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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  September 26, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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>> you are watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high- definition. >> good afternoon everyone i am michele griego >> i am frank mallicoat, anxious parents demand answers about a near production at san mateo elementary school. >> among their questions, could the attacker have been stopped sooner? ann mackovic was there as police and school officials met with the community still on edge.
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>> want to make sure that my daughter is safe. >> so he came to a meeting after a kidnapping on friday. >> i will get more information about what has been done. >> he came out not feeling relieved. >> i had a false sense of security and now the realization has come about that it is not as safe as i thought, it is scary. >> 89 year-old girl was carried out of a bathroom in a house nearby and before they got inside should take him and got away, her parents spoke at the meeting today. >> my heart hurts, i don't know how they feel but i can only imagine the anger. >> on friday police say the same man offered kids bought that outside of the academy and made an appearance at the elementary school. >> this incident could have been prevented if schools were notified when the incident happened on another campus. >> police are still conducting an fbi check. >> we want to understand if
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there was any cases of this in the past. >> one of the most obvious holes in the security plan is the gate that leads to the playground, it is actually will did open. administrators say that it will be fixed indicates will be locked, visitors have always been required to wear a badge. >> at the end of the day we do not ask every parent coming on campus to get a badge, that is hundreds of people. so that is what took place. >> this child probably thought it was someone's father sitting there. >> parents are required to wait outside for their kids now. >> i think that they were heard, i do not know if everything will be answered but i hope so. >> sheriff's deputies used tear gas to flush a man out suspected of kidnapping and raping a 10 year-old fresno county girl. investigators say the 23 rolled suspect of stock in the girl on her way to school yesterday. she turned up hours later walking alone down a road with her hands bound.
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deputies tracked him down over night based on the girls description of his truck. they negotiated within four hours before moving in after dawn. >> a teenaged paw driver that ran down a concord family as they rode their bikes has changed his plea. the 70 year-old admitted that he is guilty of felony vehicular manslaughter and reckless driving in the crash that killed a man and one of his two daughters. after his plea changed he asked to speak to the family but they declined and said they do want to hear from him at a sentencing next month. he is expected to get the maximum of seven years and eight months but by law he can only be held until he is 21. uc regents have agreed to settle a pepper spray lawsuit with a $1 million payout. last november a group of uc- davis students were protesting rising tuition costs and after a series of warnings campus police used pepper spray on all of them, the settlement filed this morning shows each student will receive some $30,000.
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it will also get a written apology from the chancellor. several men armed with handguns stormed a safeway store looking for cash, it all happen during normal shopping hours, cate caugurian is here with more on the terrifying moment when those thieves crashed into that store. >> police call it a hostile takeover. five robbers stormed into the safeway and forced employees and customers to get down. >> i come in here once every two weeks and i cannot imagine having that happened. >> it happened at 9:00 last night, five men were wearing hoodies and bandannas and they held to cashiers at gunpoint and it looks like they were in their late teens or early 20s. the suspects were carrying black handguns and semiautomatic weapon. >> most of the robberies we experience are one or two subjects that tried to rob a one suspect. but to get a group of people to
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walk into a store is truly brazen and truly violent. >> employees tell us that the moments were intense as the suspects told employees and customers to get down on the floor and " don't be stupid ". this all happened very quickly, police said at a time it took a robbers to get in and out of the store in fact was less than the time it will take us to tell you the story. police are reviewing surveillance tape and say that no one was hurt, thanks to employee cooperation. >> it is never worth putting up a fight or a struggle when it comes to cash or other valuables. they did the right thing. >> despite the dramatic events last night, she says she is not surprised at this location was targeted. >> i have been here many times and witnessed people running out the front door with god knows what and then screaming and chasing after them ... >> the suspects got away with an unknown amount of cash and glues are gathering information from witnesses and victims in the
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hopes of catching the culprits. >> can other headlines around the bay area, the man accused of kidnapping and killing sierra lamar returns to court in san jose this afternoon. the 21 year-old suspect may enter a plea, the 15 year-old girl banished from morgan hill back in march. a fire destroyed a home in san jose and left five people homeless. the house went up in flames around 7:00 last night and investigators say the fire began in the garage and spread to the addict and rules which partially collapsed. no one was injured. a scenario that no one wants to imagine. a passenger airplane slamming into the water near sfo. >> but it is a situation that emergency responders need to be prepared for. and that is exactly what they were doing dot dot dot >> speeding 40 mi. an hour is because annual water rescue exercise. the faa requires these types of
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simulations every three years. but at sfo is done every year. that is because we are surrounded on three sides by water. >> we're going to get them back to the airport as fast as we can dot dot dot >> the use dozens of real life volunteers to play victim's. the speed is thanks to the new boat house launched this summer. before they would have to back the boat into the water with a trailer. but now ... they can get anywhere in the bay much faster. >> we would recover the injured either from a water or from the downed airplane or whatever is closed by the airport. >> back on land a simulated tree i've seen is arranged, to keep the people round the san fransisco airport safe. >> we want to test the facility to make sure that we have the wrinkles worked out. >> the end may be near for the
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nfl referee lockout. >> an extreme skier survives an avalanche. his ties to the bay area ... >> ♪ and moon river >> the silver screen classic tune in moralized and williams, next, the family connections that it off his musical career. >> i'm lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center. a lot of sunshine showing up in the bay area, muc,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> welcome back, the nfl regular referees could be back on the field as early as this weekend.
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great news there. several reports that the two sides are close to a deal that would lift the lockout and bench those replacement referees. the nfl has not confirm those reports. resolving the impasse took on a heightened sense of urgency after a controversial call decided monday night's game between seattle and green bay. finally hopefully getting them back to work. a down day on wall street, riots in spain and greece over austerity measures is partially responsible for that. a live look at the big board. the nasdaq is down and so is the doubt. down 35 points at this hour. >> an extreme skier raised in light tahoe is among the survivors of the deadly avalanche in the himalayas. he says that he is thankful to be alive. on sunday he was among two dozen climbers on a mountain in nepal where the avalanche struck. he was in his 10's and was hurled 1,000 ft. down the mountain. he punched his way out of his 10th barefoot and injured, he tried to find other survivors.
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>> you are doing everything you can because your friends lives depend on your actions. and unfortunately everything that i did proved to produce nothing. so at that point i had to start thinking about my own life. >> he said that it can't look like a war zone. eight have died in the avalanche and authorities say there is little hope of finding any more survivors. as a music and television legend, andy williams gave us some of the most comic songs in history but died last night at the age of 84. >> here is susan mcginnis with a look back at his incredible career. >> andy williams was most famous for his christmas specials ... but he was a versatile entertainer whose career in music and television lasted more than eight decades. williams was born in a tiny town
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in iowa and by the age of seven was singing with his three brothers on the radio. the brother stay together until and williams decided to go solo in 1953. he got a job singing on the tonight show and his tunes became hits but it was a song first performed by audrey hepburn in the movie breakfast at tiffany's that would become his team. >> ♪ moon river >> his popularity helped him get his own tv program. the andy williams show lasted nine years. >> the show was very popular, and everyone wants to get on a popular tv show. >> cast included big names like tony bennett, ray charles, and the osmond became regulars. >> what is your name? >> in 1961 he married a dancer and had three children and the family would sometimes appear on
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his christmas specials. the couple divorced in 1975 but remain friends. at williams remarried in 1991 and moved to branson missouri where he opened the moon river theater. the continued to perform their into his 80s. >> one of the greats, i always remember those christmas specials as a kid. next, the new reality for women's health. >> in the health watch, how the cutting edge implants earned the nickname " gummy bears ". >> in the foothills of livermore, take a look at all o,
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>> >> who says that you have to play fair? apparently don't need to, bill murray tried to sneak away with the ryder cup. you can see him sneaking it out in his sweater vest and then stashing it in his golf bag. he finished second at 2 olympian michael phelps. >> that is too funny. if you're going to golf this weekend, i have news for you, lawrence karnow says it will be sweet. >> is spectacular weekend in the bay area. it looks like this weekend will
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be one of those great weekends with a lot of sunshine coming our way. hazy over the bay right now. but we're starting to clear the clouds out except that the coastline. patchy fog continuing there. temperatures getting warm in spots in mind, 70 in livermore already and 62 degrees in san fransisco and 64 in san jose. this afternoon we will watch the temperatures soared into the 80s in the valley, hazy sunshine continuing in the day but very nice. patchy fog along the coastline hoping for some pockets of sunshine but more sunshine to come in the next few days. low clouds and fog will redevelop along the coastal areas, maybe some of that getting inside of the bay but otherwise the valley should stay mostly clear with this and whether not only here but around the state. hot in central valley with 93 degrees in fresno and 85 degrees f in yosemite, 73 degrees in lake tahoe. high-pressure now building an overhead as the ridge builds in. it will set the stage for warmer weather over the next couple of
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days. maybe getting a little bit hot in the valleys. at the computer model picking up on that patchy fog. high-pressure six overhead so even overnight tonight you see low clouds and fog along the coastline, maybe some patches in the day but for the most part staying clear. temperatures 77 in milpitas and 78 in san jose, the state senators in the '80s this afternoon and in the central baby keep you about 66 degrees and sunny in san fransisco with 71 in alameda and 83 degrees in santa rosa. the next couple of days we crank up those temperatures, as we head into the weekend it looks like we're going to see a strong bridge building and. maybe a weak offshore rich growing. this is that correct some of the year where we have some fantastic beautiful weather but with those offshore winds, sometimes we have problems with a fire danger, with more on that we have roberta gonzales. >> i want to welcome you to one of my favorite spots in the entire planet. it is in the foothills of livermore, about 5,000 a., and
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from past experience i know that at this time of the year to become a volatile situation as far as the weather is concerned here because it gets extremely dry. that is why we invited i leaned out here, she is the fire captain for the east bay regional park district. tell me what all this means, all of this dry grass. >> it means that people need to stay vigilant as the come out to parks. we have these fields behind us, beautiful golden hills with grass. the fire danger is high right now and that means that anything could potentially start a fire. >> people do not have a tendency of believing or thinking about the fact that september and october are the highest fire danger months in the bay area. >> you are absolutely right. the 1991 fire happened at the end of october. and also today is the seventh anniversary of a fire that happened in 1937 which was one of the fifth largest buyers of the 20th-century. >> which fire was that?
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>> it is called the open fire but was the fire of 1937. indeed a big impact. >> for viewers at home, what can we do to prevent any fires and especially this weekend? with highs back in the mid 90's? >> this weekend, it pays to go to the website. look up a fire danger, and since we are in a high fire danger, one of the things that people need to remember is that there is no smoking in any while land areas. it is a bad idea because anything could start a fire. we need to remember that all of the barbecues need to remain in bbq phyllis civilities in recreation areas. >> we have all of these tips, you can find more from cbs sf .com. >> it looks good but you have to be careful this time of the year. the fire danger is elevated. >> thankyou roberta. if the fda recently gave the green light to a new and improved breast implants. if the so-called gummy bear
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implant got its nickname because of its consistency. doctors say the new cutting edge silicon model offers better results with a lot less risk. >> last chance of breast implants ruptured. last chance of rippling which you can see with stanely and and sometimes with silicon. this looks very natural. >> in addition to looking more natural, doctors say that the new implants are more likely to hold their shape overtime. well, one good thing for this job candidate, if he falls he will land on his feet. the career rolls for any state feline using social ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> today's tip of the day is going to be our roulette. at one time it was hard to find and expensive but now you can find it just about anywhere and there are many different ways to buy it. dave view, next, but i like the old-fashioned way of buying it. with roots still attached. but you need to select and store them right. make sure they are nice and green all around, very important. the route needs to be green and free from any browning or yelling at the top. when you bring them home store them in the refrigerator right away for two or three days at the most.
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open the plastic bag. approval has a wonderful flavor to it, that old chicory flavor. great for so many recipes. i am your fresh grocer, always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. this is how i like to buy rubles. >> coming up at 5:00 we will hear from the epidemic of childhood obesity but now there's a new concern among health experts. >> too many american kids are not getting enough calories, how can this be? we will tell you. the parent/child nutrition paradox at 5:00. this may be a social me a first for a feline in the east bay. >> he is searching for a home/office job. on linked in. here is his profile page. this may be the first four legged job candidate on the social networking site. his goals include " dressing to impress ". his salary requirements include a litter box and he performehe t
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his profile, take a look, he is pretty talented. >> i would not hire him ... but he is accused. >> i bet that a lot more cats will be showing up there. >> that will do for the cbs 5 news at noon. >> that is it, enjoy the
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