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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  September 21, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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to press for a file the officers involved shooting in san francisco. the drastic measure ride police to to call the crowd could pin once-in-a-lifetime flight but there is one slight change. the space shuttle rides over today. with a fraud keep us from dealing the shuttle. had acted on 580 details coming up. but is running thru the
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mission district in san francisco. gladys completely shut down the station that last night. said after an officer start a suspect they're pure it shall the aftermath of last night's protest was the flash on the doors but it's clear that now. this after an angry mob of control after an officer of a shooting that was a video from last us protest a whip protesters yelling police to go home. he also had a loss of mission police station where the the worst killers on the front door protesters surrounded the station as officers got dressed and fed right here. two offices
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in just the normal close confront is suspect if that was the then member. such a trend away and during the chase the plan discussed that point a gun at officers. that's when the officer opened the have pitted the subject was head but is expected to be honest, now at the police station. no arrests were made last night. comes a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see a piece of american aviation history. the retired shuttle endeavor will fought over the bill delta around 940 this morning. glasses of people are
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expected to hit this morning and agreed to have a big event and of a cockpit that is after the shuttle to seven california run 815 this morning. it'll be making as passover northern california sometime or round ninth study. here is the ballot were expected to take. it will 285 die over the sacramento area this morning but over the state capital. then run the filly in and will pass over the ship theinside center in oakland. the shuttle to a field spare gun a bit awry on the golden gate bridge and then onto silicon valley. q. if the shuttle landing at airforce base yesterday. which to put on the show a lot of us in the bay area
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will never forget that the 1,500 ft.. show has ever been to northern california before. show has ever been to hit northern california before and won't be again. was the lancet lax this afternoon it will be taken but the jet and then taken to the california science center next month here in the food at a nine year khalil. he implied that a lot more about activities today. last to live from endeavor ended june of last year. it has spent a total of 299 days of space. the travel and nearly zero hundred 23 million mi. an orbit with 474 times. those of national the which
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now replace the shuttle challenger. if your flight out of the bay area this morning there will be some delays. that's the rub ninth 30. one of nine live coverage of coverage on the web. everyone is watching the fog. because this is a once-in-a- lifetime event didn't push it back to a little bit and so the fall will be clear. just a patchy fog inside the big is cool in spots though. 43 degrees and sent rosa. the people in san
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francisco. this is your chance to get the side of the camera and check it out. but what that is going to cooperate. was it is going to be nice and clear inside the day. there will be cool about 55 degrees. because of the shuffle of remixes some delays on the golden gate bridge. lucky guy on that and that opened after another caught this morning. the golden did which is holding steady working its way into san francisco. speaking of 580 we had an early-morning accident reported at hundred and six of these gunsights of 580. the delay is there any more chp about the that european. traffic
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must be slow had sued the research center. the rest of the sap which is so nasty crash into a restaurant and says some red felt. the cpi jumped a sidewalk and crashed into a restaurant. seven. real women was pushed into the restaurant and a firefighters 10 minutes to get her out from under it. those different as much as the other was a much of it on the street she was close to the traffic in this general incident could chew the 55 you're a driver was questioned and are released. drugs and alcohol were not involved. the restaurant were closed at a time of accident. this emphasis with a similar
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approach opponents may take legal action. recreation and park commission side of on the plan yesterday to extend much of service from this that the market to china fell. i suppose said that to shut down the runway tonight. installed new walk on the taxi lines on the runway. republican challenger mitt romney will be in hillsboro this evening for a private fund- raising event at the strawberry hill estate. he will campaign in nevada what president obama but holds a rally in virginia. the floral romney spoke to senior citizens about medicare. the president spoke about how he stood alone as intuition. you can't change washington from the inside. you can only change from the outside from the kremlin responded to that comment. he said he can't change washington from the inside he
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can only change from the outside world again that chance in november. romney was out what is the else and had a president in the month of august good president obama entered the final three minutes of the campaign with roughly $86 million of these men. romney with $67 million and spent the same as those $50 million on the campaign. that bill is reporting massive outages in europe and the middle east and africa purely the company said in a is a cogent and trying to fix those travels put it also our judges to call several hours. it is not appear to be affecting the last pit the phone officially goes on so in just about flowers. i'm here and unions with at
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that store what about a hundred people have camped out for eight separate bids. it comes on as the year after the death of out of modesty jobs that will feature a lightweight bigger screen and faster speeds. i have the all-the poor and it is outdated in this tough for upgrade. i love apple products so on never strayed from the apple brand. some people have been reported tuesday deadline to sell the spots to others. others to promote the businesses. you could expect sales to take off all day and all weekend. sunspots are going about
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$5,000 of pop. they certainly love it in new york. live pictures in front of the apple store. among those who are willing for the phone at low thunder was in australia up. this is the place with the phone is being released to the so i don't have to wait 17 extra hours to go in california ended after five or two hours to get done them. it was present to them this the kind yesterday when cells began in australia. he's also attending a business forms and his big. we want to know how
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far would you go to get your hand on the phone. ahead hough i might get one. mid and in the future to cheer. the u.s. troops did in afghanistan is tend dozen soldiers will still be in the country the suspect in the car run a movie massacre is a back in court. there are riots, on and the whip tacking cars in coming down the street could chew in under siege at college students. they've had enough.,,,,,,,,,,,,
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how you sometimes need to get over to that exit, like, right now. and how things aren't... just about you anymore. introducing the all-new, smart-sensing... honda accord. it starts with you. some people who live near santa clara university are calling for police to get tougher on hopes to party. some of this id the noise is not a big problem is the aftermath. you can see kids urinating all over your neighbor houses. there is, in the streets there splashed all the liquor bottles.
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it is a problem could police said there are making an effort to crackdown on the partyers. that is, to be on the internet for ever. flat light neutral on the and this is life conditions at the big glitch. the delay is clear across the upper deck. it looks like this going to wrap things up. it should be cleared up within the next 50 minutes. most of the times for these they are in the green. you see the copy its cliched to amazes' 90 minutes bit, and the bishops
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clear right now. that could change later because of this shuttle flight over later. he expected some place along what one towards moffett field. right now we're in the '60s the and have looked into the seven of the latest traffic looks good and the directions. the plan is going to break up nicely. the 10 jurors are going to be a little warmer. spent your this morning that the focus in the north big valley. all as we have that the day skies will be the most astounding. mostly sunny and
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cool out towards a coastline. this is a large high pressure to sneak back into the bay area so it sure morgan to and 48 the first day today. some patchy morning clouds early on today plenty of sunshine this afternoon. clear skies and divert in houston and looking good in your with 72. 75 in san jose 69 in heavy wooden plenty of eighties in the east bay and looking good inside the day. 70 in oakland 67 and san francisco. the denied degrees. things the
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to cool the monday and tuesday. into a dismal world protest against the anti islam video have turned deadly once again. a job before it at a city tv station was killed today highest police opened fire on protesters. the pakistan government had declared today a holiday so people could hold demonstrations. the video was produced here the last. the u.s. troops which in afghanistan is that over a wooded into a dozen of president obama's order 43 in 2002 soldiers to afghanistan. this the leaves about 68,000 american service members in afghanistan. about the same level as of late
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2008. a new look for the colorado shooting feeders suspect. he appealed is in court yesterday with short brown has to do with the two neatly trimmed prosecutor struck the access to a notebook he gave to a therapist. he faces a hundred 52 charges for killing 12 people and wounding 58 others. good news for half the book been made of policy scheme. more than 1200 checks were mailed out on wednesday and that's more than a thousand and buses being fully reimbursed. more than a thousand dead and chip to run with a deadly dilemma. who set offense. the busiest intersection that has turned our play of the day. live pictures from york city
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where the new form is gone on sale. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, but when
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that anti-fraud that will give way to sunshine on my last full day of summer. these inland '60s and '70s there around the day. he pursued towards of accidents of about 80. what you did. bridges look good. a health warning which a decoders in the new pit area. nearly one dozen people are expected this weekend for a charity triathlon by c.j. brown. the problem of the old lake has high levels of the car lot. we have been in contact with the in the have reassured us that the waters of the is safe every european. the level where
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they are able to swim swiftly. organizers that are warning swimmers sought to swallow water and rinse off once you're out. but when the weekend steles in new york. the plane and the yankees in that with big that. oakland of boarded the three games week by the taggers. is wind tour of the floor. chancellor to the rockies. how will send it won't harm the refundable size of the play. with back-to-back jackson. the magic number done to free the and counting. the of the day comes from this roof to roof in boise idaho. the assistant defense but michael atkinson is good at off a pass and is gone.
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36 yds to the end zone. 76 was the final score. is 526 people in the big had just got the lancelot-5. protest as an easterner angela after intermission and services goes mission district. the vandalism at a police station bit of good the first and last time the shuttle comes in northern california happens this morning. ,,
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station after it shooting incidents this is mission district. this isn't the big dealshuttle has ever been to northern california before. in during the dilemma for hundreds of been in and the women taking part in a charity triathlon. right now at levels in blood
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is at plus a few opportunists were lined up outside apple stores. the 16th street on the station is back been in san francisco. police forced to shut it down after protesters to the streets. will protest and were met the police after an officer involved shooting. in what could
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quickly go outside the police station. figure of his the angry group yelling at police officers at the mission street station. protesters turned their attention to vandalism. they wrote cutlers on the police force. protesters were sat around and shooting. two officers a normal clothes stripped after he a suspect who was a gang member the suspect point a gun at officers and officers opened fire hitting the suspect did the suspect is expected to be no arrests were made concerning the protests. a man and a half to apply for the endless whip on after
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the shooting last night. the fund a victim and heard another man had and wounded in a shooting and die. we're going to have a chance to to look at aviation history. the retired a shuttle endeavor is edwards air force base and a flight over the bay area and what hours. you're going to be the will to see this. the plan so that our form of its been postponed an hour this morning so should be hitting the day ever run 930 this morning. this woman to be a big event here at moffett field. some people are already starting to show what. this is the planned route. the limbs from southern
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california end of the flight over the sacramento area. it goes on with this the capital and then over the shabuoth this side center in oakland. the shuttle into a fuel so around the big pass a law by the golden gate bridge and then onto silicon valley. west and has sent and didn't need them and to repay an aquarium. this is the shuttle landing at edwards said of force against and southern california yesterday. a lot of us will never forget this day. it's been close to my even closer i'll say a few standing kierkegaard to get a great shot of it. shell has ever been to northern california before. a to be taken off of the jet
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into into the california side center next month. nasa and wants anyone to take a picture of the shuttle to put on the internet. we have a lot more information on our website. why that of the open pit if your flight at the bay area this morning expect some delays from 8321030 because of flight restrictions. and when it's coming into the bit there won't be any plans to keep off or landing. and will have live coverage of endeavour's flight over here on cbs five. net is going to be flying
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in it so nicely timed it out run the bit should be some good but shuttle feeling. patchy fog the members going to quit the light of the time it comes the realm. the beaches will be in the mid '50's so get out there in but the cameras ready. out there we have some patchy fog in the ballot. it looks like temperatures are a little temperature and spots in the 56 and called the and 52 degrees is san francisco. more such as we
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head into the afternoon. a good to four degrees what it did yesterday. the ballot in check out the shuttle if you can't hit we have trouble spot, but 85 at cobble well. two legs of what did chp his head in the nl. expect ... because of this accident. no problems no. no. 1 01. little bit of showing no delays. how little bit of road work on the spot highway 4. hopper will have a live look at the bay bridge. a woman who was pinned as
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you've e bit out of control slip into a restaurant is hospitalized with major injuries. the crash took place in downtown 7 fl. police set a 78 you're a woman who was pushed into the restaurant and been trapped underneath the vehicle to have the data he disappeared from then eleanor done an amtrak train. to detectives of the color of looking for the 69 year-old man. he disappeared and a pyramid is oriented in the phone off the train in the detroit area. some campaign is prepared to dig romney will campaign in of the plot president obama holds the rally in virginia to a yesterday to the cameras were in florida. romney spoke with senior citizens about medicare.
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the presence but was college students about the cost of tuition and student loans. he also had eight an interview with his spanish network univision. he can't change washington from the inside pretty college kid from the outside. romney was a no time in responding to that,. -change washington one of the job done from the inside and republicans and democrats will come together new campaign financing report showing romney was of spin out a list of the president in august to the president obama entered the final four months of the campaign was roughly $86 million left to spend. romney with $67 million is spent the same. moscow owes $50 million of the campaign took out last
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month. that leaves them with the $85 million at the start of september. that his report a massive damage in europe and the middle east and parts of africa. the company set is currently working two hooks the troubles. it also has just to customers for the inconvenience. it does not appear to be affecting fell into the united states. an interruption is happening just as apple groupies are getting very hands on the new form. these are live pictures from your. it will not sit officially about a half-hour ago leniencies somewhat this out the appellate it is any party in new york city. cure the illness. the
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front five. employees of chicken-and the coaches. he conceded new gadget everyone is willing for. a hundred people have been steady in line for two days. some of them have cab that a justice of the spots of light. it comes almost a unit after the death of apple founder steve jobs. it will be but what bigger screen and a faster speed. i have life and a former editor is out doing it. i love apple products and i metritis untrue apple grow. on never stray from the arm from the wind. some people have been reported to stand in line so the consensus once and others have been promoting the own businesses. doors open at 8 and some of takeoff on a dead
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and apple co-founder was and none of those standing in line for the four and release not near his home in los gatos but in australia. this is a place with the new phone is being released to a good one for the first-time. i don't have to wait 70 extra hours to get in california. it was through p.m. pacific time yesterday when sales began yesterday. the time zone is not the only reasons he's done under. he's also attending a business forms down and this thing. when the plenty of viewers of this book who are not to cast about a phone. it does everything i need a phone to do what i've never had to camp upper one. a week to but i am ready i
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want a new one purely soult it is a little more expensive and must submit this figure it could do with a gift for the writers. you have to wear something to get free tickets and a safari group has the rally and counter with the,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> unbelievable, a group of tourists on african safari got more than they bargained for when a cheetah hopped on board their best. after 45 minutes of taking pictures he hopped down and went somewhere else >> 45 minutes is a really long time >> what do you do? jump off? stock futures are rebounding after yesterday's modest losses on wall street.
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>> it looks like markets could end up with gains for the week. >> happy friday everyone, markets overseas rallied thanks to gains in technology and oil shares. j.c. penney stock took a big hit as a department store struggles to remake itself again. j.c. penney has done an about- face on its sales and advertising strategies that customers have not responded. the store expects financial struggles to continue for year. an investigation found major u.s. companies including microsoft and hewlett-packard have shifted profits offshore to
5:48 am
avoid paying billions of dollars of taxes. microsoft shifted assets to pr saving more than $4 billion of taxes. both companies say they are complying with u.s. tax law. democrats and republicans have been at odds over how to stop companies from doing this. in the us something about that doesn't quite sound right to me either. $4 billion. >> are you ready for the weekend? >> i am ready. >> we have a nice weekend? >> the first weekend of fall, temperatures will start to warm up just a little bit, patchy fog outside, some good news as you got mostly clear skies and some of the valley's.
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some temperature's down in the 40's. 60s out towards much of the coastline. it will be a short morning trend today and probably tomorrow start to cool down the temperature's once again. 84 in morgan hill, 62 in pacifica. numbers popping back into the 80s in to try valley. 75 degrees in vallejo. as you make your way inside the day, looking good. about 81 in santa rosa. the next couple of days we will keep the temperatures up just a couple of days and then will start to cool the numbers down again come sunday. more cooling expected monday and tuesday before may be warming up in the end of next week. it out there and enjoy the
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shuttle before nine or 10:00. >> in south san jose, an accident on 85. two lanes are blocked, chp is on the scene hoping to have this wrapped up pretty quickly. the rest of the south bay is showing no problems. northbound 101 is looking good, keeping a close eye on the area for folks headed towards moffett field. some delays possibly later on has that gets closer and possibly on the golden gate bridge as well. so far so good looking into san francisco. later today on howard street, very busy, close between third and fourth street. there has been some significant delays. i know this from experience in and around that area. use mass transit, a very good choice.
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delays working into san francisco as the giants play the padres tonight. the 280 extension into the city will be quite busy. >> this month, bart celebrates its 40th birthday with freebies for passengers. it all depends on what they wear. bart workers may award sticker fans with goodies like free $40 bar tickets. basically we will be passing out these free stickers and if your spotted wearing one and maybe you can get one of those freebies. >> it could be a breakthrough in finding a cure for the most common cancers. in major announcement coming today >> is a and you could save hundreds."
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>> summer is coming to an end, the first day of fall tomorrow. '50s and '60s that the coast with eighties and a few ninety's inland. >> here is a live look at conditions at the bay bridge toll plaza. we are dealing with an accident on westbound 580 at harrison. >> a large cement floating dock protecting in the pacific ocean near hawaii may be debris from last year tsunami in japan. fisherman for saw it wednesday. it is estimated to be 50 ft. long by 30 ft. wide. >> workers at yosemite national park might be asked to be part
5:55 am
of a survey. three of them have died. federal and state health officials want to check park workers about possible exposure. the survey would be voluntary and it is still in the planning stages. over the next decade. officials are comparing the efforts to the race to put an american back on the moon. spain's famous botched fresco has developed quite a fan base. >> pr work is making the tore and making money. donations have poured in already and an elderly lady tried to restore the original painting but ended up completely changing it. now the restore is asking for a
5:56 am
piece of the donation money. the church has denied her request. this might end up in court. >> in the next half-hour, they have been lined up for days and now they're just a few hours away. we will check-in live with the die-hard fans waiting for the new iphone 5. >> an angry mob targets a police station in san francisco. we have a live report coming up. >> a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the space shuttle endeavor flying high,,,,
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>> a police station vandalized in san francisco's mission district. the


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