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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  August 22, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> in route awakening for some cal students, a car plowing into a uc-berkeley dormitory. >> a man is stabbed and dies inside the produce department of a safeway store. coming up, san jose police might be asking for help as the crime rate soars. >> low clouds and fog are back and even some drizzle outside this morning. >> we have a car fire reported now across the richmond san rafael bridge. we will have the latest on that and also why traffic could be heavy near san jose state university >> good morning everyone
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>> we have a developing story out of berkeley this morning where a car drove into a dormitory >> the students are safe and the driver has been detained. patrick is live outside the building where the accident took place early this morning. >> what a rude awakening, you can see the natural gas lines that were taken out by a toyota that crashed into putnam hall. pg&e crews are on the scene. you can see skid marks that the car left. we're on the corner of channing and college way. the driver took off and was detained by police. a first-year student tells us what happened >> basically we were just like hanging out, a chilling out on floor 7, it was about 2:00 a.m.
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and we heard a loud screeching sound and a crash and then we felt the building shake and we didn't know what was going on so we went to the balcony and it was a really big car crash so we like wanted to see what was going on and so we started running down the stairs but when we did they told us to start running back upstairs and close the windows because there is a gas leak >> the gas to the building has been shut off by engineers but the electricity has not been shut off students are being led back into their dormitories >> a body in the produce aisle, san jose's latest murder victim was found in a safeway store. police are now being urged to get help in dealing with the recent violent spree >> the safeway store just opened a couple of minutes ago. the man died in their last
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night, the 31st on the side of the year in san jose. police were called a little bit after 8:30 p.m.. police found a man in his 20s line on the ground of the produce department having been stabbed in the chest. >> he was face down >> i heard him try to say something but he stopped talking >> pc unconscious and then drifted out? >> yes >> san jose's homicide rate is on pace to hit a 15 year high. crime has biked across the board in all categories. >> it is one of the worst weeks of homicide i have seen in this city and it was one of the most violent weeks in the city's history >> after pay cuts and layoffs the number of police officers in san jose is that a 20 year low.
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if they do for help from the chp, they would not be the first city to do so. we will talk more about that coming up. >> likely overstated the cost of city employee pensions. mayor chuck reed used a figure to support measure b, a pension modification initiative that voters passed in june. >> the so-called ponderosa fire seems to keep spreading in northern california. it is now more than 21,000 a.. it is only 40 percent contained but firefighters say it is a difficult battle because the wind direction consistently shifts. evacuations are still in a fact
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in parts of manhattan, >> town and viola. >> when we saw the fire trucks come down our street it was time to leave. >> if all goes as planned caltrans will eat reopen a stretch of highway that was clothes when lightning started the fire. >> it turned out chevron created a plan three years ago to prevent exactly the sort of fire that erupted at the richmond refinery. investigators are trying to find out why that plant did not prevent the pipeline rupture in vapor cloud that ignited the fire. people can show up to the north richmond community senior center 20 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. through friday. more than 10,000 people have already filed claims since the fire
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>> it's time to put warrants outside on the roof where it is dark >> i'm getting a little bit wet out here today, there is drizzle with the deep marine layer. it looks like we will see some cooler temperatures over the next few days. the fog has moved and and there's plenty more to come. temperatures are now running into the fifties outside. drizzle as you approached the bay and the coastline. this afternoon will probably be on the cooler side. it is going to continue to cool down over the next few days. when will we warm up again? we will talk about that coming up. >> we actually have a few more incidents coming into the news room including a car fire reported mid span across the richmond san rafael bridge.
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that is east down 580 richmond san rafael bridge, reports of a car fire blocking one lane. we have an issue on westbound 237 approaching north first street. no major delays yet coming out of milpitas toward san jose. southbound 880, the connector ramp to ease down 92, a heads up if you're traveling in that area. across the san mateo bridge, things are moving fine. art and the rest of mass transit are all reporting no delays. >> new details on the colorado feeder massacre. we're learning the suspected gunman met with not one but three mental health professionals at the university of colorado before the shooting. holmes had been a ph.d. student in neuroscience but dropped out
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last june. it shows that he was clearly on the university's radar in the period leading up to the shooting. >> campaign 2012, president obama put education in the spotlight as he brought his reelection campaign to the all- important state of ohio. >> we believe in it because we have been there and we know that unless you provide the ladder of opportunity, young people who are more talented than we are might not get a shot >> the president later mailed with students. he will be in nevada today meeting with teachers at a high- school in las vegas. republicans are still trying to shake off controversial comments about rape made by congressman todd aitken. bacon is firing back.
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>> is rare but in this case both parties agree the statement on the so-called " legitimate rate " our offensive to women but he says he has apologized and isn't going anywhere. he says the situation is being blown out of proportion. he says he misspoke when word in one sentence on one day. the controversy started last sunday. he said women's bodies can prevent pregnancies in cases of what he called a " legitimate rate ". all right, congressman and made a personal plea for him to step down >> the statements were outrageous. i don't know anyone who would agree with that. >> the majority of the republican party is teaming up against the congressman. the romney campaign is trying to stay focused on the economy and medicare comments have put abortion back in the spotlight >> in other words, if it is not
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legitimate rate in his mind, a woman will become pregnant and therefore, we can tell her she has no right to end the pregnancy. that is what this is all about, criminalizing women and their doctors. >> that was senator barbara boxer yesterday. her message was well received by the crowd. political experts say that while aching is refusing to step down to allow another republican candidate to run, he might be hard-pressed to find any supporters. >> a survey out today finds a majority of san francisco voters are in favor of removing ross mirkarimi from his job as sheriff >> the poll found 61 percent of voters say he should lose his job. 31 percent say no. the poll was commissioned by women who are active in supporting victims of domestic violence.
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it is a new school year at san jose state. class's start today and you can expect extra traffic around the campus. san jose state is one of the campuses where enrollment of california residents will be limited next spring as a move to attract more out-of-state students who pay higher tuition. petaluma does it again at the world series in pennsylvania. >> while they were winning the fans back home and watched from the boulevard cinemas yesterday evening as their home town hero shut out the team from connecticut. the next game, the u.s. semifinals. >> they're really nice kids, they have been playing baseball together since they were really
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honest and they deserve this >> it's exciting which is why we are here. it starts to remind me of the year the giants won the world series. >> their next game is tomorrow at 5:00 pacific time. they will play either texas or tennessee. >> quite a discovery in an attic, that never before heard a recording from dr. martin luther king >> incredible video that is captured off the california coast, coming up. >> i feel you can express your feelings with arc >> it picture is worth 1000 words and more. meet the artist making a difference in this,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> an amazing sight off the coast of california. beachgoers got a surprise display of a humpback whale up close and personal near san luis obispo. the video was taken by a woman who was kayaking. the whale surfaced on number of times. whales are often seen around that area but rarely in such a dramatic fashion. >> that is just amazing. a priceless piece of american history found in an attic in tennessee. >> it was an audiotape of stephen's father interviewing dr. martin luther king >> what affect our decisions having on the progress of the southern negro and his study for equality? >> i think a tremendous effect,
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i am convinced that when the history books are written in future years, historians will have to record this movement as one of the greatest epics of our heritage. >> the interview was recorded three years before dr. king's famous i have a dream speech. >> let's get a check of the traffic. >> we have been following a number of different smaller incidents around the bay area. we thought was a car fire across the richmond center fell bridge, chp has still not been able to find it. it looks like at this point it is not a big deal if at all. so far traffic lights are moving just fine. elsewhere, west down 237 approaching north first street on the off ramp. already cleared to the right shoulder so it really is not having much of an impact.
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looking good all the way toward san jose. we still have an accident on the connector ramp from southbound 882 east bound 92. we're already starting to see some slowing if you're heading towards 92 for the san a tale bridge. this is the nimitz through oakland, that the new direction is so far moving just fine. the golden gate bridge looks great, they just wrapped up in marin county road work on north and southbound 101 on the approach to the bridge. a few minutes ago they turn on the metering lights at the bay bridge toll plaza. with school in session the backups have been a little bit bigger than we have seen over the summer. it is already growing closer to the end of the parking lot.
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>> low clouds and fog around the bay area today and we see some drizzle making its way inside the day. temperatures running in the '50s right now. visibility is down to a quarter mile because of faulty in santa rosa. by the afternoon we will see some sunshine. a lot of '60s and '70s around the bay with preconditions out towards the coast. the trough is really centered off the coast which makes way for cooler temperatures over the next couple of days. maybe just a little bit cooler through the first part of the weekend. warmer by the afternoon and hot towards fresno. thunderstorms in yosemite. smoke in redding due to the fires. more cool air on the way and it looks like higher humidity will give the firefighters to handle
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on the fire. 83 in morgan hill and 61 in pacifica. east bay temperatures well into the 80s and maybe some seventies through the delta. plenty of wind blowing through san francisco in daly city. 50 degrees in daly city. 80 degrees in santa rosa. the next few days we will watch the temperature's cooling off period after that it looks like high pressure builds back in and temperatures are warming up for tuesday. >> some bay area students are getting a chance to let their inner picasso out. >> it is being seen by kids around the world which is why the artists from sacred heart get this week's high five. >> of like that you can express our feelings through art. you don't need to keep it locked inside >> there's no doubt that art is
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a powerful tool. >> part can give them a voice can help them make a difference >> when you have text is not as cool is when you have text and pictures. >> we noticed that children in countries like bangladesh don't have a lot of exposure to print or reading materials in their own native language. >> so save the children teamed up with the school. the drawings will be scanned into a database and selected for specific countries including this drawing for the four oxen and alliant >> i think is really cool because i always look up to the artist to make our books and it would be cool if someone could read my book or see my pictures that i made >> each artist that tends to every detail knowing their art will educate
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>> i think it will be appreciated because that way will be easier for them to learn how to read >> from one classroom two others far away, lessons are exchanged as well as a bigger high five. >> those kids were great. some of them had never painted before and then they took this class and they became artists. they're from east palo alto, and the high five goes all the way around. if you know anyone who's doing something outstanding in your community we want to hear about it. what happens in vegas apparently doesn't stay there when you are royal. the photograph scandal involving prince harry. >> be a is turned a triple play but,,,,,,,,
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>> the giants seem to have a pretty good time away from home >> they did it again to the dodgers in l.a. last night. tim lincecum left his troubles behind him at least for one night. he retired the first 10 batters that he faced. the giants went on to win. they play again tonight. >> the a's also won by a score of 4-1. how about a triple play, 5, 4, 3, three out in one shot. only the third triple play in the majors this year. the a's beat the twins. coming up, a threat to the
6:27 am
republican national convention. how mother nature could disrupt the festivities >> a car slammed into a uc- berkeley dormitory. >> seven murders in nine days in san jose. i'm live at the scene of the latest. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> good morning everyone. >> a car plows into a dorm room at uc-berkeley >> a body found in the produce aisle as the san jose murder
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spree goes from bad to worse. >> a man is stabbed and dies in the produce aisle at safeway, san jose's 31st homicide of the year >> is one of the worst weeks for homicide i've seen >> a rude awakening in berkeley >> a toyota has crashed into putnam all >> we are on the south side of the fire just off of highway 36 is >> not know anyone who would agree with that >> controversial comments by congressman todd aitken, keeping abortion in the spotlight >> he says the situation is being blown out of proportion and he misspoke one word in one sentence on one day. >> california wins! >> we come back all the time >> from across the bay to around
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the world, the stories that matter on eyewitness news this morning. good morning everyone. police are questioning a driver who ran his car into a dorm building over at cal >> the students are safe but a gas pipe was ruptured. patrick is following the developing story. >> lot of questioning for the driver who is charged with driving under the influence. a toyota has crashed into putnam hall and took out a natural gas line. you can see the skid marks right there that the car left. we are on the corner of college and channing way. the driver was charged with drunk driving. the first-year student tells us what happened. >> basically we were hanging out, a chilling out in the lounge room on seven and it was
6:33 am
about 2:00 a.m., and we heard a loud screeching sound and a crash and we also felt the building shake and we didn't know what was going on so we went to the balcony and it was a really big car crash. we wanted to see what was going on like everyone else so we ran downstairs but when the bid, they told us to run back upstairs and close the windows because of the gas leak. >> the gas to the building has been shut off but the electricity has not. the car has been towed away and students have been let back in. >> just when police were already alarmed, another shocking murder in san jose. the latest victim was found in a grocery store. >> the safeway behind me on story road in san jose opened at 6:00 and things are back to normal here. that was san jose's 31st
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homicide of the year. police got the call at about 840 last night. shoppers call 911 saying a man was lying on the floor. police found he had been stabbed in the chest and he died right here in the store. we know he was in his 20s, an hispanic man. san jose's homicide rate is on pace for a 15 year high. crime has bike across the board and politicians are calling on the mayor and the police chief to ask for help from the chp >> we have lost a lot of staff and we are in a very difficult situation but so are they. we have never had anything but great relationships with them and if we need it now will be the first person to ask them for help >> other cities have asked for their help as well. it is called limited supplemental law enforcement assistance where a chp officer is patrol the main drags which
6:35 am
freed up city officers to answer calls. pay cuts and layoffs, the number of police officers is that a 20 year low. >> the ponderosa wild fire in california is growing. it is now 21,000 a.. it is 40 percent contained but firefighters say it really is a difficult battle because the wind direction is constantly shifting. the fire has already destroyed 50 homes and if all goes well caltrans will open a stretch of highway 24 that has been closed since last weekend. copper cost the county might dump the company that provides its emergency phone alert system in the wake of the chevron fire. the city water system promises to nify 20,000 people within a half-hour but on august 6th some people waited as long as two hours. the system is 10 years old.
6:36 am
today, chevron plans on opening a temporary center for neighbors would like to file claims related to the fire. people can show up at the north richmond community senior center between 9:00 this morning until 7:00 tonight through friday. more than 10,000 people have already filed claims against chevron. >> let's take a look outside, lawrence's out there enjoying the elements. >> i don't know if i'm enjoying it so much today, it is a little bit wet out here. towards the bay or the coastline will probably need your windshield wipers. a cool down is well under way. members will be running well below the average, temperatures in the '50s right now. low clouds and fog will move back towards the coast line and you will find sunshine in the south bay. still in the upper 80s inland but these numbers are below
6:37 am
average for this time of year. 61 and breezy in san francisco. 67 degrees in oakland. it will get even cooler over the next several days. >> look at this camera, it is not even 7:00 and we already have a pretty good commute heading towards the bay bridge toll plaza. this is just the back-to-school commute. at least 15 minutes to get on to the bridge. is pretty crowded up the incline section headed towards treasure island. just your usual stuff heading into san francisco. mobile 5 is in livermore right now. it looks like they just got back onto the freeway. stop and go this morning coming out of the altamont pass. once again, slowing down towards the dublin interchange. it is back to school for people
6:38 am
including class is that san jose state university. extra heavy traffic especially downtown san jose. we already see some slowdowns on 101 and again on alum rock. traffic remains heavy out towards leverage. >> federal investigators are trying to decide whether meat from the central valley slaughterhouse should be recalled. the agriculture department said, shut down the central meat department. we're not showing you the worst of the video but you still might find it disturbing. it shows cows apparently being mistreated on their way to slaughter. a group called compassion over killing says workers as required by law. >> this method of killing is often done in properly and after one shot, many cows are still alive and struggling >> the agriculture department is
6:39 am
trying to learn whether be from six towns reach the food supply and if so, a recall could be ordered. in and out fast food chain was getting 20 percent of its meat from that plan but has cut its contract. tim e-mail us and said not only do the recordings make me think twice about where i eat, they make me think twice about eating animals at all. >> missouri congressman todd aitken will continue his campaign for the senate today ignoring republican party leader's request to find a step down. kate joins us to explain why the controversial comments are haunting the gop campaign >> the republican party is still fielding off his comments. this is not exact but, not exactly what they would like to be doing close to the election. mitt romney is trying to shift
6:40 am
the focus back to a major campaign issues. aitken ignored yesterday's deadline to abandon the race and he says he plans on winning. he says the situation is being blown out of proportion, he says he misspoke one word in one sentence on one day. he said women's bodies can prevent pregnancy in cases of what he called a " legitimate rape " >> his comments with regard to rape are outrageous, offensive, inappropriate and wrong and i think almost all americans concur that this man has said something that is totally inappropriate and offensive and i am hoping he will give great attention to this issue today and will make a decision in the best interest of the values he has for the future of the country and for the country itself >> here we are less than a week from the convention and romney was hoping to keep the focus on the economy and medicare but now the focus is on social issues
6:41 am
the party tried to avoid >> if he had never said anything this past weekend and these people tried to put it in the platform i doubt we would be hearing a new story about it because most people would look at it like they always do >> political experts say he can be hard-pressed to find any supporters as he continues his race. his comments, prompted the campaign to pull funding. republicans will vote on a party platform including a ban on abortion even in cases of rape. >> next week's republican national convention could be a blowout. forecasters are keeping an eye on tropical storm isaac which is whirling in the atlantic but models show it could grow into a hurricane and if it takes the path towards florida, it could be there as early as sunday. party officials say they have contingency plans in place in case it happens.
6:42 am
>> you need to sit down for this one, out advertisers are invading our bathroom. >> a royal rahm in the buff. why prince harry has a lot of explaining to do about a recent trip to las vegas >> let's get a look at the early numbers, not looking too good so far. ,,,,,,
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>> for the last hour we have put warrants outside. >> i was having so much fun with
6:46 am
you in the studio but i have been sent to the principal's office. we do have some low clouds and fog and drizzle out here as well and it looks like it will take some time to break up. we have found some sunshine for you from the mount vaca camera. otherwise we have missed even inside debate. this afternoon, plenty of sunshine although we will see some lingering fallout towards the media coastline. the temperatures will stay on the cool side of the next few days. no major changes in the forecast over the next few days and if anything it might cool down a few degrees. some problems at sfo, delays of one hour but it should clear out in the afternoon. possible thunderstorms into houston and also the denver area. around the bay we will see temperatures running in the '70s and even some east towards morgan hill.
6:47 am
the warm spots in land or into the upper 80s. some seventies through the delta. inside the baby will see 60s in oakland and breezy in san francisco. the next few days, more low clouds and fog. temperatures may cool through saturday but on sunday and monday the temperatures begin to warm up. >> no major accidents coming into the news room but we are seeing a lot of cars on the roadway. the right side of your screen, that is look at milpitas, west down 237, it did not take long for things to stack up. we did have one earlier problem
6:48 am
spot on the off ramp that might have caused some backups but traffic is definitely heavier than usual. 15 minutes or 16 minutes between 238 and the maze. southbound 880 is moving fine. here is some of the fog that lawrence has been talking about. the flow of traffic is looking great. some earlier road work in marin county has been picked up some note issues heading towards doyle drive. everything is off to a nice start with mass transit. >> let's talk with jason brooks from money watch >> we will start off with a big
6:49 am
winner, williams sonoma turned in a very solid quarter sales up quite a bit including from pottery barn and west allen chains. it also says it will be the first retailer to carry starbucks new coffee system a model that will not be available anywhere else. from losers, that would be dull, the computer maker is still struggling has more makers turned to tablets. after the market close today will get earnings from hewlett- packard who already warned it will be a tough quarter because of an $8 billion charge. wall street is waiting on the minutes of the latest fed meeting. there has been speculation that ben bernanke and crew would go with a third round but the better than expected july jobs report and other positive economic signals seem to have
6:50 am
pulled back a little bit. at the moment, doubt is dropping by six points. nasdaq is down by two. dell is down by 6 percent off of its earnings report. >> time now for a look at what is coming up later on cbs this morning. >> the controversy surrounding senate candidate todd taken, we will look at other candidates who have come under fire. why some of them out while others survived. charlie is back with rory mcelroy, the world's no. 1 golfer will tell charlie what separates the good players from the great players. we'll show you five things you
6:51 am
need to know about the new 401 cables. >> fifth this is kind of strange, to enterprising new yorkers have laid plans to what may be the last frontier in advertising >> they're targeting toilet paper in public restrooms. each piece of toilet paper comes with an advertisement. there are using swiss-based bank so it is gentle. they claim some people may start at kemper up to 10 minutes depending on what was on the menu the night before. >> tmi >> this next door is disturbing, what happens in vegas days in vegas >> apparently that is not the case when you are third in line to the british throne.
6:52 am
prince harry, the game was stripping billiards which perry lost. the royal family confirmed that those were pictures of the royal party boy and also that we can the prince race olympic swimmer ryan lochte in a night club swimming pool. >> basketball fans want to dress what the champs have >> this comes on the heel of the new labron james shoe by nike. $315 per pair. according to nike, the shoe is inspired by a diamond. it comes tricked out with blue to technology and other gadgets to track how hard you play. the second season of the
6:53 am
america's cup begins today in san francisco >> a new team will make the race course more intense than before. some consistently strong winds and choppy waters are expected on the bay. there have been a few capsized boats but organizers expect everyone to be on their game when they start playing for keeps. >> a look at the top stories after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> san jose police are being urged to ask for help as the number of murders continue to climb >> and is in san jose where the latest victim was found stabbed to death inside a safeway store >> it happened last night, safeway is back open this morning trying to get back to normal. this was san jose's 31st homicide of the year. last year at this time there were 27 homicides but this is the seventh murder in the past nine days so things are really on an upswing here. last night stabbing happened at around 840 and when police got here they found a man in his 20s on the floor in the produce department where he died having been stabbed in the chest. san jose's homicide rate is on pace for a 15 year high. some politicians are calling on the mayor and police chief to ask for help patrolling the city
6:58 am
from the chp after some of the pay cuts and layoffs. the number of police officers on the street is at a 20 year low. >> 658, police have charged a man with a drunk driving after he ran his car no students were injured but a gas pipe was ruptured. students describe the building shaking as high as the seventh floor. students have been allowed back into the building. a new update from pallet fire. it has now spread to more than 20,000 a.. containment is up to 50%. evacuations are still in effect in parts but they are making progress. >> we will see more humidity in the atmosphere so that will help them with a fire.
6:59 am
some drizzle outside this morning with low clouds and fog extending on shore. we will actually cool those temperature's down as we head through friday and saturday of warming back up sunday and monday. >> have big problems in pittsburgh going against the commute. highway 4 at railroad, reports of an overturned car. one of the drivers were speeding and we know at least one lane is blocked. westbound highway 4 traffic is really jammed up heading out of antioch. >> on not sure what was in his coffee but we're going to find out >> i am back from the principal's office and i feel very good about it. >> thanks for


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