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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  August 28, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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neighborhood today. it left lots of water where it shouldn't be and none where it should. the water main which helps bring san francisco its water from the reservoir burst just before noon and >> there was construction here and we were connecting pipes and i don't know if that was related. there was a lot of activity going on with either street repair or sue repairs. we repair the store from time to time >> several of san francisco's water pipes are over 100 years old >> all of a sudden it went >> then river's course through the neighborhood on what seconds before were the streets. they were among hundreds of kids evacuated from our lady of visitation school >> it appears to be coming underneath a walls >> the principle doesn't know the extent of the damage but it
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is enough that the school will not open for another three weeks >> they get extra vacation i guess >> upwards of 2000 customers who for several hours were without water. a few blocks of homes were evacuated as well >> i came home to take a shower but i couldn't because the water was not running >> which meant that no one could flush the toilet either. the crisis is pretty much over right now, 14 families are still out of their houses. they have no water and they're not sure when they will get back again. >> right now the water is rising on the northern gulf coast where hurricane isaac has just made landfall. the brunt of the storm is heading towards a new orleans. pictures from lake pontchartrain, this is a live picture. already, the storm is being
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felt along the coast in alabama and mississippi and louisiana. karen brown is in new orleans where people are bracing for isaac >> the national weather service is warning that life-threatening flooding is possible in the areas outside the city that are outside the levee protection system. those areas are under mandatory evacuation orders and a curfew is in place. we have been feeling the effects of isaac for hours now. flooding is the main concern rain is pelting the shoreline as the nearly 400 mi. wide hurricane begins its this low crawl on land >> 85-100 m.p.h. wind with 125 mi. per hour gusts is plenty big enough >> the massive storm could bring up to 20 in. of rain and a six- 12 ft. storm surge
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>> the hurricane has a little opportunity to strengthen but i would focus even more on the fact that it is a large hurricane and >> tens of thousands have already evacuated from louisiana, mississippi, alabama and florida. in new orleans there is not a mandatory evacuation order. in the french quarter, businesses are sandbagging and the streets are nearly deserted. flood walls are up. engineers have closed this flood barrier to protect the ninth ward and the french quarter. the big easy is also counting on the $14 billion rebuild levee system. this family is not waiting to find out if it works. they suffered through hurricane katrina in the superdome without food or water >> you have to say workers and keep moving >> the high of the storm is expected to make landfall late tonight or early tomorrow
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morning on the seventh anniversary of katrina. that is rattling nerves here especially now that the national hurricane center says that the storm is intensifying. the mayor is urging his residence to stay indoors off the streets. he says as soon as the brunt of the hurricane have passed it will go immediately into search and rescue mode. >> let's go to roberta with the latest on the path >> it is a compact category one hurricane but it is extremely dangerous. it was very slow moving until the past 50 minutes. the winter, the winds are at 80 m.p.h. but while it slows down it can dump copious amounts of precipitation, especially along the coast where we could see up to 20 in. of rain.
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then it moves this direction and is downgraded. then we start to refer to it as remnants of the storm once it reaches chicago by saturday. you can see by the color-coded scale how much rain will fall and this could be a real boon for the drought stricken states in the plane's and the mississippi valley. >> this afternoon republican delegates named mitt romney their candidate for president. the new jersey delegation put him over the top in the traditional roll call. his running mate paul ryan was also officially nominated. >> right in front of the delegation here, people are excited about the fact that mitt romney is now the candidate for the republican party for president.
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there are now listening to the oak ridge boys. they have been interspersing the speakers with entertainment all evening. a romney family is waiting for the next important speech. >> republicans cheered when mitt romney breached the 1144 delegates needed for the nomination. >> mitt romney is the right man at the right time and will be a great leader for our country. >> before today's opening gavel came down, chris christie checked out the podium where he will deliver his keynote address. he is promising to lay out a vision for the party >> what does it mean to be a republican and what will that mean over the next four years after mitt romney is elected >> romney and his wife arrived in town this morning ahead of her speech. she told reporters she is
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excited about giving the address. many delegates believe that she has a critical mission when she takes the stage. they want her to humanize her husband and he produced in to american voters >> just to remind everyone he is a real person >> 32% of voters say they don't know enough about romney. these michigan delegates are certain that will change after the convention >> he needs to tell his story and let them know he has accomplished. everything he has done has been a success in his life >> a new cbs news poll shows that mrs. romney has very high favorability ratings. republicans hope that some of that favorability rubs off on her husband, election time. >> is there some sense of frustration on the floor that
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isaac might be taking away some attention from the convention? do they have another planet? >> i have to tell you i have been here all day and there's no sense of frustration or anxiety on the floor. you can hear the applause. in the back rooms were the organizers are running things, they're keeping a close watch on the storm but they hope no major damage will be done and no lives will be lost and they can go on with their convention as planned. >> head to our website for complete coverage of the convention. you can get real updates from twitter and also hear from a special report at 7:00 p.m. on cbs five. >> a police chase came to a deadly finish on the roof of an antioch home. officers say a domestic
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dispute suspect pulled a gun on them. >> a graffiti gain just got tagged with a hefty punishment for scrawling all over the south bay. seven members of the have you seen a screw that plea deals that will be putting them behind bars for at least six months. prosecutors attacked on a gang enhancement title back and send them to prison for years if they mess up again. >> chevron says a black cloud seen billowing from its richmond refinery was the result of a flare, the automatic safety mechanism that kicks in. chevron claims it had nothing to do with a massive fire earlier this month and it says there was no public health risk. >> mobile 5 live at sfo with a
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computer glitch causing chaos of nationwide >> at yosemite, more cases of hantavirus have been linked to these tent cabins at curry village. what they're doing to avoid new cases >> the reason the american icon reached out to a bay area boy. >> we were so touched and very move tha,,,,,,
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>> it was a nationwide nightmare for travelers this afternoon >> a major failure of the united airlines' computer network kept airplane stuck at gates and passengers stranded at airports. the airline is working to sort out the logistical mess? >> and probably will take most of the evening to do that simply
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because of what you said. it ended up being a nationwide problem. the terminal is pretty cleared up right now. you can see what it looks like outside here but an hour and a half ago it this is what it looked like inside the terminal. there were literally thousands of people waiting to get on flights that really didn't exist because the computer reservation system went down. this system does not only get people on airlines, measures the fuel that the airplanes use, it weighs the baggage, its schedule the crews and checks identification. without the computer system, you don't run the airline. planes landing at sfo, this is what it looked like, they were loaded with people who got off but they could not allow people to get back on because it was
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just not possible. a lot of people stood in line asking, a lot of them missed their flights and many of them waited for hours. >> there are people coming around and i have only been here and our but other people have been here longer >> but communications are sparse, i think the system went down around noon and we got here at 1215. it is 3:00 now. >> had this on much longer if it would have been more trouble because planes were coming and with nowhere to park. they had emergency parking set up for those flights and tsa had to open up every one of their kiosks to get people through and it will take most of the night to get that done. >> that have the virus blamed for at least two deaths is being
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traced to one spot in yosemite national park. warnings are going out to park visitors >> a role model until the end, the e-mail that,,
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>> a second person has died after contracting a disease that has been linked to yosemite national park. health officials say both people visited the park and stayed in a tent cabins at curry village. they were later diagnosed with hantavirus. e-mail alerts are urgently going out to hundreds of park visitors. >> warnings are going out through e-mail and also in person. usually park visitors are warned about the bears that are out here but now the warnings are going out about some of the smallest wildlife. like the breathtaking views of half dome, the iconic stay in the village is part of the iconic experience it might be making people sick. a worldwide call for cases of hand the virus is under way
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after three recent visitors contracted the disease. two men had died and a woman is recovering >> based in the fact that they stayed in these cabins we feel a pretty strong indication that they may have contacted the hand of virus here in yosemite >> park officials are now notifying 1700 past visitors that they might have been exposed >> is a one in 1000 chance >> jean said it is not enough in making cancel his plans. the virus is said to be spread by tiny deer mice. >> there was a mouse in the tent last night and he scurried back out >> there are no plans to eradicate the mice. >> you are in the woods in their territory and mice are going to be here >> there were gaps that they might have gone up into the walls through the insulation and inside so by putting this on
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we're basically trying to eliminate any of the gaps >> they're now retrofitting and the cleaning of the cabins to avoid any new cases >> it is a question of being clean, wash your hands thoroughly, trying to keep ventilated and being aware >> as a result, yosemite park officials say there might be a fourth case, the man from out- of-state maybe a fourth case linked to the cabins here but that case has not yet been confirmed. >> how do you know if you have been exposed were infected? >> just how dangerous is it? >> the biggest health concern is a rare but deadly disease called hantavirus cardiopulmonary syndromes. 37 percent of people infected with it die from this.
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the one causing of the trouble in the western u.s. is called a sin number of virus. in in california, only one road and species, the deer mouse, is known to carry the species. it has different colorings, they are gray and brown on top with white bellies. they can pass the virus to us through their urine, saliva or droppings. most often we breathe in as microscopic particles. it is not like the flu, you cannot catch it from someone else. however, early symptoms field just like the flu. fever headache stomach problems dizziness and chills. these can occur anywhere from one-six weeks after exposure and the symptoms can progress rapidly to coughing and shortness of breath as to lungs fill with fluid. there is no specific treatment but the earlier is identified in gets to hospital the better the
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chance of surviving. some light destroys the virus but the problem is in tight spaces it can survive. >> a san rafael boy has special memories of the late neil armstrong. max wrote an essay saying he wanted to meet the legendary astronauts. max's parents died when he was younger and he says he often thinks of them when he looks up at the moon. armstrong sent him an inspirational note just before he died. >> neil armstrong is really famous and he is good at what he did before and i think i might want to do that because it is a good idea and it is fun to fly >> during move that he would take time out to reach out with little boy who he had inspired >> when he gets older mac says he wants to be an engineer or an astronaut.
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>> the skies are clear enough to see the moon. this is a live weather camera looking out toward san francisco. i think today is probably the prettiest late summer days so far this season in the bay area. wall to wall sunshine with the average high this time of year 70 degrees and right now we are at 68 degrees. 86 in livermore and santa rosa. 20 percent humidity. this is looking out towards late curry, look how great the air quality is. we have a spare the air alert to the north but not locally. 88 in vacaville with westerly wind. the seasonal day tomorrow, a
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blue moon on friday which is the definition of the second full moon of the calendar month. temperatures into the 50s across the board for the overnight lows. low pressure to the north but high-pressure has moved over the four corners and in it will allow a little bit of the cooler air to trickle into the bay area. a gradual cool down on wednesday. much cooler by the end of the weekend. '50s and '60s at the beaches tomorrow. middle and high 80s in morgan hill and gilroy. we swing around the eastern portion of the district, 86 degrees in dublin. seasonal highs across the northern portion of the bay area. we gradually bring down the
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temperatures that any feel the cool down on friday and we bring them back,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> here is what we're working on for the 6:00 news. pension reform unveiled. the governor has laid out his plan but something is missing. the measures he was forced to take out. wrongfully ticketed for running red lights. the south bay women who inspired new protections for all bay area drivers. >> the cbs evening news from tampa florida is coming up >> the latest news and weather are always on >> have a great night everyone.


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