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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  August 30, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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life of one of their aunt they put themselves to risk every day in our hearts are broken frank ryan a 15 year veteran and emerge from the firemen inside the church and then collapsed i saw him he fall down there was too much smoke it was a smoky fire their reported blacked out conditions with blistering heat inside the building. ryan was administered advanced treatment at the scene then rush to regional medical center dozens of firefighters kept a vigil doctor said he suffered a heart attack cardiac arrest the primary cause of death for firefighters either on scene where back at the station it is common because of the amount of stress under extreme heat and the conditions our fathers were trying to open the door and assist you
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could barely see anything the church secretary said parishioners rushed to safety as the fire spread the paris office and the elementary school evacuating no one was injured no cause was available. will now what possibly it could have been we do not have candles let, unclear. speaking of the investigation is hampered by the condition of the building. it does not look like it was damage from the outside a tremendous damage inside, a lot of structural damage, investigators have a hard time getting in there if they have called in a structural engineer to make sure they can get in there and get this eighth. that one any more tragedies and out here. we mentioned before we went to you, this is a common thing
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for firefighters heart attacks because of the stress most people think they are in great shape but we could see this caught them off-guard you can tell it was an emotional scene with a lot of the firefighters hugging when something like this happens they close ranks, you can see the happen today firefighters are in great shape of things can happen he could of been a healthy individual but the stress and keep everything in fall than the small he may have breathe again could have something to do with it. we wish him a full recovery police on the peninsula have their guns drawn going from backyard the backyard searching for wanted man appeared they spotted the man driving a car and talking on this cellphone and palo alto they tried to pull him over he took off at university avenue and hitting six parked cars police said the man ditch his car and tried to
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carjack another driver what that man fought back the suspects get under a home at hawthorne avenue and waverly street and. camera's got shot of the suspect on the property you know this is your the homeowner it was unnerving we have protection here i think will be ok officers use to k 90 getting from underneath the house they found stolen goods in his car and arrested him police lockdown 3 oakland schools as they search for a man wanted in connection for a murder. he was spotted at 61st and international they tried the taken into custody nearby schools lockdown for 90 minutes. the suspects got away. is it now tropical depression but still dumping rain and causing huge problems a
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multimillion-dollar levee system protecting new orleans some people believe it pushed flood waters elsewhere in the city. the crisis near louisiana and mississippi border a damn threatening to break. 60,000 people given 90 minutes to evacuate. there is an intentional the intent is to allow 8 ft. of water and then go in and reenforce structural integrity of the dam. parts of louisiana and another day of boat rescue nearly half of the state without power. and campaign 2012 the biggest beach of mitt romney's life the republican presidential candidate accepts the nomination and will tell his
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story. randall pinkston live in tampa, florida. excitement builds on the convention floor of the tampa forum speaking now newt gingrich and his wife a list that. in a few minutes will have the grand finale mitt romney's appearance to except his party's nomination as president. he tore the stage inside the convention hall this afternoon and tonight he makes his case to america what he should be the next president he will let out of a park tonight he has a positive and upbeat message congresswoman michelle bachman expects he will deliver a powerful address i know he will fire at the base this is a great opportunity to show what mitt romney has to
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offer i feel the excitement in the audience and nominating someone who will follow through on promises they make at the convention. romney will step on the stage rebuilt for his speech carpenters worked through the night to make sure the nominee could be closer to delegates. this is the most important of the program but wanted to look different and give people a different flavor florida center marco rubio will introduce mitt romney. they want ron into a and connect with voters on a personal level. and lie and out a plan and where we are today romney says it will be his privilege to accept the nomination and he stands for all americans who believe the country's best days are ahead. the cheers you hear are coming from former florida gov. jeb
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bush he is speaking and followed by a marco rubio who will introduce mitt romney and somewhere we will see actor clint eastwood the special surprise guest no longer a surprise. reporting randall pinkston and the plants that romney plans to address his mormon faith he specifically address the gender gap according he was the governor of massachusetts when he ran the olympics and always appointed women to important positions saying he has respect for women for their abilities and skills will hear more from mitt romney about his personal life and values and family and what he plans to do if elected. we have complete coverage of the convention on line at cbs s f dot com for a live strain and access the latest news from twitter wall.
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democratic convention officials watch the weather for next week in charlotte, n.c. it will be at the indoor arena one week from tonight president obama's slated to deliver his acceptance speech at an outdoor stadium. shoppers look for a car on craigslist robbed at gunpoint. the things you should insist on before you do the deal. haunt the virus concerns at yosemite the drastic move made today and after two deaths linked to the illness. a parking ticket does not wreck your day and you could waste time trying to,,,,,,,,
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a man flee from police crashed his car in berkeley we are told they took off driving into oncoming traffic and
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slammed into 2 vehicles including of and it started when he was spotted an ad son of a car repair shop the man came in to ask for price of the tire he saw the police back in his car and tried to take off, he went down the wrong side of the street and get a couple of cars and then ran off on foot police arrested the man he was wanted in berkeley it now faces additional felony charges. car buyers before a deal become the victims of a crime a string of robberies play out in the east bay kristyn errors on the possibility organized ring is behind the theft police say these are happening all over the east bay from fremont to san leandro and oakland and berkeley that happened four times in one month it is possible they are connected. it was supposed to be a routine craigslist transaction a couple
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interested in buying a car made plans to meet with the seller at lake merritt bart the man was posted taken for a test drive took them for a different drive drove them to the freeway and rob them of cash and what and left the sellers on the free white completely stranded in the past year craigs list robberies happening like clockwork once or twice a week. britain wadkins watched a bogus craigslist buyer still a necklace from a man selling and in walnut creek the guy grabs said and pushes the guy and runs out the same thing happen to a man trying to sell his laptop on craigslist, the suppose a buyer shows up punched a man and took off with a laptop. is this a group or rain or individuals acting independently? that is what police are
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investigating the locations and descriptions very but craigslist users should now the ammo are the same they typically change locations at the last minute the car they pretend to be selling this not have plates and insist on dealing in cash. for some that means this how would not buy anything on craigslist there are precautions for those who choose to continue on craigslist instead of using cash use money orders they also said you should meet the person at the police department the also say you should save the craigslist at your responded to it could come in handy in as they tracked a suspect down. christin ayers cbs 5 it is game day mobile 5 is live the 49ers get ready for the final preseason game against the chargers we'll have fog get the coast
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and clear skies inland how this will impact on holiday as eyewitness news continues on cbs 5. parents of autistic children have a new tool the,,
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police in san mateo look for a robber who held up a mother and two kids in broad daylight the trio walking to school yesterday a man approached flashed a gun and ran off with their things. police looked him look for him and secured college park elementary. usually when things go on they have a different type of response and get the community involved especially when something so close to our heart like our children police did not confirm what was stolen tent cabins in yosemite are shut down the possible side of of hantavirus outbreak. two men died after staying in curry village one case confirmed the double walled design of the tense may allow for mice infestation the close the
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cabins today 3000 visitors have been sent health warnings. you've heard about home systems that help you control temperature lighting and security parents use a device to monitor their autistic children dr. kim introduces us to a parent whose device has been a godsend ^ te chants and her son are close so close they've shared a room for nine years but not by choice but out of fear he would scream and move you never knew where he was going or what he was doing and her son has autism and does not know the difference between right and wrong he wouldn't i know if he was in danger she capt. safely by her side. until she heard about a home alarm system you can unlocked and lock your front door and you cameras
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you can control thermostat all from your home or phone or computer as well as monitor with a security system i don't have to worry and have to worry about him: out the door because this tells me the door is open she's had the system for two months there are automatic locks and the intercom system she says her life is change for the better her son sleeps in his own room. we have key locks and the alarm system we know whether he is coming or going i feel safer with him in his room their relationship is close but she now has a freedom. that piece of mine comes at a cost the home automation system has a $200 activation fee plus monthly monitoring charge
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of $70 it does have a family assistance program. everybody sleeping better what a difference a day makes yesterday clear and warm today different a weather forecast with two tails where stockton at the coast and let me share with you with the evening commute books like at the golden gate bridge we have drizzle on the camera. these folks are using their but wipers. you cannot see the top of the golden gate. the sea breeze has and up to 28 miles per hour san jose and is sad 75 livermore 82 degrees. we look out from dublin to mount diablo 82 degrees, northwest breeze at 15 m.p.h.. deeper marine layer resulting in fog over night and drizzle, it
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will be a cooler day tomorrow and the warmer holidays late fall is becoming apparent it is 50 in santa rosa. the low pressure enhances the a marine layer. that said tropical moisture lifson up in a northerly direction a slight chance of a thunderstorm in monterey. this is the a marine layer extends inland eastward at least 60 mi. an overnight hours with the morning commute it washes away but tanks tied to this and the tail coast. it will keep temperatures down friday. 50s for the most part around the beaches 60 at half moon bay. 80 at morgan hill. low 80's in warmest locations
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east bay 75 at petaluma. will gradually recover for saturday and check out labor day temperatures span of 60-96 degrees for 51 more information go to cbs s f dot com for barbecues. candlestick park ken bastida and the 49ers are ready to take on the chargers i have my seat stake out here in kicking back, enjoying this warm weather but we have and san francisco there must be smoke all know that is fog from daly city. alex smith warming up on the field. some sense than with the chargers the last preseason game of the season tonight against the san diego chargers, i've
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been sitting here waiting for this thing to get going in the parking lot they're going add sausages stakes, rebs hot dogs and hamburgers you name it. that is the game before the game that starts at candlestick. this cow you'll see it every candlestick game he's been here the last 30 years you know him as super niner he's given me a prediction for the season chisholm i'll ask you anyway how far will this team go? super bowl we will win the super bowl let's make reservations for new orleans now folks. we are number one. what super niner says take to the bank make your reservation we are going to new orleans, hopefully the whether there better than this past
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week, there you go. a lot that from super niner. we should see more of the real 49ers this season and exuberant fans. back to you. ken bastida, you can catch the preseason game at 7:00 p.m. on the c.w. channel 44 cable channel 12. on consumer watch if ever a peeled and unfair parking ticket and lost?,,,,
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if you if ever a appealed an unfair parking tickets and lost you're not alone julie watts tells us what you need to know if you want to fight a parking ticket. skyping from philadelphia he
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says he was i aware of the rules when a part on taylor street mall and san francisco last november it was the weekend the clocks fallback marking the end of daylight savings time. we thought it was nice week it's been an extra hour with each other there was a ticket on his card issued at 125 the morning a half hour before the to william deadline whoever issued a citation in san francisco that must've gone off their actual watch he appealed the ticket but got a letter from the city saying the citation was properly issued and valid. he contacted consumer watch and we to get up with the agency in charge of parking which dismissed the ticket we got it wrong and apologize paul gross says it is not sure why the ticket was issued and not dismissed on appeal
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buddy should have appealed the appeal there's a process in place you can appeal the first time and if you don't agree appeal that finding it turned out you may have to, in 2012 more than half of the tickets protest it twice or dismissed on second appeal, the as sound at t a could not explant why so many appeals are denied the first time around and he has learned a lesson, he is surprise the process is so complicated. getting tonight is more common than you think we for a similar complaints around the bay area if you've lost an appeal would like to hear from,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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here's what we're looking for at 6:00 p.m. say goodbye to one of the purchase of shopping at amazon when you start paying state taxes that for online purchases no one is the boss the workers run the show is called hippy capitalism the bay area city that encourages that business concept. all of that and more at 6 cbs evening news scott pelley in tampa at republican national convention latest news and weather on cbs s f dot com.


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