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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  September 19, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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the to resolve this morning? the sudden and did it was a little windy out there in spots or to see some clear movie on shore. the temperatures numbingly in the '50's and '40's and parts of the north bay. gesture of and that roadwork out there to slow you down. his allied look of a class of golden gate bridge. i have one leg "directions across the span. it finds them to pay and work on somewhat one. gun a little piece of american space history and it's all this way here to california. the space shuttle endeavor lifted off for the kennedy space center is being carried to acidulous atop a modified jumbo
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jet. endeavor will stop in houston and on its wooded edwards air force base today. it's expected to be flown over the bay area before landing at lax. in the race for the white house a new poll shows president obama is gaining ground in free swing states he considered key to his reelection. these numbers come 48 days away from the election and it shows obama is pulling away from romney. most likely to determine the election. according to a poll rummy is losing loved in the states in colorado president obama's now as the lead on romney. energy and wisconsin president obama has extended his lead in both states to be on the polls margin of error. rummies,
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knocked off his campaign off at a when the polls showed he had new post touche make up. that was rummy secretly recorded at a fund-raiser and a. he claimed nearly half the americans leave their victims entitled to government support that don't pay for their taxes purely is continuing to defend these comments he says he was talking about winning the election a focus of a 5 percent of voters who are undecided. on a took a few jabs at the blood during a fund-raiser in salt lake city. by virtue of what you put in place we have seen the results over these past four years. those results are not very encouraging a record number of americans are now living in poverty. in an appearance on the late
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show david letterman president obama was asked about the 47%,. press the obama ready to run this campaign. the president needs to be the leader of all americans including the 47%. romney says he believes in his comments at the present his government vis-a-vis smaller. he can watch the entire private romney fund-raiser video on cbs outcome. seleucid knowledge of consent is that is higher than it should be and that they can agree on and what the root of the plot is. city council held a steady session at city hall lobby police officers association of a community gathering budget cuts have left
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the police department under stat. this is a political piece is a community: prevention workshop. a significant increase in car and this general area. he would have some increase this year over last year but a long-term trend is the arm. how this surge of violence in august i said jose has not had a homicide in nearly four weeks now. the city hall meeting give credit to is the province increased focus on gains in the city. surveillance images will help them attract a burglar here. the cameras and checking his home. and then ring the doorbell before entering the home before through an unlocked door in the back of a house for he stole jewelry and some electronics. that was just a little mini preview. so nice weather coming
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our way but we are starting out with some patchy fog vote this morning. a little bit after that was yesterday. likely to see the fall colet and throughout the morning hours. so little cool spots. the '50s elsewhere in mostly clear skies and some of the interior rally. the richest would be down below the average for this time of year. mason 70's and low 80s and lynn. along the coastline be a little bit of sunshine. change is coming up as we head towards the weekend. were developed from chp and let us know about racier traffic alert that is still in effect in vallejo. this piece of land of
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high with 37 but there wilson ave. this is no big rig brought in the right lane. you see slowing in both directions across the stretch. you see the late train which tracks on the golden gate bridge. you will find something work up there on soft on watt won for sir francis drake will part of the way down to the water tunnel. his a look at the time sabre travel camera in oakland. nice clear right of way out for is how street. it's about a 50 minute drive time on your front a 80 from 238 towards the base. russified 80 not backing up the tab for the all to log house. it picked up over road work on highway 24 near the caldecott tunnel. mass- transit no delay.
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we'll to the floor of. you see the space shuttle endeavor. it was being carried on top of a modified jumbo jet. suppose to be flown over the bay area on friday. over the been in my becoming difficult because of the fog. on his way from florida and 40 touchdowns in houston and then come to california this weekend. this always good to look i'm hoping people on friday halted on the bay area to see this forehead. the clues in the
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case of a retired area firefighters who vanished on the amtrak to key man from off the train somewhere in colorado or nebraska. he was on his way to montreal. the 69 year-old appeared disoriented. if the report of him being disoriented asking for a corridor is true why wouldn't they ask him to get medical attention right then. the family got a tip that he was spotted the but those sought solace in the side of him. this number lived in what is expected to approve a 5 percent tuition hike in january. the board tentatively approved and it would raise tuition to more
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than $62 a year. california businesses will not pay less for workers' compensation. governor brown sounded dull supporting saying he will he make the workers' compensation system more efficient. changes were needed because the cost of insurance has increased for nearly $15 billion to $19 billion in the last couple of years. or getting workers back to work faster were getting the kind of medical care they need that the program. this is people coming together to make california worked out. lawyers argued that the bill limits litigation which means feel pity, it's. ha before a party to million-dollar plant is designed to create a lively community hub. the letter includes removing fences at the station that having storefronts on the
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plaza. he went had benches that are come foolhardy to some but not necessarily to lay on. visibility across the plaza is the importance. tonight's committee and who will be at able gonzales' home harbin's and that is located on caps street. the campaign against the pros so the tax and richmond is expected to take a similar tone that helped kill a tobacco tax plan in june. the argument is that the initiative does not give security the money would go to anti obesity programs. opponents will spend about a million dollars fighting. in the end of tax on high sugar tree expert a high number of officials is forcing vector officials to fog for the west the virus from 7:00 to 11:00 tonight.
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it's been a great year in tow knell. while some grad bad news in one country. i've lost hundred 65 lbs. of one year. could be at like changers. the new hit drugs that just went on sale. a fighting sat on camera in australia. what causes this tornado of fire.,,,,,,,,,,,,,, the johansen
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syncytial hothead house restaurant of he instills some platforms this was shot last week includes links australia. he was kidnapped and filling his spot pitches when he spotted the site. we dissected the seedless
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the air so fast that sometimes there's a little irritation with the wind. around. today we have some low-cost loans and fog that are moving back on shore this morning. rohr to season:. running mainly into the fifties were selling this is the 40's and the north bay good '60s and a few 70's he in the war spots and lynn. temperatures in the in the '60s up toward the shoreline. temptress thing below the average for the better part of the week. the loss of even five in the fresno area at 93391
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and its yosemite. 64 degrees of monterey bay. mostly sunny skies around the interior parts of the bay about seven degrees it set a clear. sixties towards hoffman day. inside the center by about 68 degrees and 0162 a separate cisco and 75 in santa rosa. as we look towards a week and things begin to cool down even more. we start talking of far as it begins on sat today. i wanted a quick number getting somebody news in the south bay. into alarm fire and as a news crew going to the scene. a lot of the biggest
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applause of lee and clear up this morning air. no metering lights no delay. if you're heading toward dublin interchanges of me to get busy out there. had lights moving westbound said he spent traffic looks pretty good as well. 50 minutes coming through the wind turbines node to lead all the way up toward 680 at the dublin interchange. east on highway 37 and a lighthouse or approaching wilson avenue whenever they sold out big rig. he sang some slowdown in both directions of that area. that is a severe traffic alert. more some lanes open for marin county reported.
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was also mentioned struck submitting their way towards the city. how could this stuff they were a major road where rates are now free and clear. more protest about the video which routed to profit mohamad. hundreds of afghan university students gathered today and tell all about and chanted anti-american slogans. hugh of the white house says that this court has no indication that the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in libya who was premeditated. the white house spokesperson says flow last week its attack is
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under attack. the sense that goal is to find out what happened at a white into a truck of those responsible for the deaths. at least 46 people were killed when a gas to sell the burst into flames in northern mexico. the giant ball of flame shot into the air city emergency crews scrambling. officials say it started with an explosion of a still did not have an official calls. a number of people also injured in the blast. back to school, in chicago. teachers have ended a seven day strike. the contract is still not court finalized. the target that was a member union has to approve the contract. there were objecting to lager school days evaluations tied to student performance. when people come together to deal with problems of education the people that are actually working in the schools need to be heard. i think that discipline and opportunity for
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people across the nation to have their voices heard. and i think were moving in the right direction. a full contract low is yet to be released. some 350,000 students attend the chicago public school district. according to a new report 52% of black men who entered the ninth grade in 2006 graduate in four years. that is an improvement from 2004 as for the white males and 70 percent who enter high school graduate on time. there will be no more father-son much audiences and ride. a had a complaint from a single mother whose daughter had no father or mother to take her to dance. many people are upset about this change in policy.
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i truly believe that no one intended to hurt anyone's feelings what they said they wanted to be inclusive but also like the traditional type activities. currency and schools had to remove a school prayer or better because of a lawsuit. what you think about the school pending fathered dr. dances. i would think. at the opened above $700 a share this morning. apple now has a market value of $650 billion. so much a stock is up 70% this year since january. the latest surge comes that apple's record there for the new phones that hit store shelves on friday. it's still sore but some stores are getting ready for the holiday
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shopping season. kohl's the restores, the very first. his plan to hire more than 52 dozen people for seasonal work. american airlines is sending a letter of warning notices to more than 11,000 employees as a company continues to go through bankruptcy restructuring. airline officials say the actual number of job losses will probably be felt closer to 4400 people. the help-wanted sign is out in one country. the groups are ready for harvesting but there is a serious shortages of workers. it only has 18 of the 40 workers at the council on to start picking this week. it's a combination of the economy and immigration issues. they aren't sure when or if things will get better. in the past three years it has dwindled down they don't
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have as many people coming looking for work appeared a person could make around a hundred $12 a day picking grapes in california. it. company just launched a new weapon. a new fda drug that kill your appetite. it always works in a combination of a good diet and exercise purchase of also hundred 65 lbs. of one year. i'm happy and healthy now. it's only available through major online retailers like cbs or walgreen. it could cost up to in hundred $80 a month. the gun and a bridge will never be the same so once the two figures disappeared. jesus 1 date the one on for two
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hours. my dog was howling and it was bad. fighting gospel was sen. the jaw dropping relief you'd you'd never ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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hitachi fell to start the debate. temperatures in the '70s and '80s and lynn. '60s and '70s are run debate. his three of them. across the golden gate bridge are looking good right now. a bridge no delay. no problems across the san mateo bridge. were following
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a severe tropical dark and bloody hell it will have more on that coming out. a small piece of papyrus from the fourth century is raising the question of whether he's this may have been married. it's just a lines of text may public by a harvard professor. it's in the ad hoc declined which appeared on line says jesus says one line my wife is shechem be my disciple. this is not true that jesus had a white but he only christians debate and what were he did. if you going on a small siirt committee comes a new meaning to them meeting nasty neighbor pat. a man wanted to be he says he was trying to get back at his neighbors. their
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offense was blasting gospel music. when bit 1 offer are 12 hours could my dog was howling and it was bad. he later admitted port may have not been the best choice. dickey's gospel losses were even home. a number of the home owners didn't complain about the protest. can you imagine the police officers responding to this? the price positions wiped from a student's locker. who may have swiped and $11,000 a cello. ha is mitt romney running out of time? he the csu system has ever faced in once again as the students to repay the price.,,,,
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