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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  September 25, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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not want to die, generally. but by the same token, they do not want to lose their rights. >> this attorney is a longtime opponent of the death penalty but he says that he has talked to several of his clients, death row inmates, that would actually prefer to keep the death penalty than live under a new proposed block called proposition 34. >> what did they say to you? >> i don't want the courthouse doors closed on my case, i do not want my right to establish at my trial was unfair ". >> he says the wording on the proposition would not only abolished the death penalty in california but would also take away money from the second stage of the lengthy appeals process where attorneys are paid to dig for fresh evidence which could prove the inmates are innocent. this death row inmate kevin cooper told the the view newspaper that they're taking a step backwards to challenge
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their convictions and this is just another version of the death penalty. >> right now there is at least a possibility of light at the end of the tunnel. if this passes, for many of them, this, will become dark. >> we're wasting millions of dollars for people that have happened to be on death row. >> the yes on 34 campaign manager says the act does take away a round of appeals to points out that executions are expensive, the death penalty has cost californians $4 billion since it was reinstituted in 1978. and in that time only 13 people have been executed. and she says that proposition 34 would guarantee mistakes would no longer get anyone to death. >> the only way to ensure that we never execute an innocent person is to replace the death penalty with life in prison without the possibility of parole. every execution carries a risk of an innocent person being executed. >> those death row inmates are upset because they believe it would be losing an important right, the proposition 34 people say that what they're losing is
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a special privilege, to get a free attorney to keep working on their case for years and years. and that is an expensive privilege. >> it is well-known, the cases stretch of the longest in california within eight sitting on death row longer than any other state. >> 720 inmates on death row right now. >> why bother driving when the car can do it for you? no longer science fiction, and now the official california policy. ann noterangelo has more on how global team up with the governments to look into the future. >> the day is coming when you are a passenger in at the car and the driver says " look, no hands " and you are not scared. >> today we are looking at science-fiction becoming tomorrow's reality. the self driving car. >> governor jerry brown arrived at the googled mountains you headquartered in a self driving a car to accelerate his
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partnership with google. google has gone 3,000 mi. of the technology in the new law allows them on public roads as long as there is a licensed and insured driver behind the wheel and it directs the dmv to adopt regulations for the vehicles. the governor signed legislation around an audience of school employees. the global co-founder was asked when the public might get their hands on this vehicle. >> i do not want to overpromise, we have ambitious targets for the team, they're looking at me answering this question. >> he did say five years or less and he believes it will save lives, 99 percent of all traffic in fatal accidents are caused by human error. >> i expect the self driving cars will be far safer than human driven cars. >> with cameras and scanning laser it opens up the possibility of the blind driving, coming up down on congestion as self driving cars automatically align themselves with precision and allow people to do something else while technically driving.
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which frees up the question, who gets the ticket in a self driving a car if, say it is of parking itself and no one is inside but it runs a red light? >> it is the car, i would think, but we will work that out. that is the easiest problem to work out. >> self driving cars to not run red lights. >> the governor seem to want to turn this signing into a celebration of what is right with california because recent news have made it abundantly clear what is going wrong in the state. >> in the midst of the flaws there is such power of design and imagination to rebuild the future. that is our legacy. >> law enforcement, like the chp, has been skeptical about how this technology will be used by the governor made it clear that he sees this as a work in progress. >> very interesting stuff. they just keep making new inventions, and i may little distracted by what he was wearing as glasses, did he mention what he had on? was it
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his own little personal teleprompter? >> we think that we were being videotaped, for cool, that is what the reporters were talking about, we think that we were being streamed live on the internet, that is what we think. >> interesting, it just keeps getting more complicated every day. >> you never know who was watching you. >> no doubt. hundreds of bay area workers are about to lose their jobs and their employers says that it is the state's fault. comcast is disconnecting all three of their northern california call centers. and moving those jobs out of state. checkey bedford is here with why comcast says it does not make sense to stay. >> by the time that we spoke to her, the tears were gone. in its place, anchor. >> i said " i am a mother, i have bills, and everything ". they do not take that into consideration. >> she is one of several hundred employees called to a meeting at
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the sacramento convention center today to find out that they were losing their jobs. >> they said customer first but think about your employes also. >> the table i announced to employees and the public that it will be closing all three of their california call centers in sacramento, livermore, and morgan hill. employes could lose their job on november 30th. more than 300 jobs are going to this natomas call center. >> we just moved down here. moving is not an option right now but we'll see. >> exactly why comcast is making the move is still a mystery. senator darrell steinberg says " a contest representative told my office the reason behind it is a corporate restructuring to make their call centers more efficient " but news outlets are being told a different story. comcast released a statement to cbs 13 saying that they " determine the high cost of doing business in california makes it difficult to run cost effective call centers in northern california " sound familiar? it
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is pretty much the same thing that several other companies that left the state have said. >> one would think that with all of the companies that have left the region, that we would try and do something to at least correct the perception that california it is a business friendly state. >> checking bay area headlines, a woman who is seven months pregnant was hit by flying glass during a shooting in oakland this afternoon. around 3:30 p.m. someone fired from a passing car in the 5800 block of east 16th street. police say that it appears four people were targeted, they offer a $5,000 reward for any information. >> police arrested two copper theft suspects at at&t substation. police say that an officer heard his head while confronting one of those thieves, they arrested a suspect at the scene and the other man ran away. police found him nearby hiding under a car. the injured officer is ok .. >> in south san fransisco a
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police officer is one of five people that suffered smoke inhalation in an overnight fire. the fire broke out late last night near grand and chestnut ave. seven people are displaced and the cause is under investigation. >> california law says the assault weapons are illegal. last spring we exposed a local and the law and after watching a reported a area legislator tried to ban what is known as the bullet button. tonight you'll see what a bureaucratic mess this became while california gun makers sell what the law intended to ban. >> we make firearms that are suitable for target shooting, the sporting news, >> he owns a gun factory making military-style semiautomatic rifles in santa clara county. he runs a legal business because the rifles made here come installed with a bullet button. a device manufacturers have designed to abide by the state's ban on detachable magazines.
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which are illegal in combination with other features such as a collapsible stock or pistol grip. since a bullet button does not work with your finger, you need a tool like the tip of a button to release of that the magazine is considered fixed and therefore illegal. >> that is just american ingenuity. >> but he had to go into combat mode this summer, a bill in sacramento would have banned the bullet bond, hurting not only is business but also half a million californians who would have to modify or give up their guns. >> the choice would be to either provide a registration system where someone could rightfully take their property and register it, or to compensate the individual. when you have a state that is $25 billion in the red, we do not need another half a billion dollar liability. >> the bill's sponsor says the campaign got ugly fast. >> we had emails, phone calls, we even had billboard's.
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>> some of the attacks were racially charged. >> go back to china, we love america. >> three months later the assembly operations committee killed it. >> there was an argument that we did not need the bill because it could not be handled administratively. the attorney general cannot write a regulation that says that from now forward the bullet button in the state of california is banned. >> but the attorney general points the finger back at senator leland yee and other lawmakers. >> the regulations are based on a law that supports a lot that needs to change to make it more specific. >> that is because state regulations written to ensure the law contradicted. the regulations approved the bullet bonds even though it allows the same quick reloading that call for bids. >> it is getting very close to what was ban originally. >> this undercover state agent showed us just how fast the bullet button works.
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>> a second or two difference. >> one of your department of justice guys showed us how work and said it only takes a second or two with a bulletin. >> that is scary. >> people say that is not what the law intended. >> we all agree on that. >> with no more action from state lawmakers this year, the bullet but in guns remain legal in california. and at this factory >> it is treating back orders for us. it drives a lot of business our way. >> we would hope that these manufacturers would stop trying to get around the intention of a lot. we hope that people cannot purchase products from manufacturers that are trying to get around the intention of the law. but unfortunately that is not happening. >> in case the bullet button ever is banned, he says he has several other designs in mind. >> south bay muslims have a reason to celebrate tonight, a
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new mosque has been approved for the santa clara county. ahead, the very difficult road it took to get there. >> that was an interception, no doubt. >> a revolt, from the bay area to the campaign trail, the frustration with replacement referees. current mother nature pushing off, earlier today, are losing heart,,,,,,,,
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>> they have been planning a four years and they have already got the go-ahead. but a group planning to establish an islamic community center in a rural section of the south day is not getting the warmest welcome from the
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neighbors. len ramirez is here with why opponents insist that the project is not a good fit. >> that is right, they say not the right project and not the right place. but just about an hour ago dozens and dozens of members of the islamic community from the south they came out of that building celebrating the fact that the board of supervisors unanimously approved their plans, but it was not without a fight. >> extra deputies were on hand in case tempers flared, at issue the building of a large mosque, community center and islamic cemetery in rural san martin called the cordova center. >> we have a history, 11 years ago of opponents of this religion and you are astounding me that you would consider this project. >> given the emotions of the day, picking rural lifestyles against islamic expansion, people on the board of supervisors meeting remain cool
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but divided. >> these are two separate buildings that look like a single story ranch houses. there are no minaret's or domes, we did not ask for that, we are respectful of the community because we are part of it. >> for me this has never been a muslim issue, it has always been about the water. >> building permits were up for approval, the plans call for two buildings with up to 5000 square feet each to be built on 16 a. on the monterey highway, also proposes a 2400 plot cemetery. local residents have battle plans on environmental reasons. >> it is not a matter of who these people are but a matter of this type of project not sitting on this piece of property and there are codes that say that. >> things that happen like this and true feelings come out. >> if this was a christian facility would you be going through this?
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>> if this was a christian facility it would already be built. >> this was the last big hurdle that was needed to be crossed in order to get a mosque built. now the financial hurdles are raising $2 million to pay for it all including the land and the building's remaining had for the muslim community. >> in just 24 hours time, the game-winning touchdown in last night seattle seahawks green bay/packers' game has become an infamous moment in nfl history. mike sugerman shows us that bay area fans are weighing in on the replacement referees latest mistake. >> who saw that a balkan last night? >> that is all anyone is talking about. it is the talk of the street, on the street. so, this woman calls a touchdown, like half of the referee here did. >> that was an interception, no doubt about it. >> dithe defensive player
6:18 pm
intercepts the past. >> pitch should have been the defense. >> >> give me a break!. >> how often does paul ryan agree with barack obama? he says the latest in a series of bad blown calls all season by replacement referees. who are these guys and why do they stink so bad? >> all of these officials are division to college, division 3, a smaller division in college. some even came straight from bauhaus school ref. >> head of the northern california football association said that once with better jobs worried it would not get those jobs that later, being labeled as union busting scabs. >> this might be the only shot to get to get to the nfl. >> so i so bad? the high school games are often like these.
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>> it takes three or four years to get acclimated to the speed of that game. because everything happens at 90 mi. per hour. >> issues in the strike? the nfl wants to give the referees that a part-time a 401k instead of their current tension. and the right to bench a referee that they think is doing poorly. but risking getting paid by the game would cost them. the current salary is $150,000 per time. the nfl does make $9 billion every year. >> let me repeat that, $9 billion every year! then they continue to make it because they get the same attendance, television is the same this year, until last night. now we will see how these replacement referees are going to affect. >> tv ratings could be even better because more people might tune in to see how it will blow it next. >> they have their finger on everything and everything is
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going away. they don't seem to be in any rush to solve this thing. >> i think that it is football season and people will watch. >> they will watch not a very good product, frankly. it is not working out. we had a blown call in our favor actually. >> is that your team? >> the 49ers. we have to go now. >> we will have more now on the sports including the guy who is the dean of nfl referees. >> in the weather, a big difference depending on where you are, take a peek outside, the mt. diablo camera which replacement referee to call a thunderstorm but it is just mainly sunny skies. a little bit hazy with smoke from oil fires up to oregon. you have been socked in all day and will be all my and likely for the morning hours tomorrow but then the marine layer will go away. if you're going out for the evening walk in concord is 77. san jose 70, napa has already
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cool down to 76 and center fell 72. check out downtown san fransisco, already down to 55 degrees. we're not there yet, the big warm up is coming, not come tomorrow. high-pressure on his way to northern california and as it gets here, a onshore flow, running five degrees cooler than normal and then thursday high- pressure will park to the north and giving us the same clock was low but that will give us the east wind, that is an offshore wind and that is going to warm us up. thursday through sunday, four days well above normal, even hitting the 80s, perhaps in san fransisco by saturday. nice beach weekend saturday and sunday, highs near 80 degrees before tomorrow, upper seventies for san jose and livermore 87 and aaron dunn san fransisco chilly 1 with 63. redwood city 72 and not of valley 79. legos sunshine and 73 degrees. thursday, through sunday, highs well in the '90s inland approaching 80 degrees near the
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bay with mainly sunny skies and we will be sunny and warm. that is your cbs 5 forecast. >> if you have a credit card and you could be in for a refund, coming up, the customers and peddled to a piece of a $200,,,,
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>> if you have a discover credit
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card and you could be getting refunds. julie wants explains how the nation's sixth largest credit card is paying out $200 million because of deceptive telemarketing. >> a consumer financial protection bureau and the f.d.i.c. say that the discover telemarketer's trick customers to buy add-ons like add and defect detection. they say they often implied the benefits were free to result in hefty fees for more than a half- million customers. the average refund will be $57 although the amount will vary depending on the product and how long you have had it. customers and should expect a check by early next year and the company must pay $40 million fine. other card issuers are being told to ensure that their practices are not misleading customers. speaking of credit cards, it soon be easier for parents to get one of their own. the law requires credit-card issuers to consider individual and set a household income and making lending decisions.
6:26 pm
even stay at home parents with a perfect credit score met at a tough time qualifying. the are expected to propose a change to those rules when congress reconvenes in november. and of course it is the story of the day, to attend world wide deacon shortage, as predicted by the u.k. dig association. the group says that the drought has impacted the price of pig feed and is forcing farmers to cut the size of their herds. they're urging people to buy local to help farmers and once this could potentially cause pork prices to double by the second half of next year. so what is a beacon lover to do? apparently turned to twitter. it is trending with plenty of with the tips on how to survive the bacon crisis. if you have a consumer problem you can turn to us. we will help to survive. >> that could begin on cupcakes and whiskey. >> dr. king did a story on that not too long ago. >> you will just create bacon
6:27 pm
cheeseburger, but the fact that there is a national press association tells you something. >> that is big business. >> pigs deserve to be represented. >> you can always go with turkey began. >> the youth are too valuable, much too valuable. for this to go on. >> in and an next half-hour, our right to know, how the death of the bay area teenager could prevent future party bus tragedies. >> it is shocking, >> and bay area care facility the scene of an attempted murder, what a man put in his girlfriend's water. >> if my life was a movie, no one would believe,,,,,,
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vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools. today, we're forty-seventh out of fifty in per-pupil funding.
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now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento, they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number.
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>> had this law been in place, when he was a passenger, on that party bus.
6:31 pm
we would not be standing here today. >> her son killed after drinking on a party boss and now they hope a new law will prevent that kind of accident that took his life. the law is named in honor of their son. cate caugurian is here on the new rules waiting just down the road for the party boss. >> i'm feeling that it is such a privilege to stand here ... and to ohonor him in this way. >> for this family, the building to the son's honor will allow him to live on. >> he was always very proud of his name. we think that, yes, i think he is feeling very proud right now. and we feel his presence all the time. >> he was killed when he crashed his car on highway 101 after hours of drinking on a party boss. he was only 19. >> the message from this
6:32 pm
legislation is that the party is over. the booze cruise needs to stop. the youth are much too valuable, much too valuable for this to go on. >> the bill was signed into law on sunday, state lawmakers hope that it will crack down on underage drinking on the so- called booze cruise. it put strict rules on these bus companies, they must determine if minors and all will be present. >> they will be a group required to terminate the trip if they determine that underage drinking is occurring and used it will be required to have a chaperon on board over the age of 25 to ensure that underage drinking is not occurring. >> he says that before this law only limousine drivers and companies were held accountable and he believes that some party bus companies took advantage of this. >> they knew that they had no responsibility and there were no sanctions that could come if
6:33 pm
they did anything that was out of the ordinary. >> that could change with the tougher penalties, companies could lose the license and bus drivers and chaperones could face misdemeanor charges. the assemblyman says that for the most part the party bus industry was cooperative in pushing this new law all along. a family says that they hold this will bring awareness to parents about the shortfalls in this industry. >> it is the stuff that a murder mystery is made of excess this story, fortunately ended before it was too late. a san jose man accused of trying to kill his girlfriend with a potent drink. elisa harrington explains the alleged plot to did not pass the smell test with the killing woman's caregivers. >> it is shocking, something you only see on television. >> she is the owner of northgate care center where a 63 year-old resident was slowly being poisoned by her boyfriend when he would come to visit. he would allegedly bring in mixed drinks that he told her
6:34 pm
work bottles of vitamin water. a nursing assistant noted something suspicious on thursday >> she had a bottle of water that looks discolored. and she proceeded to smell it and that is when she found it smelled like chlorine. >> the test of the water and found it was in the korean. police say that levels were higher than you would find in a swimming pool. a refrigerator in the room contained more bottles of the liquid. >> in the last couple of days is when he brought this water. >> they believe he may have been dragging the tainted water for weeks and they arrested a 67 year-old robert lot ridge of san jose on suspicion of attempted murder. the victim never showed any signs of being sick but went to the emergency room just in case and is now back at the care center. according to the san francisco chronicle the motive was money. police say that he wanted to get control of his girlfriend's finances. the district attorney's office is continuing their
6:35 pm
investigations and no official charges have been filed yet. >> a rare bit of levity on the campaign trail today courtesy of mitt romney. here is what he said after he was introduced by president bill clinton at a conference in new york. >> if there is one thing that we have learned in this election season, it is that a few words from bill clinton can do a man a lot of good. all i have to do right now is wait a couple of days for that balance to happen. >> both mitt romney and president obama were talking foreign policy today in new york. the president told the general assembly that he should take a stand against violence in the muslim world. >> i do believe that it is the obligation of all leaders, in all countries, to speak out forcefully against violence and extremism. >> somehow feel that we are at the mercy of events rather than shooting events. >> mitt romney ended his day campaigning in ohio, the president will be there
6:36 pm
tomorrow. >> it is and said many times that the reason kids in san fransisco could be tough but imagine raising kids in the tenderloin. a new report finds even the playground is deeply troubled, with splinters and rusty equipment. john ramos when to take a closer look and speak with those that have no where else to play. some of the kids have been here since birth and is there neighborhood, they still aknowledge there is an element of danger. and fear when it walked through. >> the kids from the city academy in the san francisco tenderloin district play in a small area. a heavy iron fence is all that separates the child would innocence from the grim reality of the city's most desperate neighborhood. >> you walked by people and see them shooting up and people overdosing on the street. >> many fights, and stabbings. >> i would never raise a kid here. >> but parents that you usually don't feel that a choice.
6:37 pm
trapped by poverty in neighborhood overrun by crime and drug addiction. she works hard to help the area, even if she aknowledge is the effect upon this place on children. >> they're scared about people yelling and fighting but they're definitely scared. the word is definitely " scared ". >> this is the only emptor playing space for the academy. to help kids cope the school offers full-time counseling and an optimistic outlook. >> one little courtyard is not enough. but it is a beginning and it is a beginning where we begin to connect this little courtyard, and that park, and that gymnasium. >> she says it is not impossible to raise good kids here but much harder than it should be. and it pains her to admit that no matter what they have done to improve the neighborhood she loves, it will not change the despair of the people that live here. >> there will always be an
6:38 pm
element of the tenderloin somewhere in the city. >> that is not a plus for kids to be? >> no. i would say not. >> in the tenderloin, john ramos, cbs 5. >> coming up, how the country's obesity epidemic could pose a threat to national security. >> what does murrieta think about you writing a memoir? >> arnold schw,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
>> the u.s. military is fighting a new battle of the bulge. a new report says that 25 percent of young americans are literally too fat to fight in the armed services. the retired military officials behind the study are calling for a new war on obesity starting in schools. specifically, they want to see
6:41 pm
fewer vending machine hist and more physical fitness classis. >> get junk food out of the schools, it is critically important to making sure that americas styled obesity crisis does not become a more serious national security crisis. >> the report says that hundreds of military recruits are discharged every year because they're too heavy. replacing them carries an annual taxpayer tab of $60 million. >> from his affair and secret son to a moment maria found out. arnold schwarzenegger tells all in his new autobiography " total recall ". the pagpages come with drama an, yes, sex. >> if my life is a movie, no one would believe it. >> this trailer was released today to promote his new book " total recall, my unbelievable true life story ". one chapter getting all of the
6:42 pm
attention, the moment he was confronted about fathering a child with housekeeper during a couples counseling session with his wife maria shriver. according to the new york daily news which received a copy of the book, he writes " the minute we sat down, the therapist turned to me and said " a real wanted to come here today and asked about a child, whether you fathered a child with the housekeeper " and i told a therapist it was true. >> a story that recounts the size htime had sex with house speaker we'll marie and the kids were away on vacation. >> what does she think about you writing this memoir and bringing it up? >> i think that maria it is, you know, wishing me well with everything that i do. >> the actor turned governor spoke with 60 minutes, the episode airs this sunday. >> she knows that it is about my whole life and that i would not write a book and leave out to
6:43 pm
that part. >> arnold schwarzenegger reveals that he tried to convince himself that it was not the father but he eventually had to face the truth when the boy grew up looking so much like him. >> has she read this? >> no. at this point she has not. >> arnold schwarzenegger said that he wanted to write a book about his life and that meant putting everything out in the open. total recall will be released next monday, simon and schuster is owned by cbs. >> reminder of san francisco's biggest disaster on earth, where crews dug up a surprising discovery. >> plow cover outside right now, the golden gate stockton with clouds and has been for much of the day but as we look at the extended forecast, for get the class because it is all about the heat. find out how long that will last coming up. >> dusty baker suffered a
6:44 pm
stroke, and dennis o'donnell,,,,
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>> a rude wake-up call for people in mendocino county this morning. the first, a 4.5 magnitude quake at 2 mi. northeast of ukiah. and then 10 minutes later a 2.4 aftershock shook the area. no reports of any damage or injuries. >> san fransisco construction crews uncovered a hidden piece of the 1906 earthquake history. ruins from the city's old city hall were found at blocks from the current city hall. a chronicle reports that the ruins were found two weeks ago during polanski and project . archaeologists confirmed that the bricks provided the foundation for what was the largest municipal building east of chicago. the earthquake leveled most of that building, the rest was demolished in 1909.
6:48 pm
the site is set to beat. again once the historians, the architects, the archeologist, are done with their examinations. >> we're going to dig up some son sunshine. a lot people that like the offshore wind and do not mind an increase in the fire danger, yes but he is on. a great weekend to head to the beach or the coast because we will have temperatures in the '70s. but one thing that happens in the fall, regardless of the temperature the sun goes down earlier and right now we are almost a goodbye to the sunshine as will live from mt. diablo, and we say goodbye to the sunshine around 8:00 this morning. we are most likely cloudy there and will stay that way through the evening. livermore almost up to 90 and san jose 78 in santa rosa and redwood city mid-70s. oakland a high of 68 tied with the sfo airport with an official-68 degrees. cloudy at the coast with clouds moving in quickly and cooling down pretty quickly with the
6:49 pm
sunset a few minutes later in san fransisco and oakland. the sun goes down earlier not officially at fault. cloud cover hugging the coast line and will still into the bay like we are pouring moister into san francisco and san pablo bay. we'll do that once again this evening at stake cloudy for much of the first half of tomorrow because the warm up is not here tomorrow. it will get here thursday. but still a light onshore flow keep in a cooler than normal. high pressure will park itself to the north, the wind flows clockwise around high pressure so that will give us a north east wind. an offshore wind will give us the warmest weather that we have seen this month and for some of you the warmest weather you have seen since the first week of summer. tomorrow we're not there yet, oakland four degrees below average. your high tomorrow of 70, inland locations close to normal in the low to mid 80s. santa clara 70 degrees for your wednesday. a word 71 and looks at those
6:50 pm
kind of a high of 80 degrees. danville 87, not but beautiful 79 with morning cloud cover. center fell high tomorrow 73. but on the peninsula, daly city and san mateo and san francisco. staying in the '60s, barely making it to 70 in helmet and oakland. but look at what happens thursday. inland they go from the '80s to the '90s, in the day near 80 and will stay that way this weekend. check out the coast on saturday with highs approaching 80 degrees wit
6:51 pm
vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools.
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today, we're forty-seventh out of fifty in per-pupil funding. now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento, they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number.
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>> the green bay quarterback rogers apologized to nfl fans for what he calls a lack of integrity in last night's debacle in seattle. >> i think that these refs' work part-time for the obama administration in the budget office. >> it has created a national furor unprecedented in nfl history. on the game's final play the seattle quarterback russell wilson three desperation pass to the end zone and the seahawks
6:54 pm
receiver first pushed a green bay defender in the back, a penalty not called by the officials. and then, he reached for the football, but packer safety jennings seemed to wrestle control the ball. two replacement officials called the play and one ruled it a touchdown but the nfl regular replay officials reviewed it and as the nation waited for the call to be overturned, here's what they got. >> the call stents, touchdown. >> the game was over and the outrage was just beginning. >> we always talk about it and said the referee would cost some one game and it was us. >> the nfl officiating department reviewed the video today and supports the decision not to overturn the on field ruling following the instant replay review. the result of the game is final. >> until the best officials get on the field we will see this
6:55 pm
over and over. >> he is known as the dean of nfl officials, he was an nfl official for 31 years and we ask him why the official did not overturn the call. >> what the replay is looking at is that the ball hit the ground. >> they certainly could have reviewed possession of the football, who had possession first? and in my mind there's no question about it. the defensive back for the green bay packers had that all pinned to his chest. >> las vegas a lot makers say that $300 million changed hands on that that call. the nfl reportedly received more than 70,000 voice mails. but the commissioner roger goodell insist that any player or coach criticism of replacement officials will result in significant finds. >> you cannot legislate integrity, you cannot legislate
6:56 pm
respect. that needs to come from the officials doing the job, and have the respect of the players and coaches. that loss at respect right now. >> the league office have been busy and perhaps that is why they have yet to find appear on a ha, too, it .. me while he was fined $50,000 and suspended for one game for this attack on that shot. it was so violent that it knocked his helmet off and ripped off a piece of this year. he reportedly will appeal the fine, the raiders play denver on sunday. last wednesday dusty baker left the team because of an irregular heartbeat. on friday he suffered a mild stroke and is said to be doing fine, the team expects him to return to the dugout by the end of the regular season. not only will he not win the batting title but malky cabrera
6:57 pm
will not be back with the team when the suspension for failing a drug test comes to an end. according to the manager who has yet to finalize his 25 mentos in rochester. the giants have survived without him after he tested positive for testosterone. senior forward scored a corner kick, for the regional high- school it cut the massachusetts. he was born with one leg ended in addition to planning for the high-school he is a member of the national npt team. incredible for him. i spoke with jim ryan at length and he was a disagreement with that incredibly complicated ruling after you review the,,,,,
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