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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  September 11, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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at this time to really move. >> the hope is that we can invest in california and increase exports into china. the state's third largest trading harper after canada and mexico. >> as you know, and now is developing very fast. >> the chinese consulate general believes the golden state should grab a part of the 10 trillion dollars in imports that the fast-growing asian nation plans to consume in the next few years. he says the two sectors that they are particularly interested in our high tech and agriculture. >> the chinese people very much like blackberry, walnuts, and do not forget wine from the napa valley. it is more and more popular. >> popularity in china means big business here in california. hong kong alone imported $9 million in california wine in 2007. when they removed the import tax, it shot up to $42 million
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just two years later. the author of the new bill and the speaker of the assembly, john perez, says that all those imports and increased investment dollars translate into jobs. >> our state is leading the nation in job creation and we need to build on these efforts to continue that trend and restore full prosperity for californians, that is why i am so grateful for the governor's signature on this bipartisan legislation. >> already the u.s. department of commerce estimates that 1 million californians have jobs thanks to international trade alone and by opening up these offices in shanghai and beijing and possibly in mexico as well, business leaders in the state are hoping to boost that jobs number overall. >> bring it on. thank you. >> the country's strongest job markets, the country's pixar mr. right here in the bay area. san fransisco, orange county, san mateo county, topping a new federal labor report.
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that region saw a 4.4% increase in total jobs over a 12 month time ending in july. no. 2 on the report was santa clara county, posting a 3.5% increase, economists say that the growth is due to an increase in technology jobs. a lot of job seekers wind up in the tribe valley today, we're talking thousands of people. a new outlet mall is getting ready to open off of interstate 580 where the cities of livermore, pleasanton, and dublin, meet. ann noterangelo is here with positive signs for the bay area economy. >> the mayor of livermore was grinning ear to ear when talking about the opening of the outlets at the livermore valley and the job-seekers also seem very positive about their futures. >> i think that there is going to be a pretty good line, but this was spectacular. >> they lined up early at the community center, thousands of job-seekers waiting outside and even more filing through this
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room and then out the door and finally into here, where they have a chance at a quick interview. >> i'm actually going to school and apply for a second job. >> i am unemployed right now and returning to the work force as a stay at home mother. >> i'm looking for something close to home, i am travelling very far right now. >> 120 retailers will make up the aisle list, several thousand people tried to nail down where one of the 2000 initial jobs. some part-time and some management positions with benefits. i >> we like that they come from different walks of life. >> the construction and jobs article for livermore and the mayor answered the tough political question, are we better off than four years ago? >> absolutely. the economy has turned around. >> you wonder, looking at the sea of people that want a job, are things getting better? most people told us yes and what was
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striking was the kind of people looking for work. >> a lot of them have jobs already which is better than what i have seen in the past year. >> and a sense of optimism that has been missing for too long. >> everyday provides new opportunities for people, look for the opportunities that life presents you. >> they are already planning to expand meaning an additional 800 jobs, the next job fair is october 23rd. >> think of all the sales tax and everything coming in from those outlets, unbelievable stuff. thank you. for more information on the next job fair you can head to cbs sf .com. >> the mayor of oakland going door-to-door to rally people. she wants open to fight to keep their professional sports teams, yesterday to is that the raiders game and today she hit the streets going to stores on telegraph avenue to marshal support. oakland is the only city in california with a major league football, baseball, and basketball team. but all three could leave in the
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coming years to go to other areas of the bay, promising more revenue generating sports venues. >> i think that what will save zero when sports is trying to show that maybe the attendance has not been great because how people felt particular, but there is a base here, there's a product and people will come. >> her a week-long push ends on friday, she is hoping to get a sellout crowd to watch the a's play the baltimore orioles. despite having metal detectors at the entrances to the oakland coliseum, this is what security found last night at the raider'' game. cameras caught a flight in the stands, not too unusual. a few men pushed each other before the punches were thrown, officers eventually broke it all up and handcuffed the men and took them away, the alameda county sheriff's department made 15 arrests at that game. >> has a reputation as one of the toughest schools in san fransisco. in fact police records show that officers responded to 149 calls
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at the school last year alone. now a new controversy. this one involving top school administrators. joe vasquez is here with details on this. >> the school districts as they brought in a new principle to save a troubled school. but some believe that she has gone too far. >> we need to remove the administration that is bullying our children, our staff, our parents. >> a small demonstration organized by the teachers' union including parents, teachers, and former staff members of martin luther king middle school in the portal a district. >> if we do not do something to correct the problem we will have more problems. >> they had one common complaint, a new principle that has served for the past year and in that year the principle has gotten rid of 15 teachers. >> veteran teachers are reinforced out her through cotton evaluation process. >> everything from academic underperformance to a strange incidents which reported last
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year were kids accidently 8 rat poison, to outburst of violence that have left not one, but two security guards injured in recent weeks. the school district issued a written statement today saying that they stand by the principle, the district says she has made great strides in improving the school and the district uses some of the teachers of using parents' complaints to get rid of so many former administrative that martin luther king has become a revolving door for principles making the problem worse. the rev. amos brown with the naacp says that he has been working with the principle to help turn the school around. he believes the parents and teachers are overreacting. >> blamed as with the parents and community. the blame is with students, we need to stop this isolated, simplistic reduction thinking about dealing with problems. >> the school district says that there are two other considerations, one that suspensions have gone up as the principle is now declaring war on the violence, has suspended
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more kids and secondly, test scores are up so they say that this principle is not going anywhere. >> it is hard to argue with that. thank you. >> in other bay area headlines, a manhunt for a robbery suspect this afternoon prompted a lockdown at and east a school. dublin police say the suspect was seen hopping fences by dublin elementary school. police issued the lockdown at that school and then lifted it 20 minutes later. no word if police caught the suspect. >> the mayor of san jose got a traffic ticket on his way to work, and officers cited the mayor yesterday morning for failing to use his turn signal. it might sound minor, here is the back story, police were among city workers affected by the mayor's pension reform, he says that he does not believe that that had anything to do with his ticket, he faces a fine or he could go to traffic school. >> in east bay police are beefing up patrols after they say that a driver tried to kidnap a teenager.
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police say that the 15 year-old girl was walking last night when a man tried to force her into his car. but she got away. >> in san jose this car crash knocked out power to thousands of pg&e customers this morning. this is by highway 87, the utility says that customer should have their power back on by this evening, no word on injuries but police say that that car was stolen. >> sentenced to death for attacking a bay area police force. tonight the outpouring of support for a dog named charlie. >> we are hours away from apple's big announcement, all signs point to an iphone 5. the new feature and why you will pay more for any phone, apple or android. >> i had not noticed but now that i noticed, that i noticed, >> whether it is for obama or
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>> pick his name is charlie, and there's a fight going on right now to try and save his life. he has been ordered euthanize after a severe attack on a police force christie field. now the owner has won a small victory, mike sugerman has more on the dog's face. >> tomorrow is a big day for charlie, he will be off to davis where he will have a behavioral exam. you may know the story of charlie, he has 12,000 fans on the internet. this is charlie, in happier times, a great dog says his owner. they're best friends. >> loving, he is great with kids, he has never been any animals, he gets along with every other animal that he has
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come across. and, you know, me and my family love him. >> he did not didid not get along with a police force, he did some serious damage to reach >> the dog chased the course approximately a mile and a half and would have continued to chase if it was not stopped by the u.s. park police. >> charlie has been sentenced to death for the incident but there has been a huge outcry on internet sites, facebook, a virtual petitions. >> i have over 12,000 petitioners and that are all in support of may. they think that this case is somewhat preposterous. and ridiculous. you know, people are saying and asking questions, what is this horse doing in an off leash area? don't they know that horses and dogs don't get along?
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>> we have had incidents where dogs have attacked horses in golden gate park. but, i have not seen any this severe to where the owner was not able to control the dog at all, and the dog went on a half mile journey after the horse and did not give up. >> charlie is here now at animal care and control but is about to go to uc-davis for behavioral exam and there are negotiations, non. charlie may be scared but given to another owner. and the support continues to grow. >> as for the horse, he has gone out to pasture last couple of days, he was in the stable for 20 days, he was not able to get out. his future is not clear, he will survive but he may never be back with a policeman again. >> i wonder if the people in davis can figure out why the dog took off after the course? his owner seems to think that the dog is very mild-mannered?
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>> i don't know anything about dogs. i will not make any comments about that. they're very smart at davis, they will make some kind of decision. >> thank you mike. >> san fransisco cellphone radiation morning lot is on hold for now. the federal appeals court has blocked the implementation of the law pending the outcome of a challenge from cell phone companies. the ordinance requires cellphone dealers to tell customers that the devices may expose them to cancer causing radiation levels. the law as you to be the first of its kind in the nation. >> but the iphone 5 will be unveiled in less than 24 hours. julie watts explains that it will likely impact you no matter what type of phone you currently have. >> the long awaited iphone is about to be released but the buzz is lackluster at least on the streets. >> i'm not interested at all. it is another iphone. >> i am happy with the floor right now.
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i'm not on the edge of my seat. >> i have an android from. >> but you don't need to be an apple fanatic to feel the ripple effect of the iphone 5. >> it will impact everyone .. >> andrew and devices, windows devices, they will respond. >> and since apple announced they're cutting ties with google, the iphone 5 will come without u2 or google map hist. google has responded with the release of a new youtube application available for download but the far reaching impact of the iphone 5 does not stop there. >> there's a lot of money involved in an iphone release. >> the iphone 5 will come with a new feature that could be costly. >> one thing that you're hearing is that it will have a smaller connector so that everything that you have now, the chargers and accessories, they will not be compatible. >> while that might be bad for your pocketbook, it could be great for the economy, sales are projected to boost the gdp by as much as half of a percentage
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point. whether or not u.s. by an eye from, its purchase price may cost you. >> a lot of carriers have upgrade fees. >> carriers have recently raised those fees for all smart phones, reportedly in anticipation of how much they will lose on the iphone 5 >> they sell you that found for less than it cost them, so they need to make it up somehow. >> carriers lose up to $300 when the discount your phone with a new contract however, verizon will now only discounts for people on tiered that a plan so if you have a grandfather and unlimited plant, you need to pay full price for your phone, any smart-phone, or switch. at&t customers will have to switch if they want to use face time. if you have a consumer story and give us a call, just today our volunteers got $32,000 back for a viewer who needed a refund after buying a lexus that was a lemon and a dealer gave him the runaround. volunteers made one call.
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$32,000. >> that is fabulous. very effective. nice job. >> call this a straw poll without a straw. as campaign 2012 heat up, americans are casting their votes with coffee. part of a popular political experiment screwed up by 7/11 many elections ago. john ramos is here on democracy at your convenience ... >> when ed stop for a cup of coffee today he did not realize that the fate of a nation was in his hands. >> this is the blunt, i will take this one. >> the stores are giving voice to the people by offering a choice of coffee cups in obama blue ore mitt romney read. >> is this an important political statement that you're making? >> very important because that is my man, all the way. >> and while campaigning at a polling place could get a candidate in hot water, it is not surprising that the store in oakland was seeing a run on
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barack obama cops, the company says the votes they cast nationally can be used as valuable polling data, or a way to sell a lot of coffee. it is the kind of decision that could keep you up at night, where the choice of running mate means less than the choice of coffee makers. >> one lady told me that sheep only needed a cop, she did not even want the coffee. >> the cups are kept on either side of the counter and that makes for a difficult political decision. because it means that democrats are going to have to move to the right and republicans are going to have to move to the left. but despite how silly and advertising, or political campaign can get, they still see value in getting people engaged in the system. >> there are a lot of things about politics in general that are nonsensical. it does not make any sense a lot of the time. but it is a machine. it is the machine. so yes, is it important? yes it is important. >> and so the battle rages on. and if this story seems like it
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has a political slant, please do not blame the liberal media, there is no 7/11 in danville. in america, john ramos, cbs 5. >> coming up, sin city submerged, the emergency orders following these floods in las vegas. >> nothing but a flood of sunshine throughout the bay area except that the coast. mainly sunny skies, outback bowl looking borgias, find out,,
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>> something you usually do not see las vegas, the street submerged in floodwaters, it is so bad that firefighters responded to 20 calls for help from people stuck in their cars. people actually had to be ordered off of the roadways. the flood waters follow an intense thunderstorm. >> what is going on in las vegas? >> when we have the dry times, they get thunderstorms, a lot of things happen in las vegas but the rain is not a constant, they have had a lot of rainfall. this monsoon season has been crazy for them. but blackjack tables are always open inside. they never close. a live look outside the bay bridge, while they have their most what time, we enjoy the most dry time. a beautiful view, traffic is not so good over the bay bridge but
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from a distance it looks nice. concord 83, oakland 68, san fransisco down to 60. livermore upper seventies, low seventies for san jose. we do have clouds hugging the coast and it was still with us for the next 24 to 36 hours. the same big dome of high pressure is going to keep us dry but it is want to move. it will move closer to us, it will move from further way giving us an onshore flow and cooler temperatures. two days from now it will be nearly over top of us, that will make the wind very light, less of an onshore flow means warmer temperatures so oil changes coming. the same dome of high pressure with warmer weather moving in thursday. tonight, fog returns of the coast, senators will stay near normal similar to what we had today and tomorrow. warmer weather moves and thursday and likely the warmest day so far this month is coming up on friday. a three day stretch of 1 days beginning thursday lasting until the first half of the weekend.
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sunnyvale 79 tomorrow. union city 75. walnut creek topping out at 87, pleasant hill 85, livermore 89. 72 for mill valley, 66 in sausalito. palomino, san leandro, in the low seventies. your extended forecast near 90 and staying in the low ninety's thursday, friday, and saturday in mind. mid to upper seventies near the bay, and even some sunshine along the coast with mid-60's on friday and saturday. warmer weather coming, but it's here starting thursday but the peak of the heat coming up friday. >> thank you. coming up, in the next half- hour, remembering 9/11 on the 11th anniversary of the attacks. the solemn ceremony at ground zero and the voices kept silent. >> in the bay area, how metal made from the world trade center will be transformed to create a work of art? >> a great time for people to join and a great time for people
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to stay and double down. >> speaking publicly for the first time since the ipo, mark ,,,,,,
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>> all across the country americans paused today to mark the 11th anniversary of the september 11th terror attacks. the unforgettable date is now associated with unforgettable traditions including a solemn ceremony at ground zero to honor the nearly 3000 people died that day. we're joined now live from jersey city, across the hudson river from lower manhattan. >> good evening, you can see right across the river, the new york city skyline and the tribute in light, two beams of light shining into the night sky and remembrance of those lost 11 years ago in the terror attacks. thousands gathered at the footprints of the twin towers as
6:30 pm
family members read the names of the victims, some added short messages to their loved ones. >> catherine's brother died in the north tower, she and her sister come here each year. >> it is a collective grieving and only another 9/11 family member understands that is like. >> sandra understand, she lost both sons at a trading firm. >> won a 104th floor and one on 105th floor. the most died there. >> the public memorial in lower manhattan has been opened one year, 4.5 million people have visited. one world trade center dominates the skyline but a budget battle has delayed the museum. officials hammered out a deal in time for the anniversary but still politicians were not invited to speak at the ceremony this year, which kept the focus on the families. joyce came to remember her husband wouldn't stand. >> i am broken hearted. i mean, he walked the streets.
6:31 pm
and he is not here. >> bells rang to mark the moments when each of the towers were hit and when they fell. and after nearly 3000 names, trumpets played taps. families touched the names and said goodbye, leaving behind tokens of their love. >> and as the beams of light shine into the night, here across the river there is a small memorial which are steel beams from the original twin towers that you can see and people have been leaving flowers and candles here throughout the day. >> you know, so many people gave so much in the lives lost that day. and so many people gave so much now that they're still dealing with, the first responders were getting sick. have you been able to speak with any of those people since the announcement that they will be receiving medical coverage? >> yes i have, i've spoken to at least one first responder, a
6:32 pm
fireman that had been working at ground zero for six months after the september 11th attacks. he now has stage for kidney cancer and he says that the help that the government is now giving to people that have cancer, they are giving payments to people that have to pay for cancer treatments basically. that helped cannot come soon enough for him because his cancer has been spreading and he has been having to pay for a cancer treatment, what ever is medical insurance does not cover. so for these people that have been suffering so much after the first responders and residents in the area that now have cancer, they're so glad to hear this news. >> a day that none of us will ever forget. thank you for that. meanwhile, in lafayette, the largest overpass flag display in the state marks the 11th anniversary of 9/11. that is a bridge, over highway
6:33 pm
24, an amazing sight, the flag went up a few hours ago, and is expected to stay up until 8:00 tonight, a candlelight vigil will then be held there at dusk. >> many gathered in alameda county at a memorial to the heroes of flight 93. the annual tribute held at the sugar mill landing park in union city, to remember the victims of the flight 93. one of the victim's daughter is shared her thoughts on how she gets through this day. >> today i especially remember the days when her airplane did arrive in san francisco and she would get off of that plane and say " i am here honey ". >> the names of all 40 passengers were read out loud at the ceremony. united flight 93 was headed to san francisco. and flags at all 43 san
6:34 pm
fransisco fire stations are at half staff today honoring the 343 firefighters were killed in the september 11th attacks. early this morning firefighters gathered in front of station seven, they rang doorbells just before 7:00 a.m., the same time the south tower collapsed. then they observed a moment of silence before reading the names of the fallen firefighters. >> this time next year, the city of napa will unveil a new monument honoring the 9/11 victim's, featuring the names of all those lost, etched into special glass. don ford shows us how it will also incorporate pieces of the world trade center. >> the steel beams once stood proudly in downtown manhattan and now 11 years later they have landed here in napa. >> it is a piece of history. >> the steel girders obtained by this artists are to be used for a large downtown
6:35 pm
memorial. the memorial's not finished so this deal, once part of the world trade center, said in a parking lot. finished or not, people keep coming by to pay respects for the dead. emotions are deep. >> coming here, seeing the physical piece, it just really solidifies all of my thoughts and feelings, and brings it home. the high beams were torn like paper, steel sections melted through like butter, other twisted and tortured like play-doh. >> it is not just steel, it represents lives that were lost. >> los angeles deal will be combined with glass panels, where the names of all the dead, the glass has a special property that clothes from behind when exposed to light. the idea is to make sure that we will never forget. >> i think that we took it for granted that we live in the united states and we're safe here. >> we were caught off guard, we
6:36 pm
thought that we were invincible. and it really brought us together and brought us back down to earth. >> this memorial, all 35 t of it, will not be in the parking lot much longer, the skeleton will be installed this coming spring. >> and for more on the ceremonies, marking the anniversary, and to see a photo gallery of 9/11, 11 years later, go to cbs sf .com. >> of the main thing that think is misunderstood right now is how fundamentally good is on a lot of different levels. >> the facebook ipo flopped but mark zuckerberg says to look on the bright side. what he admits that he does not do anymore. >> we ran back upstairs with fire extinguishers to break the windows out. >> then he realized that some were trapped inside, drastic actions to escape this burning bay area apartment building?,,,,
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>> >> mark zuckerberg made his first public comments since facebook made its initial public offering, he had to face tough questions about the facebook stock slide. len ramirez is here with why mark zuckerberg thinks it may all be a misunderstanding. >> at a technology conference where ground level start-ups venture capitalists, and the technology media come together to find the next big thing. the man behind the last big thing, facebook, took the stage to answer the one question on everyone's mind, what happened to the facebook stock?
6:40 pm
>> the performance of the stock as of is the been disappointing. >> stock crashed to half its value after its big ipo but in a conversation, c o mark zuckerberg defended facebook saying that the company with 950 million users is misunderstood. >> it is the first and i have spoken publicly since the ipo and it is one of the main things that is misunderstood right now is how fundamentally good it is on a lot of different levels. >> he started facebook in his dormitory in harvard and he is a folk hero to many. >> a lot of the hacker culture ... >> mark zuckerberg in its that he does not write code anymore, as the ceo of one of the most familiar brands in the world, he says he is confident in facebook strategies. >> i would rather be in a cycle where people underestimate us because i personally would rather be underestimated. i think it gives us a good latitude to go out and take some big bets and do some things that really excite and amazed people.
6:41 pm
>> his biggest bet yet may be on a facebook comeback. >> health insurance premiums are up a little bit this year but not by much, according to the kaiser family foundation, employer paid family health insurance premiums for a family of four is about $15,745 this year. a 4% increase. last year premiums spiked 9% from the year before. possible reasons for the slowdown? more families are without medical care because they cannot afford it and the rise in high deductible plans that require families to pick up more of the cost. >> california cities smothered by a rotten egg smell. tonight we pinpoint the source of the biggest bank, where the stench could become from. >> nothing but rose is with the weather, sunshine and temperatures in the '80s, inland. a live look at mount that the, we will talk about a warm-up and how long it will stick around.
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>> san jose firefighters say that two people trapped in this burning apartment apparently escaped by jumping from an upstairs window. the fire broke out by louis road before dawn today. the man who record this video said that has paralyzed neighbor also needed to be rescued. >> basically a fireman carried him down the stairs, after that we ran back upstairs with fire extinguishers to break the windows out and we realize there were still two people in there. >> he says that they jump from the window. firefighters say one suffered severe burns. the fire displace more than a dozen people and the cause is still under investigation. >> library cards are becoming the latest battleground over immigration reform, a los angeles city council member wants to expand them for other
6:46 pm
city services. for example, illegal immigrants could use them to open bank accounts and access an array of other city services under the plan. many critics say " not so fast ". >> we're talking about a population that is illegally in the country and is not supposed to be working, federal law prohibits them from working, and here you have the city of los angeles which has already done countless things to make life easy for illegal immigrants, saying " let's take the next that ". >> it would include a user's name and photograph and would be issued through the city libraries. >> air quality managers think that they have pinpointed the source of a rotten egg smell and southern california. they think that is coming from a decaying solvency in the coach del valley. they're still waiting for air samples to confirm that. hundreds of people from senior valley to san bernadino complained about the stench yesterday. >> it is terrific.
6:47 pm
yes, and it just crept in all of a sudden and everything smelled bad. >> officials think that a storm turned up decay from the bottom of the sea. >> police thinking and rotting. >> the weather is blamed for everything, now just as melanie air. blame the weather man. >> the dog wants to crosseyed, let me show you temperatures for your evening walk, napa valley: up rapidly, 68 likely '40's later. vallejo's 70 degrees san jose gorgeous, sunshine 73. redwood city 75, san fransisco in the city, the cool spot in the fog is already rolling through the golden gate, foggy overnight tonight and tomorrow especially berkeley and right up against the east bay hills, radar is clear and we will not see any rain fall but the weather is getting too much
6:48 pm
rainfall on the other side of the continent. tropical storm wesely dumping tremendous amounts of rain fall back in the canadian maritime hist. that is a problem, don't drive through there. 20,000 customers without power, hurricane force winds, big problem at the peak of hurricane season, tropical storm lesley dealing with things that peace when it comes to that. for us we're just dealing with mild weather moving in, it has been a chilly year, we have only had seven days so far this year at or above 80 degrees in san francisco and we will not give that more later this week but we will warm up, and approach 80 degrees by the end of this week. mid-60's and mainly sunny for the bay with fog rolling in this evening, some sunshine for the next hour to for the coast, staying sunny and pleasant with mid '70s inland locations. we have fog and low cloud cover hugging the coast line, it will be there for tomorrow night's and we have changes, notice like mother nature's cradle index, it is so clear from san fransisco north to the pacific northwest, that is because of a big bubble
6:49 pm
of high pressure that is on the move, moving closer to us and as it does the wind will go lighter, we grab less influence from the cool pacific ocean, not the classic offshore wind that we did in september but it is a start and it will be five degrees warmer by the end of this week. foggy at the coast tonight likely spreading inland after midnight with temperatures hanging at near normal similar to today. for wednesday, but thursday the winds goal light and we will warm up. look at the cool temperatures, oakland should be at 75, tomorrow only 71 with san jose beautiful 79 but also four degrees below average. away from the influence of the ocean it will be three degrees above average in livermore. mountain view 77, san fransisco and the city 65 and that a valid topic out at 82 degrees. sunshine will be the constant, that will not change but temperatures will. we will warm up thursday, friday the peak of the he, low ninety's inland, mid to upper seventies near the bay and at the coast
6:50 pm
they will even get sunshine in the mid to upper 60s. staying warm saturday and then on sunday cooler and cloudier in the upper eighties inland a low to mid 70's,,
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>> brandon mccarthy took a huge step in his recover today when he was released from hospital. mccarthy was discharged from the california pacific medical campus earlier in san fransisco, less than one week after taking a shot to the side of the head. this picture sent out by his wife, he underwent a two hour surgery to help relieve pressure from hemorrhaging and the stabilization of a skull fracture according to the team, he will remain in the bay area for another three weeks. mccarthy has been in good spirits on twitter during his stay in hospital, saying " the good news in all of this, i set up my fantasy league before and so there will be no excuses. no word however on who was his no. 1 pick. >> we are going streaking tax commission quite >> the oakland a's put their 10th game winning streak on the line tonight in anaheim, they are 20 games over 500, the have the top wild-card slot, their payroll was not under $5 million
6:54 pm
more than oakland, and the yankees, get this, alex rodriguez earns more money this year than the entire oakland a's roster combined. and by the way, the oakland a's have won more wind than the yankees. among the glaring problems in last night's loss with the raiders was the lack of depth for a wide receiver. ford had a bum foot. more will be back before the scheduled to have surgery on his left foot, he injured the foot in the preseason and it has not healed properly. he was placed on the short term injured reserve list which means that he will miss at least six games. more bad news for the raiders, lawn bartels broken shoulder in the first half of last night's game and he will not have surgery but is expected to be out at least four weeks, pat lee will take his place in the starting lineup. before last night, not many bay area fans knew anything about the pro bowl want snapper, john
6:55 pm
condo. we knew it years ago. >> i can do it ... i have some big macs here. >> aside from his tricks off of the field, he has been one of the league's best on the field. last night against the chargers he suffered a concussion after being hit in that. his replacement, could not hide the ball to the punter all night. essentially costing the raiders the game. >> he has worked on snapping the ball, he as done a nice job in practice. but it is always a much different when you get into a game situation, he was put into a tough situation, and he heard us. >> i'm still excited about the team that we have and the coaching staff that we have and the direction we're headed. you know, it is not just let service.
6:56 pm
i am on my 12th season. if it was not going right i would not sit here and tell you it was moving in the right direction. >> aaron rogers is supposed to be wearing a 49ers jersey, the rest of this week. that is because it boys to men, nathan morris, is a 49ers fan and bet rogers said of the forty-niners one and rogers would have to wear and alex smith jersey. >> i did hear about this that yesterday, someone told me about it. >> that will have to wait a while for that picture, barely rogers is not going to wear the jersey this week because the packers are preparing for a game on thursday night. morris told the website tmz that rogers will own up to the best. >> it was a joke between friends and unfortunately the great reporting of tmz blew another one. >> on sunday, the texans beat miami 30/10 in houston.
6:57 pm
j.j. what had three sacks against the rookie quarterback. he said today that he picked up the dolphins snap count from the hbo reality show " hard knocks ". he knew exactly when it would hike the football. he discovered that the hard way. and they start them early in the ukraine. at this 7 year-old set a ukrainian record by doing 4000 consecutive pushups in two hours 29 minutes. he started training at five years old and within a year was able to do 3000 consecutive pushups. i just happen to have these from the sports department. dana king, go for it! >> oh look, we are out of time.,
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