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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  September 7, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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reception range in cost from 1000 to $25,000, helping to fill the republican coffers, and well this election may be too close to call, right after the national conventions, in the race for money, the republicans are the clear winners. the super pak group supporting the president raise $65 million as of august, according to the daily beast. the republican super pak have out raise them 4/1, collecting a whopping $248 million so far. and the conservatives are ready to spend. >> as president cannot tell us that you're better off today than when he took office .. >> here in colorado where not better off under president obama .. >> mitt romney has just launched a four and a half million dollar advertising campaign, they are airing in eight swing states, please is expected to decide the presidential election, from florida to colorado. but the president is fighting
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back, hitting two key states in new hampshire and iowa, with the vice-president. >> tax cuts when times are good, tax cuts when times are bad, tax cuts to help you lose a few extra pounds ... tax cuts to improve your love life. it will cure anything according to them. >> that is not all, his former chief of staff, rahm emanuel, known for his aggressive fund- raising abilities, has made a move. he will head the democrats' biggest super pak, priorities usa. rahm emanuel is also considered to be a rainmaker on the scale of karl rove for the republicans, and he is also hitting up to separate superpacs for congressional candidates and posting his first event monday in chicago. he is heading up at 3 superpacs expected to raise millions of dollars and by the way, he is also the mayor of chicago so he will have a very busy campaign season. >> just for a little while longer. >> the coast guard tonight is
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closing in on the stolen boat believed to be carrying a man accused of abducting his children from south san fransisco, the sailboat was stolen from alameda. but spot and 50 mi. off the san mateo county coast this morning and is now being tracked by a coast guard airplane. linda yee is here with the latest on that search. >> the coast guard stands out san fransisco police detectives have been watching that sailboat and that man, from an airplane. they have made no attempt to contact them, they're afraid for the children that are on board, but there is possible news that they may be able to be rescued in the coming hours. >> the coast guard has been tracking the stolen sailboat all day, in waters 50 mi. off of the harbour in half moon bay. south san fransisco police confirm that the man had been looking for was spotted on the boat along with one of his children. this afternoon the anxious mother of the children got a call from detectives.
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>> it is still a waiting game, they told me that they have a claim in the air, but they're just watching him and it looks like he is slowly starting to go towards the shore so they're hoping that maybe he will try to refuel, and if they need to confront him they hope to do it on the shore rather than out in the ocean. >> the coast guard has deliberately kept their distance from the sale though because there is concern for the safety of the two and four year-old children. he is suspected of taking these kids from an escrow fund on tuesday. police said that he then stole a yacht from alemeda court. after 8:00 that night. the cell boat was spotted wednesday around 6:00 p.m. on the streets near vallejo. another boater confronted him, and he then took off. the boat was not spotted again until 4:00 a.m. by commercial fishermen in the waters off of the san mateo coastline. >> having heard the description on his marine band radio, he approached the vessel and made contact with the subject to was
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on the vessel. he had a short conversation, and then he left the vessel, and contacted the coast guard. >> police say that the fisherman spoke to that man, the man asked the fisherman if he could sell and some fuel, the fisherman said that he could not do it but instructed him to go on shore where he could get to a harbor and then get the fuel. so now tonight we know that he is probably low on fuel and that is why he may be heading back to shore. exactly where, we still don't know. but i can tell you that santa cruz police are on standby. >> thank you so much, joe vasquez continues the team coverage tonight, he sat down with the children's mother today. >> honestly, my emotions right now, i cannot describe how i feel. it is just, the anticipation and the nervousness of knowing that it is so close, yet i still need to wait. >> while she waits, she decides
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to pack a bag. for her two young children who are out on the ocean without any extra clothing or even their shoes, much less their favorite toys. >> for some reason my son loves this hyena. >> this is her ex-boyfriend, the father of their children, during happier times a few months ago. she said he recently started having mental problems and could not hold down a job and this year's they took money out of his bank account and oreville hospital money, he had been spending a lot of time in thailand. it got weird, and now this. he grabbed their kids and went out to sea. >> i'm afraid for my kids because if he's back into a corner, i am not sure what he is capable of doing. i hope that he will not harm my babies. >> she was at the courthouse tuesday afternoon getting a restraining order against him when he took the kids. she said that he broke into the backyard and wave that his daughter through the sliding glass door and she let him in any quickly grabbed one child under each arm and took off
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running. her mother was babysitting the kids at the time and confronted him and ended up falling to the ground, she is still hurting from those bruises. the phone has been ringing all day, but it is a call from a detective around 3:00 that brings her some news, she is told that a surveillance aircraft has spotted chris, but what about the kids? >> i asked if they were actually seen on the boat, but they could confirm their sightings and he said he was still waiting for confirmation about that. i just hope that they come out of the sun harmed and i really hoping that he just made this a fun trip for them and they are young enough to where they will not know what is going on. >> she left her home a short while ago to take her mother to the hospital to finally get those bruises attended to by someone at a hospital, and i have to tell you that there is a great deal of anxiety here, but she does not seem so much worried that he's going to hurt the kids, just that he is going to do something stupid to get them hurt, consider this, they left without shoes, there's no
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backpack that she knows of, not enough food. out in the elements, these are the questions that have her on pins and needles. >> usually when you set sail, he is sailing alone, he has to watch those kids, there's a lot that could go wrong. >> that is a great point, as linda mentioned, we have not seen the kids aboveboard, so they may be down below but what are they doing this whole time? that year-old is still in diapers, it is chaotic right now as they try to figure this stuff out. >> we'll the best for everyone, thank you. >> right now investigators are scouring a heavily wooded part of san bernadino county after a body was discovered there this afternoon. the remains were found near chateau drives and cameron road north of highway 101, len ramirez is there. >> this is a very remote area,
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in a eucalyptus grove that viewers may be familiar with as they drive down the monterey peninsula. it is here is that at about 9:27 a.m., a passer-by reported to 9 1 1 that he had found a body on a hillside. santa clara county crime scene investigators were also called to the scene. sources tell us that it is a female body, and that it appears the female victim was the victim of a homicide, they will not go into any more details than that. obviously with the sierra lamar case that is still open, that raises some questions. they are downplaying any possible connections to the sierra lamar case at this point but further investigation needs to be done to confirm that, this is an area that has not been touched by those search teams. >> we never ventured out as far south. that was only because we never had any information to link her possible disappearance to this
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area. so, we have not. >> crime scene investigators are on the scene, they have been here all day and will likely be well into the late hours tonight. they want to absolutely confirm that this is not a sierra lamar. they want to preserve any evidence that might be found in the area, if this is a homicide victim, as he believes, possibly from another area. >> is not sierra lamar, someone's daughter. hopefully they will figure it out. >> a driver accused of hitting and killing two cyclist in concord is expected to change his plea to guilty. police say that the 17 year-old david rosen struck a father and his two daughters on the sidewalk in april after he lost control of his s u v. the father and 9 year-old daughter both died. today prosecutors said that he would plead guilty to felony
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vehicular manslaughter later this month. >> police searching for a stolen car ended up on a manhunt in alameda county today. union city police say that car sped off when officers tried to pull over. eventually the car stopped near a park and a man and woman in sight of the car ran off. police caught up with them both and arrested them. >> a man shot and killed earlier this morning in east oakland on 105th street by birch streets. it is the '84, side of the year in oakland and the third killing within 24 hours. >> new details in a multiple homicide outside of vallejo. police say that the bodies of a man and woman were found inside of their home after neighbors heard gunshots. friends of the victims told us that the woman was pregnant. >> they're doing good, they kept to themselves, i cannot understand why someone would do that to them. >> distraught friends watched as police remove their bodies from a home where they were killed, a
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31 year-old man and 20 year-old woman shot to death, a toddler also in the house, the only survivor. the boy was not hurt. >> it is a shock, i cannot find the words. >> police were called a quarter after 9:00 thursday night. >> residents report of gunshots and we arrive on scene, we were directed to a residence here. >> this house and 100 block of atherton street. they found a couple dead inside and friends tell us that the woman was pregnant. however police will not confirm this. investigators spent more than 12 hours processing that scene and a towed to cars, one from the homes garage we'll worried neighbors watched from behind a police state. >> it is dramatic, i have kids and now we don't feel safe. >> police say that this was not random. those that knew the victims are baffled as to who would do this, and why, telling us that terror had just moved to the street a couple of months ago and were trying to turn their lives around. >> a good young man with a good
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heart, loved his family. his family was important to him and he did not bother anyone. >> police are searching for suspects, their only lead so far is two men wearing a hooded sweatshirts, they were seen running from the house. these are the 13th and 14th homicide victims in vallejo this year. >> clearing the way to skip school, why it is easier for children in one city to cut class and get away with it? >> a rule for dialing will soon be different, the extra digits in the bay area city, n.y. phone companies are running out of numbers so fast? >> this evening we are not running out of sunshine, meteorologist paul deanno here with a live look outside, the blue sky over mt. diablo, the only thing that could make it better is if we had this kind o,
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>> a judge ruled that former gov. arnold schwarzenegger did not break any laws when he issued a pardon only daisy 40 left office. he sparked controversy when he reduced the prison sentence for the son of a political ally. checkey bedford says the victim's family plans to keep fighting for justice. >> i am very disappointed. the attorney general's office fought for corruption and it won. >> the parents of a murdered college students just moments after losing their latest bid to overturn the former governor's commutation of the sentence of their son's killer. the attorney general's office defended arnold schwarzenegger in a sacramento courtroom today. >> where's the justice for our son? he was murdered. to conniving politicians got away with it. >> arnold schwarzenegger cut his sentence and have only hours before leaving office last year.
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he is the son of his political ally, fabian nunez. >> the one thing that we all agree with, is that what he did was the most egregious abuse of power anyone had seen. >> the judge called the former governor's action " repugnant, distasteful, and even abusive ". but he was well within his powers to commute bet sentence and did not need to notify the victim's family or the district attorney's office as the family argued. >> i think that the court is extremely wrong on its ruling at this point. >> while they lost the latest battle, the family says it will keep fighting. >> we're committed to keep fighting for justice. >> this is not over yet. >> the search for a walnut creek teenager missing for two weeks has hit a roadblock. christin ayers is here on the circumstances surrounding this case. >> this is an unusual case, we have a 16 year-old girl last
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seen on campus surveillance cameras on campus here at the high-school, on august 1/4 after 1:00 p.m. and has not been seen since and walnut creek police say the girl's mother has stopped helping with the investigation. she has now been missing for two weeks and her health could be at risk. she has a condition that requires that she take medication daily and authorities say that she may not be doing that. authorities suspect a relative or other adults may have helped her disappear. we checked at her mother's last known address but got no answer and police say that her parents do not have custody of her, they have been in touch with her parents say the mother has not been cooperating. her classmates and administrators at the high- school describe her as and a student, a quiet girl that would have been the last person to simply vanish. >> she was very friendly, and so her teachers really enjoyed her in class. and, like i said, she loved the
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high-school and love coming to school here. so again, our heart goes out to the family, and we just felt that she returned safely. >> students are getting together this weekend to plan an event to bring awareness to her disappearance, and walnut creek police of course are telling anyone with information about her disappearance ... >> thank you. >> funding cuts and layoffs forcing the san jose police apartment to disband its truancy unit. resources from the truancy abatement and burglary suppression units are being transferred out of the specialized squad. five total officers will be removed from that detail, and return to patrolling the streets. >> it is a department wide effort of redeploying officers back to the street. >> i think this program, for us, is a deterrent. it helps students understand that they need to stay in school and be in class and helps them
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make that right decision. >> some of the department's detectives are also being put onto the streets. there are now just 1100 officers to patrol san jose, a city of more than 1 million people. >> a phone number revamp headed to the south bay and if you are trying to call a 408 #, there's going to be extra digits. don ford is here with on what the changes will be made once october 20th all around. >> you'll be hearing much more of this if you live in the 408 area code because almost all of the numbers will soon be used up. the demand for phone numbers is being driven by the explosion of cell phones and other wireless devices. but according to the california public utilities commission, there are lots of other devices requiring numbers also. liked gas pumps that use credit cards, atm machines and point- of-sale devices, anything that
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has to verify a sale electronically. but they have a solution, they will overlay a new area coat 669, over the entire 408 area affecting cities from gilroy and los get us and all of up to san jose. >> i have had my cell phone number for at least 10 years .. >> no one loses their existing number but starting october 20th you will have to use the entire area code every time you dial. even if it is only across the street. philip is worried about losing business. >> what happens when the dial my number? without the 408 first? how many contacts will i miss from that? >> from fax machines to gates with security pads and dial up modems, please tell me you are still much using one of those, they will need to be reprogrammed sometime in the next five weeks. >> a dial up modem? that is so
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1990's. >> remember the original cell phones cyber this big? >> i think of them now. they are now paper rates, for a very large stack of papers. weather is perfect around here, you cannot get much better than this. if you like it warmer than normal, this is not your trend. if you wanted sonny, yes, mother nature is giving you that and we'll stay that way through the weekend. a little bit of a dip in temperature but a beautiful view outside right now with current temperatures, oakland down to 68 and san fransisco in the city only 62 with the average high of 73. we are 11 degrees cooler than average, san jose, if you degrees cooler than yesterday, and cedras are currently 77 degrees. high-definition radar up and down the 680 corridor, every road right now looking nice and dry. two days ago we had the rain but not this evening, blue sky for the coast and mainly clear for the bay and clear and mild in
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mind but everyone is running at least three to five degrees cooler than normal and there is a good reason for that, a big area of low pressure. you can see the counter clockwise swirl. and what that low pressure does, it feeds in the onshore flow in the pacific ocean, chile all year round so when we get the onshore flow, we typically stay near or below normal temperatures and that is what you're going to do tomorrow. redwood city topping out at 76 in fremont 77 and san jose in the upper seventies, mountain view as well. livermore 89 and san fransisco 65 degrees tomorrow. sunday, a degree or two cooler than saturday but still equally sunny with someone and cloud cover and next week the onshore flow decreases so we will be in the mid 70's for the bay and approaching 90 inland and we will have some sunshine for the coast. all in all a pleasant weather pattern albeit a few degrees cooler than normal. >> thanks. >> it can save money, but buying
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secondhand can also come with consequences.,,
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[ female announcer ] they can be enlightening.
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hey, bro. or engaging. conversations help us learn and grow. at wells fargo, we believe you can never underestimate the power of a conversation. it's this exchange of ideas that helps you move ahead with confidence. so when the conversation turns to your financial goals... turn to us. if you need anything else, let me know. [ female announcer ] wells fargo. together we'll go far. >> in tonights consumer watch, as the economy continues to struggle, more families are turning to consignment sales for back-to-school and baby necessities. >> but julie watts explains that there are some hidden dangers in
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buying secondhand. >> the hottest thing is what to buy. >> shopping for their 10 month old can be a bit overwhelming. consignment sales like this help them save money but second-hand shopping also comes with added risks. >> what do you do when you are consignment shop in to make sure that you're not buying something that has been recalled or is not safe anymore? >> that is a good question. >> a question that every parent should be able to answer as more than 6 million baby products were recalled last month alone. >> we have a rigorous inspection problem. >> jennifer explains that their defense reaweed out recall items, but not all second-hand sales to due diligence. so come prepared, research recent recalls. >> we have some recalls with this, it has been a big recall lately. >> she says that these recalls are easy to find on line, the consumer product safety commission even has their own
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application but just because there is no recall does not mean that it is safe, when it comes to second-hand items like cars seats, always ask questions. >> has this arson been in an accident, is it over five years old? if it is over five years old, there's a lot of construction a service to deteriorate. >> look for the sticker with a manufacturer date but if you're looking for a second-hand crib, that may be hard to find because many kurds are drop side and they have been recalled. >> taken to safe and save money, charlotte walk away with a full cart filled with items that her parents can feel good about. the event in santa rosa runs through sunday at the sonoma county fairgrounds, for more information or if you have a consumer problem and head to watch. >> obviously they could not be concurrently enrolled at st. andrews. >> taking federal tax dollars for years for phantom students.
6:28 pm
the drastic action by a bay area school district as the result of the cbs 5 investigation. >> trips to new york and las vegas and rooms at the fairmount and high-tech, just beginning. the lavish spending of taxpayers' money. >> the susan g. colman what is on the way, how much support ha,
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>> we are just getting video into the newsroom from monterey showing fbi agents going out to sea to track a south san fransisco father accused of abducting his two children on a stolen boat. the 43 year-old is believed to have taken his three year-old daughter and two year-old son from their mother's home on tuesday. this morning the stolen not that he is thought to be on was spotted 50 mi. off the coast of san mateo county. the coast guard has been keeping an eye on the boat as it gets closer to monterey but now they have boarded and are taking fbi agents out to sea. we are keeping an eye on this. >> for months we have reported on the bay area private schools receiving federal tax dollars for students that don't exist. the investigation began and we found students panhandling at
6:32 pm
bart stations. as a result of our efforts the school is taking drastic action. here is gracefully with a story that you will only see on cbs 5. >> when it came right down to it, the numbers just did not add up, so three months after we began the joint investigation with california watch, the oakland unified school district says that it is officially severing ties with st. andrews. just how many students the same and really have? we watched them counted one recent school day morning. 7:55 a.m., school open for business, 811 and the school white van pulled up and five students filed in. 8:30 a.m., to scramble in from the pastors house next door. two more rice. 8:58 a.m., another comes in from next door. 9:18 a.m., the van drops off five more, 15 students total, confirming what we discovered months ago and what an open
6:33 pm
unified school district investigation also concludes, that this private back-to school is fraudulently collecting tens of thousands of federal education dollars. for more than a decade they have claimed to have at least 195 students. we found in the last school year that they had fewer than 20. >> there were major discrepancies. >> the oakland unified school district spokesperson said that one question about romance numbers they produced a list of students that he says turned out to be wrong. >> at least 59 of the students that were listed as attending st. andrews were on our roster and over 30 of those students were on the u.s. the enormous for the entire year, and obviously they cannot be concurrently in rolled there and at st. andrews. >> the st. andrews attorney was unavailable for an interview but in this e-mail, he turns the tables on the district, claiming that they do not have accurate numbers either " there seems to be at least five numbers with
6:34 pm
corresponding birth states that do not match the list provided by santander ". >> he may have been able to find one or two incidents that does not begin to explain 59 cases. >> as a result, he says this. >> we will no longer be doing business with st. andrews. >> the story's not over yet. >> we have been approached by the fbi. >> basically their charges to make sure the federal funds are not being abused. >> the state department of education wants to look deeper into the open unified system itself, pushing up the timing of its biannual audit, to next month. one issue, they distribute federal one funds to private school children for consultants. california watch discovered that federal rules require those consultants to be highly qualified if their private school teachers, meaning that they have to have a bachelor's degree, teaching credentials, and subject matter competence, in the case of st. andrew, the
6:35 pm
federal funds go to the pastor's son, robert jr. and the pastor's wife. neither of them has any kind of teaching credential. flynn to insist that the district has done nothing wrong. >> since they're not making hiring decisions, we are not compelled to use the same standards that we would use for our schools. >> the district has decided to make some changes to beef up oversight, adding to staff members to monitor their private school program. >> we have instituted a minimum of three visits per year, on- site visits, as the standard, so that we could recognize some of the discrepancies that occurred in this case. >> st. andrews is still all about the numbers, on a recent visit the pastor told us that the whole snafu amounts to what he is calling an innocent clerical error by santander's staff. >> it was an error. everyone makes errors. why are you keep coming to our place of business and asking us
6:36 pm
questions? you are telling us that you do not believe what we are telling you. >> i spoke with their attorney and said they tried to be in compliance with the open unified school district money asked for a compliance packet he got no response. in the meantime the fbi has neither confirmed nor denied whether they have launched an investigation. but we have heard from several former santander parents, saying they received phone calls from the fbi and questions specifically about the school. in the newsroom, priestly, cbs 5. >> records obtained by air sister station show exactly how sacramento city employees use taxpayer money, everything from rooms at posh hotels to starbucks, the numbers go back five years. ben sosenko follows the money. >> fancy hotels, high-priced coffee and a whole lot pizza. the city of sacramento has spent big bucks on what critics call luxury items. >> this is very disconcerting and something that we will want
6:37 pm
to take a close look at. >> i on sacramento was appalled by some of the findings. >> my initial reaction was that i felt ill, >> city employees have taken a tour of america's hotel from coast-to-coast and a grand total of $365,000 on hotel visits. the have traveled to new orleans, new york, tampa, denver, and dallas to name a few, the step-and the fairmount and other upscale hotels. what happens in las vegas days in las vegas unless it shows up on a credit card statement for the city. employees stayed at the mgm, harrah's, and the palms. and they have been booked within easy driving distance from home in napa valley in stockton and even right here in sacramento. >> the idea of city employees staying in five-star hotels at taxpayer expense is pretty nauseating. >> the charges go beyond hotels. sometimes everyone needs a pick me up and it appears that city
6:38 pm
employees prefer starbucks. in the past five years they used city credit cards to spend $9,240 here. >> i'm sorry, go to dunkin donuts or by your own coffee. >> the city has spent a lot on pizza, matter how you slice it, a grand total of $88,840. a good portion of that pizza was purchased through the parks department and given to children. >> and tough times you need to make hard choices, and a hard choice here to make is to put the money first and foremost in to public safety. >> hundreds of people from across the country have come to the bay area for this weekend's susan g. colman breast cancer walker. the goal is to walk 60 mi. around the bay area in just three days. this event is all about bringing awareness to the community and raising money for breast cancer research and treatment. >> it was for my grandmother who passed away two months after i
6:39 pm
registered for my first event. and, she inspires me to continue my participation. >> 1200 people have come out for the event but participation is down 20% from last year, some donors refused to support the organization after the group briefly ended funding for planned parenthood. >> not something that can borrow wanted to hear, the bay area technology titan possibly competing for internet radio listeners. >> weeks after being caught on- >> weeks after being caught on- camera, naked, prince harry is
6:40 pm
6:41 pm
>> apple could give pandora some new competition. the technology giant is thinking of launching their own custom
6:42 pm
radio service, much like pandora. the service would work on all apple products and possibly even on a pc but since the company continues their battle with google, it will not be offered on the android service devices. pandora shares dropped 18% after the apple announcement. >> prince harry back in afghanistan flying helicopters on combat missions but this time the whole world knows it. his first tour of duty was cloaked in secrecy, a deal was made with the british press to protect harry and those fighting alongside him, from becoming prime targets, however an australian magazine blew his cover, many wonder if the third in line should be in an active war zone in the first place. as far as harry is concerned, the answer is " yes ". >> people tell me stories that i will never see active service, these people live in a ridiculous world, to even think
6:43 pm
that. i mean, our army nowadays, you cannot train people and then not put them into the position where they need them. the role they need to play. >> after his first tour of duty, the prince himself back into training, rising and rank, on this tour he is captain wells, apache helicopter pilot. >> he made a splash in london and now he is here in the bay area. what is motivating an olympian to teach safety around a swimming pool? >> good evening see you, i'm paul deanno with your forecast, the perfect evening for bbq and but the problem is you did not get to the store and time, as we look live outside right now, find out which we can day is going to be more miles. we'll have that forecast coming up. >> straight ahead, the shocking news out of the nfl, and we're not going to bury the lead here, the dodgers are in town for a huge,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> kids in the south they will
6:47 pm
have the chance for a free swimming lesson from the olympic gold medalist colin jones, he will host the event in san jose to teach water safety to children. here is why. the two-time olympian nearly drowned at a water park when he was 5 years old. and now jones is on a mission to make sure that kids learn to lifesaving skills. >> kids are going to get near water, i do not care if you are afraid of your child being in water, they will get near water, it is hot, especially in san jose, and kids want to be in the water so we need to get them water safe. >> up to 300 children, participate in the free lessons tomorrow, three starting at 9:00 a.m. at san jose fare swim center. the three-time olympian rowdy gaines will also be on hand for a pep rally during the festivities. very generous of both of them. >> the last one in the pool is a rotten egg, it is warm enough for the pool >> this will be a fantastic weekend, the onshore flow cooler
6:48 pm
than normal but that is fine, it is the worst time of year and the driest time of the year and it is gorgeous, happy friday to you, the weekend is here and look outside, blue skies at mt. diablo and the east bay, and in locations in drawing temperatures in the '80s on saturday and sunday, some of you in livermore may approach 90 degrees. we will look at the radar, we have some activity earlier this week, we're dry, other typically dry areas are not. let me take you to apache junction arizona where the have been dealing with monsoon moister for the past couple of days and this is the result, dangerous stuff, look at the rainfall totals, how often of an inch falling, that soil can hold athat rain, day after day of thunderstorms rolling through so as we enjoy sunshine and blue skies, your friends and neighbors to the south and eastern arizona, the desert, is not right now .. look at what we have going on this weekend, dry and beautiful, art and wine and sun shined combines to one nice
6:49 pm
event in mountain view with sunny skies and temperatures in the seven is coming up this weekend. the marine layer is still prevalent, sitting just off shore, waiting for the evening at to be finished before pushing back in tonight. it will be back in and we will have fought for the bay and the coast coming up overnight tonight. our weather for the next seven to 10 days, is going to be dominated by this, some counterclockwise swirling, upper level area of low pressure sitting offshore, it will stay basically in the same location for the next several days and what that will do is give us a light onshore flow, a counterclockwise flow around every low pressure area and because of the location of to the west, it feeds in the onshore flow and that will give us a morning cloud cover especially at the coast, but a lot of the afternoon sunshine and the days are going to be brilliant, the days are going to be comfortable, highs in the seventh for the bay and 80s inland for the next several days, not the offshore wind that we typically get in september, a light to moderate onshore flow.
6:50 pm
temperatures staying a few degrees below normal. still quite comfy, 764 palo alto and mountain view, 78 in san jose and a word. 70 degrees. mid 80s in danville and walnut creek, fairfield 90 degrees, petaluma 79 and 7 cisco 65, alameda and san leandro and oakland all around 70 degrees. more of the same sunday, a degree or two cooler but equally pleasant with highs approaching 90 next week with sunshine inland and mid-70s for the bay and mid-60's for the coast.,,
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
>> id is orange friday, it is september baseball, it is the dodgers in town for the last time this season. and yes, the giants have a 425 game lead in the west with 25 games to play over those very dodgers. leading off the pregame pictures at at&t park, the rivalry is always the fairest but this is the first time in eight years that the two teams are fighting for the division, coming down the stretch. we found out earlier today that the giants are well aware. >> every time you play the
6:54 pm
dodgers there's definitely a little bit of excitement there. you can sense it on the field and in the clubhouse and in the stands, with the fans. a very intense series and we will be ready for them. >> in just a few hours this entire place will be packed with rabid giants fans. you are playing left field, can you really feed off of that energy? >> definitely, that is what helps play well at home, we have had a few of games in the past couple of weeks but overall when we come home, and we know the fans are behind us, that raises the intensity level for us. >> that came at 7:15 p.m.. usually in the real world, if it is managed and against the employee, mannesmann always wins, until now, a shocking turn of events, the bounty gate suspensions have been overturned by an nfl free member appeals panel. the league reinstated all four players, just minutes after the
6:55 pm
appeal when throat, currently there are three teams, playing in the league. one of them was cut by green bay, the ruling comes two days before the full slated weekend one game is definitely a setback for the man that delivered the suspensions, the commissioner roger goodell. stanford stud linebacker, no. 11 here, suffering a season-ending knee injury last year, will finally be back on the sidelines this saturday as the cardinals host duke. he was ready for the season opener against san jose state and was serving it one game suspension for a d u i. the 2010 leading tackler cannot wait to get back on the field after a painstaking year of being an observer. >> my heart will definitely be pounded out my chest in anticipation and excitement. now to finally be back after a year, i'm ready to jump out of my skin. hopefully my play this weekend will show how much i have missed
6:56 pm
it and how excited i am to be back on the field. i am still the same guy, i'm ready to not heads on saturday. >> speaking of knocking heads, this boxer is 25/0 as a pro with a multiple title in the super weight division but it seems like he always needs to fight to gain respect from the casual french boxing fan, the 28 year- old oakland native will take on one of his toughest challenges yet, tomorrow night against heavyweight champion had gone send, winner gets both titles, a defining moment for ward who is hoping that a dominating performance against boston will silence his critics. >> they see me on the outside and they see something soft. they think it is not what it is really is. and they think that the national tournaments, a think the gold medal, they think that everything we've accomplished to this point was just given.
6:57 pm
and, the have to understand that we worked hard to get to this point and will work even harder to stay at this point. >> maria sharapova taking on the no. 1 seed victoria, she took the first set convincingly but her opponents did not go away quietly, she stormed back to take the next two and beat the fourth time grand slam winner. she is stepping into the final, and the players' box as serena williams took on an italian player. it was night unfair. she dominated winning 6/1, on an ace, the final tomorrow at 5:00 here on cbs. >> she just blow her away.,,,,,,
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
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