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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  September 10, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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with colgate optic white toothpaste. it whitens over 2 shades more than a leading whitening toothpaste. so with colgate optic white, all you need to look fabulous is your smile. colgate optic white. whiter teeth in 1 week. >> >> good afternoon everyone i am frank mallicoat, michelle is on assignment. the oakland raiders will open their season primetime tonight right here on cbs 5 and they're urging fans to get to the coliseum ice and early to avoid a logjam in the security lines. alissa harrington explains that there are big incentives for early arrivals.
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>> we're seven hours away from kicked off and raiders fans cannot wait for monday night football. the gates for tailgating open at noon but the game itself does not start until 7:15 p.m.. the raiders that hope that fans get into their seats early, at least an hour early. >> it is an opportunity to win some fantastic prizes if you will. >> like field passes, memorabilia, and give certificates to the gift shop. if you reasons for the early push, security is tight, tighter than usual. this season there will be metal detectors at the gates. everyone will be screened and i shall be checked, last year there were two shootings in the parking lot of candlestick park after a raider's/49 as game. >> safety is always something that we want to put force and four months and nfl teams want to do that. >> if that has to be done to keep everyone safe, that is what has to be done.
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>> another drop to go inside, the music, ice cube will be performing. >> people are going to delegate to the very last minute. put the sooner we can get in, the better it is and we will have fun. >> a fans that do not used to go inside for the pre-game festivities should keep in mind that the moment of kickoff which is 7:15 p.m. tonight, tailgating is no longer allowed. >> tonight, the season opener against the chargers is sold out, kick off at 7:15 p.m. but you can watch the game right here live on cbs 5 beginning tonight at 7:00. a robbery suspect picked the wrong person to prey on last night in oakland, police say that he tried to rob an off-duty cop, it happened early this morning near lake merritt, the off-duty officer told police the armed men approached him and demanded money, and fear for his life the victim discharged his weapon and shot the suspect, a
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replica firearms discovered, the suspect is in stable condition at the hospital. a father and son safe after their plane crashed. the coast guard responded to a mayday call shortly after 3:00 p.m. yesterday afternoon, the airplane was quickly located thanks to a personal locater beacon on that airplane, the aircraft was overturned and partially submerged when the coast guard arrived on the scene. two of them were finally hoisted out of water and takepeer they both declined medical attention. a father's obsession of his young children, ages 2 and 3, there were rescued on friday night on a boat, their father was arrested, the children were then reunited with their mother three days after they were taken from their home. police say that he stole a yacht and took the children out to sea and is now being held on $200,000 bail. a memorial service is set for thursday in vaccaville for the highway patrol officer: gunned
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down last week. he died last wednesday, one day after being shot during a traffic stop on interstate 680 and alamo. moments later his partner killed the shooter. the moral service happened thursday at 10:00 a.m., it will be held at the mission church in vaccaville and is at 6391 leisure town road, a reception will follow in the mission church gymnasium. friends and family of a lafayette man planning vigil in his memories marmite, fishermen found the body of the 20 year- old in the sacramento river yesterday. he had disappeared one week earlier during a trip near chico, he is believed to have drowned, the memorial is scheduled for 7:00 tomorrow night. the driver accused of hitting to pedestrians and mormon crickets is now behind bars. the 53 year-old from walnut creek was arrested after he got out of hospital, he had been treated for injuries from the crash, witnesses say that he was speeding on main street when his
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pickup truck jumped the curb saturday evening, he slammed into two women on the sidewalk, call sherry x. from santa barbara was thrown onto the roadway and died at the scene, her pregnant daughter-in-law ended up in a parking lot and was critically injured. the owner of a popular san bruno restaurant that after he crashed on interstate 280. the 51 year-old died late saturday night, investigators are trying to learn whether a medical problem may have caused him to crash near crystal springs road. he was the owner of a mexican bistro which has been a part of his family since 1975. former alameda county supervisor pled not guilty in an orange county court room this morning, she also retained visitation rights with her nine year-old son, she was arrested on drug and child endangerment charges last month, investigators in the city of orange city found methamphetamine and smoking paraphernalia and the room that she was sharing with her nine year-old son, she is the
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estranged wife of the street treasurer bill locklear. a new poll shows mayor ed lee approval rating for his job performance have dropped. 850 voters were told in late august, it shows the mayor's scoring a favorable rating with 49 percent of voters but just 9% say that his performance is excellent while 40% say that it is pretty good. this compares to a 60% approval rating for him when he was the interim mayor back in july of last year. quantum camping 2012, rival camps in the presidential race during up for the final stretch to november, the competition is very tight, and as danielle nottingham tells us, president obama ended up with a small fund-raising ag edge for the mof august .. >> president obama wrapped up a tour of florida and is now back at the white house with a fund- raising win. for the first time in four months his campaign out raised mitt romney, collecting $3 million more in august.
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and the latest daily tracking polls show a boost for the president from the democratic national convention. he is up a few points, mitt romney will be in ohio today, a key battleground state. his campaign argues that this election will come down to who can fix the economy and balance the budget. this weekend republican nominee said that the solution is not to raise taxes. >> the president's policies have meant that this economy is not growing as it should. the fastest way to balance the budget is to grow the economy, put more people to work, see rising incomes. >> in an interview with scott pelly from cbs news, president obama says that if he wins a second term, he will find a compromise with republicans to cut the deficit and improve the economy. >> mitt romney said he would not take a deal with $10 of spending cuts for $1 of revenue increases. and the problem is the mass, or the arithmetic does not add up.
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>> to cadidates will soon get a chance to put their ideas head to head, there are three prime- time debates scheduled for the remaining two months of the campaign. danielle nottingham, cbs news, the white house. >> the nation's lawmakers are back in session on capitol hill today, but don't expect much to get done despite the end of a five week break, congress will likely put off most major decisions with an election looming in november but one issue that it will have to tackle is a six month temporary spending bill to finance the day-to-day operations of the federal government, beyond september 30th. coming up, teachers ditched the classroom and had to the picket lines, a massive strike in chicago canceling classes for thousands of students. and then, a menu makeover at 1 bay area school, what children will not be getting in the lunch line today? >> maybe you are making your kids' lunch right now but take a look at this, a dramatic view right now looking at the,,,,,,,,
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>> schools are back in session in chicago but there is one problem, the teachers are not in the classrooms, they're on the picket line. more than 26,000 chicago teachers are staging the first strike in 25 years, talks between the union and the school district broke down last night ending months of tough negotiations. the district is offering a 2 percent pay raise over four years but union wants a 19 percent raise, the negotiation is expected to resume today. today the u.s. military transferred control of a prison
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afghan forces. the defense mizzen bestired saluted soldiers that will now run the prison at the airbase in the hope thousands of taleban fighters and terror suspects, the transfer is a key step to with strong foreign troops from afghanistan by the year 2014. the u.s. will still patrol one block where 50 non afghans are being held. the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks and that ground zero millions have visited the memorial since it opened one year ago but there are still some problems there, a budget battle has delayed the opening of the new museum bearing. right now there are thousands of artifacts in storage. when it is finished the museum will also have a spot for unidentified human remains. >> there was a very strong push by the families to bring the remains back to what they called, and what we call, sacred bed rock. >> not all the families agree, some say that the remains to be placed above ground and others
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are concerned that the entire world trade center plaza has become more of a tourist attraction than the sight of an appropriate memorial. up next, a bay area school district giving its lunch menu a big makeover. >> from the weather center, good afternoon everyone, we have been noticing the clouds remaining sacked up to the coast to check up the inland areas with an abundance of sunshine.,,,,,,,,,,
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>> >> i'm glad that you know how to work all the stuff. >> you know, you think that it would come back to me so easily, this shift. this particular show. >> when you get up at 2:00 a.m., nothing comes easily. >> it was great watching the sunrise over the inland area today but we still remain pretty cloudy along the coast, in fact this is the live cbs 5 with the camera looking at ocean beach. where we have plenty of cloud cover there. and the air temperature is very reflective of that. 50 degrees in san francisco. but meanwhile worry have the abundance of sunshine, concord reporting 74, bested by livermore, currently 74 degrees in santa rosa.
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this is alive with a camera looking out from mt. sac that and we will warm up, an additional five degrees there today. otherwise low clouds returning overnight and even a warmer weather forecast in the seven day. meanwhile we have sunshine, continuing to filter in and do to the huge dome of high pressure that will expand although tomorrow we will cool down a few degrees due to the passing trough enhancing the marine layer right now. 59 degrees in eureka, partial coastal clearing in monterey bay, 77 and the forecast and the greater lake tahoe area while the central valley warms into the low and mid-90s. the point weather forecast, into the 60s at the beaches. peninsula seasonal highs in seven is of a few low '80s as we start going further south into the silicon valley. santa clara, allan rock, all in the upper seventies and low '80s, east of the day we will have a western wind at 15 late day, 89 degrees for the one
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spot, in brentwood and tracy and discovered that, 84 in san ramon and mid and i seventies around soon city and american canyon, 79 to the north and a pair of six is in san fransisco, a seasonal summer day. meanwhile we cool a couple of degrees tomorrow and then we won back up again wednesday. we're talking about high is increasing, going up, thursday and friday, saturday will be the warmest day of the impending heat waves, translating into a slight offshore flow and a fire danger increases as well. >> if you're going to the football game tonight? >> what do you, 62 degrees, we will clear skies with clouds rolling in later. a great night out there. >> i will be watching, thank you. today ticks off meatless monday for pleasanton students, the purpose is to educate kids and their families about the benefits of eating meals without meat. cate caugurian stockton pleasanton to see how the cafeterias are preparing for the big menu change.
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>> choosing to be more me to free, the school district adopting health trend of meatless mondays. >> we want to meet the needs of our diverse community. the student body is more diverse, there have been looking for a no need options, less traditional foods. and then also to raise health awareness about eight died without meat. >> it started 2003 at this will public health, the goal was to cut consumption meet by 50 percent, today at foothills high-school students can expect to see these huge riches opsins for lunch. >> a variety of pasta, com- ed's, vegetables and fruits, we are going to be introducing couscous. >> failed this is a trend that students will continue beyond their education. >> everyone eats with her eyes and presentation is everything, so we can present these things and an appealing way and a professional way, that's today
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used to seeing, and i'm sure that is going to be a buy and. >> polls show that 50 percent of people in the united states know about meatless mondays and one out of five take part. >> it has great health benefits, it lowers animal fat in your diet. and, it is better for your digestion, introducing more fiber, it is beneficial. >> right now they're kicking this offer exclusively in pleasanton elementary schools and high school cafes. they fully plan to implement a program in october. in pleasanton, cate caugurian, cbs 5. >> this is the second school district to be without means on mondays, the navato unified school district was the first. a new study shows that marijuana use may increase the risk of testicular cancer. researchers at the university of southern california found that men that smoke pot on a regular basis were twice as likely to develop an aggressive form of the disease, us testicular
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cancer is the most common cancer in men under the age of 45. hewlett-packard cutting an additional 2000 jobs, the computer and printer company had announced cuts of 27,000 positions worldwide but in a regulatory filing today, company said that it looks like they may shed as many as 29,000 positions, last quarter they posted a $9 billion loss, their largest ever. al pacino will reportedly portrayed the late joe paterno in an upcoming movie. the penn state coach died in january surrounded by scandal, according to a deadline .com, the best-selling book " joe paterno " will depict his life in his final months. al pacino had once played football coach back in 1989, he is a good pick for that to be sure.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, but today's tip of the day is an
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5:00, caught a bad invades a nebraska newsroom and the chaos was caught on video, watch. >> sarah, what are you doing in there? >> there you go, the hourlong reign of terror began with an animal swooping down from the ceiling, they finally knocked it down to the floor and hopefully let it go outside. a little scary. a familiar face returning to tv today on the c w, michelle will get a chance to speak to rikki lake about how it feels to be back on the air. >> it has been very great, it feels like the first day of going back to shooting, you wonder if you will remember how to do it, will come instinctively, and it was like getting on a bike again, i feel very grateful to be coming back for a second time. >> you have a lot of fans in the bay area, what would you like to tell them? especially those just waiting for your return? >> for the people that grew up watching me, you're not the same
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person you were in the 90's and either a my. this show is the elevated, more mature version of my old show and i'm very grateful to my fan base, san fransisco is one of my favorite cities in the world. and i always love to visit. my sister live there for many years. >> you can catch the new ricki lake show premiering 4 o'clock on c w. that is it for the news at noon. >> i like how she is reinventing
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