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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  September 4, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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back and end what had of schedule. how they manage to finish work on the dumbarton bridge so fast. did none of the dnc. the big speeches in the bond question for democrats that just won't go away provincial local done just a little bit today. the rest of the week will cool down even more. you don't have to wonder if you can use the dumbarton bridge stop to get the word this morning. because the answer is yes. intent hours early the
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bridge opened last night it 719 p m. it was slow to reach him at 5:00 this morning. even though there's a lot of work that was done over the long holiday weekends driver's will notice minimal changes. perhaps the biggest one is hit the town plaza. you can see the age of the lead in the carpool lane. that is now going to be a faster acclaim. during the clochard putt for the seismic retrofit of the bridge crews demolished and removed and on a joint that's capable of an earthquake. the suicide support into place and the men's work. with an increase of litter removal crush removal along the deck and the suns have been refreshed. the toll plaza at the
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and the link has been our watch. new questions of gun and that the toll plaza. the good weather was part of the reason for the early reopened. this budget is not 90% complete. they're still 10% more in that note will continue. williams 5 capt. lot of people out of the hills during the holiday weekend. the fire burning in the angeles national forest as a little piece of north l.a.. the fighters only 5 percent contained and burned about 3,600 a.. some people have refused evacuation orders in the area people press ask this of this lived and
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put up a fight. i got animals appear and friends and family. firefighters are facing a to the challenge. the fires at an expected to be contained until thursday of next week. and the slightest wish 830 a. before crews finally got him on that one. cal fire made several aerial drops while federal firefighters battled the flames on the ground. the cause still under investigation. the problem to be some relief for folks in line. along the shoreline there is plenty of relief. temperatures mostly in
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the '50s right now. the five become across the golden gate bridge. the locales will be more extensive. and as a result the numbers tumble. a in, could not be won in fairfield 90 degrees in livermore san jose will be 80 degrees. at mountain view home of nasa's research center at 270 degrees. less than 580 mystics 80 connector. there's a report of an accident. we get some information coming into the newsroom about a potentially hazardous situation that has met has arrived on scene. the police department says it should be clear about an hour. 494 street.
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no evacuations are needed in the area. no major progress in an ultima passes. but to run to beat the rush it's going to start to stack up in the next half-hour. the reston community election looks great at antioch. it's through the front across the golden gate bridge to this morning so be careful. a student at democratic national convention where first
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lady and the keynote address are among the highlights. the democrats are really trying to sharpen it answer to that question. meanwhile michelle bauman will steal the spotlight tonight. she was here on monday during a little dress rehearsal. trying to pick a warm-up for the speech that she will give tonight or she will try to convince americans that her husband deserved a second term. the stench has been the party platform release and democrats are ready to kick off the 2012 convention. this is been such a historic time. i couldn't imagine not coming. as the festivities begin republicans won't let go of the question are americans better off than they were four years ago? can't tell you that they're better off. can you honestly say that
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people are better off today than there were four years ago she? no bust of the question of this election. republicans pouncing that the proof that president obama's policies are working. since then the democrats have regrouped and come out swinging. democrats hope to get back on message when san antonio mayor and first city showboat address delegates here tonight. the first lady gavin of close look at the podium during her walk through monday. while her husband's favorite ability bring stefan during his first term mrs. obama remains a popular. i think she has been an ambassador for her husband. i see them as a team. a man kicked off content coverage of the convention with his address.
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mean the of the republican have been set up what we been caught by a war room. the going to press coverage is all week trying to counter what here at the convention. can you tell us to else on the agenda today? again that the confirmation of that on and what is not going to be here. we have some of jordan did speaking tonight. he's going to be addressing mitt romney tax returns. former president jimmy carter is going to appear by video. what is the president need to do this week to improve his chances of reelection? he is going to be reaching out to a couple groups hispanics and women. the groups that he can relax and that might be to
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push him over the top. he also needs to address the a lot of the perceptions that folks have a hot ticket on this the economy. he tested a lot more than the other planned and make promises. just to defend the record that he has. expecting him to do a lot of women of the republicans as he tries to convince voters that he can improve the economy further in the next four years. the chairman of the california democratic party compares gop tactics to nazi propaganda political experts are saying that britain's comments went too far she'd compared republicans would joseph goebbels but not
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the propaganda and administrator for nazi germany. you keep it in it and that was the rebels. bass said it didn't care about fax through the going to live. that's not been sorted. he responded with a statement that he never used the word not seat and he come apologize to anyone who may be offended. this is the wrong message to spend the day before the national convention. a farmer and the democratic national convention no. to the matter said that on day one of the great ready to read this thing out of the lead story in a new cycle is about the california democratic party (republican synopses. that's not the kind of intervention that you want. the campaign has yet to sit if it will call for burton's reduce nation.
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republican vice-presidential candidate powell run in also in north carolina today. he spoke to supporters at east carolina university in greenville yesterday. he criticized president obama singh and there's no way in addition is better off than it was four years ago. he will campaign in ohio and later today. mitt romney was in much of the week in new hampshire and vermont preparing for the former presidential debates. the list with a power plant
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in louisiana and mississippi and arkansas. and the reason alone more than 2000 people are still living in shelters because of extensive flooding. the president toured some of the most heavily damaged areas yesterday. lives were sent also there was tremendous property damage. people were in a position to get out quickly and as you can see folks on the ground already cleaning up. hotels and not complete yet the damage from the storm is estimated at more than $2 billion rich as a held casino's 13,000 gal. fish tanks from a leak. we really want to eliminate all of the distortions. who will
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soon be more money? obama romney. the initial intruder and an coretta manciple.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a winner with the year ended
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up in hot water with the car rental homeowner after stumbling into the swimming pool. scott smith says he woke up yesterday morning to find that he had endured an elite and the eight. walk. the bucs stop there. firefighters of fashion this makeshift camp to get the deal out of the water. was actually quiet the big bridge toll plaza or still super
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light at an end to severance the scope. as a material which is a very busy this will reduce weakened with the dumbarton being closed which has reopened. the 14 or 14 minutes and be the direction across the span. month in the been the right to buy the the brought in to change. it's already gone. it's an integrated policy numb. reston to see some slowdowns through the livermore area the golden gate bridge. a big story here is all the fault unlimited visibility. some of been a major road we're going
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on. dry times are still in the clear for the east bay and mass- transit off to a nice start with fraud in the cards around the shore line. it's merely hints fog. it's especially winning near the wall the tunnel and the golden gate bridge. sixth is nice and livermore. 49 in santa rosa. have pressure in the eastern pacific and the pressure is going to, and much of a high- pressure. the numbers come down a little bit. and others didn't even expect the local of the sfo. some showers in the york
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and denver. 7 and the to list and in san jose half moon bay looks pretty good at 64. 92 in pleasantville. system database 65 and extension beach 60 in mill valley. then looked at numbers at mostly in the '80s have this week. a memo by a man who took
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part in the raid that killed a some of the non is hidden books book shows today. and the families still offers new details about last year's rate. the author's writing under the pseudonym says his lab in was looking out his bedroom door when he was shot in the head. the two officials have wandered off that he has violated agreements that have violated secret actions. a long holiday weekend is just about over on wall street. the markets finished august on a positive note. the dow added 90 points in the nasdaq was up the team. the nasdaq was 18% higher than it was the son of the year. all decided voters might want to start a hint at the consensus the financial impact
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of for picking on canada over the other. decided to extend its tax plans and campaign promises into account and adds a personal information in it also includes a map that includes which neighborhoods could benefit brought under mitt romney. it looks like from your web site the debate. should the four romney. that was one of the most startling conclusions that we found at the bay area has many hireling households. the web site also has the national map that's covered in blue indicating the areas that would benefit from obama 3 election. is a massive cut in a large stake in a casino in florida. this fellow right here shows a child at the top of the floor to ceiling tank. you can use it.
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one worker said she heard a big event in water shot right out of the tent. within two minutes all but 2 ft. of water had streamed out. or to slow a ladder into the tank and tear all the fish to safety. the judges prefer run lead at home yesterday. were they able to rally for a wind we have so much more tennis. the play of the dish is up that. ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the giants a 4 1/2 games ahead in the national league west. marcos wrote much in the game winning wind and the 10th. across the bid is winning streak is over in nine games. oakland rookie pitcher justin haven't. he gave up five runs in the first inning. the angels beat
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dennis 83. former stanford tennis the with the play of the day. between them and shot during the u.s. opened at a chat match with his twin brother mike. the shot was not planned. more expensive but is it really better for you. the truth about organic food. attack california democrat compares the republican party to a doxy leader.,,,,,,,,,,
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but now police investigating a deadly shooting in our and the county. all eyes on the first lady at the democratic national convention. and for the democrats kick off the convention to nominate and rock obama. one question for rose democrats ought to question. the dumbarton bridge back open. cruised the motion removed and a german and replace it with 12 will withstand a major earthquake. but have fired him last
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angeles has grown to more than 40 top 100 a.. his book is not political whatsoever. some live pictures now from the east bay to a 22 man is dead and police are looking for his killer. the shooting happened last night. this but let ave in alameda county. late near a little. plus another releasing any details right now. for us live and michele obama in the keynote address on
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among the highlights the day at the democratic national convention. before we get into were expecting to give us talk about elizabeth warren. the democratic candidate for senate in massachusetts. she had some comments to make on are we better off question. she did. charlie rose passer that question just a few minutes ago. elizabeth warren said let's not forget will be but four years ago. she was talking about a big decline on wall street. all the recklessness of wall street and with that really brought us bit a decrease a homebody. it was quite a family
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had. we had quite a long form. in her own way that was the answer to the question. i would imagine that the first lady speaking tonight were going to show a little bit of that we better off. michelle the promise of going to say absolutely. if that really been the topic of this convention i would say that if it wasn't in her speech it is in and out. michelle obama has come a long way into a public speaking skills since she first came in. littler to defend her husband look far to reach out to women. look for her for her to reach out to voters. what can the president to do this week to improve his chances of reelection? he needs to lead of four
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americans that he has a tough job ahead of him ft. he has to defend his record over the last four years. look for the same kind of talk that we've performed elizabeth warren today. he also has overcome this perceived failure that he really didn't bring together the two branches of government that he really could not the congress to work together. but for him to blame republicans for that. a democratic official from san francisco is using harsh language to discuss republicans. john burton the state democratic share yesterday not see reference. this was a reference and not
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see reference that quickly sparked an outcry from the gop. john button compared republicans with josef goebbels. the propaganda administrator for not to germany. they like and don't care. that was goebbels did the big ride this said they don't care about facts. they're going to light. republicans and democrats and jewish leaders were quick to criticize him and did he respond of this statement saying he never used it would not seek and how we apologize to to anyone who may have been offended. the campaign has yet to say f they will call for burton's resignation. he don't want to miss their
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francisco examiner columnist will be joining us at 620. 7 today more people will be checking for disabled placards and tend not only the police could do that. a new state law allows the change. the penalty for abuse and as you look at members @ third five minutes after 5:00 we are starting off at with abby
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skies around the bay area. the threat of some blood wayne as you approach the wall of the tunnel. right now we have high pressure over the eastern pacific. mostly sunny skies for the bay area today. some see what went into cocker and had one of her field 90 and livermore. members will sink into the mid '80s by mid-week. hold up the highway for its one of only real slow spots right now. scientists and the
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usual pattern back on was done. a lot of fraud across the big guy and a bridge. chp has not issued a formal advisory but he contends that visibility is going to be an issue. those are light traffic centers. those are current conditions on the roadway. no major road work schedule. all your major drive times. these are some of our more popular loss this time of morning pit it could come from mass transit nothing wrong. the dumbarton bridge reopened well ahead of schedule after a big weekend project. the
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bridge reopened to traffic just after 7:00 last night. that is about 10 hours early. caltrans says that the conditions are right to inspect all new suspension jordan. the weather has cooperated the job has gone smoothly so we build in some contingency time. we haven't had to use too much of it. the subject retrofit projects is not and set a track to be finished by early next year. they will not have to close the bridge down again. its expected to take more than a week to contain the williams firepit the fund is only 5 percent contained to and spend about 3,600 a.. so far there have been four minor injuries. a fire is burning away from any buildings and the cause is still under investigation. it glass fiber scorched a hundred 50 a. in the east bay before crews could get that content. the funds between the hills of
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its board in concord. calfed made several little drops while federal firefighters battled the flames on the ground. the cause of that fund is also still under investigation. to hold a news conference later this morning to update the public on what has been done to recover from that explosion as well as what still needs to be done. an insider's account on the raid that led to the death of osama bin bonds. the author running under the pseudonym mark owens says ben hadn't was looking out of his bedroom window when he was shot in the head. the military top lawyer has warned author that he has violated secrecy agreements and may face legal actions. talking money with your
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>> remarkable ketch during a minor league game in rhode island, the left fielder, that would have been a grand slam but jason goes over and out of the ballpark. what a great play. if you can beat the yankees you are godlike. >> into did not get hurt. >> wall street gets back to business after a long holiday weekend. >> the markets finished august on a positive note. for the year the dow has added 7%. nasdaq is 18% higher than it was at the start of the year. >> it is back to school time and now is a good time to talk about
5:45 am
basic money on sets with your kids. >> unfortunately most schools do not include basic financial concepts as part of the curriculum so it is up to the parents. out early should we start talking about money with the kids? >> is happening right now between the ages of three-five, identify coins and their value with your kids. you also want to discuss the difference between something that is free and something that costs money. you have to introduce this concept of work. i know it sounds terrible. also, the idea that you may have to wait for something you want. >> allowance, when i was a kid 50¢ or $1 per week but there were chores to do. >> a lot of experts say don't
5:46 am
tie the allowance to chores. make it something a little bit different. start paying the child allowance at age 6. it is a perfect time to explain that your child needs to make choices about how to spend money. look at you already spent on small discretionary items were child likes but doesn't need. think about an after-school snack. make it clear that the amount your giving replaces what you would have been spending on him or her. >> my 12 year-old thinks twice when she starts purchasing with her own money but with our money she doesn't care. what else should parents focus on? >> the easiest way to do this is what into a brick and mortar bank and open a savings account and the reason why you really
5:47 am
want to emphasize savings is we're doing a really bad job with our kids. a recent survey found 99 percent of our kids are not saving a penny of our allowances. this is although they earn an average of $65 per month. we need to help kids develop the habit of saving as early as possible. can help you talk your kids about money now matter what stage they are at and that money watch not, we do have a little bit more on allowances, what and when to pay. >> the parents need to set a good example. >> the only good news is you get a second chance with your kids to break your own habits.
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>> how about a look at the weather? the holiday has come and gone and it is the workweek >> we have some fog and low clouds along the shoreline and some drizzle as well. jupiter is a gleaming in the eastern sky. kind of a cool thing to show your kids. inland you wake up to sunny skies and here is why. i pressure is still in firm command of the eastern pacific. reading still in the '80s in the south bay. 88 in morgan hill. 82 in lost data. 75 in union city and 77 in san
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mateo. inland, the east bay is still in the low to mid 90's. 80 in vallejo, 77 in benicia. of by santa rosa, 88 degrees will do it. 82 in sonoma. oakland, 72 degrees. 65 in the city. the five day forecast, plenty of sunshine inland but a bit of a cooling trend begins today. as we look ahead, it stays that way right through the duration. the latest on the road, here is elizabeth >> the busy spots where we usually see more cars are starting to get busy. no big accidents or major
5:50 am
problems outside. on 880 everything is slowing nicely. it continues to move that way down towards a word. on the bay bridge, starting to stack up a little bit. they will likely turn on the metering lights here very shortly. to the other maps and live traffic cameras, 8008237, six minutes between 8008101. free and clear all the way toward zanker road. 18 minutes between the altamont pass and 680. allot of brake lights through the livermore area. a lot of slow drive time
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sensors under 25 mi. per hour especially from a street out towards of leverage. improvement towards pittsburgh- based point. really thick fog across the golden gate bridge. in the south bay, no incidents at all. >> when it comes to nutritional value bay area scientists say there is no difference between organic and conventional food. researchers at stanford and the palo alto v.a. analyze studies the. nutritionally only slightly more phosphorus was detected in organic food. researchers say that could impact shopping habits. >> on the basis of a belief about differences in health
5:52 am
outcomes i think the studies suggests there is not robust evidence that suggests much difference between organic and conventional food >> non organic increased exposure to pesticide residue by 30 percent but that is still within safe limits. >> the cheeseburger that just broke a world record. >> milestone for a cbs daytime favorite. ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,
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>> were starting out with temperatures in the fifties in the bay area but that will change quickly as we look to the
5:55 am
low 90s inland. the forecast is coming up in a few. >> it looks like we have an early morning back up because of a spa reported in one of the lanes. we're seeing an unusual large delay heading into san francisco. >> hollywood is remembering actor michael clark duncan, the six-foot five actor known for that deep voice and gentle demeanor died in an l.a. hospital over the weekend. he never fully recovered from a july heart attack. best known for his oscar- nominated role in the green mile with tom hanks. films like armageddon and kung fu panda and, as well. michael clark duncan only 54 years old. >> the longest-running game show in television history celebrate
5:56 am
another major milestone today. the current price is right is turning 40. the audience will be made up entirely of past winners. look for the 40th anniversary special at 10:00 a.m. right here on cbs five. some people can't help showing off behind the grill >> in minnesota casino decided to fire up to 1 t cheeseburger and it set a new world record. this behemoth burger served up on sunday tip the scales at more than 2,000 lbs. including 60 lbs. of bacon and 40 lbs. of cheese. >> the alameda county fair set the work world record for the largest hamburger last year that weighed in at 777 lbs.. >> how you cook it?
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>> it does not look appetizing to me. in the next half-hour, democratic distractions. >> a young man shot to death this morning, the very latest on the search for his killer. >> a bay area c,,,, a lot of people name their cars. mine should be sporty. maybe i'll give mine a name. something hot.
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