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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  August 22, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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last hours of victor mendoza is life. show that rising murder statistics are not abstract numbers the 21 year-old was shot in the head in a drive-by shooting and died the next day as the 27th murder victim in san jose this year. the hand on his shoulder belongs to the pastor >> there were 37 people in the hospital crying, from little children all the way to the parents >> since then five more people have been murdered or had their death classified as murder. latest happen last night inside a safeway store on story road when a man was stabbed in the produce area >> i'm angry because we do not need to have these people being stabbed in the grocery store. we don't have to be afraid to come and bring our children to shop at a grocery store safeway? this is my safeway.
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>> neighbors are scared and increasingly blaming city of >> we have seen rape and burglary go up without a burglar unit to investigate >> he blames chuck reed hard- line stance on pension reform that led to layoffs, low morale and an exodus of officers from san jose to other departments >> in two years he is disassembling what took two decades to build >> the mayor contends that things would only be worse without pension reform >> perhaps that is a line that only he can see because we if we had taken action and the council had to take an action, we would have a couple hundred less officers them have today >> as they try to sort things out and bring things under control, there is evidence that the community is not only going to sit around. the pastor is going to lead a large prayer vigil at 7:00 on sunday at the steps of city hall
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to bring the community together and try to come up with some solutions. >> last night's crash restore stabbing was actually san jose's 32nd homicide of the year because police now suspect a 17 month old boy who died at his babysitters house back in april was murdered. the sitters boyfriend was arrested on friday. >> it was not only san jose that is painfully short on police officers. officers are leaving stockton in force for more secure jobs with other agencies. this is a side effect of the city's recent bankruptcy filing that carries the potential for reduced pay packages. the city is already down 24 officers and as many as 40 more are expected to leave. a suspected drunk driver slammed his car into a uc- berkeley dormitory. the crash a severed a gas
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line, forcing evacuations, and cause chaos. >> we heard a loud screeching sound and a crash and then we also felt the building shake. the fire alarm went off so people started screaming >> the gas line was shut off and everyone was allowed to return to their dorm rooms. the 22 year-old driver was charged with drunk driving and hit and run and fortunately, no one was hurt >> a state of emergency declared in three northern california counties. wild fires have forced evacuations, closed roads and destroyed homes in three counties. the ponderosa fire is one of several burning hundreds of thousands of acres in northern california. most of them are started by lightning. >> we are here in a stretch of forest for the fire has already
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burned through completely charring the base of the tree trunks. with the ashes now cold, there are still hot spots popping up even with the fire long gone which is only adding to the list of concerns for the 2100 people trying to fight the fire. >> firefighters say they're making progress containing the wild fires in northern california. they're building 30 ft. buffers around 200 homes still threatened schmidt >> air tankers are reinforcing the retardant. crews are removing vegetation from houses >> the ponderosa fire has already burned more than 24,000 a., destroyed 15 structures and forced thousands out of their homes. many evacuees are coming to shelters like this one. don and sandra changed it into
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their temporary home. they could not bear to be without their dogs >> we love them so much, we would not leave them with anyone else >> even if you have to sleep outside >> right >> it is ok for a couple of days but then it is really rough >> thinking about the strain on family and finances leave some in tears >> everything, it is just hard >> firefighters say some of the people forced from their homes could be allowed back home over the next few days. today, evacuation's were lifted for many of the homes here in >> town but in mantinea viola and mineral, many homeowners are still being told to stay away. >> mobile 5 is live in northridge where chevron has opened a second health center for people affected by the refinery fire.
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this is at the community heritage senior apartments. claims can be filed their through friday and at the nevin community center in richmond until saturday. chevron will continue to take new claims but only by phone after that. they're offering to reimburse any medical expenses or property damage. nearly 1000 claims have already been filed. another bay area star athlete suspended for using performance enhancing drugs. a's starting pitcher bartolo colon tested positive for testosterone levels. he is suspended 50 games without pay. that is the rest of the season and up to 10 games in the postseason >> i'm not shocked at all, that is what is happening in baseball. it is a modern thing to take steroids and cheat >> i guess i'm not surprised. i guess a lot of guys are doing
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it and they're getting caught and i think it is unfortunate because they could use in in the lineup. >> in a statement, he apologized to his teammates and fans and this comes one week after the league suspended giants all-star milky cabrera for the same thing. >> dog treats are blamed in the death of dog's any new information about why they are on store shelves. how he was so easy for a chinese company to dodge fda testing >> the challenges of going back to school, passing a plan to raise money for education >> when it comes to las,,,,,,,,
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>> governor brown to admit it is a tough sell >> he was at a bay area schools to build support for proposition 30. voters are still leery about
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the governor's plan. >> some of them are but the governor has been fond of saying he is not likely to run again so he is pushing hard for proposition 30 saying this could be his last campaign. he was saying that the future of california's kids could be at stake. governor brown went back to school s. san francisco's valley today. an initiative to raise money for schools universities and public safety >> no campaign is a cakewalk. this is a challenge but i did not come back at my age just to try easy stuff. this is hard and i will give everything i have between now and november to get it passed >> the governor wants to add a quarter percent sales tax for the next four years and a higher income tax on those who make more than $250,000 per year.
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so far it has a passing grade from voters but just barely. a new poll shows that 55 percent approval of proposition 32 while 36 percent oppose it. while supporters have a lead is still vulnerable because voters are wary about handing over more money. >> they essentially believe there have been too many cuts and many programs need to be restored, but they are a little skeptical, i think, of a way the state uses the revenue that it raises >> the governor has promised a special fund for education to make sure billions go to california kids. he admits it is not a perfect system >> that is no reason to punish the children of california. it is a reason to invest >>
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surprise there, her question though is what is the governor and a legislature doing with the money it already has and she questions whether voters should be giving them any more. >> dog treats went to illness and death remained onshore selves. tonight, the roadblock to in the investigation that is preventing a major recall >> the day to expect a return of the heat with the forecast, coming up >> years of talking and planning and worrying, they are finally and worrying, they are finally racing.
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>> dog treats blamed for sickening and killing thousands of pets are still on store shelves. the chinese company refused to let fda inspector's test their products. jolie asks why the fda hasn't made a move to recall the streets. >> cheney is talking about her beloved benji who died a painful death. she is one of thousands of
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americans who say they lost or nearly lost a dog after feeding them jerky treats made in china >> i think it is criminal >> complaints to the fda about the tree to date back to 2007 but was not until april of this year that the fda filed. while inspectors did not find any significant health violations at plants like this one, according to the new released and highly redacted inspection reports, the fda never tested any of the streets because of the plant's " refusal " to allow them to sample unless there were tested in a chinese laboratory. animal lovers nationwide are shocked and one of the most outspoken is representative dennis kucinich who tells us " the fda is in an indefensible position of not protecting the public and their pets. we should immediately recall those products ". legally recall a product based on complaints alone and despite
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numerous tests it has yet to identify the specific oxidant responsible for the illness so he continues to issue warnings and points out there is nothing preventing a company from conducting a voluntary recall but cheney says they should do better >> they should make whoever made them eat them themselves. >> one of the most surprising findings of the report, officials that the chinese plants say they have never received any complaints related to illness or death. u.s. distributors insist that they do alert manufacturing plants to consumer complaints. if you have a consumer complaint give us a call or head to >> sources tell us today that they do expect some big announcements in the next few days so we will keep our fingers crossed >> despite some windy weather, thousands of people filled the
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marina green to get some glimpses of racing at the america's cup world series. mike sugarman with a fan experience the event has to offer >> let me give you the final results, lunar rose swordfish beat the chinese, and then gain it racing beat team korea. you don't care. nobody outside this compound cares and even a lot of people here don't care. this was kind of a run through. it is called the world series but it does not really count for anything. it is a run through for everyone to see how it shakes down. it is in anticipation of the big stuff coming next year but a lot of people came out to see it and it was pretty cool. these boats are as close as any of america's cup boats have been too short >> the nice thing about it is a
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can be relaxing or exciting. you can make a social, athletic, there is a lot of variety built into it >> the races before were offshore and you never get a chance to see them. although i have had a chance to be in newport, this is the best place you could ever do this >> how incredible not only to see the golden gate bridge and alcatraz but to see the pre qualifiers, is fantastic. everybody should come out. >> there is of the red even as we speak. there is racing on thursday friday saturday sunday. $25 during the week and on the weekend, $45 for the bleachers but the rest of it is free. >> good weather for sailing but
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maybe not like summer >> i was giggling because i see him out there with a parka on. i was 40 mi. inland swimming and running today in the bare essentials and there he is wearing a parka. currently in dublin is 84 degrees. 83 in livermore. 74 along the peninsula with clear skies in redwood city. san francisco, 65. a little bit of mixed currently on the camera lens. we will have drizzled developing overnight as well. dress in layers if you're heading out for that festival. overnight in the '50s through
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santa rosa and mt. view and palo watteau. we're still dealing with low pressure right about there and another one over here and you can see it move in a clockwise, counterclockwise rotation. no precipitation for us but the area of low pressure continues to enhance the marine layer so we're stuck in a summertime weather pattern. wrapping around the san mateo coast as well. fifties and sixties that the beaches. 81 degrees in sunnyvale, still below average in san jose in the upper seventies. brentwood, very close to normal for this time. 87 degrees throughout most
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portions of the tri valley. low sixties in san francisco when we should be around 65 degrees. on friday is a benign weather pattern and then the area of low pressure just moves out allowing high pressure resulting in warmer conditions and will be slightly above normal heading towards labour day and a holiday just a couple of weeks away. >> it is a story we have been giggling about all day. for britain's prince harry, what happened in las vegas did not stay there. tabloids are splashing these photos of the prince party in and to photo show him naked after losing a game of strip billiards. what were you thinking? the royal family is asking the media to respect his privacy since he
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was not in public. the prince has been on his best behavior lately even standing in for her majesty at the olympic closing ceremonies >> i think the charm of harry is that he does all these things beautifully and suddenly he goes and puts his foot in it which is what happens to real people of in real life >> his latest escapades' could spell trouble for him when he resumes military duties >> how doctors are using culinary skills to help patients live longer. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> a spike in the number of cases the west nile virus this year has helped officials worried. the cdc reports more than 1100 cases of the virus have been reported this year, three times the normal average.
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they suspect that a mild winter and early spring and hot summer are what is to blame. more than half the cases are in texas. 41 deaths there have been linked to that illness. >> heart patients are usually told to modify their diet but it can be hard to change lifelong habits. one bay area hospital is taking patients from the doctor's office to the kitchen. >> rivera is trying to get heart healthy >> i had a heart attack many years ago but my husband had five stints put in between november and january and that is why we are here >> she is taking a cooking class at northern westchester hospital where professional chefs teach cardiac patients how to reduce the risk of heart disease >> eliminate sodium, processed food, sugar, and try to get them
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on a high fiber plant-based diet >> patients are also urged to change the way they eat. for example, to relax before dining >> for the digestive and science. we really tried to keep bringing people to the table >> there are also lessens explaining how food works in the body as well as stalking the pantry and grocery shopping. >> we read labels like crazy now >> what to look for? >> fiber content and fat content >> hospital is keeping tabs, checking patients every three months to see how they haven't proved. a number of bay area hospitals offer similar kinds of help to cardiac patients. ucsf recommends keeping kitchen stocked with healthy staples like grains and beans and healthy facts and that patients shop regularly for lean protein and fresh produce.
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kaiser found that it was reduced 30% from the rest of the country. >> that help really makes a difference >> thieves to just can't do a cookbook and now they take it further. >> it is nice to have some guidance. [ male announcer ] it started long ago. it's called passion. and it's not letting up anytime soon. at unitedhealthcare insurance company,
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>> we have been seeing a sharp rise in autism in children. new research out today suggests the cause might lie in the age of the father. that story tonight on the cbs evening news. >> here is what we're working on for the 6:00 news. cashing in on unused sick days, if you're talking about thousands of hours worked and that is not all. how bay area employees are reaping the benefits into retirement. it could be like disneyland but four times bigger. a bay area developers plan for a massive theme park in northern california. >> thanks for watching, the cbs evening news is next >> the latest news and weather are always on >> have a good evening everyone.


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