on the big screen from williamsport, pennsylvania. the boys represents the western u.s. went head-to-head with the team from tennessee there were high moments. but the other guys hit a few homers. ultimately the game was a loss. if they did not have a few mistakes in the first inning they would of had the game they will play again and come back double elimination means they have one more chance tomorrow to win or lose tens will keep purchasing $10 tickets and team memorabilia all
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proceeds go for the team to help pay for the trip. they have the talent. pat anne mackovic cbs 5 dennis o'donnell back with a few minutes with more on the game. a new revelation with the melky cabrera doping scandal he purchased a website in an attempt to create evidence to look like he inadvertently took a performance enhancing drug associates say he purchased the website and alter it to make it appear as positive test was caused by something he ordered from the web site and an accident cabrera suspended for the rest of the season his days with the giants could well be over. a state of emergency as a wild fire burns in shasta county upon the rows of fire sparked yesterday by lightning, thousand
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people totally their homes and a small rural towns scattered through shasta and trinity county's 900 firefighters on the lines more than 12,000 a. burned zero containment. seven houses destroyed no reports of injuries. it was fires scorched other western states in washington and better weather has helped firefighters gained ground on the teller rich fire which is grown to 23,000 a. 50 homes destroyed or damaged. people live that he waited are coming home but not knowing what they will find. we saw a friends homes gone one friend barely got out, he came back today and found everything gone. if other bill, i'd help residents grabbed what they
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couldn't homes are under a mandatory evacuation. in some cases visibility reduced to 10 ft.. another international service men shot and killed by a man and an afghan police uniform that is 10 allied service members killed by those who appeared in the afghan allies the shooting in khandahar was not the only violence eastern afghanistan soldiers from new zealand killed and a bomb attack. in fremont the sikh temple invited the u.s. attorney to speak at the service the local sikh community which is out to law enforcement and lawmakers to grant the type of tragedy that occurred in wisconsin earlier this month. wisconsin made us aware we need to have professional
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experts help us and how we prevent defense happening in fremont. local temples across the country are reaching out to law enforcement and a similar manner. are rare appearance in syria the syrian president showed on statewide television ad secret service is marking the muslim holiday. the first time he has been seen in more than one month. the syrian vice president's report of trying to defect has been denied by the office. and rare public appearance julian assange spoke to reporters for the first time since seeking refuge at the ecuadorean and say cbs reports why this on a believes he's been set up by the u.s. government. julian assange give a thumbs-up to supporters he spoke from the balcony of the ecuador embassy in london he accuses the
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united states of destroying his secret spelling website. i ask president obama to do the right thing, the united states must renounce its witch hunt against wikileaks he believes american authorities want to extradite him to the u.s. and face charges his website out raged u.s. officials in 2010 when it leaked thousands of classified documents. united states must vow it will not prosecute our staff or supporters he was careful this big from inside the embassy ecuador has granted him political asylum but british police officers are on guard ready to arrest him if he steps and outside. he took refuge at the embassy to avoid being sent to sweden for sex assault allegations.
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he says that as part of a political conspiracy. latin american supporters marched outside the embassy to thank the ecuadorian president. he condemned british officials for trying to raid the embassy. a sign spoke for less than 10 minutes before stepping back inside his diplomatic shelter tina krauss cbs news san jose police deal with the 20th homicide of the year and fourth murder in the week. at 5:00 a.m. this morning the man found shot to death, investigators say the killing the result of a confrontation no details released and no arrests made. checking other news a federal investigator back at the chevron refinery fire tomorrow several investigations look into the cause of a fire august 6th that injured five workers and sent
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9000 people to the hospital. the repairs will take months to complete. a one half billion dollar tax measure in santa clara county in jeopardy the water district submitted a description for a parcel tax in the november ballot that was two words too many. a tax group is threatening to sue if the measure makes it on the ballot. berlin game leaders decide to spend $20,000 on an infomercial the video will appear on a cable show hosted by terry bradshaw leaders say and the idea to make a promotional video and good for the city others calling as scam. august 19, 2002, a huge fire erupted along san jose santana roam the blaze did $100 million
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damage and destroy 30 apartments. it was the worst fire in san jose's history requiring help from 200 firefighters the cost has never been determined. a break for the candidates, they managed to take the higher road while supporters sling mud. a community shattered by tragedy helped by a gesture of thousands of miles wide what was brought from new york to colorado to sue the wounds from the mass of shooting we cooled off round the bay area that sets a trend but not for long. the forecast after a break.
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campaign 2012 a day a private worship mitt romney at ten in the mormon service with his wife and grandchildren after campaigning last night in new hampshire president obama flew home and attend a church across
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the street from the white house. the candidates' supporters sparred over comments vice- president joe biden last week leading romney's tax plan to slavery that was a blatant appeal up to racism, it was there one pitcher back in chains and the size the workload back " and it was on the teleprompter that was disgusting there is not a racist bone in joe biden's body. rudy guiliani made an unsuccessful bid for the republican nomination in 2008. holt sent to an emotionally shattered community a bible found at ground zero was sent to colorado to the theater where the smash shooting occurred.
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that has such power i believe has been a summit different places and comfort of many people when you get the energy it is unbelievable and does great things. the group shared the bible with a family of ashley mozer mozer was paralyzed in the shooting and six year-old daughter killed. a harrowing 24 hours for man in southern california. he fell down a well in eagle rock near palmdale trying to retrieve some think he was wedged four hours until horseback riders heard his yells. he was taken to a local hospital and expects a full recovery. how long will the respite from the sweltering temperatures
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last brian hackney with more.
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local and celebrates the 1962 signing of an agreement with a japan city the mayor, and oakland mayor jeanne quan's attended the event at the japanese garden at llake merritt one of the oldest cities sister city partnerships in the united states. they dedicated 10 japanese lanterns to strengthen ties. brian hackney is here.
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we do it cooling down a little today about five degrees inland. the usual low clouds inland we're coming down. 83 degrees at concord. livermore at 84. 62 at s f o. lots of blue skies. cooling trend continues highs near a 85 degrees inland. will the back in the 90 degree range but not until next saturday. low pressure triggers thunderstorms over the state. that triggered the wildfires in shasta county. we will be cool for the next five days a relative. we look for things to dry out inland. no thunder bumpers year but along the shoreline low clouds.
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from 8:00 p.m. on will be in mid-60's around the bay. on future cast you can see we're we begin with low clouds, sunrise here shows partly cloudy start to the de we clear off as we head to tomorrow evening. we have plenty of sunshine tomorrow. the temperatures come down by a few degrees. out the door cloudy early and mid 50s along the coast 58 degrees inland. lows in the mid 50s for the most part. pinpoint forecast in south bay comes in where we were today. 80 at san jose 75 at mountain view. for the east bay, near 90 brentwood. in the far east 89 at antioch.
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in north bay '70s for the most part. in san francisco a hive 65. in the numbers monday through thursday freddie justin '80s. next weekend we go back up again. dennis is back from texas we left last night did not look good for a couple of 49ers help off the field we have good news on the updated injured running backs. the petaluma national leaguers get back on the field will tell you next.
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the petaluma little leaguers took a break in williamsport to face tennessee who won their first game thursday against nebraska. the hill behind the outfield wall packed with fans. game tied at 2. bradley smith does it again. he is 6-3 185 lbs. and gives petaluma the lead. tennessee player hits one to the wall. he collides with austin per ready the umpire called obstruction on the catcher the
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rent accounts game tied at 3. fifth inning, petaluma continues to fight. the game is tied at 5. in the sixth tennessees player slices it down the line to run scored on the triple 7-5 tennessee they had two more and win 9-6 petaluma place tomorrow it is double elimination if they lose that game that will come home during the new york daily news reports melky cabrera had someone create a fake website so cabrera could fool major-league baseball into thinking he had no knowledge of the product spiked with testosterone. giants at san diego. the top of the first bases loaded. a two run sanko. he beat the throw padres lead 3-
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0. vogelsang gets threw 96 pitches in three plus innings. the 10th at page of this at bat and a base hit. fifth inning, a double to left that scores to. padres cruised to a 7-1 win. the giants go to los angeles and take on the dodgers. pittsburgh beat st. louis in 19 innings today. 20,000 on hand there catching on in oakland. but parker throws 8 shutout innings a's up 1-0 brandon moss take some deep for a solo shot. mosses 13th home run of the year
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2-0 (fifth inning he connects putting the a's up 5-0. cocoa has five hits. the a suite cleveland and remain 1 half game behind the orioles for second wild-card spot. 49ers running back brandon jacobs had an mri this afternoon in the 10 not expected to make an announcement on his status until tomorrow jim harbaugh confirmed that jacobs did not carry his a cl, the injury not a season answer. the news better for la michael james who was carted off after twisting his ankle. he will be fine, i just talk to him he just rolled his ankle he will be fine. la michael a tough guy. here there ready for the season.
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u.s. amateur finals tells michael weaver led all afternoon he misses the birdie putt stephen fox wins the final two holes to even the match. it comes down to the putt on the 37th hole. how about that finished fox beats michael weaver to win the u.s. and amateur championship. mark martin's engine did not start long in michigan he spun out and added t bone steak for lunch. at full speed, martin would be ok different story for the car. jeff gordon did not take kindly to dale earnhardt jr. cutting
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them off. he can think the letter for not reckon it. stupid. temper, temper during the disadvantage of engine failure down the stretch and hung on for a second win of the year. he's on top of the new sprint cup standings. on game day kim coyle talks with jonnie gomes. he gave $15,000 to the petaluma petaluma little leaguers. hundreds of volunteers and professional search teams scare the american river looking for a a teenager is student at uc- davis where the girl was last seen when and from hong kong live longer than anyone else on earth. researchers say some women live more than 100 years old see you then at 11:00 p.m. goodnight.
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