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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  September 17, 2012 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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the middle east crisis continues this morning. muslims angered by an anti-islamic film stage more protests against the united states. >> u.s. and libyan officials offer conflicting accounts of last week's deadly attack in benghazi that left four americans dead. >> it began spontaneously. >> this left us with no doubt that this was pre-planned, pre-determined. >> still on strike, chicago teachers will walk the picket line again today after the city extends a tentative contract offer. >> pair of nfl coaches exchange some unpleasantries after sunday's game. this is the "cbs morning news" for monday, september 17, 2012. good morning, everybody. good to be with you. i'm terrell brown.
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another morning of anti-american protests in the middle east. this time violence triggered by that anti-islam video erupted in kabul, afghanistan. the leader of hezbollah is calling for protests at u.s. embassies and libya, 50 people have been arrested in connection with the attack on the u.s. consulate, some foreigners. there are questions on how the deadly assault was carried out. susan mcginnis has more on this. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, terrell. the u.s. is sending more military force certain hot spots after this new violence in kabul and hezbollah calling for more protests, indicating the tensions could escalate across the arab world. hundreds of protesters are clashing with police and marching towards a u.s. military base in kabul, afghanistan. it's the latest in a wave of violence connected with an american made anti-islam film.
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protests in pakistan turned deadly sunday when demonstrators clashed with police outside the u.s. consulate in karachi. one protester was killed, u.s. officials say all americans inside the mission are safe. in tripoli, lebanon this weekend protesters went after symbols of america including a kfc and hardee's restaurant. the head of the militant group hezbollah called on muslims to join the protest saying they should judge and punish the people responsible for this mock movie so that they become an example to any who thinks about disrespecting our prophet and our koran. and in sudan and tunisia the u.s. is evacuating non-essential personnel from the embassies there and urging u.s. citizens to leave. u.s. investigators are trying to determine whether the killings of four americans in libya including ambassador chris
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stevens were premeditated or part of a mass protest against susan rice the u.s. ambassador the u.n. said the attack appears to be spontaneous demonstration that extremists took over. >> there were extremist elements that joined and escalated the violence, whether they are al qaeda, libyan extremists. or al qaeda itself i think is one of the things we have to determine. >> reporter: libya's president disagrees. he said it was a well-planned attack. >> the way it moved this leaves us with no doubt this was pre-planned, pre-determined. >> reporter: rice said it was too early to say if security should have been tighter at the u.s. missions in libya. al qaeda is also calling for more attacks on u.s. embassies. >> susan, thank you. meanwhile america's top military officer general martin dempsey
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said attacks inside afghanistan are a very serious threat to the war effort and we can't whitewash this. on sunday four american troops were killed at a checkpoint by afghan police. this year more than 50 nato service members mostly americans have been killed by afghan security officers. this morning in tokyo, leon panetta said he was concerned about the attack but the risks are part of war. >> we'll not lose sight of the fundamental mission here, which is to continue to proceed to assure a peaceful transition to afghan security and governance. >> reporter: on friday two u.s. marines were killed during an attack on a british air base in southern afghanistan. nato has apologized for an air strike that killed eight women and girls. they were gathering firewood in a remote area. nato planes attacked and were
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after insurgents. pope benedict left libya yesterday calling for peace and urging an end to the violence. during a campaign visit to ohio, president obama is expected to announce a new trade enforcement case against china. the -- the u.s. says u.s. manufacturers are at a disadvantage. between 2001 and 2010 jobs in the u.s. auto parts sector dropped by about half while imports of auto parts from china have increased seven times. ohio is a critical swing state where many blame china for lost manufacturing jobs. the president will campaign in two cities there today, mitt romney campaigns in california where karen brown reports he'll make an appeal to hispanic voters. >> reporter: carlos has seen his customers buying habits change. >> they come in twice a week for
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groceries, now they come in once a week. there are days where sales are pretty flat. >> reporter: his family immigrated from mexico in 1961. and they opened a deli which now is a chain of three supermarkets. >> it's the american success story. >> reporter: also an american recession story. >> we cutback on hiring. we try to make people do more. the word is uncertainty. >> what's on my mind is exactly the same thing that's on everybody else's mind. creating jobs and the economy. >> reporter: nina started a dallas-based information technology company in her living room. she now employs 4,000 people and chairs the u.s.-hispanic chamber of commerce which will hear mitt romney speak. >> it's government's responsibility to create an environment in which small businesses can succeed. what i am most frustrated with, honestly as a business owner, is
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this incredible toxic political environment. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: president obama leads romney by 2-1 with hispanic voters and aggressively trying to register more. romney is trying to cut into that margin by targeting 3 million hispanic owned businesses. >> these are people that depend on entrepreneurship to feed their families, put food on their table. small businesses create 60% of the vast majority of jobs in this country and hispanic owned businesses are growing at 23%. >> reporter: carlos plans to be among thousands of hispanic business leaders from around the country who will hear romney. >> primarily he's saying things i want to here. as a business person. >> reporter: they both want to hear from either candidate is less regulation, lower taxes and more assets to capital. karen brown, cbs news, los angeles. >> chicago mayor rahm emanuel is seeking a court order to force chicago teachers back to work as
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the strike enters week two. the mayor sought a court order after teachers said they want more time to evaluate a contract offer. they said they didn't have enough time to review the offer. >> our people know how to read, do math and they understand these things. they need the opportunity to have the time to do that and i would like to give that to them. >> we are extremely disappointed after ten months of discussion and reaching a fair compromise the teachers union decided to continue their strike and keep our children out of the classroom. >> the main issues remain teacher evaluations and job security. the union will meet again tomorrow. coming up on a monday morning, royally peeved. the photographer who took those topless photos of the duchess of cambridge faces a legal battle with the royal family. this is the morning news. cambridge faces a legal battle with the royal family. could be working better. listen to this.
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today against the photographer who took pictures of prince william's wife kate sun bathing topless. prince william and kate were visiting the solomon islands in the south pacific. the royal family plans to file a criminal complaint over breach of privacy against the french magazine that published the pictures. an italian magazine also plans to publish those photos. we'll hear a lot about this. cbs money watch now has gas prices peak and zombies take over the box office. ashley morrison has more. >> good morning. overseas markets were mostly flat this morning, hong kong hang seng added a fraction while shanghai's composite index lost 2%. several economic reports due out this week could chart wall street's course, among them trade deficit, housing starts and weekly jobless claims. corporate earnings reports will include fedex, general mills and
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bautista and beyond. on friday the dow jones industrial reached its highest close since december of 2007 ending the week up 286 points while the nasdaq finished 47 points higher. gasoline prices may be coming down. the price of regular is $3.87. prices are expected to decline now that refineries have switched from the higher priced summer blend to a less costly wintry mix. resident evil was top at the weekend box office. the zombie horror sequel took in more than $21 million in ticket sales. "finding nemo" finished second with $17.5 million. "the possession" fell to third place with just $5.5 million. telemarketing companies don't understand or refuse to understand what do-not-call means.
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the federal trade commission says complaints about unwanted telephone solicitations are up a whopping 225% since 2010. the biggest problems are with recordings, the robo calls that use caller i.d. to hide the numbers. oh, that makes me so mad when that happens. >> i've had entire conversations with those things. they sound so real. how are you doing? i'm fine, hour doing? who is this? >> nothing makes he madder than when they hang up on you. when you say please don't call again and they hang up on you. >> ashley morrison in new york. rude. i know. doesn't look like it's going away. up next your monday morning weather and in sports what set off this testy exchange between the coaches. giants and buccaneers after sunday's game? buccaneers after sunday's game? [ male announcer ] at p.f. chang's,
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ignite the night with p.f. chang's home menu appetizers. find them near our frozen meals. here's a look at the weather. mostly sunny in new york, 77 degrees. chance of thunderstorms in miami, 88. afternoon thunderstorms in chicago, 77 degrees. partly sunny skies in dallas, 87. los angeles, 86 degrees. let's check your national forecast. showers and thunderstorms will stretch from eastern oklahoma into the southeast. showers and thunderstorms are likely for parts of the mississippi valley, great lakes and ohio valley. northeast is sunny and dry but parts of the mid-atlantic is wet. most of the west will be dry. in sports this morning a big
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performance from the 49ers big tight end vernon davis. first quarter, alex smith goes on top and finds davis in the end zone. san francisco gets the early lead. then smith and davis hook up again. this time davis took some moves before getting to the end zone. san francisco will win this one 21-17. game of the day, giants and bucs. coming back from a two touchdown deficit. tied the game up on 27. the giants jump ahead by a touchdown but tampa bay responds with a bomb. josh freeman to mike williams, 41 yards to tie it up. at 34 apiece. new york not done yet. andre brown put the giants ahead for good. a short touchdown run with less than a minute to play. some controversy. final seconds here. eli manning gets run over. and as the team leaves for a post-game hand shake, the two coaches exchanged some heated
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words. 41-34 will be the final in this one. the nfl referees are still locked out but the league had to replace one of its replacement refs. brian was supposed to officiate the game but the league pulled him after they learn he was an avid saints fan. to baseball in the wild card race. st. louis and los angeles came into sunday tied for the last pro season spot. knocked an rbi double to right. st. louis wins 5-2 and is one game on the dodgers. and in al matt weeders goes, baltimore wins it, one game behind the yankees in the east and have a 2 1/2 game lead to the al second wild card spot. when we come back escalating violence, a dispute between china and japan over a group of
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here's a look at the weather in some cities around the country. afternoon rain in washington, 78 degrees. storms in atlanta, 78 dress. afternoon thunderstorms and 79 in st. louis. partly sunny skies in denver. and 80 degrees and sunny in seattle. anti-japanese demonstrations some violent. flared again in china this morning. they followed a weekend of large scale protests over japan's claim over islands in the east china sea that china also claims. >> reporter: beijing finally clamped down on anti-japanese protests around the japanese embassy installing heavy security but beyond the well guarded chinese capital tens of thousands of protesters in 80 cities across china joined what
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appeared to be well organized rallies. many carried posters of former communist leader mao tse tsung. anything associated with japan was under siege. department stores were emptied of merchandise. it was the worst eruption of anti-japanese rage since the two countries normalized diplomatic relations 40 years ago. the japanese should return our territory said this man. the japanese violated again, we should declare war. sparking the anger was japan's move earlier this week to nationalize a group of tiny islands in the east china sea known as the senkaku islands. days later beijing upped the ante in an unusual show of force, beijing sent a large group of patrol ships to sail through the disputed territory. the islands are uninhabited but situated near fisheries and rich mineral reserves.
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japan's prime minister said they would not back down. and urged china to ensure the safety of jamz nationals living on mainland china. anti-japanese unrest could be refueled next week as china marks the anniversary of a japanese invasion 81 years ago. new research out today finds kids are eating too much salt and could be leading to health problems. the centers for disease control says 6200 children age 8 to 18, found 15% had high blood pressure or slightly elevated blood pressure. on average kids ate 3300 milligrams of assault or sodium daily. that's more than recommended. coming up the big secret that hospitals don't want to you know. i'm terrell brown. this is the "cbs morning news". i'm terrell brown.
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a russian soyuz capsule landed in kazakhstan today. an american and two russian cosmonauts spent 123 days in orbit. the soyuz craft is the only way to reach the space station since the shule program ended last year. the much anticipated iphone 5 lands in stores on friday. initial demand is so high apple stock taking pre-orders after a few hours. not only are customers anxious to get their hands on the new device but thieves are as well. smartphone thefts have become one of the fastest growing crimes in this country. >> reporter: they are often brazen daylight attacks. like this. a woman talking on her cell phone one minute and the next it's gone. she's left in utter disbelief. that crime took place in san francisco where these days about half of all robberies involve a smartphone.
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>> it's like gold. >> reporter: in los angeles the lieutenant said cell phone thefts have increased 32%. new york city they are up 40%. >> now what we're seeing is cell phones overtaking, eclipsing money as the number one thing being stolen from people and to the me that's astounding. >> reporter: smart phones are easy to reprogram and resell sometimes for hundreds of dollars. the fcc stepped in requesting wireless providers create a central database of ripped off phones. make them easier to track and shut off. but to some, the iphone remains so valuable the attacks can turn violent. ashley was at a bus stop texting her mom when it happened to her. >> thought somebody was playing a prank on me and then i realized how forceful they were and when they whipped me around it was not a joke. >> reporter: she tried to hold on to it. that's when the attack got
4:27 am
worse. >> his friend came from the side of me and hit me in the face twice. >> reporter: the key is to be more aware. how often are we buried in our emails, surfing the web, listening to music, oblivious to our surroundings. mobile phones are mobile. that's the whole point. but if you think about it, so is cash. you don't count how much cash you took out of the atm in front of a bunch of people. so don't do that with your expensive gadget either. >> it's like wearing a t-shirt that says i'm a victim take my phone. >> there there's a phone there's a potential target. lee cohen, cbs news, los angeles. something to keep in mind. coming up after your local news on cbs the latest on anti-american violence in the middle east. a live report in kabul. and reaction from george mitchell. plus we'll take you to the cape, cape cod where the first-ever great white shark was tagged by researchers last week.
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actor jake gyllenhaal on his new movie "end of watch." that and more a little littler on cbs "this morning." for now that will do it for this monday. we appreciate you watching. i'm terrell brown. take care, everybody. have a great day. ng. i'm terrell brown. take care, everybody. have a great day. ,,,,,,
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did you not know that? region said friday of five announced monday.


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