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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 730am  CBS  September 9, 2012 7:30am-8:30am PDT

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faugh a deadly pipeline blast that destroyed a neighborhood how the city of san bruno mark the two-year anniversary and some changes in the works for pipeline safety. our restless sea for two kidnapped children and the suspect is their own father next authorities made made charges for the man who they say is behind deduction. another republican nominee for vice president paul ryan cashes in on the bay area the type of leadership promises with the gop win the white house. thanks for joining us. we have a lot of talk and news in the next hour the democratic national convention is over the big questions still
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remained out of bill clinton once been the savior of the party again that's a lot of people are talking about including the former san francisco mayor of willie brown. at the chronicle also joe was there a given as the and sets of both parties in the week before. survivors of the a deadly pipeline explosion and san bruno will mark their two-year anniversary. will talk about that's a little later on in the broadcast with the assemblymen jury held the blast killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes when 50 people were also injured pg&e expects to pay more than $1 billion in civil settlements and possible fines in connection with the explosion holding a remembrance ceremony tonight at 5:00 p.m. at the sand and a city park to mark the anniversary. , a few minutes joining us to discuss the rebuilding efforts
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in san bruno. the republican nominee paul ryan starts prepping today for his debates against the vice presidential candidate in the current vice-president the been the bay area this week and the hefty amounts of campaign cash. the former forty-niner jones posted a breakfast invented as woman dentist today republican congressman a spot on the patio taking post with guess who donated at least $10,000 to his campaign. i think he's great is very friendly to everybody he's like the common person. he's the guy that i think can really appeal to the reagan democrats and independents out there. he then added to close mountain view headquarters to most of the attack with camping volunteers in forcing states states explain why he believes the federal welfare programs
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need to be reformed. to win last week and prevent pre-emptive debt crisis center in like occurring in europe if we stick to the same plant that president obama is promising we have the same results. that's the kind of leadership for providing. they're set to debate at center college in danville kentucky on october 11th. far from california political money-making machine this weekend mitt romney and president obama both began rallying their voters in support of crucial states along the east coast. the cbs reporter shows us how the candidates kicked off the coast convention blips. mitt romney handed out dogs to voters in virginia estate or his deadlock with president obama. earlier he used the backdrop at a military aviation museum in virginia beach to focus on the
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lead defense cuts. greta the kind of numbers of jobs lost in virginia from these cuts is between 102 and a thousand i will not cut our military i will maintain a military commitment. also took aim at friday's drop report say that the president doesn't have it takes to turn the economy around. he doesn't have a plan or any ideas but we have to make sure he doesn't have any more days in the white house after january. president obama greeted voters on his bus tour it and keep the crowds did come to florida he challenged the republican claim that the country is headed downhill. when our opponents say this nation is in decline they're dead wrong. this is america. good of the president's position himself as a champion of the middle-class and that america's basic bargain is at stake. we're the party that says if you work hard it will pay off the bargain that says responsibility
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will be rewarded and everybody has a fair shot. ad campaign is expected to intensify until election day with fewer than 10 percent of voters still undecided one of the closest presidential contests in recent history. president obama plans to make one fund-raising swing to the bay area his visit on october 8th will be similar to his appearance at the masonic center in san francisco back and debris. so far he's raised more than $30 million in california making the golden state biggest single source of contribution to the obama campaign nationwide. when the reported $90,000 of that has been from employees and others and the university and california. a preview of 60 minutes interview with president obama moderate in from washington d.c. this morning. mitt romney is running a to be on the show on face the nation
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at 8 30 here on cbs 5. the investigation continues this morning after a woman is killed by it out of control truck and walnut creek. the girl also severely injured in that accident a pickup truck ran into them on the sidewalk police say that about 650 and thus that the truck careened into a group walking on north main street in the marriott hotel the woman down into the street and that the seeing the girl and a parking lot and had severe head injuries and the driver is now under a rest. amid a crime trends on the peninsula locked corridors will not stop burglars and palo alto or to 07 teen cars are broken into this week between wednesday and then stay some of supercomputers and personal items from cars parked downtown as well as at the stanford shopping center. they even made it inside of the car trunk. if they want can they will find a way weather it's smashing the windows had think as
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consumers we just need to be smarter and hide our stuffs and protect ourselves better. " how to please think the burglaries' a connected with the thieves didn't seem to be targeting any specific type of vehicle. tomorrow law-enforcement will meet with prosecutors to decide whether to change the charges it's the man accused of the of conducting his own kids. critics say christopher took the children as crawford house on tuesday that he allegedly put them on a stolen yacht and alameda and hit out the golden gate and down the coast. the coast guard tracked the boat and went into action a bride and the boat headed away from monterrey. because the rocky terrain of the coastline there's no place for the boat to get fuel or anchor so being that it was going to be night time and two small children on board the watch to ensure the safety of them. with children ages 2 and 3 looked ok to authorities that their grandmother said the they looked malnourished the father currently charge of kidnapping
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child endangerment and parental objection. coming up what's next for sandra's not as the market to your anniversary of the explosion but the assembly and join us live. what some call the big comeback the former president dazzles the democratic convention but what may be his new role in the november election. again today after the weekend weather system thwarts the best tennis players in the world. its been unusually cool in the bay area the past 24 hours and will continue that way today the changes are ahead after today. ,,,,
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,, looks like it's going to start a so little um, but i uh... (interupting) oh okay - okay yup that's fine. excuse me - sorry.
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yes! vo: from the new, to the hard to find: welcome back the winds u.s.
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open final has been delayed until today because of severe weather. yesterday's storms despondent to traders in the new york city area one to historic beachfront community of breezy 0.15 mi. southeast of manhattan a second followed moments later about 10 mi. away and residents said the they're pretty rattled. we saw huge twister tornado coming at us with her manager said run into the room which circuit greenroom its concrete sweet just ran in there a lot of people were emotional crying and shook up. at the u.s. open heavy rain and strong wind forced a delay in the late afternoon officials actually evacuated the stadium suspended matches until today and turning to the weather locally in the bay area we are expecting morning fog but it's going to recede giving way to sunshine later in the day. take a live look out side at ocean beach with not a lot of
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fog out there this hour of the temperatures are in the '50s all around the area covered 55 degrees and 55 at san francisco airport and here's the rest of the forecast. good morning. the u.s. open delay the satellite picture is a day old but the line of showers and thundershowers that developed and in newfoundland and accretive nasty weather out there with tornadoes and thunderstorms and heavy minutes moved offshore with the potential for lingering showers. for us as we have the door and it's going to be in some spots along the shoreline sunshine and a spots the low cloud cover in the bay area with some sunshine mixed with local cover inland mostly sunny and the temperatures begin today mostly in the mid-50s to the 60s with a low pressure in command of the pacific and as a result of members of the been unusually cool 10 degrees cooler than
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average than this time of year and sent to discuss yesterday's record high was 101 degrees set back in 1904 we're aware of that mark now because we just don't have the offshore conditions that would lead to warm weather sir colin to continuously monitor and the bay area today showing the low cloud cover pack and along the shoreline a little bit but the and sunshine and to day one local cover today and let tonight keeping things mile along the shoreline and the bay area a looks warm the central valley if they're going to lake tahoe and that will be 79 degrees and 73 in yosemite and eureka hitting 61. if you're really headed out of the bay area tomorrow expect low cloud cover a high of 6952 data
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los angeles denver chicago or new york lots of sunshine with temperatures in the mid '80s for the southland and back in the bay area the numbers will be unusually cool for this time of year it is supposed to be the warmest of the year in the bay area but not what happened today slowly beginning to increase the numbers in the east bay. as we looked agenda 5 day forecast and as the numbers and begin to come up again next thursday and printable be back in the mid-90s inland and the bay area and the numbers are weaker be the mid-70s and the coast pretty much the mid-60s. have a great sunday. we're two years later sandra continues to rebuild after the massive pipeline explosion. for more on the anniversary and the efforts to reform the status the
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assemblymen joins us now. a lot of people are wondering in the two years since the explosion what changes have been made to prevent another one of the is happening. greta the happen changes made certain the but the one conclusion i've come to is that it was just a matter of time if it did happen sandron or happen summer house and i can still happen with five and a spots around the pg&e system that could cause and have the same circumstances that existed in san bruno that could develop into a problem. the main difficulty is that the consumer protection six division came out with a report in a filing last week that determined pg&e sculpture still has not changed their still incentivizing profits over safety and still not doing the work that's necessary to change the culture from one of profit to safety and that's the major
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problem from the report that they can up with. they're saying that slogan is inching closer aside the rim nothing has changed and that's the rub problem. the legislation and sacramento they fought hard to kill all the safety provisions. the prior to san bruno the california public utilities commission and some consumer watchdog groups are not paying attention to safety was about rates and money and go to this means and it was always about rates and money and not about safety so are they doing to ensure the five and a different spot possibly can add the crate them as far as trying to fix them it's a slow process in the city of san bruno with took minutes to each true to character reposed in santa ana
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to the infrastructure was so neglect for some years to win the take years and decades before it can be resolved to put our we feel safe and that there's a comparable and that's the troubling part of diverted hundreds of millions of tons of millions of years from safety operation and maintenance to profits and bonuses and that hasn't changed. the profit incentive is the driving force for much of the bonus program for executives. one of addresses the issue of trying to distance and a vast profits because of limited utility can increase their profits is to cut expenses. how to pass the law to change it the billeted that they were able to strike it down and take of the bill the part that would change from focusing on profits
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to focusing on safety. isn't that what we have these people appointed jennifer aniston the operation to keep utilities and line and let's go and on their critical the had there was designed to take that out of their hands and course them in to that with the bill did not look to them that authority but they have the authority all along initiative exercise that authority. we have three members as to talked about before and they think of doing a marvelous job of transferring the money to the right thing to report recently out lance these changes as the first time i've seen them so critical of the utility i seen fit to request that a much better system is and take a long time in take vigilance at all or parts and that's the key. in the meantime have a lot of neighborhood sitter frankly sitting on ticking time bombs to
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what to say that the people that concerned at any moment and give a couple of it is possible but we're hoping that that doesn't happen and that pg in the public utilities commission reduce the pressure of lines said it doesn't have the stress level that causes the problems so we're looking for to that area but there thousands of miles of pipe is to be expected there's a plastic pipe that's out there that cause the explosion cupertino and rose for lester that the @ beets and inspected and replaced in many areas and have it started. the lot of questions are who is going to pay for that. keep an eye on it because you they got quite explosions happened and two years later returned to move on behalf to secure an eye on it to get the culture changed at the state warren pg&e.
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in tampa the republican argument against the president's reelection was actually pretty simple pretty snappy and let something like this will have to natomas can clean it up fast enough self fire him and put us back in. one of many memorable
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zingers by the former president's bill clinton at the democratic national convention at least 25 million people tuned in to watch it more than the nfl kickoff came although i did hear a show give him a run for his money and fortunately. clinton set to campaign for president obama in miami this tuesday and his new nickname may be explainer and chief but the clintons returned this is just a couple of years ago with the last convention were he was kicked to decide to make way for the new democratic party solicit them the political insider and former mayor willie brown and a first question is the parents and charlotte pope clinton signaled a big return that this guy four years ago were talking about him so much so what brought them back? need absolute need. he was obviously the right guy
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at the right time for a party that if you had been in ship. he brought back and carries with him some of the energy and the spark of the democratic party. quit the democratic base the sky like the kennedys could own because they had the complete package the symbol for all of the things with cesar chavez and bobby kennedy and bill clinton is that to every other aspect of the democratic party. what would he be willing to do in the next couple of months because obama cannot win this election alone had i don't think joe biden could give him extra votes. clinton will be the chosen surrogate for every one of the hard-pressed democratic base in
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colorado and nevada and in a high of and pennsylvania it to be put bill clinton. the look at clinton and obama and mitt romney there's not much difference in the script so what is it about the clinton delivery the maxim that oldest of the political world. clinton has a natural gift of communicating. the talk about difference in words heat there is a difference in words clinton's words are called to syllable his words are all understandable by the homeless guy. he appears to be speaking only to the homeless guy or only to the cab driver he appears to be talking only to one person. every person and the room believes he's talking directly to them. why don't more politicians understand that.
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or what happens when you gonna stage it's a gift you really i learned early on i have no idea where it came from but i knew that i had to pick people out in the audience to whom i was speaking i was not speaking to the crowd. i was always speaking to one person in the audience. usually was at an attractive woman. i also think the big appeal with clinton right now said he reminds people of good days economically the '90s we were at a boom time and everyone was feeling good but also underscores a great communicator and in both political parties did not a big bunch for that. when to get past obama to read going to send out its bill clinton bring him back the comeback kid is back and bigger than ever coming up more about the
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san bruno marking the two-year anniversary of the pipeline explosion greta a luxury boxes stacked up before the stadium is even finished how much the team made and the best seats in the house with the republican nominee for vp how much people if the chance to spend time with them in the bay area. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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finally allowed to go home the residents evacuated from the big wild fire burning in two northern california counties. self forty-niner fans shelling out big bucks and the team's new home in santa clara. a closer look at defense spending is out of the wood projects now under the microscope. good morning. we had to lot to me that the next half-hour including an inside look to both the democratic and republican national conventions a couple of weeks for politics. returning from the convention with the reports. residents continue to rebuild after massive pipeline exploded in san bruno two years ago. it's been two years since that day and it's gonna be
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remembrancer many tonight at the san bruno city park and killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes eight of the homes have been entirely rebuilt and others are in various phases of construction right now is settled multiple lawsuits of against the company in the wake of the explosion but a larger set of similar cases this set to go to trial in january. a massacre of fire in northern california's going to 28 square miles the sixth teen complex fire is actually a couple of super fires burn within a few miles of each other and cassette and yolo county. they said the fire is the 71 percent contained with no structures damaged but some people that live nearby were allowed to return home yesterday. more bay area headlines in tomorrow to prosecutors in several agencies on what charges to pursue against the man accused of conducting his own children. authorities said christopher
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took his children from his girlfriend's house on tuesday put them on a stolen yacht and headed south toward monterey. the coast guard rescued the kids and the father is now under arrest. berkeley student could soon get a seat in the city council. measure are causing district lines to be redrawn to the neighborhoods where the students are will be included. it was a lack of votes that it was prohibited. it could be allowed to stand occupy the seat of the student council in 1984. if sold 67 $70 million worth of seats and luxury boxes for the new stadium now under construction. 70 percent of current ticket holders went and committed to keep their spots this the most of the seats still available are at the upper reaches of the stadium is set to open in two years.
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republican nominee paul ryan starts preparing today for his debate against the vice- president joe biden. it left the area this weekend with a hefty wad of campaign cash hosting a breakfast event in his den go home and republican congressman was spotted in the patio is taking for his work best set of donated at least $10,000 to the campaign. campaigning key battleground states this weekend were mitt romney was in virginia speaking at a military aviation museum concentrating on fridays tete the jobs report claiming the president cannot turn the economy around. mean while president obama mated to a bus tour through florida to respond. he doesn't have a plan or any ideas and we have to make sure he does have any more days in the white house after january. our opponents say this mission is in decline they are dead wrong.
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this is america. the president is positioned himself as a champion of the middle-class and they show us then 10 percent of voters are still undecided. a new round of congressional scrutiny for spending by the pentagon. a key senator is looking close the projects that he considers to be of questionable value. . greta the official mission of the defense department is to protect national security. he might be some process that as part of the mission your tax dollars for new workshop about alien to star trek and cattle did jesus died for clean loans to is just one question will project under the microscope a fiscal conservative senator tom taking the rat been to cut to ceases no-brainers. weaken of justice any fighter planes as we need in as many ships we need when the
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nuclear arsenal we need and just as many troops if we take the waste and duplication and ridiculous this out of the pentagon. says the pentagon funds microbreweries and on base the liquor stores in the u.s. this would in detroit after taxes winetasting said i'll call for parties and also pays to remove skunks from golf courses. some expenses that sounds silly are supporting small towns to provide vital services and quality of life programs to the all volunteer force. the the defense secretary agrees the budget could be slashed without sacrificing national security. there is a strategic in fiscal imperative that is driving the department the smaller and leaner and more agile force and that's a reality. they may take a look at research and development the defense to present more than everyone other federal agency
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combined $73 billion this year alone. and not all that is directly related to national security. military money help developing i-phone applications help people manage their caffeine intake. witt out to be less important in the defense of our country with a full report cannot soon into of the department of everything and shout out 85 billion defense dollars will be saved pay the state over 10 years and to 5 billion would come if the pentagon could only audit itself which hasn't been able to do get to the 22 years the law has required it. enacted and surgeons killed at least 44 people and a wave of attacks against security forces. a car bomb struck a group of police are corrupt running way to jobs and a state run oak company seven records for killed and 17 wounded. against zero stormed an army
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outpost killing 10 soldiers and another one. to 5.6 magnitude earthquake said on friday killing at least 81 people and injuring hundreds of others and the aftershocks are causing problems for rescuers trying to deliver tents and other supplies with to aftershocks serious ones since friday's twin earthquakes. coming up next hits and misses in the big party conventions the santa fiscal chronicled in an instant. breast cancer survivors and decked out in pink the bay area push to find care. could a but first a reason to stop counting calories for the day something to tempt your sweet tooth a candy giant celebrating one of its 60 years in the bay area. cool in the bay area lately 10 degrees cooler than the average this time of year and after a little bit of a cooling trend in the bay area a mild day
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to day warming up tomorrow with the details coming up. ,,,,,,,,
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an excuse to take a break from you that this weekend it's the only way to be able to sample a sweet but still in san francisco happening today the 17th annual truxel festival put on by the garrett delhi chocolate company. this week against class was in session that talk a professor and also at tasting that. chocolate's with wind. how californians can you get this is drinking chocolate its excellent very rich. everything is delicious it's a great day. they are celebrating their 100th 60th anniversary and now were going to take a look at the bay area weather because i know everyone is excited to get up and going with lots of sunshine
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today. a live look outside my know at the golden gate bridge is not a lot of fog from that picture a gorgeous start and temperatures will be warming throughout the day of the rest of the 10. forecast. the sierra at picture is about a day old but the line showers and thundershowers the development of our new england had created nasty weather out there with tornadoes and thunderstorms that moved offshore with the potential for lingering showers we hope that the need it done today. out the door some spot on the shoreline sunshine and look up from the backing of the bay area and some sunshine mixed with local cover the temperatures begin to to a
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mostly in the mid fifties to the '60s with the low pressure in command of the pacific and as a result the numbers of been unusually cool 10 degrees cooler than average this time of year sent to discuss yesterday's record high was one of 1 degrees set back in 1904. were way off the mark because we don't have it offshore conditions that will determine the warm weather so we will continue mostly modern around the bay area today. in the future cast sean in the low cloud cover on the shore line a little bit but then sunshine and more low cloud cover coming in later tonight keeping things mild and out of the bay area looks woman the central valley 92 redding and 87 at eureka who hit 61 degrees is not that a typical summer day
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for the great valley that if you're headed out of the bay area tomorrow at 7 fiscal airport and a high of 69 and los angeles lots of sunshine out there in the temperatures in the mid '80s and southland at lax. in the bay area numbers will be unusually " this time of the year it still plenty warm and the numbers to be the low 80s it antioch and pittsburgh and in the north face 76 in santa rosa and 57 of the take a pay and 68 for oakland and as we look ahead in the five to forecast the numbers and and began to come up again next thursday and friday will be back into the mid-90s inland in the bay area numbers so we could be the mid- 70s and the coast and in much the mid-60s.
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you didn't elect me to tell me what you wanted to hear you elected me to tell you the truth. will the prime temperature the democratic national convention expecting the party's nomination this week and a bus tour through central florida this week and the presence of create more jobs on the top office to do less. for more on the highlights of the convention the symptoms " chronicle joining us now with a big week last week. so tell us some of the highlights. a couple the favorite the clinton speech was the centerpiece of the campaign which is odd because he's not the president to what the significance was talking delegates say what he gave me was a way to explain the last four years. the volunteers on the phone banks are saying how can i explain what's going on and he gave them the words to do that. and at the convention is about there's to 0.1 to sell the
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public that into the kitchen in the air great job the second one is to sell the party itself to the delegates and going into the convention of alma-ata cells die with his own party. enthusiasm cap was the word of the week. how to do this how to wrap things up and there was a marginal boost by the end of the week we will see the time of tella next couple of weeks. good looking and the faces of the crowded republican convention reverses the democratic convention again your speaking to acquire its glorified pep rally you really have to bomb to half the room be dead. what have you thought most crystallize the message that they will take that up there. he is political street credit has been the president
8:17 am
presided over prosperity and said nobody could fix things over four years and no other president could've done that if he needs four more years to do it and he put his own record on the line in doing that. sort of a personal testimonial. criticisms of the was a lot of talk try the of the party faithful up to get the undecided voters of telling them to volunteer with said that the e- mails immediately after the speech i think the president sent someone up before the speech as you know this is a staged events and were some of the stage and going on with the delegates and said the convention to keep things pumped? the stuff that's off camera
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they are always people who are given incredible speeches were not in prime time that is to the red meat speeches the people on television in prime time to wasn't as much mitt romney bashing is a little more control early folks are going harden gay-rights in our abortion rights and contraceptive stuck. they would ban on the social issues which seemed to be little taboo. and all i don't know if you were there but what was going on and the great revokes came when and whether or not to put god back in the platform the present and the convention he says the uncomfortable position of cleanup there to say let's go vote yes or no god in jerusalem the convention this is sausage
8:19 am
making you've never seen. that ran for years to the city never do this the stuff to put new platform has to be controversy free soon never to this and this is chaos. and all you couldn't tell whether it was mr. know but they had ticket got back into the plot from as to that video moment for the mayor. what about the party that's trying to sell itself as the middle class and of the split vote about whether god should be proven right it's a bad thing and i'm sure will see it in campaign commercials. luckily for them they had the clinton speech that metacritic and forgot about that. but that video lives on he took an analysis like
8:20 am
that with anybody else will be right back. ,,
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secure in san francisco kicks off in less than an hour this as hundreds of people wrapped up their three day breast cancer walk at support participation is down 20% from last year after the group briefly ended funding for planned parenthood. so far this center to score chapter raised more than one and $40,000 for breast cancer research down from $212,000 last year. still everyone involved is looking for a cure for breast cancer. how they are raising awareness about the disease. mother and a law passed of
8:23 am
breast cancer seven years ago. greta this week and the kickoff of the susan g. coleman 3 day breast cancer walk at with 12 and the people covering 60 mi. of the bay area and three days all for research for a cure. becky was one of the first to arrive. raising awareness of breast cancers a woman gets cleaned and checked and raising funds to support breast cancer research and support some women who don't have access to good health care. it's about bringing awareness to the committee and the country about women dealing with breast cancer. stacy came all across the country it was for my grandmother who passed away two months after a registered for my first event. and sausalito the welcome to it's a great cause an important cause and it affects all of us. there are four key events like this in cities all across america leading cause of death
8:24 am
among women worldwide and its extra special for dr. phillips in october i will be celebrating four years cancer free as a breast cancer survivor it makes a wonderful difference to see some people come up here and share in my goal of the world without breast cancer. coming up one look at this morning's top stories including the city of san bruno marking the two-year,,,,,, ,,
8:25 am
this morning's top stories the survivors of the a deadly pipeline explosion sent for new markets to your anniversary today the blast killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes
8:26 am
holding a remembrance ceremony to make it o'clock at san bruno city park. prosecutors and law- enforcement officials meet tomorrow on what charges to pursue against a man accused of the protecting his own children and the allegedly taking the matter still not before being intercepted by the coast guard. battling it out over the weekend visiting crucial swing states mitt romney focused on the jobs report and president obama showed his support for the middle-class. catch the interview with president obama on the face the nation and the news continues for us on the c. w. network jumping over to channel 44 cable 12 a back-to-school could be headed for kids to the classroom factors that trigger painful migraines in teenagers starting at 830 this morning. a last look at the weather with a live look outside not allow fog there's the city of san francisco with that temperatures in the '50s right now warming up throughout the
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day. up to the mid '80s in some areas and plenty of sunshine. finally the classy version of an extreme vacation. the secret service agent in las vegas he could be anything you want to be las vegas. a three day trip based on the james bond lifestyle start to the limo ride from the airport along with martinis also stop at the las vegas motor speedway where you could drive seven laps and a 43 f 43 g t the pricetag for to people $6,800. thanks for joining us. face the nation up next. were jumping over to the c. w. network for more news. ,,
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