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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  August 23, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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>> good afternoon everyone i michele griego >> i am frank mallicoat, a fast- food business dividing the bay area show that in the south bay they have some big supporters. san francisco mayor told chic- fil-a to stay away from the city because of their stance on same- sex marriage but ann mackovic shows us why san jose customers offered the company a much
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warmer welcome. >> this is the lunchtime rush at this new location, the line is well out of the door. i do not know how long they will be waiting but there are dozens of people right now that do not mind the wait and in the meantime you can see some protesters there across the street. a handful of protesters, dedicated to the protest growing throughout the day, and in between the to the drive-through line which has been busy since the restaurant opened at 6:00 a.m., >> we have been waiting for a whole year for this location to open. >> so this family packed up the babies and camped last night along with more than 100 others in the parking lot of the new chic-fil-a. >> i did not sleep very well. >> just to be one of the first 100 people in to get coupons for 52 free meals worth about $300.
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one of the first in line, richard cooley. >> i am from st. petersburg florida. >> he has gone to 79 grand openings. >> why do you do it? >> because i am in love with whole chic-fil-a package >> which includes southern biblical values, even closing on sundays, the president recently expressed support for mayor as being between a man and woman and same-sex marriage rights supporters are protesting. >> i am here to show a face to a people that believe that they're not discriminating, that they're not taking someone's rights away, that they're just believing in something, that is absolutely wrong when you enacted as a lot. >> even some fans are conflicted about the fans stance. >> he should not have said anything. what goes on in his room should have stayed there. >> the controversy is not getting them down. >> not a big deal to me, it is what it is. it is mainly about the food. >> they say that it was all
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worthwhile. >> i was number 100, i was the very last one to get in. >> chic-fil-a says they plan on expanding even more in the bay area and right now the only other location is in fairfield, the next plant location is a walnut creek, which is supposed to open in november. >> first it was in and out and now mcdonald's and costco has cut ties with major central valley meat supplier. the central valley meet company at the center of a federal cruelty and food safety investigation after undercover video showed cows being abused. the usda has quit buying meat from the company for school lunches and other nutrition programs. >> the former headquarters of solyndra are set to be sold, the oakland tribune reports that they have a tentative deal in the works to buy the buildings in fremont that has been empty since a solyndra file for bankruptcy last year, no word on what the technology firm will do without all complex. a nervous for stay for class's
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foreign ministers at uc-berkeley as they sound alarm over the university's budget. cate caugurian is here with how they are dealing with the state's financial crisis. >> top university leaders hosted a meeting on the first day of classes at cal to make one point clear. >> even though we face enormous challenges and even though the cuts in state appropriations are simply bad public policy, berkeley is on the path that we can continue to push in. >> the state dropped a quarter of a billion dollars from school funding over the past 10 years but the university is still excelling in what they call state financial turmoil. >> berkeley has been incredibly successful. >> regions have endorsed the governor's proposition 30 which would temporarily increase personal taxes based on income as well as raising state taxes. >> we do face the point that the chancellor made, that if proposition 30 does not pass, then we have a very significant
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budget cuts that is possible. so there is a lot of uncertainty. >> university of california officials fear that tuition on all campuses could go up by 20 percent if voters do not pass the governor's tax initiative in november. leaders were adamant they would not cut and the funding to teaching or research, instead they plan to use revenue opportunities more efficiently and keep their fingers crossed in november. in berkeley, cate caugurian, cbs 5. >> an arrest in a fatal stabbing at a san jose safeway. a 27 year-old michael howard was taken into custody, the victim was attacked in the store's produce aisle and died at the scene. police think that howard ran off before emergency personnel arrived. the stabbing was the 32nd homicide this year. oakland and bart police departments are urging passengers to avoid becoming obvious targets for thieves. the number of gadget theft from bart station, said oak lawn has
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in steadily increasing since 2010. police say that victims are often most honorable as they leave the trains. >> there snatching the phones and the train doors closed and people are left without their property. sometimes people watch you and wait for the crime of opportunity to and when your not attention you will become a victim if you're not vigilance. >> police arrested what the call to pepper sprayed and that's as they were distracting passengers on a train. >> two former richmond police officers have been sentenced on firearms and obstruction charges, danny harris jr. was caught up in a scandal after he hired to teenagers to work for a private security business. he legally purchase to puzzles for the minors. his partner pled guilty to obstructing the investigation. both officers were sentenced to probation. >> muni service is back to normal in san francisco's sunset district after an early morning water main break modeled up the morning commute. the service was disrupted for an
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hour-and-a-half after the line broke near 33rd ave. >> no word yet on what sparked an overnight fire at a san revell home that broke out before 2:00 a.m., no one was hurt but the homeowners garage was completely destroyed, and so were the three cars in side. >> all around the same time firefighters were busy dealing with a burning business in east oakland. this was at an appliance store near 64th and international boulevard. they had the fire out in half an hour and the cause is under investigation. >> the damage toll from the ponderosa fire growing as containment efforts continue, the number of structures destroyed rose to 84 by this morning up from 50 yesterday. containment is now over 50 percent, the fire near redding is still threatening 900 homes. a state of emergency has been declared in several counties. tropical storm isaac bearing down on the southeast. coming up why it could turn the gop political party into a big
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>> palo alto based hewlett- packard was the biggest loser on the dow on the back end of his largest ever quarterly loss and the supporting outlook, the company says they are in the early stages of a turnaround but investors say that message is old and they remain unimpressed, h-p sank as low as 6% at one point today. another down day on the stock- market all around following to reports that show manufacturing slowing down in china and europe. across the euro zone it contracted for the seventh month in a row. there is, almost down 100 points. the number of americans applying for unemployment benefits rose
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by 4000 to 372,000. experts say it shows the job market's recovery is slow and uneven. but there is a new sign of a steady recovery in housing market as sales of new homes rose 3.6% in july, matching a two year high reached in may. >> the close race for the white house drawing even closer in the battleground states, a new poll shows president obama holding onto a lead in ohio. but mitt romney is closing the gap in florida and wisconsin however the poll shows most voters still think president obama would do a better job on the hot button medicare issue than the gop ticket. >> you would think that it would avoid talking about medicare. given the fact that both of them have proposed to the voucher the medicare system. >> it reveals a gender gap with the president holding a double- digit lead among women in all three battle ground states surveyed, mitt romney is campaigning in new mexico today
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and shifting focus to his energy plan. >> i will set a national goal of america and north america, north american energy independence by 2020. >> mitt romney claims his plan will create 3 million new jobs. a tropical storm isaacs' could wash out the upcoming republican national convention in tampa, it is making steady progress in florida where it is expected to land on monday. pr in the u.s. virgin islands are bracing for torrential rains, the storm is churning waves as high as 10 ft. and it is likely to turn into a category one hurricane by tomorrow and then we can. police worry that they may be too busy tackling the storm to fully patrolled the convention. >> the south bay declaring war on the west nile virus test complete with an all out aerial assault, details coming up >> and exotic side in the suburbs, why this camel is finding itself quite a home on an east bay hillside. >> cool fog around most of the bay area but if you like the fog
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my dream bedroom is in ikea? yes. what's that bedroom over there? that's your husband's dream bedroom. whatever your style, take home your dream bedroom together. >> an aerial assault this morning on a mosquito infestation on the peninsula. a helicopters sprayed parts of palo alto to help fight off the salt marsh mosquito. the species does not carry the west nile virus but they bike during the day and as we reported, the problem has been
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made worse by a broken floodgate there that hasn't water into the area allowing long dormant takes to hatch. >> the palo alto golf course and airport and the parks for soccer tournaments, all of those kids playing in the soccer tournaments, everyone that works in this area, we have had numerous complaints about the biting. >> they say the spring will cover 400 a. and it is not supposed to harm birds or other wildlife. it is scheduled to wrap up sometime this hour. >> the obama administration is considering expanding the monterey bay marine sanctuary as far north as the marin headlands, the environmentally designated area was established two decades ago to ban offshore oil drilling in the area but the change could bring new rules for everything from fireworks to personal watercraft. >> low clouds and fog trying to break up around the bay, stubborn ormer coastline, maybe even just inside the bag.
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the masters running below the average, it looks like low clouds and fog will surge on shore overnight tonight, more drizzle along the beaches and it looks like it will stay cool into the weekend as high pressure is nowhere to be found. a trough of low pressure camped out along the west coast keeping temperatures cooler than normal for this time of the year. probably going to deepen into the weekend helping to bring down the temperatures. the tropics are heating up, i sekt spinning out here, not an impressive storm system yet, still just a tropical storm with sustained winds of 40 mi. per hour but as it begins to approach the united states it is likely to pick up steam and run into very numb waters as it approaches the u.s. mainland and it could be a problem as we head into monday, possibly a category one as we head through monday morning. we are expecting nice weather around the state also will be hot and to fresno, 100 degrees there, 95 degrees in yosemite and no thunderstorms. a lot of smoke in redding and 98
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by the afternoon and 63 degrees and mostly cloudy into monterey bay. temperatures around the bay 76 degrees in san jose and 85 in morgan hill with the space centers in the 80s in many spots. a good delta breeze keeping temperatures cooler in vallejo and benicia. sixties and seventies around parts of the central bank and parts of the north bay as well. as high as 80 degrees in santa rosa. those temperatures continue to come down, i pressure may build back into the bay area as we head for monday and tuesday but this next weekend pretty cool with the mergers below the average, back to you. >> we thank you, do not eat black licorice made by the red vines' company. state health department test showed a contain high levels of lead. the 1 lb. package in question has a best buy date of february 4, 2013, the candy is distributed by the american liquor company in union city, they initiated the voluntary recall and are working with the department felt right now to get the affected can be off store shelves.
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to be clear, this affects only the black licorice, the red is just fine. >> another mountain lion site near redwood city. the big cats seen roaming the general like hills was seen last night but it did not cause any trouble, mountain lion sightings are fairly common in the county, in june a cat and her cubs were spotted in a popular redwood city park. >> but there's a more interesting animal roaming the bay area, the camel has been spotted recently on a hillside near highway 4 in pittsburgh. he belongs to the developer who owns the land. animal welfare says its is uncommon but not illegal to own a camel in contra costa county. >> very popular with the neighbors as well. >> hundreds of bay area girls using their summer vacation to pick up some complicated technical training. >> kate kelly reports it is a project created by this week's jefferson award winner, a bio engineer that would like to see more women of color joining her field.
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>> i am very interested in computers. >> this 9 year-old codes websites for fun. >> i am very pleased, just having some stuff, i will make some paragraphs, and i'm going to put a title on it. >> she is learning how from volunteers at a nonprofit created by san fransisco bioengineered kimberly brian. >> some of the core subjects that we like to teach our web making and code language, front and web development, also coating glasses in mobile application development. >> kimberly followed her love of science and math to a college major in engineering, but the big recruiting effort that encouraged her did not succeed with many others like her. >> it was isolating to some extent, to not have those peers that i could resonate with throw my undergraduate studies.
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and i also faced some of that from my career. >> in fact kimberly says that less than 3 percent of students occurred in computer science degrees now are women of color. and that is why she launched a " black girls code " to introduce young students to the many tools of technology. >> we went on field trips, we went to ibm, nasa, and a computer science museum. and it was very interesting. >> before i draw in this class, i knew nothing about it, >> this 11 year-old is so good at coating that she helps teach young girls. >> i think i would want to be in this kind of work when i grow up. it seems kind of fun to me. >> the black girls code summer program has expanded from severance to six other cities from oakland to atlanta. during the academic year groups
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meet after school and on weekends for class is in robotics, computer programming, and building video games. >> i'm starting to really see the girls flourish and gloom and really develop a hard core skills. i just hope to be able to show them that they're capable of what ever is that they wanted to. >> so forgiving the next generation the scientific know- how for the future of technology, this week's jefferson ward in the bay area goes to kimberly bryant. kate kelly, cbs 5. >> classes are not free but financial assistance is available, to check out the program, use the link on, click on the connects button at the top of the page and then jefferson words.,,,,,,,
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free from shriveling. that is also important. when you bring them home it is important to store them on the counter and not in the refrigerator. if you store them in the refrigerator the cold temperatures will deplete the flavor and nutritional value. so buy them fresh and enjoy them within two or three days and store them on the counter. great for salsa and so many different things. also a super food. mangoes, the price is great right now. i'm your fresh grocer, always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. beautiful stuff. >> coming up tonight at 5:00, making it faster and easier for women to get birth control. the new procedure that does not require a trip to the doctor. >> is the present proposal, one determine fiancee got complete strangers on board to join in, that story and much more coming up at 5:00. an elderly woman learned the hard way that no good deed goes unpunished. >> she meant to repair the fresco of christ at a church in
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northeastern spain but if you take a look at this postcard, and then the finished result of her work, you can see quite a difference there. and she did not really capture the eyes. the artist granddaughters says that she has destroyed the painting. professionals have been called in to restore it again. she said that she had permission from local clergy. but i don't know. >> may be taken our class first? >>
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