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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  September 10, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> police activity impacting traffic in the city of fremont. street closures you need to know about >> a tragic ending to the search for a missing lafayette teenager. the outpouring of support of bret colson. >> we will pinpoint the day that it will top off in the mid-90s. >> good morning everyone. >> it is 601, we want to start with breaking news, police activity is closing some streets in fremont. we will take a live picture right now at that area. we're told it is affecting some streets in that area and elizabeth has been tracking it
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this morning >> this is a residential neighborhood in fremont just a few blocks east of the nimitz freeway. we were first alerted to this around 315 this morning when a neighbor wrote us and said there were police on the scene and they heard someone firing off gas canisters. there are police and fire and paramedics on the scene. they have the yellow tape blocking the roadways at gitano park drive and don way. it is closed for at least a few blocks in that neighborhood. we will let you know as soon as we find out more about exactly what is going on and let you know. let's go out towards our maps and westbound 580 coming through the altamont pass, a few brake lights now. the drive time is in the yellow so that is one of the slow spots as well as highway 4 really backing up now.
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even though the road is open after the full freeway closure overnight. >> lafayette is mourning the death of a young man who had been missing for one week in the central valley. >> alissa harrington is in lafayette where a memorial is planned. >> that memorial is planned for tomorrow night at 7:00 worked 20 year-old brett olson graduated back in 2010. he was a student at cal poly but grew up in the east bay here in lafayette. he was in the chico area over labor day weekend for an annual flow along the sacramento river. he was with his friends but was separated from them in an area called peter can beach. there is no sign of foul play, it appears that he drowned who
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launched a search for olson that included handing out fliers, creating a facebook page and even offered a $50,000 reward. the community of lafayette really came together to support his parents. some restaurants in town held benefits and a lot of those flyers ended up in store windows. some people even drove to the chico area to help look for him. >> when you think of him you think of a guy who makes a silly face in a picture, the person who was always there to put a smile on someone's face >> a message was posted on the let's bring brett home facebook page yesterday evening from his parents. part of it thank all of those who came together to show support. part of it read " you filled us
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with love this week which we will carry with us the rest of our lives ". a candlelight vigil will be held here tomorrow night starting at 7:00. definitely a lot of people are very upset. we're hoping he will come home safe. that discovery yesterday along the sacramento river,. >> authorities are still uncertain about the motive behind and fathers abduction of his two young children. their father was taken into custody after he had taken the kids on a three day odyssey on a stolen yacht off the waters of monterey. he is now being held on $200,000 bail. a memorial service is set for the highway patrol officer gunned down next week. kenyon youngstrom died the day after he was shot during a traffic stop in alamo.
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moments later his partner killed that shooter. it is thursday morning at 10:00 at the mission church in vacaville at 6391 leisure town road in vacaville. a reception will follow in the church gymnasium >> a driver accused of hitting 2 pedestrians in walnut creek is behind bars. the 53 year-old from walnut creek was arrested after getting out of hospital where he was treated for his injuries. witnesses say he was speeding on main street when his pickup truck jumped the curb saturday evening and he hit two women on the sidewalk. >> i saw she was just laying down between the curve and the car and she was all bloody. what a terrible experience >> the 52 year-old sherry hicks was killed at the scene. her pregnant daughter-in-law was critically injured. the owner of a popular san
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bruno restaurant is dead after he crashed on interstate 880. investigators are trying to learn whether a medical problem may have caused him to crashed near crystal springs road. he was the owner of a mexican bistro which as been in his family since 1975 >> a court appearance all set to go in orange county for the former alameda county supervisor nadia lockyer. she faces endangerment charges. investigators say they found methamphetamine and smoking paraphernalia in the room she was sharing with her nine year- old son at the time. suspended san francisco sure if ross mirkarimi will take his case to the public this afternoon. he is scheduled to talk about efforts to remove him from office today at 4:00. the ethics commission is due to issue its written findings next
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week and the board of supervisors will have up to one month to vote on his future. >> meatless monday for school kid starts in pleasanton. the idea is to educate parents and their kids about the benefits. kate is live with more on what is developing into an international movement >> it appears the menu will go international as well because starting today students can swap out those meals for mediterranean dishes like hamas or grapes. it started in 2003 in the school of public health. it was designed to teach students the benefits of eating meat free meals. they say it could take awhile for students to get used to it but the benefits are worth it. according to the humane society it raises awareness about animal welfare and the impact of meat production. the environmental defense fund says that if every american
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skipped one chicken meal the carbon dioxide would be the same as taking half the cars off of u.s. roads. polls show that half people in the u.s. know about me list monday and one out of five people take part in it. nevada unified school district was the first one in the bay area to adopt it but clearly it not the last. >> some beautiful weather and roberta is with us. is there a connection? >> possibly. >> have you been on highway one yet? >> not yet. >> is just amazing because you are actually on the edge of the united states. i rode my bike 100 mi. this weekend from carmel along highway 12 hearst castle to raise money for best buddies.
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we raised $4 million. it was a gorgeous weekend, at the warmest in carmel that i have ever experienced this time of year. good morning everyone. we have a deck of clouds down around 1,000 ft.. clear skies. we do have clarity in concord at 55 degrees. as you head out the door, plan on a warmer day today. in comparison to yesterday which was just speller throughout the entire state, a locally we will see numbers rise between 1-5 degrees. san jose checking in at 79 degrees down from the average of 83. >> this zambrano city park is
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now home to a new memorial park dedicated to those killed. the plaque was dedicated yesterday, two years to the day after the disaster that destroyed 38 homes. state assemblyman jerry hill says there are many spots around the gas pipeline system that have conditions that are similar to those that triggered an explosion >> there are thousands of miles of pipes that need to be inspected and this is just steel transmission, there is a plastic pipe that caused an explosion last year >> i really believe it could have been prevented but it did happen and i hope things are going the right way so it doesn't happen again. >> since that disaster eight new homes have been built to replace those that were destroyed >> latest gallup poll shows the president with his largest lead since early july. the 7 day rolling average shows the president has a 49-44
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percent lead over mitt romney. there are also new numbers from ohio, considered one of the key battleground states. the public policy pulling survey shows the president has expanded his lead their to five percentage points. each candidate criticized the others taxes >> contrary to what the democrats are saying now will not increase the tax burden on middle income families. >> they couldn't answer questions about how they paid for new tax cuts and two trillion dollars of new defense spending without raising taxes on the middle class. >> president, and august and boost in the fundraising department. it is the first time in three months they beat romney and republicans to raise $111 million in august. an officer and president obama's motorcade killed in a tragic accident.
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>> is the first public school strike in a quarter-century. >> his driver's license does not come up for another couple of ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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happy birthday! thank you, nana
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send money to anyone's checking account with chase quickpay. all you need is an email address or mobile number. you're welcome. take a step forward and chase what matters. you can't always avoid it. but you can always do something nice for your car. chevron with techron. care for your car. >> in your world, the u.s. specter general for iraq says there is no is actually getting there. he says some of the money may have been lost or stolen or diverted to the insurgency. it was a deadly sunday in iraq, more than 90 people were reported killed yesterday in at least 21 separate bombings and shootings in 13 cities.
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the country's interior ministry believes al qaeda in iraq is behind the attacks. a motorcycle police officer has died in florida after being hit by picked up working on president obama's motorcade. he was a 28 year veteran. he was struck yesterday in west palm beach while helping to shut down part of interstate 95. so far no charges have been filed against the pickup driver. schools in chicago are open today but the teachers are not there. more than 26,000 chicago teachers are staging their first strike in 26 years. talks broke down last night ending months of tense negotiations. the district is offering a 2 percent pay raise over four years but the union wants 19%. with a look at the roadways. >> not too bad even though you can tell that school is definitely back in session.
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they just turn the metering lights on at the bay bridge. delays especially in the outer cash plans. the middle fast-track plans are still getting by ok. we continue to fall breaking news out of fremont. more police are still arriving, blocking off streets in the area of bhutan out and gone way. this is a residential area. a neighbor first alerted us to this after 3:00 in the morning. we will have the very latest coming up at 630. southbound 680, one lane has been blocked off for at least the last 10 minutes or so. we're starting to see some slowing in the southbound lanes. bridges are not too bad, this is a live look at west down 580.
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southdown 101 actually looks great all the way through san or felt towards the waldo great. the nimitz, they wrapped up the overnight roadwork so northbound 880 looks could pass the coliseum. >> i think it is colder in the studio then it is outside. you guys are killing me. is it this cold just to stay awake? good morning everyone. we have low cloud stacked up at the beaches and into the bay. in santa rosa, currently 46 degrees. later this afternoon, 66 degrees with partial clearing at the skies.
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warmer today because of that area of high pressure that continues to expand. right now the ceiling is around 1,000 ft. at sfo but no reports of any travel delays locally. houston, 88 degrees with partly sunny skies. warming up in denver. sunshine and low 70's in new york city. at the beaches today with clearing, 66 in half moon bay. in san jose, upper seventies. east of the bay, upper 80s in brentwood tracy, discovery bay. these temperatures are all pretty seasonal for this time of year. 85 is in santa rosa.
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the extended forecast does call for a couple of degrees cooler on tuesday. we jump back up into the high 80s on wednesday and then we start to look at the '90s in the inland areas with a slight offshore flow. >> a 12 year-old boy is being credited for saving his family from a potentially deadly accident. his dad started showing signs of a seizure. patrick says when he noticed what was going on his instincts kicked in >> i grabbed the steering wheel and pulled it to the side and when we're really slow i turned the keys off and tried to put it into part >> my brother rescued me >> officers say by the time they got their patrick had already
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>> it is football night in oakland tonight as the raiders open their season at home this evening against the san diego chargers. they hope to have the same success as the 49ers did yesterday. in green bay, they have lost eight straight games. randy moss got into the act with a touchdown and quarterback
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alex smith, a big game, 20-26, 211 yds. the niners win 30-22. we have the play of the day coming up. the 49ers kicker david akers now in the record books with a 63 yd field goal. 63 yds puts him in the four way tie for the longest field goal in nfl history. sebastian jankowski tied the record last year and one of the broncos did that a long time ago. >> i just love his reaction. >> they can do that in practice but not very often in a game. serena williams found her composure at the u.s. open finals >> she defeated in the top ranked opponent last night in three sets. this was williams' fourth u.s.
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open championship. she also won titles at wimbledon and a london olympics. proponents said she is " the toughest player mentally that there is ". >> look at her arms >> she is a stud. coming up, a big time crackdown on muni fair cheating. >> putting the squeeze on the president, mr. obama celebrating some very good news while in florida >> the body of a missing college student who grew up -what's up? i'm chris. -and i'm erik. both: we're the fruit guys! back in 1998, we had this idea to deliver fresh fruit to offices in downtown san francisco. we built these wooden crates, filled these with fruit in my one-bedroom apartment. the fruit guys has been with bank of america since they first started. we work with them to help them grow and succeed.
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we're coming up on 50 employees and delivering to thousands of companies every week. i would definitely say this is a fruitful business.
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>> good morning everyone. the time now is 631 >> police are on the scene of a fremont neighborhood where streets are blocked off >> that big lawyer joins us live from fremont with the very latest. >> some pretty tense moments here in this fremont neighborhood as police served a warrant on one of these houses and deploy gas to try to arrest a suspect. earlier this morning fremont police tried to serve a warrant for the arrest of one of the residents of this house. the suspect apparently tried to get out the back so they deploy gas into the house. residents reported hearing some shots but apparently that was results of the gas being fired. the suspects still manage to get away. several streets were blocked
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off in the neighborhood has been on lockdown for the past couple of hours. after all that activity it looks like the suspect still manage to get away. we're not sure what the warrant was for but after the police activity, a suspect you've was supposed to have a search warrant served on him for a warrant for his arrest has managed to escape. we just saw the police crime and leave the scene so in a matter of minutes we should see most of the streets being reopened and things returning to normal once again. >> friends are planning immoral tonight for a student from the east bay who has been found dead. a list that is in lafayette right now where bret colson grew up. >> brett pahlsson grew up here in lafayette and graduated from
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high school back in 2010. that is where we are in the hillside that overlooks the school. it looks like his name has been written in flowers. a lot of people are mourning his loss. this is a sad ending in the search for that missing college student who was found in the sacramento river yesterday not too far from where he was last seen one week ago. he was a college student in kampala but was in the chico area taking part in a labor day and will float. he was separated from his friends in an area called your can beach. friends and family and even strangers mobilized a search handing out fliers in creating a facebook page and even offered a $50,000 reward. olson's parents met with volunteers yesterday to continue looking for their son while police and other rescue teams searched the river.
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it was a couple of fishermen who found his body. at this point there are no signs of foul play and it appears the ground. >> the outpouring we have seen in the city of chico and people coming from tahoe, lafayette, and areas outside of that coming here to help, it speaks volumes about how they feel about this young man >> more than 90,000 people joined the facebook page let's bring brett home. yesterday evening there was a message from his parents " you filled us with love and hope this week which we will carry with us the rest of our lives ". tomorrow there will be a candlelight vigil here at all alanis high-school starting at 7:00. >> in walnut creek man accused of hitting 2 pedestrians is under arrest for vehicular
6:35 am
manslaughter this morning. the 53 year-old was arrested after getting out of the hospital following the deadly crash. witnesses say he was speeding southbound on main street when his pickup truck jumped a curb on saturday evening. he hit two women on the sidewalk. >> what i saw she was lying down between the curb and the car, and she was all bloody, what a terrible experience. >> 52 year-old sherry hicks was killed at the scene and her pregnant daughter-in-law was critically injured. >> president obama is back at the white house after a week of campaigning while his republican challenger stumps for votes in ohio. on the campaign trail yesterday each candidate criticized the others on the issue of taxes >> contrary to what the democrats say i will not increase the tax burden on middle-income families. it would absolutely be wrong to do that >> they couldn't answer
6:36 am
questions about how they would pay for five trillion dollars of new tax cuts and two trillion dollars of new defense spending without raising taxes on the middle class >> the president got a boost in the fundraising department. he and the democrats raised $114 million, the first time in three months they beat romney and the republicans. here is something you don't see very often if ever on the campaign trail >> president obama drove by a florida pizzeria and spent time with the honor and its patrons. they gave the president a warm welcome and not only handshake but how about a monster bear hug. how about if i pick you up? apparently the secret service was completely ok with it as long as they did not pick him up and taken away. >> i don't think they were completely ok with it >> when people start doing that
6:37 am
they're here start buzzing >> i want to get a big bear hug to roberta >> the weather is beautiful. >> that's the kind of reception i got when i came into the news room this morning, i hadn't seen the writers for years and years and it was so much fun to see roger. it is nice to be here. we will see the son of officially at 645 in the inland areas but the clouds are stacked up at the coast. 62 degrees and has the raiders host the san diego chargers. you can see all that action right here on cbs 5 at 7:00 p.m.. of 1,000 ft. ceiling due to overcast conditions. 46 degrees with a chill in the
6:38 am
air in santa rosa. 64 degrees at the beaches, 10 degrees warmer bayside. another 10 degrees warmer in concord and wallets creek. 7 day forecast is straight ahead but first, traffic >> we are tracking a hot spot now for the morning drive, southbound 680, and number of different accidents including one near the single exit. that one involves four-five cars. we hear is blocking several lanes so southbound 680 is a bad ride right now because of what sounds like three different accidents in that area. also, heavy traffic right now was down 580 coming out of the altamont pass. coming up we will get a look at
6:39 am
the bay bridge. >> san francisco muni system is handing out tickets for $100 as a crack down on fair debaters. so far they have caught 37,000 people trying to get a free ride. the security chief says the cheaters come from all walks of life >> our fair inspectors boarded the n train and there were a couple of emergency room doctors on that train that had not paid their fair and they both thought citations >> ferry inspectors carry portable card readers when they demand proof of payments. there are 50 inspectors and they're working seven days per week on the entire immune system >> starting today school children in pleasanton will say hello to meet with monday. kate is down in pleasanton with more on what i guess is developing into an international
6:40 am
movement >> that is exactly right and i was telling michele it will also develop into an international menu because starting today pleasanton students will be able to out other options like mediterranean dishes but it may be new to pleasant in but the new trend is not new at all, it started in 2003 and john hopkins bloomberg school of health. the goal was to cut meat intake by 15 percent and improve our personal health and health of the planet. school leaders say it could take awhile for students to get used to but they want to show that it can be delicious. according to the humane society raises awareness about animal welfare and health impacts of meat production. the environmental defense fund says if every american skipped one chicken meal per week the carbon dioxide savings would be the same as taking more than half a million cars off of u.s. roads and polls show that 50 percent of people in the u.s. know about meatless mondays and
6:41 am
1-5 take part of it. nevada unified school district was the first one to adopt this trend in the bay area. >> the dnc is in the back. who is being mentioned as a rising star in the party >> and morning for young men how smoking pot can increase your risk for cancer >> the market just opened up about 10 minutes ago. a bit of a mixed bag this morning. coming,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> san francisco examiner columnist melissa griffin had a couple of busy weeks bringing us live reports from the republican
6:45 am
and democratic national convention and she is back in the studio. how are you? >> i'm so glad to be held. i'm glad to be back where there is vegetarian food available. >> the lieutenant governor apparently dropped a bit of a bomb shell >> gavin newsom was an early hillary supporter so he did not get a big high-profile speaking gig and he was kind of chill and did not make a big fuss for himself but he did manage to tell a reporter that he would run for governor in 2014 if jerry brown is not running. it is just such a no-no for two reasons. jerry brown will certainly run for reelection barring some sort of crazy catastrophe. no. 2, it is bad form. you don't say that you are
6:46 am
going to run for your boss is seat. just keep it set if you want your boss's job, and he went there >> did it just slipped out or did he just say it? >> he was talking to reporters and it was not as if someone overheard him. he knew what he was doing. >> another rising star is the l.a. mayor >> antonio villaraigosa was the chair and speaking of people who want to run for governor, he has made no bones about the fact that he wants to be gov. jerry brown's opponent, not opponent but will follow him whenever jerry brown has turned out. he spent four days or so wheen mayors from all over the state and as the chairman of the convention he had to boxes that were full of celebrities with mayors coming in and out and did a really good job of leveraging his position at the convention, to make relationships with people and laid the groundwork
6:47 am
for a gubernatorial run in what will probably be 2018. gavin newsom kept a very low profile, did not have a reception or anything. the only thing he did was make this gaffe >> mayor ed lee was there as well. >> he was very active. he will be campaigning for obama in some swing states with asian populations like pennsylvania and virginia and he had a reception featuring mc hammer who did the video for mayor ed lee mayoral campaign. the bid rumor is mc hammer is rumored to be running for mayor of oakland. it was really the highlight of my two weeks covering the convention, i finally got to meet him. he was so gracious and approached by numerous people.
6:48 am
i felt bad because he was standing in the corner and everyone was asking him for a picture, and then i did it myself because i could not resist. >> well welcome back. >> that has been wonderful. >> you can find more of melissa's segments on >> wall street is keeping an eye on the federal reserve which meets later this week. >> after the weak jobs report on friday, investors are looking for stimulation from the central bank, increasing the likelihood that the fed meets on thursday and with weak job growth, observers think there will be a bigger chance that easy three might come around. we're already looking at yields at very low prices right now. there is very little room for the fed to act but wall street
6:49 am
is hoping there it might increase business and consumer confidence. stocks closed at record high on friday. on wednesday is expected to unveil the iphone 5. there has been a lot of pent-up demand. a lot of people are holding on for the iphone 5 which is expected to have a larger screen, thinner body. also, hewlett-packard announced this morning that its layoffs will be a bit deeper than first thought. they will lay off 29,000 workers, 2000 more than originally outlined. the market opening up a little bit lower. the dow off by 30 points, nasdaq down by eight points. apple shares edging slightly higher, hewlett-packard is up about 1.5%.
6:50 am
>> let's take a look at what is coming up a little bit later on cbs this morning. >> and navy seal who helped kill osama bin laden's describes approaching his room and the moment he shot bin laden's. he also tells us what you found inside his dresser. john miller joins us, he once interviewed bin laden's. we have director james cameron talking about the movie industry's worst slump in a decade. all of that and more when we see you at 7. >> that starts at 7:00 for the big show. >> officials signed up with five minutes ago and you can see it right now in the inland areas. good morning everyone. we take you to mount vaca with the skies are clear what we do
6:51 am
have stratus clouds that continue to build at the coast and the bay. otherwise, a mostly sunny day and a little bit warmer. keep in mind, high pressure is the key component and while it was beautiful yesterday, today it will stack up to five degrees warmer than that. seventies around the peninsula and then we jump up to the low eighties around palo alto. 81 degrees in campbell and around the cupertino area. warmer than that as you move further due haste into brentwood and discovery bay. mid-80s will be, or around the tri valley extended forecast, just a couple of degrees cooler on tuesday as a trough breezes
6:52 am
through the bay area. look at this, it inland areas soaring into the 90s just in time for the weekend. with a look at traffic, here is elisabeth >> we will take you out live towards the bay bridge. the metering lights have been turned on. 10-15 minutes to get on to the bridge. we just learned from kcbs that all these accidents are now on the right hand soldier but one of these was a multi vehicle crash so it is still heavy out of pleasanton. drive time in the red right now, 50 minutes in the southbound lanes but they just cleared all the accidents.
6:53 am
hopefully we will see some improvement. hopefully, heavy traffic coming out of the altamont pass and livermore. so far, only 20 minutes from the cardenas bridge in those westbound lanes. >> a new study shows that marijuana use may increase the use of testicular cancer. researchers at usc found men who smoke pot on a regular basis or twice as likely to develop an aggressive form of the disease. they also looked at cocaine use and found that men who took that drug actually lowered their risk. testicular cancer is the most common cancer in men under the age of 45. lady gaga dress made out of meat is now on display. >> she wore the 25 lb dress at the music awards and since then, it has been treated with chemicals and slowly dried.
6:54 am
now people can get a good look at it in washington d.c.. lady gaga said she wore the dress to say if you don't stand up for what you believe in your reduced to a piece of meat. >> coming up, a final look at our top stories including the search for a wanted felon in fremont. we will be right back. ,,,,,,
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>> following a developing story, things are getting back to normal in a fremont neighborhood where police tried to serve a warrant earlier this morning.
6:58 am
every street closures. officers say they end up firing off gas canisters into a home and the subject of the warrant was not there >> friends and family of lafayette man plan a vigil tomorrow night. brett olson's body was found yesterday in the sacramento after disappearing during eight tubing trip down the river. he is believed to have drowned in a memorial is scheduled for 7:00 tomorrow night. starting today, pleasanton school kids will be taking part in so-called meatless monday. >> they will be getting lunches with mediterranean offerings. the idea is to educate students about the health benefits of eating more meals without meat. it is the second district to do this after nevada unified in marin county.
6:59 am
>> i think everyone will like the weather forecast today. currently, we have cloudy skies at the coast and 53 degrees. clear skies and '40's and 50's in the inland areas. later today, mid to high eighties flirting with 90 degrees. the extended forecast calls for a warm-up. if you are looking ahead to the raiders, 62 degrees tonight. >> slowdowns on westbound 237 approaching zanker road but this has been the problem spot. >> we are out of time


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