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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  September 17, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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mitt romney under fire for comments he made at a closed- door fund raiser. what he thinks of nearly half of all americans recluse with a $7 million secret the surprising thing he stashed in his crotch a bay area woman who stands to inherit a fortune she paid her d&b registration fees on on the did
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not get hurt tax for 10 months the mistake to avoid. tonight mitt romney @ matthes his choice of words not the best. after a video surfaced of him blasting nearly half of all americans for thinking they are victims entitled to government handouts. elizabeth cook shows us the video and what romney had to say. not the first time this election romney's words got him in trouble the gop candidates as he should have chosen his words more wisely when he spoke to supporters several months ago he did not apologize. 47% of the american people romney speaking at a fund- raiser but obama supporters he says did not pay federal taxes last year 47% with him believe they
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are victims that government has the responsibility to care for them that they are entitled to health care to food and housing your name at an entitlement that government should give them they will vote for this president no matter what this is a game changer this recording out cain by " mother jones " magazine reports romney made the comments last spring mitt romney does not have to worry about barack obama negative advertising his injuries are self-inflicted makes it easier for this president to be reelected it is shocking for a president for a candidate would go behind closed doors and declare to wealthy donors at the american people view themselves as victims and tyler too handouts a few hours ago romney tried to soften the comments not elegantly stated, i was
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speaking off the cuff in response to a question i could have stated more clearly and his running mate reminded everyone the remarks candid obama made in san francisco in 2008. people like us, people from the midwest the like to cling to their dens and religion, this catholic deer hunter guilty as charged in proud to say so candidates obama's, as did not affect the election but analyst joe touman says the comments are apples and oranges consequences for the romney campaign another reminder not a lot of message discipline or organization or control in the campaign. the author of the mother jones article said the event took place in may 17th in
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florida romney's case argues that nearly half the american people pays no income tax is accurate, it fails to note those americans pay other taxes including federal payroll tax state taxes and local taxes most of those who pay no taxes brighter the destitute disabled or elderly. elizabeth cook cbs 5 he serves as police chief and the largest bay area city with the san jose police chief will be handing in his badge, chris mohr a 30 year veteran of the time he retires in january he will be chief for only two years, reporter kiet do and how much his retirement will cost the city. chris mohr says never a good time but today the right time 30 years a good benchmark for me 30 years in this profession it is a good long solid career.
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a happy day for me and my family chief more work 80-90 hours a week and got emotional looking at his career a could not be happier, could not be happier it was here and by the time they took iran's the city deal with budget cuts he laid off 65 police officers cut the pay of the rest by 10% 100 more officers either retired or when to other departments. i'm not sure a lot will happen it will be difficult and i get that for me in my family 30 years is it a good time he downplayed speculation he was pushed out or leaving before the city could reduce his $100,000 annual pension and to $1,000 in sick time i completely respect his decision and the decision he
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made for his family we should be happy he did a good job in the time he had with us it is a personal decision he won praise when he eased up on in pounding the cars of undocumented workers but immigrant rights groups pressured him to get rid of immigration agents and at times we could not agree but we agreed to disagree this council member is disappointed very easy to lead in easy times and when the going gets tough will need a tough to get going when need leadership to address these issues straight on and deal with them the city thanks the search should go quickly because of their research and public comments is still fresh only about a year-and-a-half old. his last day is january 31st
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kiet do cbs 5 when can all on the katie occupy movement had a birthday. more festive than combative crowds marched through downtown san francisco and rallied outside the bankamerica building today the first anniversary of the social movement that at times difficult to define. and in some cities difficult to manage. no problems reported today. contra costa county inches closer to a strike that could paralyze the criminal-justice system, public defenders and district attorneys are prepared to walkout over a salary and benefit dispute, of this is have been decimated the county has cut back on compensation, union leaders say the strike will not be for show.
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i expected to be a work stoppage until we get will want or being treated seriously this would not be one or two days long, that is more symbolic or real this time around it will be real than symbolic officials will talk tomorrow about contingency plans should there be a walkout by other department and other supporting unions. and afghan militant islamic group claims responsibility for suicide tactic that killed nine people near the cobble airport, a spokesman says revenge for the anti islamic film. meantime we see how some libyan strike to help ambassador christopher stevens after the consulate attacked charlie daggata shows us the video. this video shot in the hours after the consulate attacked and ambassador chris stevens died,
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in the darkness you can see some libyans try to save him in carrying the body to safety what you do not see are any of the american security team it is unclear how they became separated. bin does she resident shot the video he told us he heard somebody else that there was a body but no one recognized the ambassador. god is great he is alive he says he did not see bruising or bleeding but the ambassadors face was read his lips were black they try to find a doctor. there was none. he helped get the ambassador to the hospital. the attack continued on the consonant libyan security official said he and his team started to evacuate the 30 americans to a safe house a mile and half away. it does not want to be identified.
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less than one hour after the staff made it to this a faust it came under attack during the first attack was from r p a cheese rocket-propelled grenades and and mortars he told us the strikes were accurate as if the attackers do exactly where they ran ending. when we toward the safe house his accounts into at up was are remnants of mortars and bloodstained american flight jackets and helmets. that assault one for several hours until sunrise until the attackers retreated. i don't know what to do a retired bay area firefighter boarded a amtrak train to montreal and not seen since his family thinks he may be in omaha. she had proved she paid her dmv fees on line, why did not
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hurt tag show up for 10 months what you should never do when using your banks online bill pay. a recluse who died with a surprising secret, $7 million worth of gold coins in his house ,,
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bay area man who vanished on a cross-country and track trip to visit family missing for, for days now charles stout expected in chicago when the train arrived he was not on board reporter christin ayers on his family's efforts to find him. charlie doubts family searched omaha, neb. to decide where he may have been last seen, on his way to chicago left and revell on wednesday but never arrived at destination during i know him he would call her husband has not called the own ecology has received have been from her children hundreds of miles away the
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launched a facebook page and search effort for six to nine year-old charlie doubt a retired firefighter who boarded an amtrak train on wednesday and then vanished on his way to montreal his luggage cellphone and medication left on board. he talked to my son outside of denver he was excited about the trip, this is a shocking turn of events. he confided he was battling and sauna and had not slept in two days of the time has turned out to chicago charlie had disappeared his family said he was taking medication for heart and diabetes and may have become disoriented if he became disoriented he may have fallen and could be on the side of the track summer the spent the day is passing
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out fliers at the omaha amtrak station where he may have been seen last appeared amtrak released a statement saying the amtrak police is working with local police departments along the route of the train. family members rory amtrak police have been slow to respond. would do not feel amtrak police on the ground leaving them to take matters in their own hands and to amend the facebook page. my personal that feeling, is that he is hurt. after leading of omaha the family have plans to search lincoln, neb. on the facebook jet. christin ayers cbs 5 a scare for an american airlines flight from san francisco to new york, the flight held on the runway at jfk, after an anonymous call kim
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and clamming an explosive on board. it turned out to be a hoax investigators found nothing suspicious, another flight from helsinki was inspected after similar threat was made many of us pay bills online, when one california woman paid her dmv fees on on she did not get her attack for months even though the dmv get into her bank account. julie watts on the costly mistake to avoid. paula billings as prove she paid her registration renewal using her banks online bill pay. evidence of the checked the dmv cashed $155, her dmv tag never arrived. to avoid getting pulled over she went to the dmv office every few months for temporary tag she
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said the dmv workers said the payment was credited to somebody else and had to get the money back. the dmv garnished your bank account for $296 to cover the registration plus bank and processing fees that's a lot of nerve and then i was really mad. a simple mesquite if you will of the transaction and the funds were applied to a different vehicle the dmv spokesperson says the technician made a mistake the problem started when she paid through her banks bill pay and not the dmv website she did not provide her license plate number the technician did not know where it was supposed to go but somehow ended up in the wrong place, did need to take 10 months and visits to the dmv to figure it out if any customer feels
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they're getting run around ask for a manager we have trained managers and all field offices the dmv has creditor bank account $296 and her cat had shown up. she just paid her renewal fees and this time she did it in a field office in person to make sure know makes up. a modest home in reno produced nothing short of a gold mine, 69 year-old walter says moscow kept to himself, when realtors and neighbors cleared out his house they found evidence of hoarding in cases of tuna, salmon, guns, and then, a stack of mysterious box says. we thought it was ammunition but it was rolls of $20 gold
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pieces i had never seen that much gold in my life it took a wheelbarrow to get it out in wait along the gold is worth $7 million but some of the coins as old as the 1940's and collector pieces the actual value i'm sorry 1840, the value expected to be much greater one survivor a cousin living in san rafael parent paul deanno care what do union city palo alto and they wore have been common? they did not break 70 degrees today. a beautiful,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ♪
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at in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school, or financing the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces, what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those who are making our less led to the temperatures outside a lot of lives, san jose and concord at 55, santa rosa chillier already 49 degrees.
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when thing that does not change dry weather plenty of afternoon sunshine through the weekend but what has changed a stronger onshore flow of as brought back manly cloudy skies at the coast, this bill into the san francisco bay, they will stick around until after lunch. the cooling change because of a stronger onshore flow. that teams up with low pressure to our north. as long as those to give us a one-two punch we stay cooler than normal that lasts until thursday cloudy near the bay until lunchtime. temperatures are 5-10 degrees below normal. six degrees below normal for san jose.
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san mateo not hitting 70. 68 for berkeley, with state cooler than normal through thursday. to eighties inland on friday. another round of cooler weather moves in sunday. we stay dry. sports with dennis 1 sharks start takes his skates at of the country a close play at the,,,,,,,,,,
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mom is the word in with the champagne on ice the giants could win the west early as friday. orlando cepeda blows out the candle on the 75th birthday. brandon crawford scores the giants lead one nothing. up of the theft, if only he were 2 in. higher, a triple the game is tied at 1. he has 27 go-ahead rbis, they
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wave of low home looked at him go, giants lead 2-1. say hello to sergio romo. the two-one the final. baumgarner gets his win. magic number eight. the sharks joe thornton plans to do after the players are locked out today he signed with the swiss hockey team for the upcoming season the nhl season supposed to begin october 11th. cornerback shawntae spencer there's a prank his flood, the injury is significant the second starting cornerback to go down. peyton manning wiped his brow all my in atlanta intercepted three times it da's by the former cal bears appear in lead
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to 10 falcon points. the falcons beat the broncos 27-21. the 49ers also two and zero jim harbaugh gave love to michael crabtree. like a frog, he switches out and catches the bug or the ball. did you get the feet down, yes he did. western kentucky hill toppers go for the when a pass to the running back and the quarterback they beat the kentucky wildcats 32-31. the worst own goal ever he made the save but will be, they lose. canadian lingerie football. mickey johnson on the run.
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